Putting pots on NPCs?

  1. So there's a new description in the cheats section that talks about putting pots, buckets, etc on NPCs heads and then being able to steal from them because they can't see. Is this legit? It seems a bit odd to be. And if so, how do you actually place the item on their heads?

    User Info: JPhoenix985

    JPhoenix985 - 7 years ago

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  1. It is real, there's YouTube videos of it and I've done it myself after some practice. To manipulate items you hold down on E or the button used for searching items and use the look control to direct it over an npc's head, it takes practice but you know it works when you try to sneak in front of them and remain detected. Use it wisely as they'll patch it soon and you can't sell stolen items unless you got the Fence perk.

    User Info: Sneakykilla

    Sneakykilla - 7 years ago 2   0


  1. Yes, it works. No rush though, they've already announced that they wont patch this particular bug as it's proven to add a bit of entertainment to the game. Throw on a bucket and rob everybody blind....good times.

    User Info: Big_Slippy

    Big_Slippy - 7 years ago 1   1

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