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  • Unsold copies of X-Men Destiny were recalled and destroyed in 2012. In 2007, Silicon Knights, the developers of X-Men Destiny attempted to sue Epic Games for not providing the required software build of the middle-ware Unreal Engine 3 to Silicon Knight's deadline, believing that doing so was a way of sabotaging other developers trying to make their games using the Unreal Engine 3. Epic games counterclaimed, claiming that Silicon Knights tried to steal code from Unreal Engine 3 and used the lawsuit as a way to guard their theft of code from the software. The court ruled in favor with Epic Games believing that Silicon Knights did stole code from the Unreal Engine 3 written by Epic Games and ordered them to pay, $9.2 million for damages and court costs for Epic and to also destroy unsold copies of X-Men Destiny, as well as cancelling and destroying other Silicon Knight games which used the Unreal Engine 3.

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