Random citizens of town are attacking me, and i have no bounty why?

  1. Having gone through several quests with no problems...i have found myself to be suddenly hated by the people of riverwood...not the guards strangely enough until of course i attack the townsfolk for attacking me. upon further exploration i find that the people of whiterun have no problems with me, however entering dragonsearch i get attacked by the yarl and his men.

    I have no bounty, i'm not a werewolf or vampire. I have stolen some goods but never been caught. please help.

    User Info: hmr_wylde

    hmr_wylde - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In answer to my own question and hopefully answering many more as i have seen many questions very similar to mine regarding riverwood, i have found at least a solution to the problem...hopefully a permanent one.

    the key is to create and then pay off a bounty before affecting your game by killing any citizens you don't want to...and an easy way to do this is fast travel to dragonsearch...upon entering, there is a guard standing to the right and usually no citizens to start attacking you. take a swing at him or attack him in a way that wouldn't kill him, and quickly sheathe your weapon to pay off your bounty...this seems to fix the problem, as upon re-entering dragonsearch, the attackers seem to have calmed down and i can now talk to them once more.

    I have not discovered a reason for the attacks, however my theory is that previously, when paying off bounty for other lesser crimes, i would choose the options "i'm with the thieves guild..." so that i would not lose my stolen items...it may have caused the citizens to be upset, but i can't see why the guards would not have cared.

    Anyhow i hope this proves helpful.

    User Info: hmr_wylde

    hmr_wylde - 7 years ago 1   0

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