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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/23/2005

            | |     \\
            | |     ||_______ __    __  ____  __    __ ______
            | |_____// ||   |  \\   /  / __ \  |\\  |   |   \\
            | |     \\ ||__|    \\ /  | /  \ | | \\ |   |    \\
            | |     || ||  |     ||   | \__/ | |  \\|   |    //
            |_|_____// ||___/    ||    \____/  |\  \|   |___//
                           _____ __________________ ______ __________
                         //       __   __  __   __   ||    _  _ __ __
                         ||  __  /  \ /  \|  \ _\ _  ||-|  \  / || ||
                         \\___|| \__/ \__/|__/ |_\|  ||__/  \/  || ||_/

Beyond Good & Evil (GCN Version)
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.1
E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo.com

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Menus/Displays
4. Hillys: Planet on the Go
   4A. Jade: Freelance Photographer (Combat, Camera, Creeping)
   4B. A Tourist's Guide to Hillys (Locales)
   4C. Humorous Sidekicks (Supporting Cast)
   4D. Incredible Technology (Items)
   4E. Futuristic Craft (Vehicles)
   4F. Dangerous Foes (Enemies)
5. Walkthrough
   5A. Another Day on Hillys (Opening)
   5B. Pitch Black Mining (Black Isle)
   5C. Like Mos Eisley, Without the Scum and Villainy (The City)
   5D. Nutripils Are Made From People! (Factory)
   5E. Racing Your Way to the Top (Interim)
   5F. Do You Smell Something? (Slaughterhouse)
   5G. Earning Your Wings (Interim)
   5H. Fly Me To the Moon (Finale)
6. Game Lists
   6A. MDisks
   6B. Pearls
   6C. Animals
   6D. PA-1s
   6E. Meca Impulsers
   6F. MDisk #13: A Mini-Walkthrough
7. Standard Guide Stuff
   7A. Legal
   7B. E-mail Guidelines
   7C. Credits
   7D. Version Updates
   7E. The Final Word


Hello, and welcome to my FAQ for Beyond Good & Evil, the version for the 
Nintendo GameCube.  In this fantastic game from UbiSoft, you take control of 
photographer-for-hire, Jade, on the planet Hillys, as she uses her 
investigative integrity to root out the conspiracy and corruption that's 
plaguing Hillys.  Through camera-work, sneaking around, and kick-butt martial 
arts, you'll discover the secret of all of Hillys' problems.

2. FAQ

Q: What is Beyond Good & Evil?

A: This game is a new story-driven action game from UbiSoft.

Q: How many Memory Card blocks does this game require?

A: The back of the box says 20 blocks.  However, most of your pictures are 
saved throughout the game, and these have to be stored in your Card, which 
takes up a lot of blocks.  At the end of the game, with no extra pictures in 
my photo album, but all other necessary and secondary pictures taken, I 
ended up with 55 blocks taken up, and that was with just one of the three 
save files used.

Q: What is the rating of this game?

A: This game has been rated T by the ESRB for Violence and Comic Mischief.

Q: Can you give me a four-digit code for this locked door?

A: Unfortunately, no.  The four-digit codes are different every single time 
you play the game.

Q: What's the deal with Carlson & Peeters?

A: It's the Hillyan army's code of operation, its Bible, if you will...

Q: What happens if I run out of energy?

A: If you or one of your teammates die at all, you'll be replaced not too 
far back in the area you died in, with half your full complement of hearts.  
You won't need to worry about saving to preserve having to stay alive.

Q: I have all the animals on Hillys yet I'm still short one!  Where is it?

A: In space.

Q: How do I get MDisk #13?

A: You have to go online at beyondgoodandevil.com.  Go to "The Darkroom" and 
register.  From there, you can use your Internet Code as listed in your 
save file.  Go to the mini-walkthrough I have at the bottom of this guide.

Q: I swear I'm entering this code right!  What could be wrong?

A: All the symbols are pretty cut and dry, save one.  The "H" in this game 
has two horizontal lines.  It makes it look cooler, but it also makes it 
look a lot like an "M".  If your code doesn't work, check for anything that 
looks like an "M" and see if it's actually an "H"...

3A. Controls =

Jade Controls:

Control Stick: Moves Jade in any direction with respect to the game's camera.  
 Titling the stick further will cause her to move faster, up to a slow jog.
A Button: Main action button.  Will perform whatever tasked shown under its 
 icon in the upper-left corner of the main screen.  Actions include, but are 
 not limited to, swinging your Daï-jo in combat, pushing buttons, activating 
 vending machines, kicking consoles, and talking to other characters.
B Button: Evasive manuever.  Without her Daï-jo in hand, Jade will perform a 
 diving roll that can get her over most low obstacles.
X Button: Use Item.  In the upper-left corner of the main screen is your 
 currently selected inventory item.  Pressing X will use that item, if there's 
 a word next to it describing what you'll do with it (for instance, "Eat" 
 next to a "Starkos" when you're injured, or "Put" next to an MDisk when 
 you're near a player).
Y Button: Companion action button.  In the upper-right corner of the main 
 screen is the Y Button icon.  Pressing this will let your teammate perform 
 whatever task is shown on that icon.  In battle, this can be an attack that 
 will damage or stun your enemies.  When not in battle, this can use your 
 teammate to press switches for you.
L Button: Crouch.  Use this to present a smaller profile and make yourself 
 less likely to be seen.  You can walk around like this, as well as roll to 
 quickly get under low obstacles.
R Button: Run.  Hold down this while moving to run at a sprint.
Z Button: Look Mode.  After pressing Z, use the Control Stick to look around.  
 If you have your camera, you may use the C-Stick to zoom in and out, and the 
 A Button to take a photo.  If you have a projectile weapon, press X to fire 
 it from this situation.
C Stick: Use this to control the game's camera around Jade.  Left and Right 
 rotates in those directions, and Up and Down pitches in those directions.
Control Pad: Left or Right on the pad will allow you scroll through your 
START Button: Pauses the game and brings up the Pause Menu.


Vehicle Controls

Control Stick: Moves your vehicle in any direction.
A Button: Fires your blaster weapon, or docks your vehicle, if it's near a 
 suitable location.
B Button: Activates Jump Jets once you purchase them.
X Button: Use Item, just like with Jade.  There are special items specific to 
 your vehicles.
Y Button: Enters Compass Mode.  You'll get a view from inside your craft, and 
 you'll also see a compass on the bottom of the screen.  Certain landmarks 
 are programmed into your compass and will point you in their directions.
L Button: Applies the brakes to your craft.
R Button: Applies acceleration to your craft.
Z Button: Look Mode, same as with Jade.
C Stick: Controls the camera, same as with Jade.
Control Pad: Scrolls through your inventory, same as with Jade.
START Button: Pauses the game and brings up the Pause Menu.

3B. Menus/Displays =

After you fire up the game, you'll immediately get the language option.  In 
the American version of this game, the options are English and Spanish.  If 
you make a mistake and select the wrong language, you have to Reset the game 
to fix it.


Start Menu

New Game: Begin a game from the start.
Load Game: Check your Memory Card for saved games.
Options: Brings up the Options Menu.
Credits: See the people who made the game.


Options Menu

In this menu, use the Control Stick to move the cursor, and the X Button to 
change the option.  Press A to accept the changes and exit, or B to decline 
the changes.

Rumble: Toggle the controller's rumble on or off
Volume: Use the Control Stick to adjust the game's volume.
Subtitles: Toggle the voice subtitles on or off.  I find this useful when 
 picking up on stuff that might have been missed with voice overlap.
Mode: Switch the sound between Mono, Stereo, and Surround.


In-Game Display

In the upper-left corner of the screen is Jade's status, or the status of the 
vehicle she's currently piloting.  Coming out horizontally from the portrait 
is either Jade's current and maximum life (represented by hearts), or the 
vehicle's current and maximum hull strength (represented by wrenches).  Below 
the portrait are A and X button icons, and words depicting what they will do 
in the current situation.

In the upper-right corner is your teammate's status, also represented by 
hearts.  If your teammate goes down, it's game over.  Below the teammate's 
portrait is a Y button icon, depicting what action he can perform.


Pause Menu

This is an odd menu to operate.  In order to select something, you need to 
hold down the Control Stick in the direction of the object on the circular 
panel, and select with A, or get info on it with X.  Pressing B bumps you back 
a page, and pressing START drops you out of Pause.

In the center of the screen is Jade's status (or the status of the vehicle 
you're currently piloting).

In the upper-left portion of the circle are your current characters and 
vehicles.  Pressing A while pointing to one will bring up their status and 
inventory.  If you're too far away from a character or vehicle, you won't be 
able to connect.

In the right half portion of the circle is that character/vehicle's inventory.  
You can get info on most items here.  Pressing A on anyone's SAC will open 
it up and give you access to their stored items.  Pressing A on Jade's camera 
will open up her album, where you can view old pictures taken.  Pressing A on 
food items or PA-1's will "pick them up", whereby you can move them over to a 
character and press A.  Moving them to the character who's carrying the item 
will automatically make them use it.  Moving them to another character will 
give them that item for storage.

In the lower-left portion of the circle are the functions.  The first function 
is viewing your e-mails you've received over the course of the game (when you 
get mail, you'll get an automatic alert to press START to read it).  The 
second function is your objectives and maps (more on that in a moment).  The 
third function is the Options Menu, the same one available at the main menu.


Objectives & Maps Screen

From this screen you can view the map for the current area.  Use the C Stick 
to switch to different floors, and Z Button to zoom in.  While zoomed, you 
can move the stick around to view the floor more closely.

On the left side are your objectives and detectors.  If you have any specific 
objectives, highlight them with the Control Stick to see where they are on the 
map (represented by red exclamation points).  Press A to view a few more 
details about them.  As for detectors, highlight the detector to see where 
they are on the map (don't forget checking different floors with the C Stick), 
and press A while highlighted to see how many of the object are in the area, 
and how many on the current floor.  You must buy Animal and Pearl Detectors 
from Ming-Tzu before you can use them, but you always have an MDisk Reader 


The vast majority of the game takes place on the planet Hillys.  While a 
well-settled planet, with a well-established government, Hillys is still 
largely untamed.  With the constant attacks from the mysterious and malicious 
alien species, the DomZ, Hillyans really aren't in the mood to explore much.

Hillys is largely a water planet, so the earliest settlers learned to develop 
aquatic craft quickly, which became the primary mode of travel for those too 
poor to afford flight craft.

Before the DomZ attack, Hillys maintained a good standing army, which were 
quite overwhelmed when the DomZ struck.  Shortly thereafter, General Kehck 
formed the Alpha Section special forces unit, specifically designed to counter 
the threat.  They routinely report advancements against the threat, despite 
the increase in attacks lately.

4A. Jade: Freelance Photographer =

Raised by her "uncle" Pey'j, Jade is quite the lady.  Inquisitive, yet not 
intrusive.  Witty, yet not wise-cracking.  Sexy, yet not trampy.  Fierce in 
battle, yet a lamb around her "kids".  Jade is the perfect heroine role-model, 
and the star of this story.

Unlike many beings on Hillys, Jade and Pey'j chose to live outside the city 
and took up residence in a lighthouse some distance away.  There, they 
maintain a modest orphanage, where they look after kids who were left with 
no one after the DomZ took their parents.

To pay the bills, Jade has put her inquisitive nature into photography, and 
operates as a freelance.  To keep herself in good condition, she routinely 
practices martial arts, and is deadly with her weapon of choice, the Daï-jo.

She'll require those and many skills in this adventure, which will turn her 
very world upside-down.



Basic controls are described in their section above.  Getting around in this 
game is pretty simple.  If there's a gap in your path, simply running up to 
it will automatically make you jump towards the opposite end.  Even if the 
other ledge is a few feet higher, you can usually grab onto the opposite 
ledge with no problem.

Sometimes your exploits will take you to places that are veritable obstacle 
courses.  For those, you can utilize your B Button evasive manuevers.  A 
normal tap of B can vault you over any low-standing obstacles, while crouching 
using L can get you under any that are shoulder-height.  Also, you can use B
while crouching to roll low and get through high obstacles quickly.

Jade can also edge herself along thin ledges and through tight squeezes if 
necessary.  This is done automatically, and there isn't any risk of falling.



Most interaction is done through switches, which are marked rather obviously 
with a hand-print.  These will tend to do something good, so always be on a 
look-out for them.  There are, however, some special switches, that will only 
operate with the proper key.  Usually, you'll find the key in the same area 
that you found the locked switch.

There are also a few situations that will require you to push objects around.  
Simply move into them to start pushing.  These can give you footholds when 
you need them or uncover secrets.

In addition to switches that require keys, there are also those that require 
four-character code.  Activating them will access a code menu, where you can 
input any of the 26 English letters or ten numerals.  There is never any 
guesswork involved.  In some situations, you can find the code to a door in 
a hidden place.  In others (specifically in dangerous areas), the codes are 
represented in a barcode format.  Take a picture of these and mail them to 
the Governor of Hillys, who, if you've done what she asked beforehand, will 
get her team of hackers on the case to get you the proper code.



This will be one of the first things you'll have to do.  Combat in this 
game is relatively simple.  You will only pull out your Daï-jo when faced 
with enemies.  Press A and hold the Control Stick to attack in that direction.  
Press B to quickly dodge in the direction you're holding the stick.  
Experiment with your A Button and Control Stick combinations to attack 
multiple enemies or with different manuevers.  It's all pretty basic, so 
there's no need to fuss with specifics.

Holding down A while not moving will result in Jade charging her Daï-jo.  
Releasing A once fully-charged will send her into a vertical spinning move 
that can discourage all around you.  In addition, there is an upgrade 
available in Ming-Tzu's shop which can power-up your attack.  Once in the 
air, rapidly press A to launch a barrage of energy shots at your foes.

Also, once you find the Gyrodisk Launcher, ranged combat is added to your 
capabilities.  Go into Look mode with Z, take careful aim, and press X to fire 
your small, yet painful, disks at your enemies.  These can also be used to 
activate switches from long-range.

There's one last staff technique.  When you use your teammate's floor slam 
attack, enemies may get popped up into the air.  When that happens, press A 
next to an enemy to enter Targeting Mode, which creates a circle in front of 
you.  Use the Control Stick to aim and press A again to knock your enemy for 
a loop, preferably into something.



Once you pick up your Camera in the beginning of the game, the world of 
futuristic photography is open to you.  Press Z to bring up your Camera.  
Use the Control Stick to look around through the lens, and the C Stick to 
zoom in and out.  Press A to take a photo.

When looking through your lens, you may see circles pop up.  These represent 
things you can get information on through your camera.  The circles will start 
out red, then turn green when a good shot is possible.  To make a good shot, 
you need to be zoomed close enough your object so that it's entirely in your 
view, and so that it fills as much of the frame as possible.

There are three major objects you can focus on with your Camera:

1) Animals.  Your first assignment is to take inventory of all wildlife on 
Hillys.  Take a picture of any critter, sentient or non-sentient, friendly 
or predatory, docile or vicious.  When you do so, you'll send them to the 
Science Center automatically, and receive pay for those pictures.  This is 
your major source of income in the game.  Also, for every group of eight 
animals you capture, you'll get a present.  Your first present is a valuable 
Digital Zoom, which allows you to assume a lot closer to your subjects.  After 
that, you'll get a Pearl for every eight animals, until the last eight, which 
will net you an MDisk with all animals documented.

2) Objectives.  As you get assignments, you'll have to get pictures of a 
specific subject.  These operate just like animals as far as the circle from 
red to green goes.  Once you get these pictures, you'll automatically e-mail 
them to your contact.

3) Maps.  In certain unknown areas, you can find maps on the wall.  Take a 
picture of these and you'll convert them into a full map of the area.

In addition, you can also focus on many inconsequential items.  You can use 
this if you're trying to look for out-of-the-way switches, or other things 
sensitive to interaction.  You'll only get small dim circles to indicate 
their location, as taking a photo isn't necessary at all.



Your exploits will take you to a few sensitive and occupied areas, which can 
prove to be very dangerous.  You'll know you've entered one of these areas 
when Jade, instead of her usual standing around, will be in a hunched over 
"alert" position.

The basic idea of these areas is "don't be seen".  The best way to do this is 
crouch by holding L and moving around that way.  You'll have a low profile, 
and will also move silently.

