How do I get past Isla de Muerta - 2nd bridge won't raise?

  1. In Isla De Muerta, after Jack beats dead pirates and I construct wheel and turn it, it lowers far (2nd) bridge and raises 1st (closest) bridge. When I send a someone across and grab the torch and switch back to other character to raise 2nd bridge, NOTHING HAPPENS. We have tried this level several times and can't get across to the canon. Please Help!!!

    User Info: mysoccerball

    mysoccerball - 5 years ago


  1. Play as your high-jumper and position her at the head of the second bridge. When she's standing in the correct spot, your second character automatically works the device that raises the bridge.

    User Info: falconesque

    falconesque - 11 months ago 0 0

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