How to make the guards to stop attacking me?

  1. I killed a chicken and the guards attacked me, i fled from the town without attacking anyone. When they stopped chasing me I went back to the town with shealthed weapons and they attacked me again. I just wan't to pay the 5 gold and continue with the game but the guards won't ask me to pay it they just attacks me.

    I have the pc edition of the game.

    Sorry for my bad English. :P

    User Info: TheOakleaf

    TheOakleaf - 8 years ago

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  1. If you wait about 3 game days, all should of calmed down and you should be able to pay your bounty.

    i think, not been in trouble with the law honest. :)

    User Info: Oriono

    Oriono - 8 years ago 9   3


  1. If we are talking about Skyrim, there are ways you can make the Guards in each hold "neutral" on sight.

    1) Step 1 - Sheath your sword whilst in combat with a Guard. If he continues to attack, keep sheathing. Eventually he will accept that you are peaceful and will tell you that you have committed crimes against Skyrim. You can reply with either :

    Pay off my bounty
    I'm with the Thieves Guild

    2) If this fails, I would personally reload the save when you commited the crime. However if it is too far back, DO NOT DO THIS!

    3) As a Guard is approaching you, THEN sheath your weapon! This always works for me every time. The same options will appear as above in conversation.

    User Info: MehGusta

    MehGusta - 7 years ago 9   5
  2. Don't attack then withdraw your sword and put it or get off a horse

    User Info: Georgetbranch

    Georgetbranch - 6 years ago 2   4

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