The only thing that can spot you in these areas are your enemies in the Alpha 
Sections.  They face in one of the four major directions and have about a 90 
degree radius of view in front of them.  Some enemies stand perfectly still.  
Others rotate regularly in place.  Still others have patrol routes.  Normally, 
their visors will be green, when in passive mode.  When they spot something, 
they will walk towards what they saw and scan the area.  If they don't find 
anything, they'll resume what they were doing.

If they do find you, however, they'll go into Alert Mode.  You'll engage 
them in combat.  I describe Alpha Section Soldiers later on in the Enemies 
section as to how they fight, but suffice to say you'll have a challenge on 
your hands.  At this point, you have two options: run or fight.  If you 
choose to fight, you'll have to destroy all soldiers in the area before you 
can move on.  If you choose to run, you must find a spot where you can hide 
from them.  This proves tougher than it first seems, because Alert Mode will 
result in a lockdown of the immediate area.  In early sneaking areas, you'll 
have drainage pipes you can hide in, so that's available.

Sometimes, going into Alert Mode means instant death.  This happens when 
there are Turrets in the area.  These cannot see on their own, but, if you 
go into Alert Mode, they'll immediately fire a lethal bolt at the nearest 
threat, which is you.  Make sure you know the situation before launching on 
an attack.

There are also another option besides standard fighting.  The Soldiers all 
have a weak spot on their backs, in the form of their green breathing tanks.  
If you can get close and press A to kick them there, they'll be incapacitated 
as they struggle to breathe.  Another kick will destroy them.  This can also 
be done with the Gyrodisk Launcher.  Beware, though, as other soldiers will 
notice their comrades having trouble and will come to their aid.

4B. A Tourist's Guide to Hillys =

The following section details several facts about locations on Hillys, as 
well as several miscellaneous facts.



The currency of Hillys is Materia, a valuable mineral mined out of the ground.  
Most citizens (Jade included) have an Easy Unit Card connected with the Bank 
of Hillys that keeps tabs on how much money they have.  Shopping is a simple 
matter of presenting your card to the vendor, or to the vending machine you're 
using, then selecting what you wish to be.

There are several means with which to acquire more Materia.  Your primary 
method is by photographing animals.  Each animal is worth a different amount 
of cash, from 100 to 3000.  Unfortunately, these are all only one-shot deals.

Other methods include defeating enemies, smashing up shiny blue rocks (pure 
deposits of Materia), winning bets in games, smashing up floating boxes in 
the ocean, or kicking open boxes that have crystals in them.  Bottom line is 
to never overlook opportunities to get more.  All Crystals are worth 5 Units.

There's also a secondary currency of Hillys, in the form of Pearls.  These 
perfectly round gems are exceedingly valuable, and there are only 88 of them 
available to you in the game.  You use these Pearls to purchase special 
vehicle-related items at Mammago's Garage.


MDisk Readers

There are many Readers situated throughout Hillys.  You'll need to use these 
to scan the several MDisks you'll find throughout your adventure, including 
the most important one you start your adventure with: Game Save.  Be sure to 
save your game at Readers when you want to stop the game.  Don't worry about 
saving before dangerous areas, as dying will just put you back a room or two, 
or back to the beginning of your combat.


Home (The Lighthouse)

Jade and her uncle Pey'j's place of residence is an old lighthouse converted 
into living space.  It's here that she takes care of any kids that become 
orphaned due to the DomZ attacks.  Like all structures in populated Hillys, 
it has its own shielding system.  The actual lighthouse has most of the living 
space, while a cavern below has been converted into Pey'j's workshop and the 
hangar for their hovercraft.


Mammago's Garage

Yo mon!  If you mama don't go, you go to Mammago's!  This independently-run 
garage is the favored stop for anyone looking to repair or refurbish their 
vehicles.  You can purchase repair PODs for your craft here, as well as Meca 
Impulsers to make them stronger with your Materia.  However, to purchase new 
parts for your craft, you'll need to pay with Pearls.


The City

This is the place where most of the Hillyans live.  Access is through gates 
at the north and south end of the city.  From there, there are two main 
places to go.  You can go west to enter the first two of four city races, or 
you can go east to enter the Pedestrian District.  In the PedDis, you can find 
many different people and places:

Newsshop: For a small fee, you can receive all the news as it happens.
Nouri's Stand: Nouri sells several basic trinkets for your consumption at 
 his stand.
Akuda Bar: This is where all the seedy folk hang out.  Here you can play some 
 games of skill or chat with your friends.
Ming-Tzu's Shop: Ming-Tzu sells several unique and useful items in his shop 
 that could greatly benefit.  His prices don't come cheap, though.
Alpha Section HQ: The Alpha Section controls much of the PedDis.  With the 
 proper connections, you can sneak into some of their areas and reclaim things 
 that rightfully belong to the people.


Black Isle

This volcanic island housed one of the largest mines on Hillys, until it was 
abandoned.  This is the site of your first mission.


The Factory

This factory produces Nutripils, which feed the armies of Hillys.  It's also 
the site of your second mission.


The Slaughterhouse

The site of your third mission, this grim complex processes all the animal 
harvest on Hillys.  To detract from its gruesome nature (or maybe add to it), 
the third and fourth race courses on Hillys are held in this area.  This is 
the site of your third mission.


Other Points of Interest

Be sure to check your map for places your hovercraft can go (that don't 
have solid barrier lines).  You can find several caverns that could have 
booty in them.

Some of these caverns are home to Looters.  These villains steal some of your 
cash, then try to make off with it.  Chase them down to their lairs, then 
take them out to reclaim your money, as well as maybe something more.

4C. Humorous Sidekicks =

Your teammates are much like you.  They also have health meters made out of 
hearts.  Generally, they keep out of major trouble, so you don't always have 
to be looking out for them.  However, in the tension of combat, they can be 
overwhelmed just like you.  To that end, it's best to try to keep them alive 
by lending them food and PA-1's.



Your "uncle" Pey'j has been watching over you for twenty years, ever since you 
were separated from your parents.  This porcine being is a genius mechanic, 
and a good friend to have on your travels.  He starts with his own SAC, just 
like you, and later on, you'll be able to use his Jet-Boots and a Claw Hammer.  

His special attack is to jet up with his boots and slam down on the ground.  
You can use this to get around, or to stun the enemies in the area.  Once he 
gets the Claw Hammer, he can also open up wire grates for you.


Double H

You'll rescue this guy from trouble partway through the game, and he'll tag 
along for much of the rest of it.  Torture has left his mind scrambled, and 
since he was left in Army uniform and with the standard issue volume of 
Carlson-Peeters military code, he's got the notion of the oblivious army 
hero stuck in his head.

In combat, Double H can hold himself pretty well.  Instead of Pey'j's drop-
slam, Double H uses his T-Hammer to slam the ground.  Also, in his armor, he 
can bust down heavy steel bars.

4D. Incredible Technology =

You'll use many kooky and super-futuristic items in your quest.  Here are the 
more common items you'll use in your adventure that can be stored in the 
first item:



This portable U-Store-It is the future's answer to the question "How do you 
carry so much stuff?"  Your Synthetical Atomic Compressor will take any item 
and digitize it for later use.  While everyone in the game has their own 
basic work-horse SAC, Jade has one of those new-fangled ones with its own 
AI, named Secundo, who periodically provides insight on certain matters.



Price: 150 Units
Effect: Eating this synthetic bread will restore one heart of health.



Price: 300 Units
Effect: Eating this box of synthetic fruit will fully restore your health.  
 I suggest stocking up on tons of these once you get several hearts.



Price: 1500 Units
Effect: Grabbing one of these Physiological Accelerators will add an extra 
 heart to your max total.  Be sure to share at least a couple of these with 
 your comrades.



Price: 150 Units
Effect: This mini-robot (Pocket Optimizer Drone) will restore one wrench of 
 hull strength to your vehicle.


Set of PODs

Price: 300 Units
Effect: This set of robots will completely restore your hull strength to the 
 current vehicle.


Meca Impulser

Price: 1500 Units
Effect: This module will add an extra wrench onto the maximum total for your 



Price: 150 Units
Effect: Using this nitro canister will momentarily triple your speed.  These 
 are most effectively used during races.



Price: 1000 Units (Animal)
       3000 Units (Pearl)
Effect: Buying the Animal and Pearl Detectors from Ming-Tzu will make 
 collecting each a lot easier.  They'll show up on your map when you highlight 
 the detectors.


Strengthened Super Attack

Price: 2000 Units
Effect: When in the air during your Super Attack, rapidly press A to fling 
 out energy shots.

4E. Futuristic Craft =

Your vehicles have their own SACs, and any items you get that can be used for 
them will automatically be transferred next time you board.  Even when 
switching vehicles, the items will still be properly transferred.



Your heap isn't pretty, but it can carry you around the waterways, as well as 
hoist you up on a few beaches.  There are several parts required for it to 
be able to full explore the area.  You can buy them at Mammago's Garage.

Speedcraft Motor - 1 Pearl: This is a replacement for your old broken motor.  
 Using R, you can speed up.
Neutralizing Cannon - 5 Pearls: This powerful cannon will allow you lock-on 
 to three separate targets.  Hold down A to start locking-on, then release 
 to fire.  This can be used to take out targets above the water.
Jump Jets - 15 Pearls: These illegal modifications to your craft will allow 
 you to jump several feet into the air.  These can be used to bypass the 
 laser cordons surrounding the main area of Hillys.



Once you find this old, but reliable cruiser, the skies will be open to you, 
as soon as you can find the first item below.  This ship can connect with 
your hovercraft.  Pressing B while skimming the waves will drop the craft, 
allowing you to dock.  You'll have the Neutralizing Cannon already installed.

Flight Stabilizer - 20 Pearls: Use this to match with the one you find in 
 the workshop, and you can lift-off and explore Hillys from the air.
Space Engine - 30 Pearls: Once you install this, you can break the atmosphere 
 and head to the stars.

4F. Dangerous Foes =

Here are the enemies you'll be up against in your quest.  There are also some 
bosses that I'll get to in the walkthrough.


DomZ Sarcophagus

These insidious foes are used to kidnap, incapacitate, and transport 
captives.  They are also capable of defending themselves with their arms.  
A few swats will take care of them, though.


DomZ Sea Serpent 

You'll face more than one of these guys while in your hovercraft.  All you 
have to do is hammer it with your blaster or Neutralizing Cannon and pieces 
of it will start breaking off one by one.  As you chase them, however, they'll 
drop mines behind them, so watch for the red lights coming out of them and 
blast the mines if they get too close.  Keep blasing the serpent until it's 
down to its last segment.



Nasty buggers first spotted in the Black Isle mines.  Repeated swats will take 
them out.  Watch out when they light up, because that means they're about to 
charge.  If they get you, it'll hurt.  If they get your partner, smack them 
to get them off.



These bright blue jellies aren't a major enemy.  Just swat them a few times.


Hard Jellies

The mutant variety isn't much worse than the original.  It takes a few more 
hits and gives up a few more Materia.



These squat reptilian creatures are cave-bound, generally.  They have two 
claws to attack with.  They can block your standard hits, so a good tactic 
is to have your teammate slam the ground, which tosses them in the air for 
Targeting Mode.  At that point, you can knock them for a loop.


Alpha Sections Filter Drone

These aren't really enemies, so much as obstacles.  If you enter a 
restricted area, they'll tow you out of there.  To get rid of them, buy the 
Neutralzing Cannon from Mammago's Garage.  Lock-on and one shot will blow them 
out of the sky, allowing you to proceed.



They're really almost exactly like a Crochax, except they come into the ocean 
at night.  You can also find one in the Factory, in the entryway.


Giant Rat

More of a nuisance then anything else.  They can still hurt you.  Give them 
a kick to take them out.


Alpha Sections Spider Drones

These are small drones that crawl around on the floor and leap up, glowing 
red, to attack you.  A couple of blows will destroy them, but they tend to 
attack in swarms.


Alpha Sections Cyclopius

These automated turrets try to shoot you down with constant laserfire.  
Repeated hits will destroy them.  Oftentimes, your objective is to try to 
knock them through an electric barrier, which destroys both them and the 


Alpha Sections Guardian

These robots are mainly workers to maintain systems.  Of course, if those 
systems get threatened, they'll be forced to defend them.  The bots can roll 
up into balls and flash red.  When they do that, they're invulnerable.  So, 
you can smash them around, but I suggest using your teammate to slam the 
ground to knock them up into Targeting Mode.  Knock them into each other or 
into electrical fields to remove the threat entirely.


Alpha Sections Soldiers

When fighting Alpha Sections Soldiers, they'll fight with their T-Hammers and 
energy shields.  When they take a swing, dodge and strike.  Try to get their 
breathing tank to incapacitate them completely.  If fighting multiple 
Soldiers, they ones not directly fighting you will toss mines to disrupt you.


Alpha Sections Small Mines

These little things light up when you get close, but hammering them with 
blasterfire will bust them quickly enough.


Alpha Sections Large Mines

These are black modules floating in the water, surrounded by a red ring.  You 
cannot destroy them with your blaster nor with your Neutralizing Cannon.  The 
only way to destroy them is to either run into them or finding a nearby metal 
crate.  Shoot the crate and knock it into the mine to destroy it.


Alpha Sections Surveillance Robots

These buggers fly around, and are recognized by their green fuel tanks on 
either side.  Those aren't really your targets, as you can hit any part of 
them to damage them.  They fire blaster shots at you.  Wait for them to 
stop, then fire a Gyrodisk to damage them.  Four hits will derail them.



Slugs with yellow eyes.  These guys aren't a huge threat.  Just pay 
attention to which one's attacking you.

5A. Another Day on Hillys =


We begin with a news report of the war concerning Hillys and the DomZ.  Soon, 
we see Jade and Fehn, one of her charges, practicing meditation.  Suddenly, 
the sky turns green and meteors start plummetting to the ground.  Jade runs 
to the lighthouse and starts up the shield, but it seems her account has run 
out.  While she tries to figure out what to do, a large meteor crashes in 
front of the lighthouse, swallowing up her kids.  Several DomZ Sarcophagi 
emerge from the hole, each holding one of the children.  Jade grabs a burning 
stick from the ground.

Now, you must destroy each of the Sarcophagi as they come at you.  You 
shouldn't have too much trouble here.  If you get too hurt, just eat one of 
the two Starkoses you're carrying.  Don't be concerned once the game starts 
slowing down.  It's purely for cinematic effect.  Just keep fighting until 
all the Sarcophagi are kaput.

Once they're all dead, you'll be grabbed by a tentacle and sucked down the 
hole.  Your uncle Pey'j will show up in the nick of time and toss you your 



Free yourself from the little cage using a Super Attack (charge up A and 
release).  Once free, run up and strike the Monster in the eye.  It will 
create a cage around itself.  The Monster attacks in three stages.  The 
first stage is a constant laser beam from its eye that you'll have to avoid.  
The second stage is a pair of Sarcophagi, that are easier now that you have 
the Daï-jo, and the third stage is lights that come up from the ground and 
become grasping hands.  If Pey'j gets caught by a hand, smack it to free him.  
Anyway, whenever you get an opening, use a Super Attack to remove the cage 
and keep smacking it in the eye.  It will eventually go down and you'll get 

After the fight, the Alpha Section will show up and you can hop into the 
beam of light to get outside.  There'll be a cutscene here.

Long story short, you've been given a new job.  The Director of the Hillys 
Science Center wants photos of every species on the planet.  She'll pay good 
money for them to get the power back up to the shield and the rest of the 


The Lighthouse

You're on the ground floor of the lighthouse right now.  Grab your CAMERA and 
you'll receive a quick tutorial.  Take a picture of the ADALIA OCTOPUNCTATA 
right in front of you for your first animal.  Raid the ground floor for a 
bunch of Starkoses.  While you're here, take a picture of Pablo 
(HOMO SAPIENS).  This will boost your account to 350, which will automatically 
be transferred to Optima to get the juice back, and the shield online.  Now, 
you can safely go outside without getting munched on by Vorax (we'll get a 
picture of one of them later on).  Kick the barrel between the stove and the 
fridge and you'll let loose a fly (MUSCA SAPROPHAGIA).

