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Scholar Quiz Guide by CEMAN4

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/19/2011

Dynasty Warrior 7 Scholar Quiz Questions & Answers
By: CEmAN4 (ceman04 at yahoo dot com)
Version: 1.1
Last Updated: April 19, 2011


Welcome to all of the quiz questions and answers in Dynasty Warriors 7!
Before we start a few questions and answers:

Q: How can I find the question I want?! There's so many!
A: Press Ctrl + F to search and then try typing in the first 5 or so words of
the question. It should go right to your question.

Q: Hey the answer you have is wrong! Why did you do this?
A: I apologize for any mistakes. It's not easy to type these all up
flawlessly. If you would like to help, email me (top) and I may update.

Q: Why am I stuck at X% questions answered!?!?
A: You need to complete all of the story modes to unlock all of the questions.

Any other questions? Just ask.

And now for the list



The Three Kingdoms are part of the history of which country?

Who among the following did not become an emperor?
-Cao Cao

Which of these is the beloved steed of Lu Bu and Guan Yu?
-Red Hare

Who was the former pirate-turned-Wu officer who always carried bells on his
-Gan Ning

How were Cao Cao and Cao Ren related?

Of the three brothers that started the Yellow Turban Rebellion, who was the
last to fall?
-Zhang Bao

Zhuge Liang was called "The Sleeping Dragon". Who was called "The Fledgling 
-Pang Tong

Who was the renowned doctor during the Three Kingdoms Era often referred to as
"The Diving Physician"?
-Hua Tuo

Sun Quan was known for having a strange appearance. What color was his beard?

"He is too good with his words and that is why I cannot trust him." Which 
officer was Liu Bei referring to when he said this to Zhuge Liang on his death
-Ma Su

Of the following people, who was Zhuge Liang's brother and was described as
looking like a donkey?
-Zhuge Jin

Which of Xiahou Dun's eyes was shot with an arrow during battle?
-The left

At the Battle of Sishui Gate, which of these individuals was slain by a then-
unknown Guan Yu?
-Hua Xiong

Who was chosen as the leader of the Anti-Dong Zhuo Alliance?
-Yuan Shao

Although Cao Pi succeeded Cao Cao as ruler, he was not the eldest son. Who was
Cao Cao's eldest son?
-Cao Ang

What was the name of Guan Yu's adoptive son, who was executed alongside his
father after Jing Province fell to Wu?
-Guan Ping

Who was the strategist that, after the failed assassination plot against Dong
Zhuo, fled to Luoyang with Cao Cao, but then became disillusioned by Cao Cao's
questionable ethics, and ultimately served under Lu Bu?
-Chen Gong

Who was it that kill Sun Quan's officer Ling Cao at the Battle of Jiangxia?
-Gan Ning

Who was the fearsome general under Yuan Shu renowned for his weapon of choice,
the trident?
-Ji Ling

In the time period of this story, a certain insect plagued the land, with
swarms of them ravaging crops and food supplies, causing widespread famine.
What is this insect called?

At the Battle of Chibi, which of Liu Bei's officers caught Cao Cao as he fled,
only to let him go?
-Guan Yu

What is the name of the conflict between the Han Dynasty and the rebel force 
called the "Yellow Turbans"?
-The Yellow Turban Rebellion

After the Yellow Turban Rebellion was quelled, Liu Bei was named Constable of
Anxi. However, after doing something to a Han official who had come on an
inspection, Liu Bei was forced to resign. What did he do to the official?
-Whipped him

Before becoming Cao Pi's wife, who was Lady Zhen betrothed to?
-Yuan Xi

What is the name of the individual who, at the behest of his elderly mother,
broke through the Yellow Turbans' forces alone to assist Kong Rong, and 
eventually defeated Guan Hai on the battlefield alongside Liu Bei?
-Taishi Ci

What gift did Zhuge Liang send Sima Yi while they fought one another at the 
Battle of the Wuzhang Plains?
-Women's Clothes

What was the name of the castle in which Liu Bei died?
-Baidi Castle

Upon witnessing Zhao Yun's might in battle, Liu Bei praised him by saying 
"Zhao Yun is ____ personified!" What goes in the blank?

Guan Yu was deified after his death. What is he considered the god of?

The song that served as the war cry of the Yellow Turbans was, "The Blu Heaven
is dead. The time of the Yellow Heaven has arrived." The "Yellow Heaven" 
refers to the Yellow Turbans. What does the "Blue Heaven" refer to?
-The Han dynasty

Due to his impressive beard, Guan Yu was called "Lord of the Magnificent 
Beard." who was it that first called him this?
-Emperor Xian

How did Pang Tong spend his time when he was appointed to the position of 
county magistrate by Liu Bei?
-Drinking wine

Lu Meng, Zhang Zhao, Zhang Hong, Lu Su, Zhuge Jin, Lu Fan, and Zhou Fang all
served which faction?

After the Battle of Hulao Gate, Dong Zhuo set fire to Luoyang and moved the
Imperial Court to another city. Which city did he move it to?

Cao Cao's grandfather was a eunuch. What exactly are eunuchs?
-Castrated people

Sun Shang Xiang had an affinity for the fighting arts, and was given a 
nickname based on an item she always carried with her. What was that item?

On one of Cao Cao's campaigns, his forces suffered from a water shortage. Cao
Cao famously said, "There's a ____ forest up ahead!" to motivate his troops. 
Fill in the blank.

Fill in the blank: Sun Jian is known as the ____ of Jiangdong.

Cao Cao died in 220 AD, as did Xiahou Dun. Several other people of note died 
that year, but which one of these people did not?
-Zhang Fei

Who was the venerable general who started his career as a Yellow Turban. but
whose exploits continued up until the fall of Shu?
-Liao Hua

When Sun Jian was 17 years old, he made a name for himself by fighting off a
group of dangerous foes. What was it that he defeated?

Who had such a close relationship with Zhou Yu that it was said to be like an
iron bond?
-Sun Ce

Who gave Zhang Jiao the "Three Scrolls of Heaven" that taught him the Way of
-The Mystic of Nanhua

The stories of the Three Kingdoms took place near the end of the Eastern Han
Period. Who then, was the first emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty?
-Emperor Guangwu

Of the following people, who was not directly related to Cao Cao?
-Cao Shuang

Known as the Little Conqueror of Jiangdong, Sun Ce defeated numerous
surrounding rivals. Out of the following people, who was not defeated by Sun 
-Yuan Shu

In the story, which given name exists in all three of the Ma, Cao, and Sun

Guan Yu was called "Lord of the Magnificent Beard." How long was his beard?
-2 chi

During his Southern Campaign, Zhuge Liang would capture and release Meng Huo
several times. How many times did Zhuge Liang have to capture Meng Huo before
he finally accepted defeat?
-7 times

Bao Sanniang was said to be Guan Suo's wife, but she does not appear in
"Romance of the Three Kingdoms." What literary work does she appear in?
-Hua Guan Suo Zhuan

Which weapon, invented by Zhuge Liang, fires multiple arrows at the same time?

Which Shu officer was known for being very active and powerful despite his old
-Huang Zhong

While on the run in his last days, Yuan Shu became thirsty one day and asked a
cook in his service to give him some honey water. The cook replied, "We have 
no honey water, but we do have ____." What was ____?
-Blood water

When Liu Bei was defeated by Cao Cao in Xu Province, Guan Yu was cornered by
Cao Cao's forces at Xiapi. Through the efforts of his old friend Zhang Liao,
Guan Yu agreed to surrender to Cao Cao temporarily, but how many conditions 
did he put forth?

Zhuge Liang gave Liu Shan a document before setting out on his Northern 
Campaigns. What was the name of the document?
-Chu Shi Biao

As Zhuge Liang prepared to march home after the Southern Campaign, Meng Huo
wanted to offer human sacrifices to the river to prevent flooding. Zhuge Liang
instead threw something else into the rivers to stop the flooding. What were

Who said, "When you meet someone you have not met for three days, you should 
see him with a new eye"?
-Lu Meng

Wei Yan was known for having a head which protruded in the back. What did this
-He would become a rebel

When Cao Cao sent out his call to arms against Dong Zhuo, Liu Bei led a 
volunteer force under the command of a certain general. Who was this general?
-Gongsun Zan

The Nine Rank System was a revolutionary administrative system that was 
instituted during Cao Pi's rule. Who devised this system?
-Chen Qun

When Zhang Xiu attacked Cao Cao in a nighttime raid, he defeated the fierce
general Dian Wei, but afterwards, when he was faced with Cao Cao's 
counterattack, he turned to another lord for assistance. Who was that lord?
-Liu Biao

While under the protection of Liu Biao, Liu Bei looked at a part of his own
body, and lamented how it symbolized his recent lack of opportunities to prove
himself in battle. What part of his body was it?
-His thighs

Who served as the vanguard of the Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition forces at the
Battle of Sishui Gate?
-Sun Jian

Of Shu's Five Tiger Generals, who was the last to join Liu Bei's ranks?
-Ma Chao

Of the following, who has a style name in "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" that
is different from his actual historical style name?
-Zhang Fei

Who instructed Liu Feng not to send Guan Yu any reinforcements while he was
surrounded by Wu forces in Jing province?
-Meng Da

What did Sun Jian wear on his head when he made his first appearance at the 
Battle of Hulao Gate?
-A red scarf

Who was Huang Zhong and Wei Yan's first lord?
-Han Xuan

Who made the "Map of Nanman" and presented it to Zhuge Liang during the 
Southern Campaign?
-Lu Kai

Sun Jian was said to be descended from a famous individual. Who was that
-Sun Wu

Who was the tallest person in "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"?
-King Wutugu

What was second Shu Emperor Liu Shan's name as a child?

