Light vs heavy armor question?

  1. Just started playing and i dont see any reason to take light armor over heavy armor late game. If you spec into it, neither armor will restrict your movement speed. Also, neither will make noise at the end of the sneaking tree.

    Obviously heavy armor is more durable, but is there any advantage light armor will give late game? Maybe better enchants for magic users, or something along those lines?

    User Info: Chape87

    Chape87 - 9 years ago

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  1. Light Armor is superior in every way. For starters there is a game imposed Armor limit that by most people's level 50 is already more than passed making the Heavy Armor's extra numbers irrelevant. Second of all the Light Armour skill tree takes less perks to complete. Third of all, tiresias says the Heavy Armor's weight perk only affects it's speed and not inventory space --- Light Armor's come at the faster speed at standard and the weight perk on the Light Armor tree makes it so that any Light Armor you have equipped weighs '0' [Zero] in your inventory.

    I've got a full set of Light Dragonscale Armor that totals at a 1665 Armor Rating with all the perks, that's almost a 1000 over the Armor Limit Cap. My standard inventory weight when I'm wearing my Armor with Nothing but the Weapons I carry is a mere 40.

    Light Armor is Superior.

    User Info: jonathan_james_

    jonathan_james_ - 9 years ago 31   12


  1. A bit of clarification, I have the heavy armor perk that makes it "weightless". It's more of a theoretical weightless. You can run in it at normal speed and don't take stamina penalties from using power attacks while wearing it. Other than that, the perk does nothing. Inventory weight is completely untouched by this perk. You can imagine how angry I was when I leveled heavy armor to lvl 70 and put 5 perk points into it to find that bit out.

    User Info: tiresias15

    tiresias15 - 9 years ago 19   9
  2. By the end game there is only one real perk to light armor over heavy armor (sort of). If you look at all the perks, all the downsides to heavy armor are nullified and are then equal to light armor, and with the higher armor levels heavy armor is definitely more well sought after.
    So the only real benefit I've been able to find is that it takes only 5 perks in Smithing to make Dragonbone Plate armor, whereas there are 5 perks to make Daedric armor, and you can't make Dragonbone, but several more perks just to make Dragonbone and Dragonbone Plate armor.

    Specially the Perk tree on the light side works to your advantage for allowing you to smith Plate armor (kind of strange, as plate armor is only heavy armor).

    The only other thing I can think that *might* be an issue would be the weight of the two armors when not equipped. The perk suggests that all weight is nullified, equipped or otherwise (or at least does not suggest it's not nullified if not equipped), but it *might* still have weight when not equipped, making picking up heavy armor a much heavier problem.

    User Info: Takieda

    Takieda - 9 years ago 18   9
  3. Obviously light armor is better for stealth characters. Heavy armor is made for those people who like to be in-your-face juggernauts.

    It depends on your playstyle, sneakier characters don't need extra protection because they're not usually tanking. Bruisers wear ebony/daedric because they purposefully put themselves in harms way to dole out damage.

    Light guys need to keep their distance to dole out damage, and could probably do more of it since they're not AS worried about their health dropping.

    User Info: Haphestus20

    Haphestus20 - 9 years ago 11   2
  4. Armor cap makes that advantage null and going heavy means you'll be hit FAR more often as you'll be unable to dodge or avoid things like dragonbreath because you move slower than mollassas without the steed stowne or weightless perk. On the other hand, there's a few good heavy armor sets around like adzidal's

    User Info: Lockeadon

    Lockeadon - 7 months ago
  5. at late game with the right perks and so on the only up/down side is weight and for heavy armour if you make it so you have super high defence on heavy gauntlets it transfers it to unarmed attack which I find funny as you can become one punch man even before getting to alduin

    User Info: james8845

    james8845 - 7 months ago 7   0
  6. That's only base armor from gauntlet.

    User Info: Lockeadon

    Lockeadon - 7 months ago
  7. Heavy armor increases the amount of damage you can take before losing health. While typically this is a small amount (say less than 10 points of difference), it's still better protection.

    In an ideal game engine, an iron blade would be sharp enough to cut leather or fur (and thus leather or fur armor would provide little to no protection) but weak against steel armor, since steel is stronger than iron. However, blows from a steel hammer would be devastating to someone wearing anything less than iron armor. Iron armor wouldn't be that great of a defence either, since the steel hammer would basically crush it like a soda can in just 3 good hits.

    However, what we have is what we have, which is basically that you get the quiet sneaking early on with light armor or you take the hits with heavy armor.

    User Info: DrNewcenstein

    DrNewcenstein - 9 years ago 7   5
  8. Most of the negative things can be nullified as you have said. But there is one thing you should keep in mind that is very important. If you play a character with light armor its very likely that you are a archer or a thief. Something sneaky.

    Well it happens to be so that all good armor you gain in the game that are made for sneaky characters are light. These armor sets have extremly superior enchants that you cannot really match unless you have 100 enchanting with alot of perks in echanting.

    With maxxed out light armor you can have around 300-400 armor with a matching set compared to dragon armor (best, armor rating wise, armor in the game) has 700-ish. This is fully upgraded to legendary level and max perks in the respective trees.

    The heavier your armors total weight is the more fall damage you take.
    The heavier armor total the harder it is to sneak.

    User Info: piknim

    piknim - 9 years ago 6   4
  9. One thing about light armor is that it also has a technique that allows for faster stamina regen and a 10% chance to dodge any melee attack (course, heavy armor has a 10% chance to reflect a melee at higher perk levels, but unsure if that means that damage is nullified and reflected or 10% of the damage you take is also reflected).

    User Info: Lupinark

    Lupinark - 9 years ago 2   3
  10. The latter, you still take damage when reflect damage activates and it's only a pittance added damage especially if you and the enemy are at armor cap, moreso if you block. Given most people are at armor cap when they get the perk it's more of a novelty than actually helpful.

    User Info: Lockeadon

    Lockeadon - 7 months ago
  11. Basically you have a 10% chance to do 10% of the damage reflected so let's say you have armor cap, block maxed and blocking, and are currently berserking. Everything that reduces the damage you take also reduces the damage you reflect.

    User Info: Lockeadon

    Lockeadon - 7 months ago
  12. Light Armor- Lets you move faster and your stamina lasts longer also (as the name implies) it's lighter. It does not protect you as great though.
    Heavy Armor- Protects you very well and I barely die with it equipped. You do not move as fast and stamina is depleted quite fast when sprinting (as the name also implies) it's heavier. Just warning you because I use heavy armor and it takes up alot of carry weight in your inventory but it also has it's perks. Hope this helps :)

    User Info: Chanse11

    Chanse11 - 9 years ago 6   7
  13. Light armor is inferior in every way. Anything light armor can do, heavy armor can do better. More defense and any special light armor enchantments can easily be added to heavy armor as well. If you want to sneak, throw on a sneak/muffle enchantment. Fall damage is meaningless in this game as you can get the Ethereal Shout VERY early on. Using it allows you to fall from any height without taking damage.

    User Info: Big_Slippy

    Big_Slippy - 9 years ago 6   26

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