For now, go upstairs and get a picture of one of the goat kids (CAPRA SAPIENS), 
as well as the dog (CANIS CANIS).  Also, open the door to the bathroom and 
grab PA-1 #1.  Head upstairs to the roof.  You'll see a little otter waddling 
around the upper part of the shield, but you can't get a close enough shot.  
Instead, just take a picture of a seagull while up here (LARUS ALBUS), and 
head back down.  If you want, talk to your dog and try to take the Box of 
K-Bups he has.  He'll go outside to play a little game of tag.  Use B to dive 
and catch him to get the K-Bups.

Now that you're outside, get a shot of that armadillo nearby (PRIODONTES 
CAMPESTRIS).  Wait around outside until nighttime, then head down to the 
tree and take a picture of the fireflies nearby (LAMPYRIS CAMPESTRIS)
Head over to the nearby drone that Pey'j pointed out earlier.  
Follow the drone into the hangar, then further into Pey'j's Workshop.  It 
will drop off an MDisk.  While you're at it, you can get a less than 
flattering shot of Pey'j (SUS SAPIENS).  Grab the MDisk and toss it into 
the nearby Reader to view the mission.  Looks pretty shady, eh?

Secundo will fire up the screen, and you can view the Alpha Section propaganda 
over and over if you wish, or you can just head out to the hangar.  Pick up 
the PODs and Boosts on the bench, and take a shot of the fish in the water 
(DIPNEUSTES TRILINEATUS).  This will give you your eighth animal and the 
Digital Zoom.  You can go up top, activate the shield, and go to the roof 
and take a picture of the otter up there now (LUTRA ERECTA) and then head 
back down to the hangar and help Pey'j push the generator in line with the 
other one to start up your hovercraft and get movin'.  Hop in and use the 
Control Stick to guide it out of the hangar.


Mammago Garage

You're now in the ocean of Hillys.  The Mammago Garage is more or less 
straight ahead of you.  Use the Y Button to bring up the compass to get your 
proper bearing and coast towards it.  Your motor will die before you get 
there, but the Mammago boys will tow you in.

Nice music, eh?  Take a picture of any one of the Mammago boys (RHINOCEROS 
SAPIENS).  Now, head to the next room behind the door.  You can browse if you 
wish, but what you really need is the SPEEDCRAFT MOTOR in the first room.  
Spend your Pearl on it, and it will be installed.  I suggest not buying any 
Meca Impulsers yet.  You'll need the money for other stuff.  Just for future 
reference, Mammago's is where you'll find MECA IMPULSER #1 and #2.  Once the 
motor's installed, hop in and head out.



Yup.  As soon as you float outside, the DomZ launch another attack.  Your 
main adversary here is that Sea Serpent floating around.  First, take a 
picture of him (TERATOSAURUS IMPERATOR), then start hammering him with your 
hovercraft's blaster (A Button).  Use the R Button to use the accelerator to 
keep up with him, but watch out as he drops mines behind him.  Blast them if 
they get too close.  Once the Sea Serpent is pwned, he'll drop PEARL #2.

Now that your motor's fixed, the nearby seas are open to you.  Before we head 
to Black Isle, let's take a tiny diversion, shall we?  Look towards the city, 
then a little to the left.  See that beach?  Ride up it and into the cave on 
the left.


Looters' Cavern 1

Head a ways inside this cave and you'll find your first gang of Looters.  
Yeah, I know it looks like a cop car.  The Looters will nab 100 of your Units 
and take off.  Your objective now is to tail them all the way through the 
cavern.  The way these caverns work is that there are several security doors.  
When you pass an area with a yellow spark, you'll activate it, and the spark 
will travel all the way to a distant security door, where it will slowly 
close.  You need to get through that door before that happens.  Once you're 
through all doors, you'll be in the Looters' Lair, then you can blast the 
Looters all you want.  Once their ship is destroyed, they'll dump out a bunch 
of Materia, as well as PEARL #3.

Now, head out of the Cavern, and head to the east of Mammago Garage, and up 
onto the beach.  In the back, you'll find another cave.


Vorax's Lair (Prelude)

Cruise in, and land at the dock nearby (using A Button).  Hop out and head 
up to the landing.  Take a photo of the nearby frogs (BUFO ERECTUS).  Also, 
open the nearby desk and grab PA-1 #2.  Now, that's all you can do in this 
area, so head back outside.


Through the City

Head out of the Cavern and back to the sea.  Now, make your way towards the 
City, which you have to go through in order to get to Black Isle.  You can't 
take the other canal, as an Alpha Section Filter Drone is nearby to remove you 
from the "dangerous" area.

Inside the city, your objective is to go straight ahead.  If you want, 
however, you can take a left turn and try your hand at the Hovercraft Races.  
The way the Races work is simple.  Be in first after three laps.  If you come 
in first, you'll get 1000 Units and a Pearl.  If you get a new record, you'll 
get an extra 500 Units.  If you place in one of the top four spots, you'll 
be able to race in the next race, so you have to start with #1.  When racing 
simply watch out for little pads in the water to give yourself a boost.  
That's about all there is to winning.  Winning both races will get you 
PEARL #8 and PEARL #9.

Once you're done here, head out the north side of the City.  Black Isle's 
ahead and to your right.  If you missed out on a picture of the Sea Serpent, 
head into a little cavern off to the left of Black Isle to find some bones 
that count.  At any rate, coast into Black Isle to begin your mission.

5B. Pitch Black Mining =

Dock your hovercraft, then walk up to Mr. Shady-man.  He'll explain that he 
wants a picture of two DomZ Pterolimax hidden in the back of the mine.  Time 
for some spelunking.  Head down the path and you'll find a bunch of beetles 
and an armadillo, both of which you should have already.  Head towards the 
gate in the back.  Stand on one of the arrow pads, then press Y to get Pey'j 
to stand on the other to open the gate.  Proceed through the gate to head 
down the shaft.


Ancient Mine (pt. 1)

In front of you is a fly that you can snap a picture of if you didn't get him 
back at the lighthouse.  Head over to the broken ladder, where Pey'j will 
move.  Talk to him and he'll show you his new invention, the Jet-Boots.  Use 
them by pressing Y and he'll almost make the ladder.  In actuality, there is a 
use for them.  Go over to the two nearby buttons.  Stand on one, then press Y 
and Pey'j will slam the other.  You'll be launched to the ledge.

Now, walk around the path to the two raised ramps.  Press A near the rotator 
switch on the wall and you'll climb up and spin it, dropping both ramps.  
Head down the right ramp, and you'll soon see a map.  Take a picture of it 
to scan it into your camera.  Looking at the map, you can see there's mostly 
just one floor to this place.  If you missed the fireflies at the Lighthosue, 
there are more in this area.

Follow the path down to the weird red jelly thing (LYCOPERDON FUGIFERUS).  
Have Pey'j slam the ground.  This will toss the pod into the air.  Now, press 
A and you'll enter Targeting Mode.  Center the target on one of the stacks of 
explosives and press A again to let the pod fly.  Destroy the explosives on 
the right to knock the way open to some items, and on the left to open the 
way forwards.

In front of you now is an anemone (ANEMONIA MUTABILIS).  After getting the 
picture, smack it a few times to make it retreat.  Grab the Materia it leaves 
behind and move on.  Follow the path and you'll see a wire fence.  You can't 
get past that without some tool, so head on to the right.  There's another 
red fungus here.  First, knock it into the Materia deposits for some quick 
cash.  Then, move the explosives along the track, and knock a pod into them.  
They'll knock the distant ramp down.  Climb the ramp.

Yowie!  That's a Crochax!  They're nasty buggers.  Just keep smacking him to 
take him out.  When it opens its maw, it'll light up.  After that, it'll try 
to grab you.  Hit it before that happens.  Oh, and it's dangerous, but 
(CROCHAX VELOX) it's an animal, so get a shot when you get an opening.  Once 
it's dead, move on to the mine cart.  Push the cart over to the far end, then 
go over to the corner.  Turn the switch there to drop the coal chute.  Climb 
onto the cart, and then onto chute and enter.


Secondary Shaft

You and Pey'j will now be going up against a series of Jellies (CYANEA URTICA) 
and Hard Jellies (PELAGIA PACHYDERMIS).  Also, there's a tentacle on the wall 
to photograph (ALICIA SPLENDENS), but it won't attack.  Defeat all the 
enemies here, including a few more Crochax.  At the end of the path, step on 
the two buttons just like before and enter the door.

In this next room, kick open each of the lockers for a few items, including 
the most important, CUTTING PLIERS for Pey'j.  Also, you can use the MDisk 
Reader here, as well as raid the vending machine.  To get out, stand next to 
the wire fence and press Y to get Pey'j on the job.  Follow the path, then, 
at the map, turn left.  There are two animals here.  The sponge on the floor 
(SPONGUS GLUANTEUS), and the mollusk further in on the wall (HELIX RUPESTRIS).  
To get the snail, walk around on the sponge to get its attention, then quickly 
snap the pic.  It has to be all the way out of its shell.

Head back out and climb up the shaft to go back to the Jelly room.  Now, 
head all the way back to the coal chute area.


Ancient Mine (pt. 2)

Head back down to the original wire fence you saw, and have Pey'j knock it 
down.  Raid the vending machine, particularly of PA-1 #3.  You may want to 
give this one to Pey'j.  To your right is a ledge that only Jade can edge 
along.  Continue up the ramp to the red fungus.  Pey'j can still slam from 
there, so knock the pod into the Materia deposit.  Move on up and push the 
explosives along the track so that you can see them from the pod, then knock 
the pod into them, lowering the ramp.  Pey'j will climb up, but then be set 
upon by three Crochax.  Take them all out.

After they're all history, go back down the ramp that you just lowered.  
There's a small shaft behind it that doesn't really lead anywhere, but pull 
out the camera at the end and you'll see some amoeba sticking their heads out 
from behind rocks (AMOEBA POLYPODIA).  After you're done there, use the 
buttons near the door the same way you used them before.

On the other side of the door, press the switch to open the door and let 
Pey'j through.  Also, while you're here, climb up on the box in the corner and 
kick the power box.  This will deactivate the lights and cause a blue floating 
organism to leave its nest (PLANARIA RUPESTRIS).  Once that's filed, have 
Pey'j cut down the wire fence and head down the passage.


Main Shaft

As soon as you enter the area, bring up your Camera and scan the area in front 
of you for a floating mollusk (NAUTILUS FLUOREUS).  It makes a regular 
circuit around the area.  Head down the path.  Oops.  Squashed some eggs.  The 
mamas aren't too happy.  Fight off these Palinuruses (PALINURUS RUPESTRIS).  
To help, have Pey'j slam the ground, which will knock them into the air so 
you can target them.  Once the first two are down, head forward and take out 
several more.  If you're skilled, you can try knocking them into the Materia 
deposits on the walls for some cash, as well as the ramp.  If you hit the 
ramp, you can jump over to a ledge with an MDisk Player and a Materia 
deposit.  Anyway, once you're done, hit the nearby rotator switch to lower a 
platform.  Climb up and take whatever you need from the vending machine.

Proceed through this passage, swatting away the anemones.  When you get to 
the one on the floor, swat it until it closes, then have Pey'j pound it to 
get it low enough to climb on.  Continue on and cross the odd-looking bridge 
to reach the central island.  Pey'j will point out your targets over to your 
right.  Get your camera ready and zoom in on them.  Take the shot when both 
are sticking their heads up.  Once you get a good shot, press A to send it to 
Mr. De Castellac.

Uh-oh.  Your bridge disappeared.  Hmm...  Your subject reveals itself to be 
more than it appears...



First, take a picture (PTEROLIMAX GIGANTEA).  It will begin by spinning 
around in one of the holes and spewing a ball of energy at you.  Avoid the 
ball and have Pey'j stomp on it.  That will lower it in the hole, allowing you 
to smack it a few times.  Once you've got it mad.  It will start releasing 
Jellies, so get them out of your way.  After another round of hits, it will 
start sending out Crochax.  Then, after another round, it will fly out and 
try to breathe toxic junk on you from above.  Run around the perimeter of the 
island to avoid the junk.  Keep dealing hits using the tactic described and 
it will eventually die.  When dead, it'll drop PEARL #10.


Back to the Surface

After the fight, "Mr. De Castellac" will show up.  There really is no man 
with that name.  The "driver" is actually a man named Hahn, a representative 
of the IRIS Network.  He spins a story that the Alpha Sections are nothing 
more than puppets for the DomZ.  He'll give you a ride back to your 
hovercraft and an opportunity to help in the fight against the DomZ.  You need 
to go to the Akuda Bar in the City and talk to "Peepers".  He'll also give 
your pay for the assignment: 3000 Units.

Now, that you're back in daylight, don't be too hasty to leave.  Head back in 
the direction of the mine, only take a right, towards the pond, and hop into 
the machine.  Pass through it and you'll find some little lizards (ASTACUS 
ERECTUS).  Have Pey'j knock down the wire fence and grab the few items lying 
around.  Pass through the fence, but don't drop out of the tunnel yet.  Look 
across the room and you'll see a purple slug crawling around (PAPILIO 
PILOSUS).  Hop down out of the hole and grab PA-1 #4 up here.  Now, you can 
leave Black Isle.

5C. Like Mos Eisley, Without the Scum and Villainy =

Head back to the City.  Once inside the Main Canal, take a left (east) to 
enter the Pedestrian District


The Pedestrian District

You'll automatically dock and disembark.  The PedDis is a little confusing.  
First, you can walk down and hear some people jib-jabber.  There's also a 
soldier nearby.  Past him is the way to the newsstand, where you can subscribe 
to the local news for 50 Units each publication.  Past that, there is a 
ramp that leads up to the Akuda Bar, and a ramp that leads down to the town 
square.  The town square has Nouri's Stand, where you can buy several items.  
We'll get to that soon.  

You have a few photo ops out here in the city.  First, head over to the 
newsstand and take a photo of the eagle guy (AQUILUS SAPIENS).  Then, head 
into the nearby unmarked door.  You can't get very far, but you can snap a 
shot of the green bugs crawling around the floor (ARACHNIS VIRIDIS).  Walking 
around the streets, you should be able to find a walrus man (WALRUS SAPIENS).

Okay, first, let's do what you came here to do.  Go into the Akuda Bar.  


The Akuda Bar

Talk to Mo the bovine bartender about a fabulous treasure, and take his 
picture (TAURUS SAPIENS).  Also get a shot of either Francis or Rufus the 
shark guys (CARCHARODON SAPIENS).  Talk to Francis, who's at the Paddle 
Game table.  He'll want to know if you're up to the challenge for the Paddle 

The Paddle Game takes some getting used to.  How it's played is that each side 
has four paddles, and you get a cursor around one at a time.  Use the Control 
Stick to aim and press A to toss the paddle in that direction.  The winner is 
the person with no paddles in their side.  It's not easy, so play several 
practice games until you think you're ready to play for money, or for Francis' 
lucky pearl.  He plays no harder depending on the situation.  A tactic I like 
to use is to try to knock a paddle into another to get as many through the 
hole as possible.  Also, if on the right side, don't try to make a shot 
through the hole, just knock it to the left side.  Bet the 1000 and beat him 
to get PEARL #5.

Now, head upstairs.  Open up Room #1 and talk to the goat man here to get a 
Ticket with a code on it.  You don't need it now, but you will later.  Room 
#2 is code-locked.  Step over to the guy at the shell game and look out over 
the balcony towards the pair hunched over in the corner.  Note the code on 
the ticket in front of them.  Zoom in on that ticket to see the code, then 
punch it into the lock on Room #2.  The door will open and you take the items 
inside, along with PEARL #6.

Now, talk to the guy running the Shell Game.  Yes, that's Peepers.  You can 
play the game for money, or you can just give him the password.  When he gets 
the password, you'll automatically play the game.  Guess right and you'll get 
the code for Room #3.  Punch it in.  Now, go in the room and push against the 
locker to enter the secret room of the IRIS Network.

They'll welcome you, set the stage, and give you your first mission.  You are 
to infiltrate the Nutripils Factory on the edge of town.  Once there, you're 
to gain evidence of the situation that's taking place there.

While you're here, pick up the MDisk Nino leaves for you, and get a picture 
of Meï (FELIS SAPIENS).  Anyone find it odd how they just let you take 
pictures of their secret place?  Oh, well.  You also got a City Pass from 
Hahn.  You're all set in the Bar, so head back outside.  On the way out, Hahn 
requests that Jade use a code-name for her articles.  She doesn't hesitate 
in telling them to use "Shauni" as her code-name.