After quelling a Yellow Turban uprising in a certain region? Cao Cao selected
elite troops from those that surrendered and incorporated them into his own 
army. What were these troops called?
-The Qingzhou Troops

Which kingdom unified the Three Kingdoms?

Of the following people, whose father is different between actual history and
the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" novel?
-Xiahou Mao

Jia Xu served Wei since the age of Cao Cao, but who was the ruler of Wei when
Jia Xu died?
-Cao Pi

All of the following people are children of Cao Pi, but which is also a child
of Lady Zhen?
-Cao Rui

In the Three Kingdoms Story, when Sun Jian makes his first appearance, his
wide forehead, large face and body are like to that of a tiger. Which animal
were his thick hips compared to?
-A bear

The allied forces of Liu Bei and Sun Quan chose to use a fire attack against
the invading Wei forces. In order for a fire attack to succeed, the wind must
blow towards the enemy forces. what direction did Zhuge Liang "pray" for the
wind to blow from?

What is the vow of brotherhood the Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei took
commonly referred to as?
-The Peach Garden Oath


Which Wei strategist was responsible for laying the foundations of the Jin 
-Sima Yi

Which final Wei emperor was forced to abdicate by Sima Yan?
-Cao Huan

Who was Wu's last emperor?
-Sun Hao

Which son of Zhuge Liang's who married Liu Shan's daughter (also an officer of
Shu) died during Deng Ai's invasion?
-Zhuge Zhan

What was the name of Xiahou Yuan's eldest son who defected to Shu?
-Xiahou Ba

What is the name of Liu Shan's fifth son who staunchly resisted Wei when they
-Liu Chen

Which Wei officer led the invasion of Shu, and was one of the first to arrive
at Chengdu?
-Deng Ai

What is the name of the Jin officer who was ordered by Sima Yan to attack Wu, 
but still maintained his friendship with Lu Kang?
-Yang Hu

When Sun Quan defeated his brother's nemesis Huang Zu, who was the officer who
fought under Huang Zu and was taken prisoner, but had his life spared from
execution by Gan Ning?
-Su Fei

When his brother Sun Ce died, Sun Quan broke down crying. Who was it that saw
him and said, "This is no time to be crying"?
-Zhang Zhao

Upon hearing of Sun Ce's death, Zhou Yu came to visit Sun Quan. When Sun Quan
consulted with Zhou Yu on what to do next, who did Zhou Yu recommend to help 
-Lu Su

Following the death of his father Sun Jian, Sun Ce received the protection of
Yuan Shu as a guest general. When Sun Ce complained about having to serve 
beneath the despotic Yuan Shu, who was it that recommended he borrow troops 
and head for Jiangdong?
-Zhu Zhi

Who is the officer that killed a messenger from Sun Quan to please Cao Rui, 
and then became unsatisfied with the title he was given and rebelled against
Wei, declaring himself king of Yan?
-Gongsun Yuan

Liu Bei's arms were so long, that he could touch the bottom of his knees 
without bending over. Who else had long arms like Liu Bei?
-Sima Yan

Known as The Little Conqueror, Sun Ce looked to carry on his father's 
ambition. Of the following people, who did not serve Wu since the time of his
-Ling Cao

Who received orders from Sima Yan to attack Wu and successfully captured Sun 
-Wang Jun?

Of the following people, who was not recommended by Zhou Yu?
-Lu Xun

Who was the minister favored by Sun Hao that led Wu to its demise?
-Cen Hun

When Sun Jian invaded Luoyang as part of the alliance against Dong Zhuo, where
did he find the Imperial Seal?
-Inside a well

How many times did Liu Bei have to visit Zhuge Liang before he joined his
-Three times

What was the name of the tribe of people who had the lands of Jiangnan as 
their base and caused numerous problems for Wu?

Who was known as the "Little Conqueror"?
-Sun Ce

Who shares the same dates of birth and death as Zhuge Liang?
-Emperor Xian

Who was angered by Sima Shi's abandonment of Cao Feng and started a rebellion
along with Wen Qin?
-Guanqiu Jian

Who was the unfortunate Yellow Turban general that was cut down by Guan Yu in
his first battle?
-Cheng Yuanzhi

Men who had been punished by castration were sometimes made to serve in the
female quarters of the Imperial Court. They served as advisers to the emperor,
and were often guilty of spreading corruption. What were these men 
collectively referred to as?

Who was the general under Yuan Shao that, at the battle of Baima, killed Cao 
Cao's generals Wei Xu, and Song Xian, and also routed Xu Huang?
-Yan Liang

During the Southern Campaign, many of Zhuge Liang's troops began to suffer
from vitamin B deficiency. As a countermeasure, Zhuge Liang began harvesting a
certain vegetable within the camp. What was this vegetable?

Who served all of the following three generals: Sun Jian, Sun Ce, and Sun
-Han Dang

At the Battle of Chibi, who was the one who used a fake letter to deceive Cao
Cao in order to allow Zhou Yu and Huang Gai's plot to succeed?
-Kan Ze

When Guan Yu left Cao Cao to rejoin Liu Bei, who was the former Yellow Turban-
turned-bandit that tried to steal Red Hare from him?
-Peo Yuanshao

After being defeated by Lu Bu in Xiaopei, Liu Bei fled alone, abandoning his
family. Who subsequently negotiated his family's safety with Lu Bu?
-Mi Zhu

What was Zhang Fei's profession before meeting Liu Bei?
-Meat and wine salesman

Who did Zhao Yun first serve?
-Yuan Shao

After the defeat and death of Lu Bu, a captured Zhang Liao continually hurled
insults at Cao Cao. When an incensed Cao Cao raised his sword to slay him, 
someone grabbed hold of his hand from behind to stop him. Who was it?
-Liu Bei

While under siege in Xiapi, Lu Bu issued a prohibition on the consumption of
alcohol. Who was it during that time that, in an effort to start a banquet, 
sent Lu Bu some food and drink, but was then instead punished by whipping?
-Hou Cheng

Ma Liang, who served Liu Bei, had many brothers but he was considered to be 
the most talented. There is a part of Ma Liang's body that was later used to 
describe someone who demonstrated great skill. What part of his body was used?
-White eyebrows

Jiang Wei was originally an officer of Wei who later defected to Shu. Which 
Wei officer joined him in defecting?
-Yin Shang

Lu Bu hailed from the Wuyuan region of Bing province. Who was the other person
that hailed from the same region?
-Li Su

Which written work did Zhang Song commit to memory after reading it just once?
-Annotation of Sun Tzu's Strategies

After relocating to Luoyang after the fall of Shu, Liu Shan was asked, "Do you
miss Shu?" to which he replied, "No, not at all." Who chastised him for this?
-Xi Zheng

What was the name of the dynasty that Yuan Shu founded?

Who was the unfortunate Yellow Turban general that was cut down by Zhang Fei 
in his first battle?
-Deng Zhi

During the battle with Yuan Shao, who was the man that took the beautiful Lady
Zhen as his wife and eventually became the first Emperor of Wei?
-Cao Pi

How many gates did Guan Yu have to make his way through to free himself from 
Cao Cao's captivity and return to Liu Bei?

What kingdoms comprise the "Three Kingdoms"?
-Wei, Wu, and Shu

When Yuan Shu declared himself emperor, who tried to persuade him to 
reconsider by letter?
-Sun Ce

Who advised Sun Quan he should move Wu's capital to Moling?
-Zhang Hong

How many brothers did Sima Yi have?

