I put about all my inventory in a chest and now its gone? Can i get it back?

  1. I put all of my inventory (except a few other things) in the chest in the Harbingers room the Companions (i'm the Harbinger) and when i got back it was all gone! Is there anyway i can get it back?

    User Info: LilPirateKitteh

    LilPirateKitteh - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are no safe containers in Jorrvaskr, not even when you become Harbinger. This means that Jorrvaskr resets after 10 days since your last visit and any items you have in containers (and possibly loose) will be lost.

    The only way to recover them is to reload a save to before they were cleared.

    In the future it's a good idea to only store things in your property or look up locations to see if they're safe at UESP.net. Or if you do have to store things somewhere that may not be safe make sure to return within 10 in-game days.

    For example, on the Jorrvaskr article at UESP you'll see that it says that the respawn time is 10 days and in the Notes at the bottom it says "There are no known safe containers in Jorrvaskr."

    User Info: SirQuackberry

    SirQuackberry (Expert) - 7 years ago 1   0

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