Now that you've got access to most of the city, it's time to put all those 
Units you've been saving up to good use.  First, go down to Nouri's Stand and 
buy PA-1 #5.  Now, go past the guards in the square (who won't stop you now 
that you have a City Pass) and enter Ming-Tzu's shop.  Take a picture of his 
eel (KOI KUMONRYU), then talk to him to start your buying spree.  I suggest 
starting with PA-1 #6, then the two Detectors, then PEARL #15, then your 
Super Strengthened Attack.  You can hold off on MECA IMPULSER #3 for a bit, 
especially if you want to go back to Nouri's and buy PEARL #14 for 3000.  If 
you have money left over, buy the remaining stuff, as well as some boxes of 
K-Bups from Nouri.

Also, say the password to Ming-Tzu and he'll open up the back storeroom.  Take 
IRIS Editions 511 and 512 with you.  Also, talk to Ming-Tzu and have him sign 
you up for IRIS Flash.  You can go to the nearby Reader and look at the two 
issues of IRIS you just got.  Well, you're all set here.



Now for some fun.  Head outside and to an unmarked door off to your left.  
Enter and you'll find a locker with a POD, and a crate with Materia in it.  
Now, push the locker out of the way to open a passage.  Crouch through it to 
enter the "protected district".

Crawl under the first beams, then roll (with B) over the next set, then roll 
again over the set after that.  You're now in a processing area with lots of 
conveyor belts.  The objective is to get on the belts and look for safe 
ledges to jump from.  Head down the passage to your right, then ride down 
the first belt.  Jump to the next one running parallel, then to the one below 
running perpendicular.  Run against this third belt to reach the next ledge, 
then hop off to solid ground.

You're now in the main room.  Here's how it breaks down.

Belt #1: Go with it a short ways to the nearby ledge.
Belt #2: Go with it (watch out for canisters) to the ledge.
Belt #3: Go with it, rolling over the first beams, and ducking under the next 
 set.  The ledge is shortly after it.
Belt #4: Go with it, duck, then roll.  Ledge is on your right.
Belt #5: Go with it, duck, roll, pass that ledge, then duck again.  Ledge is 
 on your right.
Belt #6: Go with it, roll, duck, roll, ledge is on your right.
Belt #7: Go against it.  Run down, and duck to the side ledges to let the 
 canisters pass.  Drop down from the last ledge.
Belt #8: Go against it.  Go to the ledge right next to you and wait for a 
 canister to pass, then do a ducking roll, then a normal roll to the next 
 ledge on your left.
Belt #9: Go with it, roll over the beams on the right.

Now, to reap your rewards, which are a couple boxes of Materia, and 
PEARL #16.  Hop on the belt to get carried back to the beginning, where Pey'j 
has been patiently waiting.

Okay.  That's all there is to do in the city.  Let's head back out the south 
gate to Mammago's Garage.  Buy the Neutralizing Cannon from them with five 
of your hard-won Pearls.  Now, you can target enemies above the water-line 
by locking onto them.

As soon as you leave the Garage, there'll be another DomZ attack.  This 
time by DomZ Fighters.  You can either just weather this storm or try locking 
onto them with your new Cannon.  Don't fire on the civilian ships, though.  
At any rate, soon the attack will cease.

Now, go back to the Vorax Lair, which is east of the Garage.


Vorax's Lair (revisited)

Land and have Pey'j knock down the wire fence.  As you pass through, Pey'j 
will mention the Pearl Crochax fleeing the scene.  Chase after him.  Soon as 
you enter the main cave, you'll be set upon by a bunch of Palinuruses.  Have 
Pey'j knock them for a loop, then toss them into the ramps to knock them 
down.  You can also try tossing them into the Materia deposits, but it's 
tough.  Anyway, cross the ramp, and you'll face off against some Jellies and 
Hard Jellies.  Once they're all kaput, use the red fungus to knock into the 
ramps and the Materia deposits.  Cross the left set of ramps and use another 
red fungus on the ramps ahead of you.  Once they're down, go back the other 
way to the right ramps, all the way to the three Crochax.  The last one has 
PEARL #12 in its clutches, so liberate it.  Now, you can leave.


More Ocean Exploring

Now that you have the Neutralizing Cannon, you can head up the eastern 
canal.  Use it to take out the Filter Drone hovering over the area.  Now, you 
can freely head up the beach to the east, and into the cave.

This cave is Looters' Cavern 2.  This one has a lot more lasers than the 
last one, including a few that move.  Remember you can always try again if 
you fail, it'll just cost you another 100 Units every time.  Completion will 
give you PEARL #18.

Now, head north.  Take out another Filter Drone, then enter the large gate 
on the west wall.  Land your craft, and get a shot of the slugs on the ground 
(MACROPODIA OMNIVORA).  You can't do anything else here for now, so it's 
back to the surface.

Now, head in the direction of Black Isle.  Look past it, past the laser 
cordon.  There's a whale leaping out of the water.  Try to get a good shot 
as it's breaking the surface.  Snap as soon as you get a green (MEGAPTERA 
PURPUREA).  Also, check the sky around the Factory for a flying manta ray 

Okay, now, it's time to head to the Factory.  Use the Neutralizing Cannon 
to bust down the Filter Drone in front of it, and enter through the back 
door (yes, this is the back door).

5D. Nutripils Are Made From People! =

First, land and take out your Camera.  Grab a shot of the Vorax floating 
around (VORAX NOCTURNUS).  Next, climb up and take it out, along with the 
Crochax in the area.  Ignore the steel bars, and climb up to the other door, 
with red barcode light.  Take a picture of that code and send it to the 
governor, who'll give you the code for the door.  Open it up and enter.


Lower Levels

Have Pey'j weaken the grate so you can bust it open with a kick.  Take a 
picture of the Giant Rats wandering around (RATTUS GIGANTEA), then start 
making them extinct by kicking them.  Roll over the red beams, then duck 
under the next set, then roll over the third set.  Push the nearby button to 
deactivate the beams so Pey'j can join you.  Now, the two of you need to 
push the nearby box into the little gulley, then into the electric beam so 
you can climb over them.

As you enter, you'll notice evidence of a Reaper in the area.  Take a look 
at the elevator and ask Pey'j if he can get it running.  He'll fix most of 
it, but it still needs electricity and a fuse.  You may be tempted to go 
straight to the Electrical Room, but you won't get far just yet.  The place 
you need to go first is the Laboratory, which is to the right of the 

You'll end up in the West Wing.  Pey'j will mention the service elevator, but 
don't bother yet.  Instead, walk all the way around the middle to the other 
door, leading to the actual Laboratory.  In here, take the two stasis tubes 
and push them to either side of the electric field to divert the current.  
Pass through, and take out the Rats on the floor.  Try to avoid getting 
squeamish at the dead cow.  Take a close look at its nose.  The tiny worm on 
it is another animal (AEDES RAYMANIS).  Open the cabinet at the far end of 
the room to get PEARL #19.

Now, head back to the West Wing.  Open the Service Elevator.  Eep!  Take out 
all the Spider Drones, trying to hit the ones that are currently attacking 
you.  Once they're all out of commission, hop in the elevator and press Y to 
have Pey'j work it for you.  Ride up to the top and walk across the catwalk 
to the electric barrier.  When you arrive a Cyclopius will attack.  Avoid 
its beam and try to knock it into the electric barrier, where both will be 
destroyed.  Head through the door straight ahead of you.

The door will slam shut behind you, and you'll witness a frightening scene.  
You'll see a man in an army outfit being tortured by what appears to be a 
DomZ device.  Take a picture of him and publish it.  Then, take a picture of 
the red barcode on the locker to get the code from the Governor.  Use it to 
open the locker and get the GYRODISK LAUNCHER.  Press Z to go into Aiming 
Mode and fire at the DomZ device to release the prisoner.  It's Double H, but 
he doesn't recognize his own code-name.  He does seem determined to help, 
though.  Start by grabbing PEARL #21 from the torture device.

Now, Double H is clad in thick Hillyan Army Armor.  Go over to the steel 
bars and press Y and he'll barrel them down, but get a little carried away 
with it.  Go outside the bars and you'll find him hanging.  Don't worry.  
He'll be fine.  Edge along the wall and cross the gap over to the Reader, then 
go to the right of the Reader and you'll be back in the Elevator Room.  Head 
over to the middle of the room.




Take a picture (CYCLOPEUS PALUSTRIS).  Start by smacking him around a bit.  
He'll retreat to a higher vantage point.  Pull out your Gyrodisk Launcher and 
shoot it in the eye.  If you're not quick enough, it'll fire energy bolts, so 
watch it.  If you get him in the eye, it'll drop down back to your level.  Try 
for another shot in the eye.  He'll throw his arms up to block himself.  At 
that point, rush him and attack with your Daï-jo.  Repeat this process until 
it falls back into the water and dies.  It will give up PEARL #22.  To get 
to the Pearl, go back to the Factory Entrance from here and hop into your 
hovercraft.  Guide your craft to the right of the two tunnels to get to the 
spot where the Reaper fell.


Lower Levels (pt. 2)

From the Elevator Room, head down to the Electrical Closet.  In the first 
room, time your movements to avoid the current from the swinging wires.  Once 
you pass the wires, you'll reach a room with a map on the wall, and a vending 
machine, which you should ransack.  As Pey'j observes, you need to move the 
fan to make contact with the door switch, so hit the blade of the fan with a 
Gyrodisk to turn it to the other side.  Once contact is made, press the 
switch to enter the fuse room.

Once you enter the room, circle round the other side and try to grab the 
Triangle Key, but the key will get sucked into the Guardian it's sitting on.  
Now, these Guardians can be broken down with several hits, but what I suggest 
doing is telling Pey'j to body-slam.  The Guardian will pop up and you can 
knock it around, may I suggest, to the electrical field?  Once they both go 
boom, you can take PA-1 #7.  Also, grab the TRIANGULAR KEY that the Guardian 

As you approach the triangular lock, five more Guardians will pop up and 
attack.  Knock them into each other to destroy them quickly, then bust up the 
last one however you want.  Once the house is clean, hit the triangle button.  
This will stop the current for a few seconds.  Take both FUSES here, the one 
on this side and on the far side.  Make your way back to the Elevator Room.

Now, place the Fuse to the right of the door.  Now, you need power.  For that, 
just look above.  There's a wire suspended over the electric field to the 
right.  Hit the connector that's weakened to get power.  Now, hit the switch 
to start it up.  Hit the switch one more time to get it moving.  Now, hop 
on and ride up to the upper levels.


The Upper Levels

You'll reach the top of the elevator.  Pey'j will hand you an MDisk.  Now, 
to open the next door, stand in front of a button, and press Y to have Pey'j 
push the other one.  You have to press both at roughly the same time, so do 
that so the door opens.  Once you enter the room, you'll be set upon by a 
gaggle of DomZ Sarcophagi.  Since you didn't get a chance the first time, 
take a picture of them now (SARCOPHAGUS DOMZII).  Defeat all the Sarcophagi.  
Now, take all the PA-1's you've given to Pey'j.  Trust me on this one.  Also, 
take most of the food you've given him, too.

Now, climb up the machinery on the back of the room.  At the top, kick open 
the grate and climb through the ducts.  You'll reach the X-Ray Verification 
room.  This is the location of your FIRST PHOTO.  Look down at the cases as 
they pass over the X-Ray machine.  Take a picture of the machine as it shows 
the contents of one of the cases.  Now, take the other exit from this room.  
You'll end up on some ducts.  Drop down to the nearby pipe.  An animal subject 
just ducked out of sight.  Step away and wait a couple of seconds and it'll 
come back.  Get close to him and take the picture of the white rat (RATTUS 
ALBUS).  Now, head back to Pey'j.

Uh-oh.  Bad.  Very bad.  Pey'j has been captured.  Fortunately, there's a new 
tall box here in the Upper Hall.  Push it over to the door with the little 
window in it.  Hop up on the box and look through the window.  Toss a disk at 
the switch on the right side of the room to open this door.  You can use the 
MDisk Reader to read the "For Jade" disk that Pey'j handed you.  Sniffle...
Kick open the nearby grate to gain access to the vents.


Shipping Room

You'll soon find yourself crawling around sewers.  Double H will get your 
attention and mention guards all over the area.  Time to go into sneak mode, 
now.  The first section is just a simple traipse through the vents.  Just 
don't make noise and you'll be fine.  When you're crawling under the guards, 
just kick the rats out of your way and don't get bit.  Keep moving and 
eventually, you'll emerge from the vents.

Now, edge along the ledge to the next area.  This series of rooms requires 
you to avoid contact, or being seen at all costs.  Here's how they break down, 
room by room:

Room #1: The two guards here will not turn or move, so just stay away from 
 them and you'll be fine.  Proceed to the next room.
Room #2: The guard ahead of you will not move.  The guard to the right is 
 patrolling back and forth.  Stick close to the low wall, and move past when 
 his back is turned.
Room #3: The guard walks back and forth, but only goes past the exit for a 
 short time.  I suggest sneaking up to him and kicking him in his breathing 
 tank, which will incapacitate him.
Room #4: No sneaking here.  It's just Double H.  You have to hit the buttons 
 to remove the flames in succession, because they don't stay down long.  Once 
 Double H is across, have him push the button he's near to remove the beams.
Room #5: One guard that doesn't move, yet he's facing in your direction of 
 approach the whole time.  Climb up on the nearby box and onto the platform 
 above him, then drop down the other side.
Room #6: Two guards.  One rotates in place.  The other is stationary.  If you 
 want PA-1 #8, then sneak behind them when both are facing the same way, and 
 go under the pipe.  The cabinet in the room contains the items.  Otherwise, 
 continue on to the next area.


X-Ray Verification

Room #1: In this large room, you must hide behind the shipping crate as it 
 moves.  Stay so that it's between you and the guard on the other side of the 
 belt.  Once you make it to where the belt is higher, you can break cover and 
 head into the area with a bunch of crates.  Don't bother proceeding, as 
 you'll only run into a guard and a code-locked door you can't open.
Closet: Take out all the Rats in the room.  Raid the vending machine.  Open 
 the cabinet.  Empty, eh?  Put one of the Starkoses you just got on the 
 cabinet.  Now, take out your camera.  Moving?  Take a picture when you get 
 green (BLABERA GREGARIA).  Now, if you want, you can climb up the boxes 
 next to the cabinet and use a Gyrodisk to open the vent.  This will get you 
 back to the Upper Hall.  The way forward, however, is to head back into the 
 other room of the closet, bear right, and climb up the boxes leading to... 


Nutripils Vat

Room #1: The guard is facing your direction, and he doesn't patrol or turn.  
 Solution?  Hit the switch on the big vat.  That will get his attention.  Go 
 around the vat the other way and past his position.
Room #2: No sneaking required here.  Push the switch and you'll get an MDisk 
 called "Surveillance Camera".  Also, open up the cabinet.  Take Pey'j's 
 Jet-Boots and anything else inside.  Move to the right of the cabinet to 
 find two Cyclopiuses.  Knock one into the electrical field nearby, and the 
 other into the field further back.  Go into the field further back.


Computer Room

In this room, take the MDisk in the storage unit (Hillyan Army Database), and 
you can view both disks you recently picked up in the Reader.  Once finished 
there, you can head back down to the Vat room and take the other exit, to...



Room #1: Can't go right due to lasers.  Can't go left due to square lock.  
 Can only go forward.  Roll and duck past beams.  Next, hit the switch.  The 
 far door will open, and beams will activate.  Quickly get past red beams and 
 through the door.
Room #2: Sneaking time.  Duck under the beams and stay ducked.  When the one 
 guard turns his back, duck-roll for the red-lined vent.  Pass through, then 
 climb up to the guard's level.  Stay low, and either kick him to silence him, 
 or just dash straight for the blue elevator.
Room #3: Two guards on a patrol around the room.  They stay relatively close, 
 so get behind the back one and tail them around the room until you get to 
 the door.
Room #4: This is a box-on-belt room like back in X-Ray Verification.  Stay 
 along the box as it moves.  As soon as you're past the blue beams, grab onto 
 the box.  A crane will come and grab it and carry you over to another belt.  
 Get off the box and run along the belt.