Hua Tuo was imprisoned after earning the ire of Cao Cao. As he resigned 
himself to his fate, he gave a prison guard that had been good to him a 
medical journal that he had written. What was it called?
-Qingnang Shu

The famed physician Hua Tuo was summoned by Cao Cao to treat his painful
headaches. However, when Cao Cao heard what the treatment was, he became 
enraged. What was the treatment?
-Cutting his head open

Sima Zhao was pinned down by Jiang Wei's forces and he was confined at Mt.
Tielong. What action did he take when his water supplies ran out?
-He prayed

Wang Yuanji was Sima Yan's mother. Who was her grandfather?
-Wang Lang

Of the following, who was never a Yellow Turban?
-Han Hao

The "Qingnang Shu," the medical journal written by Hua Tuo, was accidentally
burned, but one part of it was salvaged from the flames. What did its contents
deal with?

Guan Yu and Guang Ping almost lost their lives to Lu Meng's deadly strategy 
in Jing Province. Who would eventually receive Guan Yu's Green Dragon Crescent
-Pan Zhang

what position did Zhuge Liang take after Lie Bei conquered Shu?

When Guan Yu left Cao Cao to rejoin Liu Bei, who proposed that he should be
pursued and executed?
-Cheng Yu

Of the following, who did not participate in the Anti-Dong Zhuo Alliance?
-Liu Yan

During the Northern Campaigns, Zhuge Liang retreated from Jieting using his
"Empty Castle" strategy. Who saw through his plan and warned Sima Yi?
-Sima Zhao

Which great strategist, who, like Zhuge Liang, studied under Sima Hui served
under Liu Bei, left Liu Bei to serve Cao Cao due to Cao Cao's machinations?
-Xu Shu

Zhuge Liang's family members, such as his elder brother Zhuge Jin of Wu can
be found in the service of all three kingdoms of Wei, Wu, and Shu. Which of 
the following Zhuge family members did not serve Wei?
-Zhuge Jun

At the Battle of Guandu, the showdown between Cao Cao and Yuan Shao, which one
of the following Yuan Shao officers did not defect?
-Chunyu Qiong

Out of the following, who is not a blood-relative of Sun Quan?
-Sun Shao

Who was Wang Yuanji's father?
-Wang Su

Before dueling, Zhang Fei would often ask opponents, "Know you that I'm Zhang
Fei of Yan?" Which one of his opponents retorted, "I hail from an esteemed
family. How could I possibly be familiar with scum like you?"
-Ma Chao

The Oath at the Peach Garden took place at the back of whose house?
-Zhang Fei

Who served Wu as a prefect of Poyang and had to shave his head to prove to Cao
Xiu of Wei that his offer of surrender was genuine?
-Zhou Fang

Although Zhuge Dan was a Wei officer, he was never appointed to high positions
of power due to his relationship with Zhuge Liang. What was his relationship 
to Zhuge Liang?

When Guan Yu received a wound from a poisoned arrow, he underwent surgical
treatment by the famed physician Hua Tuo. Though he was not under any 
anesthetic, Guan Yu remained stoic, even playing a game of Go during the 
surgery. Who was his opponent?
-Ma Liang

To initiate the fire attack at Chibi, Huang Gai pretended to defect to the
enemy. The ship carrying Huang Gai toward Cao Cao's fleet was moving
peculiarly fast, as the southeast wind had begun to carry it. Which one of
Cao Cao's officers was the first to realize that something was amiss?
-Cheng Yu

Who told Sun Jian that the Imperial Seal found in the well was real?
-Cheng Pu

Guo Jia was recommended to Cao Cao by Cheng Yu. However, in the official
histories, he was recommended by a different person. Who was it?
-Xun Yu

To allow Liu Bei to escape Cao Cao's pursuit, Zhang Fei made a solitary stand
at Changban Bridge. Which of these officers was not among Cao Cao's forces 
that were in pursuit?
-Xu Huang

At the Battle of Hefei, Gan Ning led a bold night raid on Cao Cao's main camp
with 100 men. To easily indicate allies, he placed a feather of a certain bird
on everyone's helmet. Which bird was it?

Which one of Sima Zhao's advisers ordered the assassination of Cao Mao, the
Wei Emperor?
-Jia Chong

Of Lu Bu's followers, which of the following went on the become one of the
Five Generals of Wei?
-Zhang Liao

Of the following, who was the first to join Liu Bei?
-Jian Yong

Which one of these individuals never served as Chancellor?
-Sima Yi

Before the Battle of Chibi, Sun Quan warned his men: "I will cut down any who
speak of surrender!" and cut something to demonstrate his will. What did he 
-A desk

Of the following people, who was not a relative of Cao Cao?
-Cao Xing

As a guest general in Zhang Lu's forces, Pang De fought bravely against Cao 
Cao, but he pursued fleeing enemies too far, and was lured into a trap. Who 
was it the fled under false pretense to lure Pang De?
-Xu Zhu

Whose drinking habits were so bad that he himself said, "When I am drunk and
order someone killed, do not kill that person"?
-Sun Quan

The Five Generals of Wei included Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Zhang He, Li Dian, and
what other officer?
-Yue Jin

Zhuge Liang proposed to Liu Bei his plan for the Three Kingdoms. Meanwhile, a
Wu officer proposed to Sun Quan that the land should be split between two
kingdoms. Who was this officer?
-Gan Ning

Who confiscated the Han Imperial Seal in Sun Ce's possession, and declared
himself Emperor?
-Yuan Shu

He Jin moved quickly up the ranks of the Imperial Court to become General-in-
Chief thanks to his sister Empress He. But what was his former profession?

Originally serving under Ma Teng, this man later went on to serve Cao Cao.
Suspected of having dual loyalties, he carried a casket into battle with him.
Who was he?
-Pang De

Who received orders to capture Zhuge Liang from Zhou Yu after the Battle of
-Ding Feng

Who authored the accurate historical account of the Three Kingdoms?
-Chen Shou

Who was Diao Chan's patron, and the mastermind behind the assassination plit
against Dong Zhuo?
-Wang Yun

Which of Cao Cao's advisers recommended at the Battle of Tong Gate that they
drive a wedge between Ma Chao and his friend Han Sui?
-Jia Xu

In 223 AD, Wei attacked Wu. Who received orders from Xu Sheng to rescue Sun 
Shao as well as the one ultimately responsible for wounding Zhang Liao with
the arrow that eventually killed him?
-Ding Feng

A strategist in Yuan Shao's service was said to be so brilliant, he was 
compared to the like of Zhang Liang and Chen Ping, legendary advisers to the 
Han Emperor Gaozu. However, at the Battle of Guandu, not only were his words
ignored, they were considered slanderous enough to warrant his imprisonment.
Who was this unfortunate officer?
-Tian Feng

What tome was said to have been discovered by Zuo Ci at Mt. Emei?
-Dunjia Tianshu

Zhuge Liang, Fei Yi, Jiang Wan, and Dong Yun remained loyal and served Shu
until the day it fell. What is the nickname given to these four officers?
-The Four Heroes

During Zhuge Liang's second Northern Campaign, who held off the Shu Army at
Chencang Castle and halted its advance north?
-Hao Zhao

Who was the barbarian king that fought under Liu Bei during his campaign 
against Wu, and slew Gan Ning in battle by shooting an arrow through his head?
-Sha Moke

Though he had lost all imperial titles after the campaign against Dong Zhuo,
after Dong Zhuo's death, this Eastern Han general was welcomed into the ranks
of Li Jue and Guo Si, and made a triumphant return to the Han Court as
Minister Coachman. Who was he?
-Zhu Jun

Yan Liang and Wen Chou were two famous officers who served Yuan Shao. Which of
the two was killed by Guan Yu at the Battle of Guandu
-Both were killed

What is the name of the elderly warrior who was captured by Zhang Fei during
Liu Bei's conquest of Shu and eventually killed Xiahou De at Mt. Tiandang?
-Yan Yan

Having more difficulty against the coalition force than he imagined, Dong Zhuo
attempted to pull one of the regional leaders to his side by offering his 
daughter's hand in marriage. Who was this leader?
-Sun Jian

To pursue Liu Bei, who was fleeing south from Xinye, Cao Cao appointed two
former officers under Liu Cong as navy commanders. One was Cai Mao. Who was 
the other?
-Zhang Yun

Who received orders from Sun Xiu, the Emperor of Wu, to kill the tyrannical
Sun Chen?
-Ding Feng

Cao Cao dreaded the idea of an alliance between Lu Bu and Liu Bei. What plan
did Xun Yu propose to prevent this?
-The Hungry Tigers strategy

Who cut down Cui Yong in one strike in his first appearance in the Three
Kingdoms story?
-Xu Huang

Sun Ce was made a general. What type of general was he appointed as?
-General who Punishes Rebels

Sun Jian was made a general. What type of general was Sun Jian appointed as?
-General who Destroys Insurgents

Dong Zhuo removed Emperor Shao from the throne and installed Emperor Xian. He
would later order the death of Emperor Shao, but who actually carried it out?
-Li Ru

After being pressed by the coalition force against him, Dong Zhuo proposed
that the Imperial Capital be moved from Luoyang to Chang'an. Which one of the
following people was "demoted" to commoner status for opposing the move?
-Xun Yu's uncle

Lian Shi was related to an officer who served Sun Quan. Who was she related
-Bu Zhi

Who was the officer under Cao Zhen that was known for his "meteor hammer"
weapon, but during Zhuge Liang's Northern Campaign, was led into a trap and
slain by Wei Yan?
-Wang Shuang

Guan Yu's style name is Yunchang, but initially he had a different style name.
What was it?

