Who's the best companion in skyrim ??

  1. question says it all :D

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  1. Love how Lydia is never posted...Cause she's awful. :)

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  1. The girl (with the stripes on her face lol forgot her naame) is best with a bow. Vikas is best with a one handed weapon and farkas is best with 2 handed weapons other than that their all pretty evened out. (girl-light armor one handed and bow) (vikas-heavy armor one handed weapons) (farkas-heavy armor 2 handed weapons) other than that its whatever weapons and armor that u put on them. all can use a bow 2. None use magic but can use magic weapons such as staffs and ect. So it really dosnt matter who u pick. Hope this helps.

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  2. Lol i thought u where talking about the actual "companions" but another good "follower" is the women at azuras shrine. (wheres a magic robe and is based on magic and magical staffs) buty really all "followers" r pretty even just depends on how you use them.

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  3. The best follower to have in my opinion is Aeala(spelled completely wrong), the chick from the companions like in the first comment. She does pretty good damage from a distance and can distract an enemy, then she can do upclose damage with any weapon you give her. I gave her a good ebony sword of absorption and she didnt die, or go down often, you can upgrade their armor as well, but she is one of the only ones who is good with a bow

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  4. I prefer using the companions, any of the four trainer ones, because they're all decent in combat and you can get free training from them on the go in one handed, two handed, archery, and heavy armor. To get the free training have them follow you, ask them for training, then ask them to trade with you and get your money back.
    The two brothers are master level trainers, Aela can increase your archery to 75, and the dark elf can train you in one handed to 75.

    User Info: Om01kan3

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  5. All things being equal Mjoll is the best company and most pleasant. The abilities are all equal it seems to me, so why not have someone who wants to be there

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  6. It depends what you prefer, if you want someone to use heavy armor and one handed go with Vilkas. If you want someone to use a bow use Aela The Huntress. For two handed heavy armor get Farkas. If you want someone to sneak with use Cicero if you didn't kill him, if you did use Karliah from the thieves guild questline. And if you want a good mage, go to the college of Winterhold and there is a variety of quests you can do for a good mage companion. Hope this helped.

    User Info: ElysianRamz

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  7. Really no best person. Every single one specifies in different thinks, whether it be destruction, two handed, one handed, sneak, archery, and it also depends what armor/weapons you give them.

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  8. I think the best follower in my mind would be either Aela or Vilkas.

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  9. I much prefer the Conjure Dremora Lord spell to any Follower, especially having unlocked the perk that lets you have two of them. I went to collect a bounty on a dragon, and they killed the dragon before I could even get to it (it was on top of a tower, but when I reached it, it flew down to the ground where the Dremora were).

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  10. The best follower I ever had (and still have) is Kharjo, the khajiit warrior (J'zargo is pretty good too). To get him, find him just outside Riften's walls and do a mission to get his moon amulet from some bandits

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  11. Erandur all the way. The dunmer you can get during waking nightmare.

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  12. J'zargo is rocking. He'll dual wield his shock spells until he runs out of mana, but he also had a super high one-handed rating, just give him a weapon! He also is one of few mages who have a 100 in Heavy, so if you give him a pair it works wonders. I've been rolling with him since before I can remember. It's nice to have another daedric armored pro behind your back. At times, he might even run up to someone and claw him to death. You can find him after doing his easy mission. He's usually in the College of Winterhold's training place.

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  13. There are 3 followers that should be considered "the best". These 3 stand above all the rest easily.

    #1 - Aela the Huntress: Should be used by players who prefer stealth and sniping enemies from afar with a bow. At her max level(50) her best skills look like this ->100 archery, 100 light armor, 97 sneak and 75 one-handed. She can get a very high armor rating from if you give her some upgraded dragon scale armor. If the "Totems of Hircine" quest is active she cannot be killed at all, making her value as a follower skyrocket.

    #2 - Mjoll the Lioness: Should be used by players who prefer mixing it up in melee combat OR who use a follower/summon to distract enemies while you snipe with a bow/spells. I don't know what her max level(50) stats are, but she has obscenely high two-handed and heavy armor skills along with high HP. Give her a good set of heavy armor and a good two-handed weapon and she can both take and dish out huge amounts of damage. This is the kicker however - SHE CANNOT BE KILLED!! That's right, she cannot die by any normal means whatsoever. Nothing short of console commands can do it. This means you can turn her into a completely indestructible killing machine. Woohoo!

    #3 - J'zargo: This is my "general choice" follower, as his stats and behavior aren't geared towards any particular play style. He is technically a mage. The only exact stat value i know of for him is his heavy armor skill, which is 100 at level 50(this makes him a mage that can tank; very advantageous). His destruction magic skill is also extremely high(possibly at 100 as well) but he tends to favor Novice level offensive spells in most combat situations, although he will use higher level ones sometimes(give him some Adept/Expert level staffs and you'll fix that problem). The reason I'm listing this guy as one of "the best" however is this - all possible followers reach max level at 50. All of them, except this guy. J'zargo IS NOT AFFECTED BY THE FOLLOWER LEVEL CAP!! This means he will level up with the Dragonborn all the way to the player level cap of 81. That's 31 additional levels of health, magicka and stamina increases and possibly skill increases as well. To top it off when he runs out of magicka, he will fight completely unarmed. Because of his race(Khajiit), the super fast swing speed and 31 extra levels, his unarmed damage can trump just about any other follower's damage against any opponent in any circumstance with ease. Don't give him +magicka or magicka regeneration enchants on gear as he is far more effective as a boxer.

    I wouldn't even bother with anyone else. These 3 cover nearly all the bases and have superior qualities that put them above the rest. But that's just IMO, you can choose whoever you want. :)

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  14. All of the followers you can get that mainly use magic are useless. They're only good for distractions and as for the best, they're all the same. The only thing they all have in common is that they suck when it comes to brawling (unarmed).

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  15. personally i prefer to go it alone all the time, i've tried out the many different followers throughout the game including the dogs and i must say while the extra cArry wait and swordpower help in the earlier atages of the game, for me, they always end up dieing by my hand(as thats the only way they can die), whether it be through the use of magic, or when im slashing like theres no tommorrow inevitably, it seems, they always get in the way and perish... the ones with the bows last longest though... am level 81 100 on every skill so no enemy poses a problem anymore and it is such that i have taken to killing with my fists now rather than one sword hit or shot with an arrow....

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