Control Room

Room #1: Duck under the blue beams and the electric field.  Hop off near the 
 Reader.  Edge along the ledge under the window.  Well, that ain't a pretty 
 sight.  Unfortunately, you can't get a shot from here.  Keep moving along 
 the ledge.  At the end, fire a disk at the switch above the field to move a 
 platform over to you.  Get on and hit it again, then duck under the field.  
 Move on through the hole in the wall.
Room #2: The guard here rotates to the left, then to the right.  Just time 
 your movements so you can get by him and through the glass door.  Now, 
 Double H will call out to you (boy, does he get around).  He'll tell you to 
 take your picture.  Line up a good shot, say cheese, and capture PHOTO TWO, 
 the picture of the unhelmeted Alpha Sections.  Continue on the path in front 
 of you.
Room #3: This part has two guards marching mirror patrols.  Get moving as they 
 start marching away from you, up the ramp, and through the door.  Follow the 
Room #4: In this room is one guard on a circle patrol.  You'll need to avoid 
 the blue beams by ducking and rolling.  Try not to make too much noise.
Room #5: Crawl down behind the railing all the way down the ramp.  There are 
 two guards here.  One is on a circle patrol, and the other looks in front and 
 behind him.  Follow the circling one, while avoiding the about-facing one, 
 and make your way to the cabinet.  Pick up the SQUARE KEY.  Now, you can 
 leave by just going past the about-facing guard.


The Last Rooms

You're back in Routing now.  The square lock in front of you should be 
familiar.  Open the door and proceed to X-Ray Verification.  Use the Reader 
if you wish.  Now, sneak around the corner, avoiding the guard, and get a 
picture of the barcode.  Use the code on the door and you'll enter the last 
area: the Loading Dock.  Take out your Camera and you'll automatically focus 
on the Alpha Sections commander and Pey'j as he's loaded up.  Suddenly, a 
large DomZ creature shows up.  The commander stutteringly reports the 
threats neutralized.  You are seen.  The commander is punished for his 
failure, and the DomZ creature spits out a pod, which you avoid.  The shuttles 
take off for the Slaughterhouse.  You have a more immediate problem...



The pod creature has adapted itself to a nearby cage and two grabber arms, 
which it's using as legs.  Smash one of the legs and Double H will show up, 
ready to work as a team.  Press Y and he'll attack one of the legs.  If the 
two of you attack both legs at the same time, the creature will fall and the 
pod will be exposed.  Hit it with a Gyrodisk to damage it.  Keep doing this, 
avoiding the laser beam and homing shots.  Four disks to the pod will destroy 
it, and you'll get PEARL #20.


Leaving the Factory

Leave by the now open door.  Take PA-1 #9 from the cabinet.  Follow the path 
to the elevator, then down to the West Wing.  Drop down from the catwalk and 
proceed back up to the Elevator Room, then back to the Factory Entrance.  
Take out the Vorax and Crochax that have returned.  Have Double H knock down 
the bars blocking the way.  Take everything from the vending machine.  Hope 
you brought that second fuse with you, because it goes right there.  If you 
didn't, you have to go all the way back to the Electrical Closet and get it.  
Anyway, put it back and suddenly Double H will suffer the after-effects of 
being infected by the DomZ.  You need to take him back to IRIS, and you have 
4:30 to do so, so get moving.

Once you get back to IRIS, Double H will be saved.  You'll be thanked for 
your efforts, and given your next assignment at the Slaughterhouse.  The 
people of Hillys have shown their support for IRIS and have been donating 
Pearls.  Enter the secret compartment to get PEARLS #23-27.

5E. Racing Your Way to the Top =

Your next mission is to get to the Slaughterhouse through the races.  If you 
haven't already go to Races 1 and 2 in the City and place in the top four to 
qualify for Race 3.  Before you get moving there, there are a few things to 


City Cleanup

First, head to the fountain square.  There's a Square Key door near here.  
If you haven't already, go talk to the goat-man in Room #1 in the Akuda Bar.  
He'll give you the code to the cabinet inside, which has PEARL #13.

Next, go to Ming-Tzu's and get the latest addition of IRIS, 513.  Yeah, you 
made it, but it's nice to see the results of your handiwork, eh?  Also, buy 
any items from Ming-Tzu that you didn't get a chance to earlier.  If you 
haven't done so already, buy PEARL #46 from Nouri and PEARL #47 from Ming-Tzu.  
Now, go to the Akuda Bar area, and look for a Triangle Door across from its 


Alpha Sections Underground Quarters

You found another obstacle course under the city.  Move the box with Double 
H's help and crawl through the opening.

Room #1: This one's tall.  
 Floor #1: Duck under the blue beams, then hang from the ladder.  Wait until 
  the red beams subside before dropping.
 Floor #2: Hang from the ladder and wait for the beams to move out of the 
  way before dropping.
 Floor #3: Hang from the ladder and drop.
 Floor #4: Carefully crawl around the edge of the room.  Make sure you're 
  behind one of the boxes when the red beams pass or you'll get zapped.
 Floor #5: As you edge along the pipes, time your movements to avoid the 
  disappearing red beams.
 Floor #6: Edge around the left.  There will be red beams in front of you, 
  and a red beam following you around.  You'll have time, but it'll be tight.
 Floor #7-9: Watch when you drop and roll over the red beams if necessary.
 Bottom: Walk around the ceiling to the opening.  Avoid the blue beams and 
  drop down to the floor.
Room #2: Guards here, as well as M5 Turrets.  If you get spotted, you die.  
 No pressure, though.  Just follow closely behind the two rotating guards and 
 climb up the vent when you get to the other side.  Crawl through this vent 
 to the end.  Take a disk shot through the broken window at the switch, then 
 back up and shoot another disk at the switch through the larger opening.  
 Drop down this opening.  Congratulations.  You got PEARLS #67-69.  Don't pat 
 yourself on the back yet, though.  You still have to get out.
Room #3: Relatively easy.  There's one patrolling guard.  Follow him around 
 while crawling.  Once you reach the switch, wait for him to walk away a bit, 
 then hit it.  Crawl through the now open door.
Room #4: This room's just one big lift to get out.  There's a guard on your 
 left as you enter (but it'll be right once the perspective switches).  Now, 
 you have to ride up and avoid the guards stationed along the walls.  There 
 are lights on the walls to precede a guard station, so hide behind the boxes 
 accordingly.  The order is: Right (the very first guard), Left, Right, Right, 
 Back (and this guard hops on the lift, so hide behind the back box), then 
 Right.  Once you reach the top, either let the guard go or kick him for good 
 measure, then crawl into the duct and you'll land in an unmarked house.  
 Deactivate the lasers, take the two Boxes of K-Bups, and get out of there.


Alpha Sections Warehouse

Now, head over to near the entrance of the PedDis.  Do some poking around and 
you'll find a steel-barred door.  Have Double H knock it down and enter.  
Proceed over to the elevator and have Double H press the button to lower you.  

Room #1: There is one guard here.  Once you enter the main room, you can 
 go over to the part of the floor where there's no railing, drop down, then 
 climb up to the cabinet for some PODs.  To move forward, simply roll from 
 cover to cover as the guard has his back turned, then through the door.
Room #2: There's both a guard and some Searchlight Drones positioned.  If 
 either spot you, you're toast for the M5 Turrets.  Fortunately, the drones 
 don't sweep over your actual cover, so just time your movements to avoid 
 them.  Move around the guard and enter the door.
Room #3: This room has a pressure plate that opens the door.  When you step 
 off, it will slowly close.  Make your way around the room, avoiding the 
 roving laser, as well as the blue beam, and through the door before it closes.
Room #4: Grab PEARL #42 and the Materia hanging around.  Now, cross this 
 section that was just like the last room, only with two roving lasers instead 
 of one.
Room #5: Once you're through grab PEARL #43 and PEARL #44, as well as the 
 Materia.  Head through the door to the lift.
Escape: Now, just deactivate the grid and we're outta here.  WHOOOOA!  Maybe 
 this wasn't done as cleanly as you'd hoped.  Run for all your worth away 
 from your pursuit.  Be sure to watch for turns in the path, and jump over 
 low beams.  When it seems you can't go forward any more, move in a 
 counter-clockwise fashion as the path goes over your original one.  
 Eventually, you'll reach some boxes.  Climb up them and you'll escape.

Now, we can leave the city.  Go out the south channel.


Jumping for Joy

Head straight to Mammago's Garage and buy their JUMP JETS for 15 Pearls.  
With these, you can press B to jump.  Head back into the city.  There are 
some laser cordons running around in the Main Canal.  Hop over them and look 
for a crate back here in these cramped canals.  Blast it open to get 
PEARL #65.


Alpha Section Underground Quarters (pt. 2)

Now, enter the west gate in the channel that runs around the city.  We went 
here before for an animal.  Now, we're going to finish it up.  Open the door 
with the square lock and you'll see a Pearl Crochax.  Follow him.  Knock the 
Guardian into one of the electric fields, then press the switch to drop 
another Guardian and bash him into the other field.  Go right, and knock the 
Cyclopius into the field here.  Also, open the cabinet and grab MECA 
IMPULSER #4.  Continue on and push the switch to drop a Guardian to knock 
into the field.  Knock the Cyclopius into the next field, then keep creating 
Guardians to knock into the last two fields.  At the end are three Pearl 
Crochax.  Wrestle their treasures from them to get PEARLS #39-41.  You may 
now leave.


The South Sea

Now that you have your Jump Jets, you're free to hop over the laser barriers 
to the south and explore the waters down there.  First thing's first.  Head 
to the northwest of the lighthouse to find a giant flying manta ray (MANTA 
MAGNIFICENS) and south of the lighthouse to find a big blue whale 
(MEGAPTERA BOREALIS).  Also on nearby islands (one near the laser cordon, 
and the other off to the southwest) are Looters' Caverns 3 and 4.  These 
Looters courses are tough and require you to use your Jump Jets effectively.  
Stay sharp and keep practicing and you can have PEARLS #49 and #51, 


The Slaughterhouse Circuit

Now that we've done all there is to do up to this point, it's time to head 
to the Slaughterhouse Races (your Compass will point you to it).  Before you 
actually tackle your mission, if you want, you can just perform Races 3 and 
4 as normal.  Getting first place in those races will net you PEARLS #71 and 

However, the point here is to go to Race 3.  About halfway around the track, 
after a hard left turn, Double H will mention the passage.  Just after a 
boost pad on the left wall is a series of red beams.  Get some speed, hop 
over them, and you've left behind the tranquil world of hovercraft racing...

5F. Do You Smell Something? =

Your mission here, besides looking for Pey'j, is to obtain further evidence 
of Alpha Section activity.  Once you reach the main complex, you'll find 
you'll have three locations to get to, and that you can take them in any 
order.  First, let's get inside.


Slaughterhouse Road

You'll leap out of the racetrack onto a metal path, which will lead you to 
the Slaughterhouse.  While on this path, you'll be under fire from an Alpha 
Sections Giant Spiderbot.  You'll have to avoid explosions, lasers, and flame 
jets as you race along this causeway.  If you hit a ramp that lifts you up, 
hit B to get extra lift, which will definitely carry you any serious 


Slaughterhouse Quarter

You'll hop off the road and into water.  Swimming around in the water are 
several eels (ANGUILLA BIFIDA).  There's an Alpha Sections Torpedo Launcher 
above you.  If you get caught in its searchlight, it will toss a torpedo 
that you'll have to shake.  Now, if you explore the area a bit, you'll find, 
underneath an overhang, a passage blocked by a Large Mine.  Go back and find 
a metal crate.  These only get knocked around when you shoot them, so shoot 
it all the way around into the mine blocking your passage.  Alternatively, 
you could get a torpedo to chase you and try to get it to run into the mine, 
which is a lot more exciting.  Anyway, after you pass the mine, you'll find 
another box behind it.  Shoot that ahead and you'll run it into another 
mine.  From here, you can dock nearby.  Raid the Vending Machine there, and 
use the Reader if you wish.  Head towards the gate, and you'll be set upon 
by several DomZ Sarcophagi.  Waste them all, then get between the gate's doors 
and start pushing to open them.  Once they're open, hop back into your 
hovercraft, hop up to the spot where the Reader is using your Jump Jets, 
then coast on through the gate.


Exterior Moats

Shoot the crate out of your way and make your way past these rotating Laser 
Turrets.  The high lasers you can coast under, but the low lasers you have 
to jump over.  Once past this mess, you'll get swept away by a fan.  Use its 
momentum to jump over the small minefield in front of you, then head up the 
nearby ramp.  At the top, you'll find fans that can push you off, so keep 
pushing in towards them and avoiding the mines dotted around the area.  Avoid 
the updraft, then move to the next pool, and in-between the two fans, to the 
open passage.  Head through and you'll drop down in a new pool.

The object here is to push three boxes into the large mines blocking your 
way.  The first one is right in front of you.  To get to the others, head 
through one of the two passages right next to each other (they go the same 
way).  Then, in the next room, go up the ramp.  At the top, shoot the box off 
the ledge.  Then, before dropping off, manuever around the outside and shoot 
the other box off, then shoot them both into the mines.  Hop over the smaller 
mines and move on.


Slaughterhouse Entrance

This is pretty simple.  First, note the black slug in the corner wreckage 
(TRILOBITES SALTANS), then dock where the frogs are hopping around.  Aim a 
Gyrodisk up into the green room to hit a switch to open the gate.


Surveillance Room

Your adventure begins here.  First, dock near the gate and climb up the 
structures to your left.  Double H won't be able to follow.  Once you reach 
the top, you'll find a Surveillance Robot attacking.  Avoid its blaster shots, 
then fire Gyrodisks at it.  Four shots will bust it open.  Once that's toast, 
raid the nearby vending machine.  

Now, you have to open the way for Double H, and it's a bit roundabout.  First, 
you should note that there's a switch on the far end of this room.  If you 
want a closer look, cross the floor with the lasers (crouch under them), and 
to the right of the Reader, you'll find the switch.  This opens the main gate, 
but if you just pressed it here, you wouldn't have enough time to run back 
and move your craft under it.  Instead, go back to the side you were 
originally on, and go to the corner so that you can see the switch from behind 
the notched wheel.  Fire a Gyrodisk so that it passes the notched wheel and 
hits the switch, then drop down to the structures below, book it to the 
hovercraft, then under the gate.  Now, you can land on the other side and 
Double H can follow you up.

At this point, your mission can split into one of three paths.  You can do 
them in any order, and they all lead to one of your photos.  There's one right 
here, so we'll do it first.


Path #1: Surveillance Room

Dock and climb up to the area we were in before.  There's a door next to that 
Reader, but it's busted.  You'll have to take the long way there.  To the 
left of the Reader are pipes you can climb up on.  Climb up, as high as you 
can, then move to the right.  Hop onto the huge gate you just opened.  Have 
Double H push the button, and the gate will rise with you on it.  On this side 
is the path ahead, but if you want another animal, go to the other side of 
the gate, and climb up to the Ventilation room.  Take out all the Rats, and 
use a Gyrodisk on a switch above the flame to get rid of it, then take the 
shot of the red jelly that's left behind (IGNIS IGNIFERA).  Head back to the 
Surveillance Room and have Double H hit the gate again.  Cross the gate and 
hop up the other side.  Drop down and climb through the broken window.


Path #1: Trolley Entrance

Drop down to the floor and tango with this shielded Cyclopius.  You'll have 
to avoid its beam until its shield drops, then knock it into the electric 
field.  Now, there's are bars nearby, so it's time to get Double H over here.  
Head through the electric field and open the nearby cabinet to get MECA 
IMPULSER #5.  Now, proceed to the left and drop down into the next room.  
Take a picture of the map on the wall and head out the door, back to the 
Surveillance Room.  Go over to Double H to get his attention, and go back to 
the Trolley Entrance room.  He'll help you push the box so you can climb back 
up to the place you fought the Cyclopius.  Have him bash down the bars.

Now, head up the ramp and engage the Alpha Sections guard.  Have Double H 
tangle with him while you get him in the tank from behind.  Now, there's an 
animal in this area.  See those bubbles?  Fire a Gyrodisk at the direction 
of the bubbles and your quarry will hop over to the next pile of stuff.  Your 
time to take a picture is when it's hopping in between them.  It's probably 
the toughest shot, but it's doable (TIMOREA SAPONIFERA).  It's best to start 
moving the camera in the direction it's going to hop just after firing the 
disk.  Once done there, hit the switch to get the trolley over to your side.  
Hop inside and hit the switch inside to get moving.