Which one of Sun Jian's sons lived second longest?
-Sun Ce

Who turned down a drink of alcohol from Zhang Fei while they were guarding Xu
Province together under Tao Qian's orders, resulting in him being lashed with
a whip?
-Cao Bao

Which officer served under Tao Qian and murdered Cao Cao's father, Cao Song?
-Zhang Kai

Who is the officer who served Liu Zhang and killed Pang Tong at Fallen Phoenix
-Zhang Ren

Which of the following pairs were so inseparable as to have inspired a saying
comparing their relationship to that of a fish and water?
-Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang

This historical figure surrendered to Liu Bei during his attack on Jing 
Province and got along well with Zhao Yun with whom he shares the same last 
name, birthplace, and birth year. However, he angered Zhao Yun by trying to
arrange a marriage for his older brother's wife. Who was he?
-Zhao Fan

What is the name of the horse originally thought to be bad luck that saved Liu
Bei when he was fleeing from Cai Mao at the Tan River?
-Hex Mark

Who was it that labeled Cao Cao, "An able ruler in times of peace, and an
unparalleled hero in times of chaos"?
-Xu Shao

Zhuge Liang is said to have died in the Wuzhang Plains in autumn. What month
was it (in the lunar calendar)?

Which military strategy did Zhuge Liang author and pass down to Jiang Wei?
-The 24 War Manuals

During the Three Kingdoms Period, what type of ship was utilized for its long,
slender hull to ram into enemy naval fleets?

This question refers to when Liu Bei was a guest general of Cao Cao. When Cao
Cao turned to Liu Bei ans said, "Only you and I deserve the name of hero at
present time." Liu Bei was caught off-guard and accidentally dropped what he
was holding at the time. What did he drop?
-His chopsticks

The Wuzhang Plains became famous for being the site where Zhuge Liang died. 
What best describes the terrain of this area?

Wei Yan betrayed Shu shortly after Zhuge Liang's death. Who killed Wei Yan?
-Ma Dai

Of the following, who was one of the Chinese "Four Beauties"?
-Diao Chan

Lu Xun defeated Liu Bei at Yiling and, upon Liu Bei's retreat, attempted to
chase him down to deal the final blow. However, he became lost in Zhuge 
Liang's Stone Sentinel Maze and only narrowly escaped with his life. Who came
to Lu Xun's aid?
-Huang Chengyuan

How many Northern Campaigns did Zhuge Liang carry out?

Before the Battle of Guandu, Yuan Shao informed Cao Cao of a slanderous letter
written about him by someone. The content of the letter terrified Cao Cao
greatly. Who wrote this letter?
-Chen Lin

Wang Ping fought for Wei as a lieutenant of a certain officer. However, he
defected to Shu after his relationship deteriorated with his superior during
the Battle of Hanzhong. Who was Wang Ping a lieutenant for?
-Xu Huang

One of Cao Cao's advisers, Xun Yu, received an item from Cao Cao that made him
realize his services were no longer need, and take his own life. What was the
-An empty food box

At the Battle of Guandu, the one-on-one battle between Zhang Liao of Cao Cao's
forces and Zhang He of Yuan Shao's forces ended without a victor. Also during
this same battle, a fight between Xu Zhu and another officer of Yuan Shao's
forces ended in a draw. Who was that officer?
-Gao Lan

Of Wei, Wu, Shu, and (Western) Jin, which kingdom had the most emperors?

What was the name of Cao Cao's sword that Zhao Yun seized from Xiahou En at
-Qinggang Sword

Which one of Cao Cao's advisers died of illness at a young age, causing Cao 
Cao to lament that he would not have lost the Battle of Chibi if he had still
been alive?
-Guo Jia

The leader of Shu's Five Tiger Generals was Guan Yu. Who was the lowest
ranking, according to the official Three Kingdoms history?
-Zhao Yun

What did Liu Bei become, in opposition to Cao Cao becoming the King of Wei?
-King of Hanzhong

What is the name of the king who wore armor that could deflect blades and
arrows who appeared during the Southern Campaign?
-King Wutugu

Of the following people, who was not a blood relative of Zhuge Liang?
-Zhuge Xu

Of the following, who died in the same year as Gongsun Zan?
-Yuan Shu

Pang Tong's style name was Ziyuan. Of the following, who had the same style
name as Pang Tong?
-Sima Shi

Of the emperors of the three kingdoms of Wei, Wu, and Shu, which emperor
stayed in power the longest?
-Liu Shan

Before the death of Emperor Ling of Han, a standing army under direct Imperial
rule was established and the "eight colonels of the Western Garden" were
appointed as commanders. Of the following, who was not one of the eight
-Liu Yan

Who hung himself upside down in an attempt to convince Liu Zhang not to
welcome Liu Bei into Shu, but later died after hitting his head when he cut
himself down?
-Wang Lei

Which preferred eunuch of Liu Shan's was ultimately responsible for Shu's
-Huang Hao

Gongsun Zan found himself in a pinch after being run down by Wen Chou, one of
Yuan Shao's subordinates during his battle against Yuan Shao. Who came to
Gongsun Zan's rescue?
-Zhao Yun

When Sun Jian died in battle after being ambushed by Liu Biao's forces, who of
Liu Biao'd men was traded in exchange for Sun Jian's body?
-Huang Zu

Which former bandit served Guan Yu and committed suicide after discovering 
that his lord and Guan Ping were killed by Lu Meng at Mai Castle in Jing
-Zhou Cang

During the eradication of the Yellow Turbans, Lu Zhi refused to bribe a head
government official, resulting in slander against him and demotion. Who was
appointed as Lu Zhi's replacement?
-Dong Zhuo

The kingdoms of Wei, Wu, and Shu were all eventually taken over by Jin, but
the emperors of all three kingdoms were given a special title, this preserving
their social status. Of the following, who died last?
-Liu Shan

Which one of Zhang Fei's sons acted as a messenger bearing Shu's surrender to
Wei and accompanied Liu Shan on his relocation to Luoyang?
-Zhang Shao

Who was the "Emperor Yangming" who was defeated by a young Sun Jian?
-Xu Chang

During the Yellow Turban Rebellion, Liu Bei mixed together a concoction of
pig, sheep, and dog's blood to counter Zhang Bao's summoning of apparitions
from the heavens. Who called for Liu Bei to use this method?
-Zhu Jun

Many people opposed Dong Zhuo when he removed Emperor Shao from his throne and
proposed support for Emperor Xian. However, who of the following did not 
oppose his idea?
-Wang Yun

When He Jin ordered the eradication of all eunuchs, Zheng Tai did not want to
allow Dong Zhuo into the capital. What did Zheng Tai compare Dong Zhuo to in
order to support his position?
-A jackal

Is Guan Suo the first, second, third, or fourth of Guan Yu's sons?
-Third son

Which one of Shu's Five Tiger Generals was the third to die?
-Huang Zhong

When Cao Cao exhibited rudeness during a hunt, Emperor Xian decided that he 
had finally had enough of him and entrusted his father-in-law, Dong Cheng, 
with an imperial order calling for the death of Cao Cao. Of the following, who
was not involved in this plot to assassinate Cao Cao?
-Han Sui

Who did Cao Cao say was like a "rotting skeleton in a graveyard"?
-Yuan Shu

Who did not take part in Zhuge Liang's Southern Campaign?
-Ma Chao

Which of Ma Chao's younger brothers was killed with their father, Ma Teng?
-Ma Xiu

After Yuan Shao died, his children were divided in conflict over his 
inheritance and who would be his successor. Of the following, who is Yuan
Shao's oldest son?
-Yuan Tan

After his subordinate Yu Fan left him for shielding the bandit Yan Baihu from
Sun Ce's pursuit, this man went on to serve Cao Cao after being defeated by
Sun Ce. Who was he?
-Wang Lang

Zhuge Liang cried in mourning at Zhou Yu's funeral, putting to rest any
worries that Wu's government officials may have had about the rivalry between
the two. Afterward, who attempted to cut down Zhuge Liang as he was preparing
to leave?
-Pang Tong

Of the following, who was not a member of Yuan Shu's ranks?
-Qiao Mao

When Liu Bei and Sun Shang Xiang's marriage was proposed from Wu, who was the
emissary sent back by Liu Bei to deliver his response?
-Sun Qian

Who was the Wu emissary present when Liu Bei and Sun Shang Xiang announced
their marriage?
-Lu Fan

Lady Zhen was born into a wealthy family during the Eastern Han Period. Her 
father, Zhen Yi, was a government official. In all, she had three brothers and
four sisters. In order from oldest to youngest, which was Lady Zhen?
-5th daughter

Who acted as Liu Bei's matchmaker for his marriage with Sun Shang Xiang?
-Sun Qian

Of the following, who was not one of the Seven Scholars of Jian'an?
-Cao Pi

Dong Zhuo, under intense pressure from the allied forces against him, 
abandoned Luoyang and forced a relocation of the capital to Chang'an. Which
officer held down and protected the front line of Hulao Pass for Dong Zhuo's
forces during this time?
-Zhao Cen

Which of the following officers did not die at Wan Castle?
-Pang De

Where did Lu Su, a tactical general of Wu, die?

Who, upon observing his extremely wise son, made the statement, "This child 
will either bring great honor to my household or destroy it."?
-Zhuge Jin

Of the following, who used the Green Dragon Crescent Blade?
-Pan Zhang

When Liu Bei went to attack Yuan Shu while serving as a guest officer for Cao
Cao, this person was ordered together with Liu Zhao to supervise Liu Bei's 
efforts, but her returned without completing his mission and was nearly 
executed by Cao Cao. Who was he?
-Zhu Ling

Upon receiving a report from Liu Bei's forces during their campaign to Yiling,
Zhuge Liang exclaimed, "Who advised such an arrangement? He ought to be put to
death, whoever he is!" Who was it that advised such an arrangement?
-Liu Bei

Who recommended Zhuge Jin to Sun Quan?
-Lu Su

What was Zhu Rong particularly skilled with?
-Flying Swords

Who of the following was not present at Liu Bei's side as he passed away?
-Liu Shan

Who killed Ahui Nan, an officer who served under Meng Huo?
-Meng Huo

During Zhuge Liang's Southern Campaign, which one of Meng Huo's subordinates
was killed by Zhao Yun?
-Jinhuan Sanjie

Despite nearly dying in numerous battles, Cao Cao was each time saved by one
of his subordinates. Of the following people, who never saved Cao Cao's life 
in battle?
-Xiahou Dun

What was the name of Xu Zhu's child?
-Xu Yi

During Zhuge Liang's Southern Campaign, who used sorcery to control beasts 
such as tigers, leopards, and venomous snakes to wreak havoc upon the Shu 
-King Mulu

Cao Cao gave Dian Wei the nickname of "Elai." Elai was a warrior of old known
for his strength; who did he serve under?
-King Zhou of Shang

Stuck in a long battle with Ma Chao, Cao Cao refused to withdraw his troops
when winter came. With his men in danger of dying from the cold, he quickly
built a castle to help protect them from the elements by using a certain 
material. What was the material?

Of the following, who was Cai Wenji's father?
-Cai Yong

Amidst the chaos of the uprisings caused by the remnants of Dong Zhuo's 
followers, Cai Wenji was taken by the Xiongnu and imprisoned by their King of
the Left. Who then freed her from captivity?
-Cao Cao

Zhang Xiu surrendered to Cao Cao, but he promptly executed an ambush under the
cover of night while Cao Cao was sleeping with his uncle Zhang Ji's wife. Who
was Zhang Ji's wife?
-Lady Zou

Who pleaded for their life and survived after being captured by Guan Yu during
the batte at Fan Castle, much to the disappointment of Cao Cao?
-Yu Jin

Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, and Cao Ren were all cousins of Cao Cao. Who of the 
following was also a cousin of Cao Cao?
-Cao Chun

Emperors would receive a posthumous name upon death. Of the following, only 
one has a different posthumous name from the rest. Who is it?
-Liu Shan

Of the following, who married the same person as her older sister?
-Xing Cai

Sima Yi's brothers were all well-known for being capable, talented men. Who 
was their father?
-Sima Fang

Wang Yun successfully used Diao Chan to get his revenge on Dong Zhuo. Who 
killed Wang Yun?
-Li Jue and Guo Si

During the Battle of Chibi, who did Pang Tong serve under?
-Sun Quan

Who grabbed Pang Tong by the sleeve as he tried to make his escape after
tricking Cao Cao into falling for his "Chain Strategy" at the battle of Chibi?
-Xu Shu

Mi Heng would often criticize many of Cao Cao's favorite subordinates directly
to his face. Who was he referring to when he told Cao Cao, "He has a nice 
face, so he is good for conveying concern offering condolences."?
-Xun Yu

A crossbow is more powerful than a traditional bow, but to increase the range
and power even further a new type of crossbow with an even tighter string was
invented. The string was so tight, however, that it could not be pulled by 
hand alone. How was it pulled?
-With the feet

During the discussion between Liu Bei and Liu Zhang, who was ordered by Pang
Tong to look for an opening during Liu Zhang's sword dance in order to strike
him down?
-Wei Yan

Cao Cao's strategist Jia Xu previously served under Zhang Xiu. However, in the
story, he originally served under a different ruler. Who was the ruler?
-Li Jue and Guo Si

Who was the Wei general who led a large army against Liu Bei's forces at the
Battle of Bowangpo, Zhuge Liang's first battle, only to lose against Zhuge 
Liang's powerful fire attack?
-Xiahou Dun

The Xiongnu tribes of the north threatened the Eastern Han Dynasty and often
caused trouble. The Xiongnu did not use a particular item on their horses that
the Han did. What was that item?

Who persuaded Ma Chao, who served under Zhang Lu, to go back and serve under
Liu Bei?
-Li Hui

When Liu Bei attacked Cheng Du, Pang Tong outlined three plans for him: Upper,
Middle, and Lower. Which of these three plans did Liu Bei choose?
-Middle Plan

Sun Ce and Zhou Yu were brothers-in-law due to marrying two sisters. Of the
following officers, who had the same relationship with Cao Cao?
-Xiahou Yuan

What is the name of Liu Shan's fifth son who staunchly resisted Wei when they
-Liu Chen

Liu Bei led a large army into Wu in order to avenge Guan Yu's death. This led
to what is now called the Battle of Yiling. This battle ended up as a decisive
victory for Wu thanks much in the part to the success of Lu Xun. Which of the
following officers did not die in this battle?
-Huang Quan

Zhang Liao made a name for himself serving under Cao Cao, but who was the
ruler he served under first?
-Ding Yuan

Before two of his Northern Campaigns, Zhuge Liang submitted a document called
the "Chu Shi Biao" to the emperor explaining the reasons for the campaigns and
offering advice to the ruler in his absence. The second time he submitted this
document was before which Northern Campaign?
-The second

Cao Cao had 25 sons. All of the following are Cao Cao's sons, but only one of
them has a different mother from the rest. Who is it?
-Cao Ang

Where did Liu Bei and Guan Yu first meet?
-At a tavern

Of the following, who married Cao Cao's daughter?
-Xiahou Mao

After realizing that Zhuge Liang had died in the Wuzhang Plains, Sima Yi
advanced on his enemy in an attempt to attack the Shu Forces. However, 
something surprised him and he retreated in a panic. What did Sima Yi see that
surprised him?
-A wooden statue of Zhuge Liang

As he lay dying in the Wuzhang Plains, Zhuge Liang named two people to be his
successors. One was Jiang Wan. Who was the other?
-Fei Yi

Who unexpectedly gave the names of Yuan Shao and Liu Biao when asked by Cao
Cao for advice on who to pick as his successor?
-Jia Xu

Of Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, and Jiang Wei, who died the youngest?
-Zhuge Liang

One day, as Guan Yu had become accustomed to serving under Cao Cao, he learned
that Liu Bei was still alive and decided to write him a letter. However, he 
hid a message inside a certain picture so that it could not be read by anyone
else. What was the picture that he used?

Of Cao Cao, Cao Pi and Sima Yi, who lived the longest?
-Sima Yi

Of Sun Jian, Sun Ce and Zhou Yu, who lived the longest?
-Sun Jian

Of the following people, who killed Guo Huai?
-Jiang Wei

Through the successive emperors, the Imperial Seal came to be known as proof
of the emperor. Who was the first to use the Imperial Seal?
-Shi Huangdi of Qin

After Lu Bu killed Dong Zhuo, Li Jue and his forces attacked and took over 
Chang'an. Who did Lu Bu first rely on at this time?
-Yuan Shu

Of the following, who was the tallest according to actual historical records?
-Cheng Yu

Fan Jiang and Zhang Da were ordered by Zhang Fei to procure a certain item
in preparation for Guan Yu's retaliation. however, they were unable to 
complete this task and were punished. This created within them a hatred for
Zhange Fei and they killed him as a result. What was the item they were 
ordered to procure?
-White clothing

Liu Bei is from Zhuo. Of the following, who has the same hometown as Liu Bei?
-Jian Yong

The Grand Chief Commander received a certain item from the emperor to 
symbolize their authority to appoint, dismiss and judge their subordinates at
their own discretion. What was that item?
-A golden broadaxe

The rulers of Wei, Wu, and Shu were Cao Cao, Sun Quan, and Liu Bei. Of these
three, who was the oldest?
-Cao Cao

Of the following, who specialized in using twin halberds?
-Dian Wei

Of the following people, who was Deng Ai's son?
-Deng Zhong

Ma Su of Shu was defeated in Jieting because he did not listen to 
Zhuge Liang's
orders. Who was the Wei general who defeated Ma Su?
-Zhang He

Where did Lu Bu spend his final moments before he died?