Path #1: Central Hall

Raid the vending machine.  Also, have Double H press the switch on the 
machine and get ready to capture the green amoeba as it hops between the 
pipes (AMOEBA SALTANS).  Now, walk down to the lower room and you'll face 
three Guardians.  Knock each one into one of the electrical fields.  If you 
mess up, just press the nearby switch to drop down three more.  Anyway, one 
of the Guardians will drop a TRIANGULAR KEY.  Give this one to Double H.  
Behind the double electrical field is a Reader and PEARL #52.  Behind the 
other field is your exit, which is requires two Traingle Keys.  Have Double 
H press one and you'll press the other.

Now, in this next hallway, remember that Double H has laser-proof armor.  Get 
close to the beams and press Y and he'll head for the switch at the far end.  
Once he presses it, roll over the blue beams.  Do the same thing after 
rounding the corner, and the next one.  At the end, you'll reach the 
observation point.  You can take your photo from here, but it's much more fun 
to take out the bad guys first, especially since you have Double H to help 
you.  Once they're dead, you can raid the lockers.  Anyway, for your shot, 
look out through the window at the spaceship, to see people being loaded into 
a cruiser.  Take a shot of one of those people for PHOTO #1.  Now, head all 
the way back to the Surveillance Room, hop on the hovercraft and head further 
into the Slaughterhouse.


Path #2: Interior Moats

Take a left as you enter, and then your first right.  The camera will point 
out a landing spot to you.  Climb up the right side of the area, using your 
accelerator and jump jets.  Dock once you reach the top and enter.


Path #2: North Wing

Room #1: In front of you is a pipe you can squeeze by.  Turn left.
Room #2: Look out in front of you and fire a disk at the switch to move the 
 platform and take out the guard.  Get on the platform and hit the switch 
 again, the avoid the electric fields.
Room #3: Four guards and an M5 Turret here.  The mist on the floor is your 
 cover.  Make sure you know which way each guard is facing before making a 
 move over clear territory.
Room #4: Kick the power box before the beams, then get around the beams and 
 grab the FUSE.  Place it next to the elevator to get it moving.
Room #5: There are two Cyclopiuses here.  Knock them into each electric 
 field.  One field guards a cabinet with food.  The other is the way forward.  
 Before going that way, instead head to the nearby catwalks to find a door 
 without a field.  Sneak past the guards, mines, and the Surveillance Module 
 here to reach PA-1 #10.  After that, head back to the other room and pass the 
 other field you destroyed.  To the left is a Pearl behind some beams, and to 
 the right is your way forward.  Avoid the mines.
Room #6: This is a tough room.  Wait for the guard nearest you to start 
 walking away, then follow him.  The other moving guard should be moving 
 away by the time you get to the end, so hide behind him.  Duck into the hole 
 as the first guard starts moving back, then get PEARL #70 in the hidden room.
 You can leave by deactivating the red beams.  Now, go back around and do the 
 same thing, only this time follow the second moving guard all the way and 
 duck out of the way at the end.  Go through the door on the right to move 
Room #7: In the left half of this room, push the box out of the way of the 
 hole.  You need a FUSE in the right half of this room, and to get it, kick 
 the power box in this half, then scoot through the hole, and over the beams 
 to grab it.  This will deactivate the electric field in front of the 
 elevator.  Press the switch inside to move on.
Room #8: The guard doesn't move, so carefully move up the ramp, avoiding the 
 mines, and sneak behind him.  Silence him, then enter the door behind.  Take 
 all the stuff in this room, including PA-1 #11.  Head back out and down the 
 ramp and through the door.
Room #9: Crawl through the hole in the wall.  When you reach the next area, 
 wait until the guard steps on the platform near the switch, then fire at the 
 switch, which will move the guard into the field.  Zzap.  Hop on the 
 platform, hit the switch and duck under the field, then move on.
Room #10: Two guards circling, and another at the far end about-facing.  You 
 know the drill.  Follow one around the circle, and avoid being seen by the 
 about-facer at the end.  Put the Fuse you have into the slot.

You're now back in Room #1.  Double H will be here (having taken the short 
way).  Head down the path here.


Path #2: Central Hall

Hop up and face the three Alpha Section Soldiers here.  After they're gone, 
go up the ramp and zoom in and take PHOTO #2, which are the Hillyans being 
loaded onto a conveyor belt, with their heads sticking out of the cases.

Head back to the North Wing, deactivate the lasers and head back to the 


Path #3: Interior Moats

Head to the northwest corner of the map in here.  There are Large Mines 
blocking the way in, so shoot some boxes into them.  Try your best to get 
through the field of small mines inside, then dock, and raid the vending 
machine.  Head inside.


Path #3: East Wing

Room #1: Have Double H smash down the bars, and he'll also get a guard.  Go 
 around to the left and climb up the ladder (if you want, you can have Double 
 H deactivate the field nearby and access the Reader).  Kick open the vent and 
 move forward.
Room #2: Wait until the guard is facing away, then disk him in the back.  
 Hit the switch with a disk so you can get through the door quickly.
Room #3: Open the cabinet for some Boosts.  Continue along the path.
Room #4: You're on a catwalk above a decent-sized room.  The way down is 
 further ahead.  Hop down when the nearest guard has his back turned, then 
 make your way around to the right side of the room.  Use the tanks as cover 
 as you avoid the next two guards to get through the door.
Room #5: Hang a right.  Push the box onto the elevator.  Push the button to 
 ride it down.  Now, kick the power box and grab the FUSE.  The reason you 
 used the box was so that you can climb out now.  Do so.  Now, if you don't 
 want a Pearl, run up the ramps, use the Fuse, and head on to Room #8.  
 Otherwise, hop into the blue light-a-vator.
Room #6: You have one circling patroller and one about-facer.  Follow the 
 patroller when the other's facing away, then head through the other door.  
Room #7: PEARL #48 awaits.  Through the other door is rotating guard.  Pass 
 him and hit the button to lower the red beams.  Then, insert the Fuse and 
 hit the button.  Crawl through the hole.
Room #8: Cranes in this room.  Grab onto a box they put in the middle of the 
 room.  When the next crane grabs it, it'll go over a belt.  Drop off when it 
 starts shaking you, then explore this lower area for stuff, including 
 PA-1 #12.  Now, leave by removing the red beams.  From here, just crawl out 
 of the ducts, and hang a right to leave the crane room.  Head through the 
Room #9: Kick the box to deactivate the current, then drop down to find 
 Double H.  Move carefully past the minefield, then down to find some slugs 
 who don't really like you in their territory.  Fend them off.  Once they're 
 all toast, climb up the pipes near the Power Box.  Have Double H whack it, 
 then keep climbing.
Room #10: Two guys standing still, while there's another pacing behind them.  
 Follow the pacer, then duck into the shadows about halfway.  Wait for him 
 to go back past the other way, then move on.


Path #3: Central Hall

As you step into the main area, fire a disk at the guard to sabotage his 
breathing tank and eliminate him as a threat.  Deactivate the lasers and 
move on.  There's another guard up ahead.  Slap him with a disk, too.  After 
that, you'll come upon an area with two guards.  Toss a disk at one of them.  
The other will notice the problem and come to help his buddy.  Hit that one, 
too and they'll both be out of commission.  Now, hop over the blue beams and 
finish them off.  Take the FUSE here, and aim your camera out in the distance, 
at the DomZ Sarcophagi encased in the glass.  Take PHOTO #3 and send it to 
IRIS to publish your story.  Now, roll back over the beams and place your 
Fuse in the nearby slot.  Deactivate the lasers, hop on the lift, and 
activate it to ride back to the East Wing.  From there, you can go back to 
the Interior Moats.


All Done?

Once you've taken all three photos, head back to the Surveillance Room.  
Instead of messing around with the gate, just head around to the left and 
you can bust through a mesh screen.  Head back to the Slaughterhouse Entrance, 
and take a picture of the barcode.  Enter the code to open the gate.  Head 
back to the Exterior Moats, and hang a left to the tunnel with lights.  This 
will take you back to the races.  Now, it's time to head back to IRIS and 

5G. Earning Your Wings =

As soon as you hit the surface of Hillys, you'll get the alert for another 
DomZ attack.



This Sea Serpent doesn't keep to the water like the first one.  It will hover 
above it as well.  Well, it's a good thing you have the Neutralizing Cannon.  
Keep locking on and firing at it.  It will run past the laser cordons, so 
make sure you hop them.  Really, the lasers are a greater danger than the 
Serpent.  Once you turn the Serpent into chum, you'll get PEARL #50.



Head back to the City, to the IRIS Network's Den.  You'll finally meet the 
Governor of Hillys face-to-face.  She'll give you a STAR KEY.  While you're 
all talking, you'll get a very interesting transmission on the Den's radio.  
Your mission now is to get to the moon.  For that, you'll need a spaceship.  
After the talking's done, head into the back room and collect PEARLS #53-64.

Before you leave the Akuda Bar, talk to Francis and get ready to engage him 
in some serious playing.  If you win the bet, you can get PEARL #45.  Go to 
Ming-Tzu's and buy PEARL #66 from him, and pick up IRIS 514 from the back 

Now, it's time for ten more Pearls.


Alpha Sections HQ

Go to the star switch in the fountain area and deactivate the lasers.  Hit the 
switch to bring down the elevator, then hop in and have Double H hit the 
switch to send you up.

All right.  There are M5 Turrets and guards EVERYWHERE, so listen up:

Outside Part #1: Scoot around the front with impunity, under the overhang and 
 along the wall.  Then, head behind the guard and climb up the ladder to the 
 next level.  Wait for the patroller to turn and head away, then follow him 
 until you reach the shadowy corner.  Wait for him to pass back, then hop up 
 onto the ladder behind him.  Grab the next level but don't climb up until the 
 nearest guard is walking away from you.  Scoot behind him and under the pipe.  
 Wait for the next guard to walk away, then get past him.  Climb up the 
 ladder, then crawl across the pipes to the far wall.  This is, for lack of a 
 better term, the "continue" spot, where you'll go back to if you die from 
 here on.
Outside Part #2: Wait until the rotating guard is turned away, then hop down 
 to the roof then, hop over to hang from the ledge.  Wait again until he's 
 turned away, then climb up and move around behind him.  Climb up the boxes 
 in the back and up to the nearby building.
Outside Part #3: Now you're edging along the outside of a building.  The guard 
 inside is circling around the room, and he CAN see you through the windows if 
 you let him, so wait until he's looking away before moving.  Go all the way 
 around the outside of the house, then duck in through the doorway.  Avoid 
 the guard, and press the switch to open the door.


East District

Grab PEARLS #29-38 here.  Leave by the door with the square switch.  Use the 
roll to hop over the pipes and go to the next room.

Uh-oh.  General Kehck doesn't look too pleased to see you.  RUN!!!

Run down towards the screen, then left, then towards the screen onto the 
rooftops (feel like The Matrix?)  Don't mind the slowdown, just keep moving.  
Follow the rooftops, leap the gap, then run across some more, avoiding more 
laserfire. When the rooftops end, head up away from the camera.  Roll over a 
collapsed pipe and you'll leap out towards Double H and the way out of this 

Well, that was fun, wasn't it?


Baby Beluga

Now, it's time to find your spaceship.  If you haven't already, look at the 
"For Jade" MDisk you were given by Pey'j before he got captured.  Now, look 
at Pey'j's Jet-Boots in the inventory with X.  Use the C-Stick to rotate 
them.  Codes?  Go back to the Lighthouse.  Now, you'll need to find two 
consoles to put those codes into.  One console is upstairs in the kids' 
sleeping room behind a bulletin board.  The other is down in the hangar, 
behind another bulletin board.  Put the left shoe's code in the console 
upstairs, and the right shoe's code in the one in the hangar.  This reveals a 
button in front of the lower console.  Press it.  Ooooo...  Pretty.  Head up 
to the desk and grab the MDisk, which has the Beluga Check-Up on it, as well 
as the FLIGHT STABILIZER.  You can place one of the stabilizers in one of the 
wings of the ship, but you'll need to find another.  The boys at Mammago can 
help with that.  Head out to the Garage and pick up the other FLIGHT 
STABILIZER for 20 Pearls.

Heading back to the Lighthouse, you'll see something rather disturbing.  
Quickly land and dock.  Run up to the lighthouse and begin searching.  Go 
upstairs and into the kids' room, where the first console is.  After the 
cutscene, re-type in the code on the console, then head outside.

Surviellance Robots have been deployed to stop you.  You have to take them 
all out using your Gyrodisks.  Once all four are down, head back down to the 
hangar and hit the button again to open the way to the ship once more.  Place 
the second stabilizer and hop in.

Now, the way this ship works is very similar to the hovercraft, only you can 
go up and down, too.  B is used to connect from the hovercraft to the ship, 
or to drop it off if you're in the water.  You still have the blaster and the 
Neutralizing Cannon, and you're going to need them, seeing how as soon as you 
leave in the ship, there's another attack.



Now you can attack these flying monstrosities on your own terms.  Tail the 
Serpent, hammering it with Cannon and blaster shots.  Watch for the spread 
laser attack it uses to fend you off.  Once you sink this slug, you'll get 
PEARL #73.


Volcano's Treasure

Even though you have the power of flight, there aren't too many extra places 
to go.  However, there's one place you may remember hearing about.  Head to 
Black Isle, into the volcano crater.  Dip into the water and press B to drop 
off the hovercraft, then head inside.

Dock the hovercraft, then open up the nearby cabinet for MECA IMPULSER #6.  
Also, on the wall is the last animal on Hillys (AURELIA MAGNIFICENS).  Yes, 
your Animal Detector now shows nothing, even though you're short an animal.  
He's out in space.  Anyway, to the task at hand.  Head through and climb up 
the shaft.  When you see the ramps, hop across to the left and edge around.  
Go up to the red fungus and press Y for Double H.  Knock the pod into the 
ramps so he can join you.

Proceed into the main cave.  You'll face your first three Pearl Crochax here, 
PEARLS #77-79.  Once they're kaput, go left and face another for PEARL #74.  
At the end of this run is a red fungus.  Knock the pod into the distant 
ramps, then make your way back, taking out two more for PEARLS #75 and #76.  
Now, take the right path and knock your way past the amoebae, then you'll go 
against four more for PEARLS #80-83.  Move on, down the ramps, and to the 
final area, where you'll face the final five Crochax for PEARLS #84-88.

You should at least have 30 Pearls in hand by now.  If not, look in the Pearl 
list section later on.  In any case, getting all 88 Pearls will automatically 
give you MDisk #14, the Pearl Game.  You can leave the Volcano now.


Power to the Engines, Mr. Scott

Cruise on back to the Mammago Garage and land your ship there.  Buy their 
Stellar Motor for 30 Pearls.  Now, hop back on, and get ready to head to the 
outer limits.  Fly up to the ceiling until you get the prompt to press X, then 
do so.

5H. Fly Me To the Moon =

I feel so insignificant.  'Course, I ALWAYS feel insignificant...

Your final animal is before you.  Yes, in that big block of space ice.  Hammer 
it repeatedly with blasterfire, avoid the ice chunks, and you'll free the 
space whale (MEGAPTERA ANAEROBIA).  If you got them all, you'll get MDisk #8, 
which is the publication of all the animal pictures you've snapped.  Anyway, 
fly straight to the moon once you're done.



There's only one structure here.  Fly towards the transmitter and up its 
docking bay.


Transmitter Entrance

There are a few things to do, but for now, just ransack the vending machine, 
including PA-1 #13, and use the Reader if you wish.  Head for the nearby 
two-button elevator.  Command Double H to stand on a button while you stand 
on the other and we'll head down into danger.  DANGER, I say!


DomZ Base

Room #1: Follow the light beam.  At the end, look to the left for a little 
 green glow, and pick up the MIRROR.  Go back and to the right a bit to find a 
 pedestal to put it on.  It will rise up once you do that.  Now, go to the 
 mirror that the light's bouncing off of, press A next to it, and rotate it 
 until hit hits the new mirror.  Now, go to the new mirror, and rotate it to 
 the left until it hits a sensor back near the elevator.  Grab the MIRROR in 
 the little pocket you opened, then go back to the second mirror pole and 
 rotate it back to the right until it hits the sensor nearby to open the way 
Room #2: Place the loose mirror on the pedestal right in front of you.  Now, 
 you can either rotate it to the right a short way, or go further to a nearby 
 sensor, if you want some Materia.  Otherwise, aim the light beam down the 
 passageway until you get a *ting* sound and follow the beam.
Room #3: You can't manually turn these mirrors, but the panels on each side 
 suggest turning them with your Gyrodisks.  Stand behind each mirror and hit 
 them on the right panel (to turn them left) until they hit another mirror.  
 The last mirror will point the beam down a long passage.