Liu Bei lost many battles during his lifetime. Who was it that dealt him his
very first defeat?
-Zhang Bao

Who suggested to Sun Quan that he move the capital from Wu to Moling (Jianye)?
-Zhang Hong

Cao Cao fought in many battles throughout his life. Who dealt Cao Cao his
first defeat?
-Lu Bu

Following the withdrawal of Shu forces from the Wuzhang Plains, what did Sima
Yi think of Zhuge Liang and his abilities after closely inspecting the remains
of the enemy camps?

Who did Sun Quan fight in his first battle?

Who did Cao Cao fight in his final battle?
-Wei Yan

Which general did Guan Yu fight last?
-Pan Zhang

A strategist for a certain leader became enraged after one of his proposals
was rejected. From then on he refused to perform his duties. Even when his 
leader came to his home to apologize he refused to come outside and eventually
had his home set on fire by his leader. Who was this leader?
-Sun Quan

Who was disgraced by being stripped naked and having ink painted on his face,
before being sent home to face his famous general father?
-Zhang Hu

Due to Tian Feng's military power and vast resources, Yuan Shao felt rather
pessimistic before the Battle of Guandu. However, one person, due to his
Confucianist ideals, preferred a fight in which he was the underdog. Who was
this person?
-Liu Bei

Which of the following poems written by Cao Zhi depicted his feelings for his
older brother Cao Pi's wife, Lady Zhen?
-The Goddess of Luo River

Hoping to use Diao Chan to drive a wedge between Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu, Wang Yun
sent a gift to Lu Bu in order to encourage him to reply to his invitation so
that he could introduce him to Diao Chan. What was the gift?
-A golden crown

When Liu Bei went to Sleeping Dragon Hill to meet Zhuge Liang, whom did he 
first mistake for Zhuge Liang?
-Cuizhou Ping

Of the following people, who was the youngest to promoted to ruler of his
-Liu Shan

All of the following Wei officers were prominent strategists, but one of them
does not have a biography in the official history of the Three Kingdoms. Who
is it?
-Sima Yi

In order to persuade Zhuge Liang to serve him, Liu Bei persistently visited
Zhuge Liang multiple times. Zhuge Liang was not at home the first two times,
and although he was there on Liu Bei's third visit, what was he said to be
doing when Liu Bei arrived?
-Taking a nap

Meng Huo was famously captured and released seven times. Until the last time,
every time he was caught, Meng Huo gave tortured excuses for why Zhuge Liang
was able to capture him. What was the first excuse he gave?
-The mountain path was too narrow

Liu Zhang of Shu lacked decisiveness, and so, many of his ministers thought
the best way to pursue his ambition would be to give up his lands to another
warlord. One of these ministers, Zhang Song, first recommended that he give
the lands to which of the following people?
-Cao Cao

What was the cause of Liu Bei's death?

Who was the famous Wu officer who died at the Battle of Hefei?
-Chen Wu

Before he met Zhang Fei, what did Liu Bei sell in order to make a living?
-Straw sandals

Which of the following was a poem written by Cao Cao?
-Short Song Style

Lu Bu was defeated by Cao Cao and taken prisoner. Who was the person who
dissuaded Cao Cao from recruiting Lu Bu and recommended that he execute him
-Liu Bei

Of the following people, who was born first?
-Lu Su

At the Battle of Chibi, the Wu Army defeated the Wei Army and pursued Cao Cao
as he fled. During this pursuit, which officer was shot in the army by Zhang
Liao and fell into the river?
-Huang Gai

Sun Ce had a man killed who was not only the Governor of Wujun, but also
connected to Cao Cao. Sun Ce was then attacked several days later by men who
were acquaintances of that man, causing Sun Ce to eventually die as a result 
of his wounds. Who was the man?
-Xu Gong

When Jiang Wei surrendered to Zhuge Liang, it was during which of Zhuge
Liang's Northern Campaigns?
-The first

Yuan Shao was defeated at the Battle of Guandu, which led to a gradual decline
of the Yuan family. Of Yuan Shao and his three sons (Yuan Tan, Yuan Xi, and
Yuan Shang), which of them died of illness?
-Yuan Shao

Cao Cao assumed custody of the Emperor in order to wield even greater 
influence for himself. When Cao Cao moved the capital to Xuchang, who was the
Emperor he had under his protection?
-Emperor Xian

Who was the ruler that insisted that he and all of his bodyguards ride upon
white horses?
-Gongsun Zan
In the most common version of the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" novel, the
overall story is divided up into how many chapters in total?

Who did Dian Wei serve before joining Cao Cao?
-Zhang Miao

How many lords agreed to join the alliance against Dong Zhuo due to Cao Cao's
written appeal?

Xun Yu recommended numerous officers to Cao Cao. Of the following people, who
did not join Cao Cao due to Xun Yu's recommendation?
-Jia Xu

When Liu Bei was made King of Hanzhong, he appointed Zhuge Liang as Strategist
General to look after military affairs. Who was made the Prefect of Hanzhong?
-Wei Yan

Zhang Lu ruled his land using a religion originally known as the Five Pecks of
Rice Sect. The religion continues to be practiced today under a different
name. What is its name?
-Zhengyi Dao

Cao Cao was posthumously awarded the title Emperor Wu of Wei, but who also was
given the title Emperor Wu?
-Sima Yan

Of the following people, who was not a child of Wang Yuanji?
-Sima Zhong

Of the following people, who was Sima Shi's brother-in-law?
-Yang Hu

When Fan Castle was surrounded by Guan Yu, who was it that noticed Guan Yu's
exposed arm and gave orders to his archers to hit Guan Yu in the elbow with a
poisoned arrow?
-Cao Ren

Who was the daughter of Sun Jian and went on to become Liu Bei's wife?
-Sun Shang Xiang


who is the officer who carried out the stratagem "Inflict injury on oneself to
win the enemy's trust" at the Battle of Chibi and faked a betrayal?
-Huang Gai

Which one of these people are from the same home region as Zhuge Liang?
-Yu Ji

Who did Liu Bei not know prior to the "Oath of the Peach Garden"?
-Kong Rong

Who was the Eastern Han official who was thrown into prison (and later died 
there) for crying and clinging to Dong Zhuo's corpse?
-Cai Yong

According to historical records, Lu Bu is known as the "Flying General". This
is the same nickname given to another famous officer during the Western Han
Period. Who is the other officer known as the "Flying General"?
-Li Guang

Cao Cao captured Guan Yu and made him a guest general. What was the of the 
estate Guan Yu was given during this time of service?
-The Spring and Autumn Palace

Which of the following positions did Liu Bei not hold?
-Captain who Sets an Example for the Army

Cao Cao's grave has recently been excavated. What is inscribed on the base of
his tombstone?
-King Wu of Wei

Since ancient times, "The Three Excellencies" has referred to the top three
Chinese government officials. During the Eastern Han Period their specific 
titles were: Grand Commandant, Minister of Works, and ____. Fill in the blank.
-Minister of Education

The eight officers that joined Ma Chao and Han Sui's rebellion against Cao Cao
were called the "Eight Flag-bearers of Xiliang." which of the following 
officers was not a part of this rebellion?
-Ma Tie

In the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" novel, the Ten Eunuchs consist of ten 
members. However, in the "Book of the Later Han," there are more than ten. How
many eunuchs appear in the "Book of the Later Han"?