Run to the end of this long hallway.  Ah, there's Pey'j.  You now have to 
lower all the walls surrounding him using the light.  Take the first mirror 
and point it to the left so it hits the mirror directly to its left, then 
continue so on around the outer ring.  Once you make a complete ring, the 
outer wall will disappear.  Now, just move the first mirror (the first one 
that gets hit by the light beam) to the right until it hits another sensor.  
You'll automatically hit them all and lower the second wall.  Now, move it to 
the right a little more again and you'll lower the third wall.  Have Double H 
break Pey'j's pod.

Time to move on.  Beyond this scene is a Reader, and a map on the wall.  That 
wall also has a gap on the left side, so slide past it.  Hop into the blue 
light-a-vator to ride up.  To your left is Materia.  To your right is a couple 
of Alpha Sections soldiers.  You can try to sneak past them, or just waste 
them.  Anyway, head down the next blue light-a-vator and you'll reach an odd 
square structure.  Walk around the right side to find an entrance.


The Great Crypt

There's a small light-a-vator maze, but it's no big deal.  At the first fork 
in the road, just keep going straight, and you'll be on the fast track to the 
green light-a-vator.  Ride it down and you'll reach a vantage point.  
Interesting sight, and even more interesting dialogue.  Take your picture, 
and retrace your steps back to the Cloister, then head back towards the 


He's Alive?

Just as you pass back into the DomZ Base, you'll get a message.  Once the 
cutscene's over, head back through the DomZ Base all the way back up to the 
Transmitter Entrance.  Once you reach the ship, look to the right for a 
switch.  Don't bother hitting it, but climb up above it.  Have Double H hit 
it to bring a box over to you.  Then, have him hit it again to bring you over 
on top of the Beluga.  Now, look out over to the transmitter door for a 
switch.  Fire a disk at it to get a box over to you.  Then fire again and 
quickly hop onto the box.  Find the rotator switch over on this side to lower 
the ramp.  Now, call your teammates over and have them stand on the buttons.  
Go through the open door and dodge past the laser cannon.  It's only a 
threat to you, just so you know.  Enter the nearby tram car.


Radio Transmitter Room

Take a picture of the barcode and send it to the governor.  Use the code.  
Watch the cutscene.  Uh-oh.  Time to get movin'.  Run back to the tram car, 
then back down the hallway to the ship.  Make sure your guys are following 
you, and not getting hung up anywhere.  Once you board the ship, the 
Transmitter will blow, and General Kehck will want a piece of you...



You'll be caught in a tractor beam and pulled along while the Spiderbot guns 
for you.  What you have to do is destroy any blinking lights that pop up on 
the ship.  This battle is taken in several stages.

Stage #1: Eight blinking lights.  Kehck doesn't fight back.
Stage #2: The bot fires a composite beam that shoots out in several 
 directions, then contracts.  Shoot the three lights on the beam aperture.
Stage #3: Constant twin lasers are fired from all four legs.  Destroy the 
 three blinking lights on each of the legs.
Stage #4: Composite beam again, plus he releases two mines every few seconds.  
 Avoid the mines and hit the three lights on the beam aperture.
Stage #5: An electric field is created between two of the legs.  Avoid it and 
 fire at the four lights.  Go around the outside of the legs to reach the 
 other side of the bot.
Stage #6: Composite beam + mines again.  Shoot at the four lights, not the 
Stage #7: Electric field again, plus laser beams.  Hit each set of three 
 lights to stop the beams.
Stage #8: Four mines at once, now, plus eight laser beams, plus the 
 composite beam.  Owie.  Fire at the three lights on the beam aperture to 
 sink Kehck.

You've brought him to the ground, but you still need to disengage the tractor 
beam.  Now, I'm assuming that what the game WANTS you to do is drop into the 
water, and use the torpedos being fired upon you to get rid of the mines in 
your way, but it's far simpler just to blast them from the ship, so do that, 
then drop to the water.

Proceed inside.  Watch out for the electric wire hanging down.  When you 
reach the next room, take out the three Alpha Sections Soldiers here.  Once 
they're toast, ride up the blue light-a-vator.  You'll find what's left of 
Kehck and the switch to turn off the tractor beam.  Head back down.  Be sure 
to SAVE YOUR GAME at the Reader here, because you won't get another chance.  

Now, hop back into the craft, then ride up into the Beluga.


Rise Hillyans

Now, they'll send a whole bunch of Alpha Sections Fighters after you.  There's 
a ton, but you only need to down about fifteen before the cavalry shows up in 
the form of Hillyan Fighters.  They'll keep them busy, so land on the pad in 
front of the DomZ Base.  Get everyone on the triple elevator to drop down to 
The Great Crypt.



Like Kehck before him, the battle with the Priest plays out in several 

Stage #1: A whole bunch of Sarcophagi.  Fortunately, you can pwn them in one 
 hit now.
Stage #2: The Priest fires a laser, and then several homing shots.  Fire 
 disks at him between attacks.  Three disks will end this stage.
Stage #3: The Priest now creates a wall of Materia, and creates Pey'j clones 
 to attack you.  Hit Y so Double H can knock them into the air, then knock 
 the clones into each of Materia wall.  The clones will turn into Sarcophagi 
 when they hit, so you'll have to clean that up.  When you get an opening, 
 aim a clone through a hole in the wall and hit the Priest.
Stage #4: Double H gets scooped up now.  The platform rises until it's tiny.  
 Now, what you have to do here is wait for the Priest to appear and quickly 
 attack in that direction.  Don't go in any other direction other than the 
 way he is, or he'll bite you.  Go on like this for a bit.  When the Priest 
 appears above you, move in the direction to the side of his tail (either way) 
 to avoid his attack.  Once you hit him enough times (it's not that many in 
 succession), this stage will be over.
Stage #5: Now, the Priest will create clones of Double H.  You fight them 
 just as you fight Alpha Sections Soldiers, only the clones take one hit, and 
 then they turn into Sarcophagi.  Take them all out, avoiding the Priest's 
 incoming fire.
Stage #6: Now it gets interesting.  Your perceptions are weakened, and your 
 controls are now reversed.  Fight off the Sarcophagi here to get used to 
 the situation.
Stage #7: This is the same thing as Stage #4, with the Simon Says routine, 
 only controls are reversed, so if he's to your left, you hit right, and so 
 on.  You still have to avoid his above attack by dodging to the side.  After 
 about nine of these in succession, the Priest will give up the ghost.

Congratulations!  You've saved Hillys from the threat of the DomZ!  Now, the 
question remains.  Will there be a sequel?  It sure looks like the story 
could continue from the looks of the ending, not to mention the fact that 
we haven't been fully explained as to what Jade is (not that we HAVE to be, 
mind you).

And now, some white space...

This white space was brought to you by a grant from the Not-Spoiling Last 
Boss Foundation.  Now, you're quite free to read these info sections ahead.

6A. MDisks =

The following are the MDisks available in the game, and how to get them.

1. Game Save - You start with this.  It's used to save the game.
2. Mr. De Castellac - You'll find this down in Pey'j's Workshop after chasing 
 the drone down there.
3. The Pearl and the Currents - This is found in the IRIS Network HQ.
4. For Jade - This is given to you by Pey'j automatically in the Factory.
5. Surveillance Camera - In the Factory, in the upper levels room called 
 "Nutripils Vat", you'll find this in a recorder.
6. Hillyan Army Database - In the Factory, in the upper levels room called 
 "Computer Room", you'll find this in storage.
7. Beluga Checkup - You'll find this on Pey'j's secret desk after entering 
 the codes and revealing the Beluga.
8. Animal Species - You'll automatically receive this after snapping a 
 picture of the fifty-sixth and final animal.
9. IRIS 511 - Say the password to Ming-Tzu to get into the back storeroom to 
 find this.
10. IRIS 512 - Same as 511.
11. IRIS 513 - Same as above, only you can only get this after the Factory.
12. IRIS 514 - Same as above, only you can only get this after the 
13. Disk Game - See the section at the bottom of the guide for info on how 
 to get this secret disk.  The short story is that you have to go online to 
 get the code.
14. Pearl Game - Get this for collecting all the Pearls on Hillys.  The rules 
 are simple.  Use the Control Stick for the left pearl and the C-Stick for the 
 right pearl.  Avoid any obstacles for as long as you can.

6B. Pearls =

The following are each of the Pearls, in numerical order, and how to get 

1. DomZ Lighthouse Monster - You get this at the beginning of the game, after 
 defeating said monster.

2. DomZ Sea Serpent - You'll find this after your first fight with a Sea 

3. Looters' Booty - This is the prize for completing Looters' Cavern 1, which 
 is on the beach just to the left of the City's south entrance.

4. Science Center: Film of Animals 2 - You get this after snapping a picture 
 of your sixteenth animal.

5. Victory in the Disk Game - Beat Francis at his own game at the Akuda Bar.

6. Rufus' Booty - In the Akuda Bar, go up to the second floor balcony, then 
 zoom over to Rufus and Seven's table.  Get a good look at the code on the 
 table, then punch it in on the lock on Room #2.

7. Science Center: Film of Animals 3 - You get this after snapping a picture 
 of your twenty-fourth animal.

8. Race 1 Victory - Place first in Race 1, in the western part of the City.

9. Race 2 Victory - Place first in Race 2, in the western part of the City.

10. DomZ Pterolimax - Reward for defeating the Pterolimax in the Black Isle 

11. Science Center: Film of Animals 4 - You get this after snapping a 
 picture of your thirty-second animal.

12. Pearl Crochax - This is found in the Vorax's Lair, just east of the 
 Mammago Garage.  You'll need Cutting Pliers to get through the wire fence. 

13. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections - Once you get the Square Key from the 
 Factory, go back to fountain square and open the square-locked door in the 
 City.  There's a locked cabinet in this shed with the Pearl.  To get the 
 code, go to Room #1 in the Akuda Bar and speak to the goat-man there.

14. Bought from Nouri - This is the first Pearl you can buy from Nouri for 
 3000 Units.

15. Bought from Ming-Tzu - This is the first Pearl you buy from Ming-Tzu for 
 3999 Units.

16. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections - This is the prize for completing 
 the obstacle course in the City, which is behind a door near Ming-Tzu's Shop.  
 You'll need a City Pass to get there.

17. Science Center: Film of Animals 5 - You get this after snapping a 
 picture of your fortieth animal.

18. Looters' Booty - This is the prize for completing Looters' Cavern 2, 
 which is on the beach in the east canal around the city.  You need the 
 Neutralizing Cannon to access the area.

19. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections - This Pearl is in the Factory, in 
 the lower levels, specifically in the cold storage room in the laboratory.

20. DomZ Robot at the Factory - The boss at the end of the Factory.

21. DomZ Torture Machine - Found in the Factory, after freeing Double H from 
 the Torture Machine.

22. Reaper - Found in the Factory after defeating the Reaper.  Go down to the 
 water to retrieve it.

24. Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS) -
25.  These five Pearls are your reward after the Factory mission.  You can 
26.  pick them up at IRIS.

28. Science Center: Film of Animals 6 - You get this after snapping a 
 picture of your forty-eighth animal.

32. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections -
33.  These ten Pearls are in the Alpha Sections HQ, which you can get to from 
34.  the City by using the Star Key you get from the Governor after the 
35.  Slaughterhouse mission.

39. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections -
40.  These three Pearls are held by Crochax in the Alpha Section Underground 
41.  Quarters in the eastern canal near the City.

42. Alpha Section HQ -
43.  These three Pearls are found behind the barred door in the City, near 
44.  the entrance to the PedDis, after sneaking through the Warehouse.

45. Victory in the Disk Game - After the Slaughterhouse mission, challenge 
 Francis in the Akuda Bar for his new pearl.  He's tougher this time.

46. Bought from Nouri - After leaving the City and coming back after joining 
 IRIS, Nouri will have another Pearl up for sale.

47. Bought from Ming-Tzu - After leaving the City and coming back after 
 joining IRIS, Ming-Tzu will have another Pearl up for sale.

48. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections - In the Slaughterhouse in the East 
 Wing.  This is near the blue light-a-vator.

49. Looters' Booty - This is the prize for completing Looters' Cavern 3, 
 which is on the south side of the southern laser cordon, to the east of the 
 Lighthouse.  You need Jump Jets.

50. DomZ Sea Serpent - You'll find this after your second fight with a Sea 
 Serpent, which is after the Slaughterhouse mission.

51. Looters' Booty - This is the prize for completing Looters' Cavern 4, 
 which is in the southwest portion of the map, to the west of the 
 Slaughterhouse entrance.  You need Jump Jets.

52. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections - In the Slaughterhouse, go through the 
 Trolley Entrance to get to the Central Hall.  Knock the Guardian robots into 
 the dual electrical field and find this Pearl behind it.

57. Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS) -
58.  You'll find these twelve Pearls in the back room of the Iris Den after 
59.  the Slaughterhouse mission.

65. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections - After getting the Jump Jets.  Go to 
 the Main Canal in the city and find some laser cordons to jump over.  
 Navigate this cramped canal to find a crate with the Pearl in it.

66. Bought from Ming-Tzu - You can buy this at Ming-Tzu's shop after the 
 Slaughterhouse mission for 3999 Pearls.

67. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections -
68.  These three Pearls are behind the Triangle door in the City, near the 
69.  Akuda Bar.  There's an obstacle course to get to them, though.

70. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections - This Pearl is in the Slaughterhouse, 
 in the North Wing.  It's visible through a doorway covered by red beams.  To 
 get to it, use the hole from the room opposite it.  Don't get caught by the 

71. Race 3 Victory - Place first in Race 3, out by the Slaughterhouse.

72. Race 4 Victory - Place first in Race 4, out by the Slaughterhouse.

73. DomZ Sea Serpent - You'll find this after your third fight with a Sea 
 Serpent, which is after you get the Beluga to fly.

80. Volcano Crochax -
81.  After getting the Beluga off the ground, go to the Black Isle volcano 
82.  crater and land in it.  Take out all the Crochax here for a total of 
83.  fifteen Pearls.

6C. Animals =

The following are each of the animals you need to document, and how to find 
 them.  I've arranged them roughly in the order you should be able to find 
 them.  For most of them, you'll need the Digital Zoom.  Just get shots of 
 the first eight guys to get the Zoom quickly.