Which officer served Yuan Shang and was Lu Kuang's younger brother?
-Lu Xiang

Which one of these individuals was related to Yuan Shao?
-Gao Gan

Dong Cheng was ordered by Emperor Xian to assassinate Cao Cao. However, the
plan was revealed by one of Dong Cheng's attendants and everyone involved was
punished. Who was the attendant in question?
-Qin Qingtong

Who executed Yuan Shao's sons (Yuan Xi and Yuan Shang) and sent their heads to
Cao Cao?
-Gongsun Kang

The Yellow Turbans were led by the three Zhang brothers. Zhang Jiao, the
eldest, was the "General of Heaven." The middle brother, Zhang Bao, was the
"General of the Land." What title was given to Zhang Liang, the youngest 
-General of the People

Cao Cao was so impressed by the skills of Yang Feng's officer Xu Huang when he
saw him fight Xu Zhu that he wanted to recruit him. who did Cao Cao ask to
convince Xu Huang?
-Man Chong

What is the name of the siege weapon Zhuge Liang invented that had a foldable
ladder placed on a cart?
-Siege Ramp

"Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of
Chinese literature. There is one work that was added to this list in the 18th
century, replacing an older work. What was its title?
-Dream of the Red Chamber

During his attack against Zhang Xiu, Cao Cao tried to perform a feint-attack
and fool the enemy. However, Zhang Xiu's strategist saw this coming and
planned a counter attack using a feint-attack of his own. Who was this 
-Jia Xu

Who of the following had one of Cao Cao's daughters as a daughter-in-law?
-Xun Yu

Yi Province was abundant with many experienced people. Which one of these
individuals was not from Yi Province?
-Jiang Wan

In 280 AD, Wu was destroyed by Jin (Western Jin), ending the Three Kingdoms
period. How many years later did Jin (Western Jin) fall?
-36 years

Sima Yi is said to have been able to turn his head around 180 degrees. What
animal was he referred to as when he did this?

Which of these characters had the latest first appearance in "Romance of the
Three Kingdoms"?
-Huang Zhong

Which one of the following officers played the longest active role in the
"Romance of the Three Kingdoms"?
-Jiang Wei

Who is the 3rd Emperor of Wu who killed the tyrannical Sun Chen?
-Sun Xiu

Which of the following people was a son of Zhang Zhao, the Wu officer?
-Zhang Cheng

Who was Lu Xun's nephew who, as Chancellor, repeatedly admonished Sun Hao?
-Lu Kai

Which one of Pang Tong's relatives served Wei and enjoyed a successful career?
-Younger brother

Who did not receive treatment from the physician Hua Tuo?
-Cao Chun

Whose wife was given permission to adopt a son and claim the Cao surname from
Sima Yi?
-Cao Wenshu

Which officer from the Sun family married Cao Ren's daughter?
-Sun Kuang

Zhuge Zhan and his son died fighting against Wei at Chengdu. What was his 
son's name?
-Zhuge Shang

Sima Zhong, the second Jin Emperor, was too feeble-minded to handle politics
so the Yang clan (his mother's side) handled all affairs. Sima Zhong's wife,
Jia Hou, plotted to expel the Yang clan and planted the seeds of a rebellion
that would eventually lead to Jin's demise. What was the name of this 
-The War of the Eight Princes

Sun Ce and Zhou Yu were both born on the same day and year. Who also shares
their birthday?
-Yang Xiu

Who is Zhou Yu's eldest son?
-Zhou Xun

Cao Cao once said, "If you are going to have sons, pray that they are like Sun
Quan's." He also described Liu Biao's sons, likening them to certain animals.
What animals were they?
-Dogs and pigs

King of Nanman, Meng Huo, had a younger brother named Meng You, and was 
married to Zhu Rong. What was Zhu Rong's younger brother's name?
-Dailai Dongzhu

Sensing that his death was near, Zhuge Liang began a ritual at the Wuzhang
Plains to extend his life. The ritual was interrupted and was ultimately
unsuccessful. If the ritual had succeeded, how many more years would he have
extended his life?
-12 years

Who was the Wu officer that went to Jing Province, lied that Sun Quan was ill,
and tried to take Sun Shang Xiang back after her marriage to Liu Bei?
-Zhou Shan

Who acted as the go-between for Sun Quan at the wedding of Liu Bei and Sun 
Shang Xiang?
-Lu Fan

The legendary Zuo Ci appeared in front of Cao Cao and began preparing various
dishes for him. Which of the following dishes did he not serve?
-Bird's nest soup

Who did Sima Shi appoint as emperor after deposing Cao Fang?
-Cao Huan

Who suggested to Sun Quan that he kidnap Liu Shan and Sun Shang Xiang and 
trade them for Jing Province?
-Zhang Zhao

Guan Yu and Du Yu were avid readers of what book?
-Zuo Zhuan

Sima Yi had many brother, all of whom possessed special talents. Which one of
these individuals was not his brother?
-Sima Ye

What was the name of Sun Quan's cousin whom Lu Meng told, "Having an officer
who bears the same name as our lord will only cause discord among the men" on
the eve of the Wu invasion of Jing Province?
-Sun Jiao

Zhuge Liang presented a document called the "Chu Shi Biao" to the emperor 
prior to the Northern Campaigns. Of the following individuals, whose name did
not appear in the document?
-Jiang Wan

Yang Hu was a Jin officer. Who was his father-in-law?
-Xiahou Ba

Where was Zhuge Liang brried after he died of illness at the Wuzhang Plains?
-Mt. Dingjun

Who was Yang Hu's maternal grandfather?
-Cai Yong

What is Lu Xun's real name?
-Lu Yi

Li Yi of Wu was known to wield a great axe. What kind of plating did this
weapon have?

Zhuge Liang angrily responded "Are you trying to get me killed?" to a request
made by a certain person. Who made this request?
-Xu Shu

Which one of the following officers who served Sun Jian died first?
-Zu Mao

Who opposed Lu Xun's appointment as Chief Commander by Sun Quan while they 
were besieged by Liu Bei?
-Gu Yong

All of the following names refer to two different people who happened to share
the same first and last name. But which pair also shared the same style name?
-Liu Dai

Liu Bei conquered Mt. Dingjun shortly after taking Yi Province as well as 
Hanzhong. A petition was formed to appoint Liu Bei King of Hanzhong. Whose 
name appeared at the top of the list?
-Ma Chao

Sima Yi's eldest son, Sima Shi, has been described as follows: "He has a round
face with large ears, and ____ with several black hairs growing out if it."
What had several black hairs growing out of it?
-A lump

In his search for Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei stopped by a local tavern. Which
drunken man did he mistake for Zhuge Liang?
-Shi Guangyuan

Many documents were procured from Wu when they surrendered to Jin. According
to confiscated Wu documents, how many soldiers did they have?

Which one of these women was Ma Chao's wife?
-Lady Yang

Zhao Yun's deeds at the Battle of Changban are well known. During this battle
he rescued Liu Bei's wife. What was her name?
-Lady Gan

In "Romance of the Three Kingomd," Ma Dai is introduced as Ma Chao's younger
brother. However, Ma Dai was not really Ma Teng's son. Ma Dai was actually
which of the following?
-Ma Teng's elder brother

The Shu forces commanded by Ma Su were defeated at Jieting. During their
retreat, Zhuge Liang managed to fool Sima Yi into thinking that the empty
castle had hidden troops preparing for an ambush. What was the name of this
-Xi Castle

Which member of the Sima family came running to Cao Huan saying, "My
loyalties lie with Wei forever" as he was being relocated after abdicating the
throne to Sima Yan?
-Sima Fu

Liu Bei first met Zhang Fei when troops were being raised to fight against the
Yellow Turbans. Who put up the calling for troops?
-Liu Yan

Wen Qin raised troops along with Guanqiu Jian in response to Sima Shi's 
tyrannical rule. He led his two sons in battle. The older son's name was Wen
Yang. What was his younger son's name?
-Wen Hu

Upon seeing Xun Yu in action, Cao Cao proclaimed "He is like our very own
Zhang Liang" (a famous officer during the Western Han Period). Sima Zhao has
also made a similar comment regarding another officer. Who did Sima Zhao hold
in such high regard?
-Zhong Hui

Who of the following was Guo Huai's brother-in-law?
-Wang Ling

Sima Zhao heard that Zhuge Dan was plotting a rebellion in Yang Province and
ordered him to relocate to Luoyang. What role was Zhuge Dan given?
-Minister of Works

Sima Yi heard that Cao Shuang had sent Li Sheng to check up on him, and so he
decided to play a small trick on him. What did he do?
-Acted deaf

The kingdom of Jin, establish by Sima Yan, changed names after the capital was
moved. What was Jin called immediately after being established, before the 
capital was relocated?
-Western Jin

Who was the emperor of Jin when Wu collapsed?
-Sima Yan

In Zhuge Liang's document "Chu Shi Biao" that he submitted to Liu Shan before
the Northern Campaigns, he described Shu as being in what state?