1. Adalia Octopunctata
 Looks Like: A flying beetle
 Found: There's one flying around the inside of the lighthouse.  Easy 
  pickings.  It should be your first photo.
 Pay: 150 Units

2. Homo Sapiens
 Looks Like: A human
 Found: Several of your kids, as well as several city dwellers.
 Pay: 200 Units

3. Capra Sapiens
 Looks Like: A goat person
 Found: Two of your kids.  Look for the horns.
 Pay: 350 Units

4. Canis Canis
 Looks Like: A white shaggy dog
 Found: The lighthouse, usually asleep upstairs.
 Pay: 100 Units

5. Larus Albus
 Looks Like: A seagull
 Found: The lighthouse, as well as a lot of places out in the ocean.
 Pay: 400 Units

6. Priodontes Campestris
 Looks Like: An orange armadillo
 Found: The lighthouse, outside in the field.  Don't get too close or it 
  will burrow.
 Pay: 150 Units

7. Sus Sapiens
 Looks Like: Uncle Pey'j
 Found: Well, he generally tags along with you for a while...
 Pay: 600 Units

8. Musca Saprophagia
 Looks Like: A green fly
 Found: Kick the barrel near the fridge in the Lighthouse to scare up one.  
  There are also several in the mines.
 Pay: 150 Units

9. Lampyris Campestris
 Looks Like: A firefly
 Found: At nighttime, you can find them hanging out by the tree near the 
  Lighthouse.  They also float around the mines.
 Pay: 300 Units

10. Dipneustus Trilineatus
 Looks Like: A thin fish
 Found: In the hangar of the lighthouse.
 Pay: 400 Units

11. Lutra Erecta
 Looks Like: A wobbly otter
 Found: On the roof of the lighthouse.  Activate the shield to get a good 
  view, and you need the Digital Zoom.
 Pay: 1000 Units

12. Rhinoceros Sapiens
 Looks Like: A rhino person
 Found: They're the Mammago Boys, mon!
 Pay: 300 Units

13. Teratosaurus Imperator
 Looks Like: A DomZ Sea Serpent
 Found: You'll fight a few of these through the course of the game.  If you 
  keep forgetting to take a picture, go to a small cave to the left of Black 
  Isle to find some bones of one, which are just as good.
 Pay: 2000 Units

14. Rascax Caeruleus
 Looks Like: A blue dolphin-type fish
 Found: You can find blue scorpion fish most anywhere in the water.  Pey'j 
  will point them out when you first see them.  They're friendly, so don't 
  worry about missing any photo ops.
 Pay: 300 Units

15. Bufo Erectus
 Looks Like: A green frog
 Found: Several places, but you can start with the Vorax Lair, just to the 
  east of Mammago Garage.
 Pay: 450 Units

16. Lycoperdon Fugiferus
 Looks Like: A fungus with a red blob that pops up when your teammate slams 
  the ground.
 Found: A few places, but the first time to find them is in the Black Isle 
 Pay: 400 Units

17. Anemonia Mutabilis
 Looks Like: A purple anemone with bright blue fronds.
 Found: Black Isle mines
 Pay: 500 Units

18. Crochax Velox
 Looks Like: A winged-worm with nasty teeth.
 Found: Many caves, but first in the Black Isle mines.
 Pay: 1000 Units

19. Cyanea Urtica
 Looks Like: A bright blue jellyfish.
 Found: Black Isle mines, in the Secondary Shaft.
 Pay: 700 Units

20. Pelagia Pachydermis
 Looks Like: A darker jellyfish with spikes and skin.
 Found: Black Isle mines, in the Secondary Shaft.
 Pay: 800 Units

21. Alicia Splendens
 Looks Like: A large tentacle with bright blue fronds.
 Found: Black Isle mines, in the Secondary Shaft.
 Pay: 300 Units

22. Spongus Gluanteus
 Looks Like: A bunch of blue goop on the floor.
 Found: Black Isle mines.  From the Secondary Shaft, go to where you get the 
  Cutting Pliers.  On the way out, turn left at the map on the wall.  It's on 
  the floor.
 Pay: 500 Units

23. Helix Rupestris
 Looks Like: A red creature inside a spiral shell.
 Found: The same place as the Spongus Gluanteus (above).  It's on the back 
  wall.  To get it out of its shell, walk around on the sponge for a bit, then 
  quickly snap up the camera to get the shot.  It must be all the way out of 
  its shell, not just the eyes.
 Pay: 500 Units

24. Amoeba Polypodia
 Looks Like: A small blue amoeba
 Found: Black Isle mines, in the Ancient Mine.  After taking out the three 
  Crochax threatening Pey'j, go down the ramp you just lowered.  Behind it is 
  a small shaft leading to the little guys.  Get a pic as they poke their 
  heads out.
 Pay: 750 Units

25. Planaria Rupestris
 Looks Like: A blue floating organism.
 Found: Black Isle mines, in the Ancient Mine.  After taking out the three 
  Crochax threatening Pey'j, you'll be launched to the other side of a door.  
  On a box in the corner is a power box.  Kick it and the creature will come 
  out and float around.
 Pay: 500 Units

26. Nautilus Fluoreus
 Looks Like: A mollusk in a spiral shell floating around.
 Found: Black Isle mines, in the Main Shaft.  It leisurely floats around the 
  first area with its kids.
 Pay: 500 Units

27. Palinurus Rupestris
 Looks Like: A short, rotund, reptilian biped with two claws.
 Found: Several caves, but first in the Black Isle mines, in the Main Shaft.  
  You'll know them, as you just crushed their eggs...
 Pay: 900 Units

28. Pterolimax Gigantea
 Looks Like: The boss of the Black Isle mines.
 Found: At the end of the Black Isle mines.
 Pay: 3000 Units

29. Astacus Erectus
 Looks Like: A small brown lizard.
 Found: The Black Isle mines, on the surface.  Hop into the machine near the 
 Pay: 400 Units

30. Papilio Pilosus
 Looks Like: A purple slug.
 Found: The Black Isle mines.  In the area with the Astacus Erectus, knock 
  down the wire fence behind them.  Follow the tunnel, and, at the end, look 
  out across the room to see it crawling around.
 Pay: 300 Units

31. Aquilus Sapiens
 Looks Like: An eagle person.
 Found: The City.  He's the guys at the newsstand.
 Pay: 300 Units

32. Arachnis Viridis
 Looks Like: A green crawling bug.
 Found: The City.  Head into the unmarked door near the newsstand.  Look 
  beyond the red lasers.
 Pay: 350 Units

33: Walrus Sapiens
 Looks Like: A walrus person.
 Found: The City, walking around the Pedestrian District, also Ming-Tzu.
 Pay: 300 Units

34: Taurus Sapiens
 Looks Like: A cow person.
 Found: The City, tending the bar at the Akuda Bar.
 Pay: 350 Units

35: Carcharodon Sapiens
 Looks Like: A shark person.
 Found: The City, in the Akuda Bar, either the one playing the Paddle Game, or 
  Rufus over at the table.
 Pay: 400 Units

36: Felis Sapiens
 Looks Like: A cat person.
 Found: The City, in the IRIS Network HQ, is where Meï spends most of her 
 Pay: 400 Units

37: Koi Kumonryu
 Looks Like: A small eel.
 Found: The City, in Ming-Tzu's Shop, swimming around in his fishtank.
 Pay: 300 Units

38. Macropodia Omnivora
 Looks Like: A small pink slug.
 Found: The Alpha Sections Underground Quarters.  Use the entrance from the 
  eastern canal.  You need the Neutralizing Cannon to bust down the Filter 
  Drones and enter the area.
 Pay: 400 Units

39. Megaptera Purpurea
 Looks Like: A red whale.
 Found: Past the northern laser cordon past Black Isle.  Get a shot as it 
  breaks the surface.  It appears only after you join IRIS.
 Pay: 2200 Units

40. Manta Cyanea
 Looks Like: A flying manta ray.
 Found: Flying around the Factory.  It appears only after you join IRIS.
 Pay: 700 Units

41. Vorax Nocturnus
 Looks Like: A floating fish-like being.
 Found: In the entryway to the Factory.
 Pay: 500 Units

42. Rattus Giganteus
 Looks Like: A brown rat.
 Found: In the Factory, all over the place.
 Pay: 200 Units

43. Aedes Raymanis
 Looks Like: A tiny worm.
 Found: In the Factory, in the Laboratory room, on the nose of a dead cow.
 Pay: 800 Units

44. Cyclopeus Palustris
 Looks Like: A bipedal, one-eyed, very ill-tempered green thing.
 Found: In the Factory, after rescuing Double H, you'll find this guy, more 
  commonly known as a Reaper.
 Pay: 3500 Units

45. Sarcophagus DomZii
 Looks Like: A floating green being with two arms and a blue center.
 Found: The first time you can get a picture of these guys is in the Factory, 
  once you reach the Upper Hall.  
 Pay: 900 Units

46. Rattus Albus
 Looks Like: A white rat.
 Found: In the Factory, in the upper levels.  While you're crawling around 
  on the pipes in the beginning part, you'll see him behind one of the grates.  
  He'll spook easily, so wait until he comes and sneak up on him.
 Pay: 750 Units

47. Blabera Gregaria
 Looks Like: Tiny bugs.
 Found: In the Factory, in the Closet on the upper levels.  Open the cabinet.  
  Place a food item in the cabinet and take a picture once you get a green 
  circle, as it gets carried away.
 Pay: 700 Units

48. Manta Magnificens
 Looks Like: A really big red manta.
 Found: In the west ocean, to the northwest of the lighthouse.  Once you get 
  the Jump Jets you can find it.
 Pay: 850 Units

49. Megaptera Borealis
 Looks Like: A big blue whale.
 Found: In the south ocean, just swimming around.  You'll need the Jump Jets 
  to get close enough, though.
 Pay: 2000 Units

50. Anguilla Bifida
 Looks Like: A thin black eel.
 Found: In the Slaughterhouse Quarter, underneath the Torpedo Launcher.
 Pay: 600 Units

51. Trilobites Saltans
 Looks Like: A slug with yellow eyes
 Found: In the Slaughterhouse Entrance area, crawling around in the corner in 
  front of the huge gate.  You'll also fight a bunch of them in the East Wing.
 Pay: 1100 Units

52. Ignis Ignifera
 Looks Like: A red jelly-blob.
 Found: In the Slaughterhouse Ventilation Room.  Go to the Surveillance Room, 
  and ride the huge gate up with Double H's help.  Go to the other side you 
  climb up on to reach the room.  Kill all the Rats in your way and Gyrodisk 
  the switch above the flame to uncover him.
 Pay: 700 Units

53. Timorea Saponifera
 Looks Like: A blue bug trailing bubbles.
 Found: In the Slaughterhouse Trolley Entrance.  You can't miss the blue 
  bubbles, but it's tough to get a good shot.  Step back, fire a disk at the 
  pile of stuff it's hiding behind.  It'll hop over to the other pile.  You 
  need to take the picture as it's travelling from one pile to the other.  
  It's best to move the camera into its "traffic lane" just after firing the 
 Pay: 800 Units

54. Amoeba Saltans
 Looks Like: A green blob
 Found: In the Slaughterhouse Central Hall, accessed from the Trolley.  Just 
  as you step off the trolley, you can push the switch in front of you.  The 
  amoeba will hop from one pipe to the other.  Have Double H push the switch 
  so that you can get in a good position to take the shot.
 Pay: 500 Units

55. Aurelia Magnificens
 Looks Like: A blue blob on the wall
 Found: Volcano's Treasure, which you can get to after getting the Beluga to 
  fly.  Once you land and dock your hovercraft, the bugger should be very easy 
  to find.
 Pay: 500 Units

56. Megaptera Anaerobia
 Looks Like: A big space whale
 Found: In outer space.  Halfway between Hillys and the moon, shoot the big 
  chunk of space ice repeatedly to free the whale.
 Pay: 800 Units

6D. PA-1s =

Here's a list of all the PA-1s I've found, roughly in the order you should 
be able to find them:

1. Lighthouse - In the upstairs bathroom.
2. Vorax Lair - This area is east of the Mammago Garage.  You'll find it in 
 the cabinet in the entry landing area.
3. Black Isle Main Shaft - In the vending machine, just after your second 
 wire fence (although it's the first one you see).
4. Black Isle Surface - After getting the Cutting Pliers, you can cut the 
 fence up here (it's through a machine next to a pond).  Drop down to the 
 cabinet below.
5. The City - Bought from Nouri's Stand for 1500 Units.
6. The City - Bought from Ming-Tzu's Shop for 1500 Units.
7. The Factory - In the Electrical Closet, near the big power generator, 
 behind the electrical field (knock a Guardian into it).
8. The Factory - In Room #6 of the Shipping Room (sneaking area).  There are 
 two guards.  One who stands still and one who rotates.  Slip by both of them 
 and under a pipe, or just fight them.  The PA-1 is in a cabinet behind the 
 stationary one.
9. The Factory - Just after fighting the DomZ Robot at the end of the 
10. The Slaughterhouse - In the North Wing.  There's a room with two 
 Cyclopiuses.  There's also a door not guarded by an electric field.  This 
 door leads to an area where you can sneak by guards, mines, and modules to 
 reach the PA-1.
11. The Slaughterhouse - In the North Wing.  Soon after riding down an 
 elevator (you recently got a Fuse), you'll find a guard at the top of a ramp 
 with mines on it.  Behind that guard is the door to the room with the PA-1.
12. The Slaughterhouse - In the East Wing.  You'll find a room with cranes 
 moving boxes.  Grab onto a box to be carried into an area with the PA-1.
13. Selene - On the moon, once you get inside the Transmitter Base, you'll 
 find this in a nearby vending machine.

6E. Meca Impulsers =

Here's a list of all the Meca Impulsers I've found, roughly in the order you 
should be able to find them:

1. Mammago Garage - In the first vending machine.
2. Mammago Garage - In the second vending machine.
3. The City - Ming-Tzu's Shop
4. Alpha Section Underground Quarters - This one is accessible once you get 
 the Square Key.  Enter the gate on the west side of the channel that runs 
 around the outside of the city.  The Impulser is in a cabinet here.
5. Slaughterhouse - This is in the Trolley Entrance room, which is just off 
 the Surveillance Room.  You either need Double H to push a box so you can 
 get to it, or climb up through the broken window above the busted door.  It's 
 in a cabinet in that room.
6. Volcano's Treasure - After getting the Beluga to fly, go into Black Isle's 
 crater.  There's a cabinet with the Impulser just inside.

6F. MDisk #13: A Mini-Walkthrough =

Okay.  Here's how it goes.  First of all, you need to have a pretty high 
"score".  You're scored based on time, pearls, animals, etc.  You shouldn't 
even attempt this until your score is high enough.  I'd say you're in good 
shape once you beat Francis a second time at his Disk Game.

Now, go to http://www.beyondgoodevil.com/us.  On the main site, click on 
"Access the Darkroom".  You'll need to register for ubi.com at this point, 
if you haven't done so already.  It's free, and you can choose for them not 
to send you stuff.  Once that's done, go to the Darkroom proper.  Now, you 
need to enter your Internet Code.  To find this out, go to the game on your 
system and go to the Load Screen.  You'll see the Internet Code on the 
bottom of the screen.  Enter this sixteen-character code.  You'll get your 
score and ranking, and if you're high enough, click on "Mission", and you'll 
be given your secret IRIS Network mission.  You can enter your e-mail if you 
want to just be able to access the mission at any time, or just click on 
"Start the Mission".

What you have to do is hack into an account by guessing the password.  You 
have to guess the letters in the password.  It's just like Hangman.  Type in 
a letter, and if it's right, it will appear in the dashes on the password.  
If it's wrong, the "hacker tracing program" will begin.  If you get four 
wrong, you're done and will have to start over by clicking on the mission 
start link again.  If you get it right, though, the other window will change 
and will show you a four-character code.

Here is a list of all the possible passwords, arranged by their number of 
spaces (thanks go out to Jesper Rasmussen):









This four-character code is used in the Akuda Bar, on the cabinet next to the 
Disk Game.  This will give you MDisk #13 - The Disk Game.

This just isn't the normal game.  Oh no no no.  There are Options now:

Variable Power: Turn this on and you can set how hard you wish to throw your 
disk by how long you hold down the A Button.

Pallet Swap: Turn this on and there will be a blue cursor around the nearest 
disk you're pointing at.  Press X and you'll swap to that disk.

Player 1: Set Player 1 as a human or computer with variable difficulty.
Player 2: Same as Player 1.

So, have fun with it.  The game keeps track of how long a round lasts so you 
can time yourself.

7A. Legal =

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2004 Scott "CyricZ" 
Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your 
own.  You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that 
includes putting it in HTML format.  Please don’t post this on your site 
unless you have express consent by me.  I’ve put a lot of time into this.  
Give me some credit...

Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:


I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this FAQ.  
They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the Prince of Persia guides, but, 
trying to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed sites 
that I trust.

7B. E-mail Guidelines =

If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines...

- Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the guide.
- Make sure it has something to do with Beyond Good & Evil.  I don't want 
spam, chain letters, offers for friendship.  Compliment me on the FAQ all you 
want, though...
- Make sure you say Beyond Good & Evil at one point in your e-mail.  I have 
more than one FAQ, and asking a generic question such as "How do I beat the 
last boss?" doesn't tell me much.
- Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
your e-mail, it'll go to the junk pile...

7C. Credits =

CJayC, Al Amaloo, and IGN for having this on their sites.

UbiSoft for this awesome story-driven game.

Jill Rebryna and Alex Garcia, for some info on animalia that I didn't pick up.

7D. Version Updates =

Version 1.0 - 1/15/04 - Well, from start to finish, there you have it.  Unless 
 people find PA-1's that I haven't, or Meca Impuslers, I'd say that's about a 

Version 1.1 - 5/23/05 - Hi!  Missed me?  Some new locations of animals 
 (earlier, easier), and some other minor adjustments.

7E. The Final Word =


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CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.