Which officer serving Zhuge Liang during the Northern Campaigns was punished
for failing to deliver supplies on time and eventually defected to Wei, 
plotting revenge?
-Gou An

Zhao Tong and his younger brother went to inform Zhuge Liang that their 
father, Zhao Yun, was dead. What was the name of the younger brother?
-Zhao Guang

Meng Huo's wife, Zhu Rong, was known for being as strong as her husband. Which
officer fought and was defeated by her?
-Zhang Yi

At the Battle of Changban, after seeing Zhao Yun gather only his immediate
followers and head back into the enemy lines, an officer reported to Liu Bei
that, "Zhao Yun has betrayed us." Who made this report to Liu Bei?
-Mi Fang

It is said that a certain officer was so afraid of being assassinated in his
sleep that he claimed he could kill people even while dreaming. Who was he?
-Cao Cao

Cao Cao was defeated by Lu Bu's Army at the Battle of Puyang. During the
confusion, Cao Cao was isolated from his men and accosted by Lu Bu himself,
who did not recognize Cao Cao and asked, "Where is Cao Cao?" In response Cao
Cao said, "Cao Cao is the one riding the ____-colored horse." What goes in the

During the Battle of Chibi, who was the officer who was sent to advise his old
friend Zhou Yu to surrender, but instead fell for Zhou Yu's plot which got Cai
Mao and another officer killed by Cao Cao?
-Jiang Gan

Cao Zhang was widely considered to be the fiercest warrior out of all of Cao
Cao's sons. Who did Cao Zhang consider to be the ideal officer?
-Huo Qubing

At the Battle of Mt. Dingjun, prisoners were exchanged between Shu and Wei.
The prisoner held by Shu was Chen Shi. Who was Wei's prisoner?
-Xiahou Shang

Cheng Yu's name was not originally Cheng Yu. What was his original name?
-Cheng Li

There is an English expression "Speak of the devil and he shall appear."
Chinese has a similar saying: "Speak of ____ and ____ will appear." What name
goes in the blank?
-Cao Cao

At the Battle of Weishui, Yu Jin attempted to shoot a fleeing Ma Chao with an
arrow, but hit one of his allies instead. Who was the allied officer that Yu
Jin killed?
-Li Kan

When Cao Pi was on his deathbed, he asked a trusted attendant to look after 
his affairs. Of the following people, who did he not ask to be made an adviser
for his son Cao Rui?
-Wang Lang

The ceremony held upon the completion of the Tongquetal palace included an
archery contest. Of the following officers, who did not participate in this 
test of skill?
-Yu Jin


What was the name of Sun Quan's eldest daughter, who was also Quan Zong's
-Sun Luban

Which one of the following people married one of Sun Ce's daughters?
-All three

Which one of Sun Quan's wives became ill while caring for him and was
strangled to death by the servant woman?
-Lady Fan

Liu Bei sensed something ominous coming and fled after his wedding banquet.
Alarmed, Sun Quan ordered his pursuit. Which one of these people did not 
pursue Liu Bei as he fled from his wedding reception?
-Ling Tong

What was Zhou Yu's style name?

Which of these following was not one of Shu's Five Tiger Generals?
-Liu Bei

The historical account of the Three Kingdoms consists of three parts: "The
Book of Wei," "The Book of Shu," and the "The Book of Wu." How many volumes
are there total?

During the Edo period, Tokugawa Yoshimune's grandson, Matsudaira Sadanobu, is
said to have been moved after reading about a certain character in the "Book
of the Later Han." Who did he read about?
-Chen Fan

How many children were born between Lian Shi and Sun Quan?

Diao Chan is said to have been so beautiful that she put something to shame to
the point where it hid behind something else. What did she put to shame?
-The moon

The strategy Cao Ren used when attacking Liu Bei at Xinye was called the 
"Eight Gates Formation." As its name suggests, the enemy's position had eight
"gates." Which of the following was not one of the gates?
-The Central Gate

Who is the officer that faked illness to avoid attending the meeting before
the Battle of Chibi?
-Cheng Pu

Lu Bu's forces captured an officer and demanded a ransom instead of exchanging
him for one of their own captured officers. Who did he demand a ransom for?
-Xiahou Dun

What was Sima Yi's final position?
-Grand Tutor

Xiahou Ba fled soon after Sima Yi took control, as heard there would be a
purge. However, he left his children behind. What happened to Xiahou Ba's
-They were exiled

"We seek not to be born on the same day, we merely hope to die on the same 
day" are the famous words spoken in the "Oath of the Peach Garden." Who has
the same birth year as Liu Bei?
-Lu Dai

An officer once said to Liu Bei, "I cannot allow you to accompany me, my lord.
For it is bad luck for you to fight alongside someone who has lost so many
battles." Which officer said this?
-Wen Chou

The Wei Emperor, Cao Mao, detested Sima Zhao's tyrannical rule and wrote a
poem entitled "Hidden Dragon" to express his feelings. The dragon in the poem
is based on himself. What animal does he use to describe Sima Zhao?
-Loaches and eels

Before the Battle of Chibi, Zhuge Liang had to convince Sun Quan to go to war.
He engaged in several debates with Wu ministers who opposed the battle, and
won them all. Which one of these individuals did not challenge Zhuge Liang?
-Zhang Wen

"Shu will have the dragon, Wu will have the tiger and Wei will have the dog."
Which member of the Zhuge family served Wei?
-Zhuge Dan

Zhuge Liang defeated Zhang He during the Northern Campaigns and remarked, "I
was hoping to shoot a horse" (referring to Sima Yi). What animal did he use to
refer to Zhang He?
-A slug

Zhuge Dan started a rebellion and was attacked by Sima Zhao, only to die after
a protracted battle. What was the name of the castle where Zhuge Dan was 
defeated by Wei?
-Shouchun Castle

To test his students' concentration, it is said that Liu Bei's teacher used to
have his female attendants sit next to each of them during lectures. What was
the name of Liu Bei's teacher?
-Ma Rong

Zheng Xuan was one of Liu Bei's teachers. Who also studied under Zheng Xuan 
and later went on to serve Liu Bei?
-Sun Qian

Deng Ai was praised for destroying Shu, but was also framed as a traitor. Who
tried to convince Sima Yan of Deng Ai's innocence after his death?
-Duan Zhuo

Liu Feng was Liu Bei's adopted son. The name "Liu Feng" was given to him when
he was adopted. What was his real name?
-Kou Feng

When Wei forces led by Deng Ai approached Chengdu, Liu Shan surrendered
without a fight. Outraged by this, all of Jiang Wei's men began to hack away
at something with their swords? What did they take their frustrations out on?

Zhuge Liang once reported to Liu Shan that a certain officer was dead, though
in truth he was still alive. Who was the officer in question?
-Zhao Yun

Sima Yan, who took over after Sima Zhao's death, forced Emperor Yuan of Wei to
abdicate the throne, thus ending the Wei dynasty. How many years after Sima
Zhao's death was the new dynasty established?
-Established the same year

Zhuge Liang cried while he put Ma Su to death at the Battle of Jieting. Who 
instructed Ma Su not to make camp at the summit of the mountain and took the
liberty of informing Zhuge Liang when Ma Su ignored his advice?
-Wang Ping

When Ma Teng was tricked and defeated by Cao Cao, Ma Dai was able to escape
unharmed because he dressed himself up as something. What did he disguise
himself as?
-A merchant

Liu Bei became emperor and Zhuge Liang became Chancellor when Shu was
established. Who became Minister of Education?
-Xu Jing

Many emperors lost their titles by getting killed or simply being stripped of
them somehow. Which one of these individuals did not lose his position?
-Liu Shan

Guan Yu had a strange dream where a beast was biting his leg just before he
set out to attack Fan Castle. What beast was biting his leg?
-A black pig

Bao Sanniang is said to be a fictional character. However, there is a grave
that is believed to be hers. Where is this grave located?

When Sima Yan became emperor, he wanted the world to see his ancestors'
greatness and erected seven shrines in their name. Who of the following did
not get a shrine erected in his honor?
-Sima Lang

Deng Ai was a firm believer in developing water technology and applying it for
various purposes. He compiled his techniques into a book. What is the name of
his writings?
-Jihe Lun

News of which officer's death made Zhuge Liang cry profusely and cough up 
-Zhang Bao

Which of the following texts is believed to have been written by Zhong Hui?
-Dao Lun

Following Sima Yi's proposal to invade Shu from five directions at once, who
was the king of the Xianbei tribe that attacked Xiping Gate with 100,000 
troops, but lost the will to fight and fled when he learned that the enemy was
led by Ma Chao?
-Ke Bineng

All of the following are sons of Cao Cao, but which was born to a different 
mother than the others?
-Cao Chong

When Cao Cao took Emperor Xian under his protection, the capital city of 
Luoyang was in ruins. Who was it that recommended Cao Cao move the capital
to Xuchang?
-Dong Zhao

Which of the following texts is believed to have been written by Zhuge Liang?

Who was the last person Liu Bei spoke to on his deathbed?
-Zhao Yun

Following Cao Cao's death, Cao Pi ascended to the Wei throne. There were a
total of 40 officials who, on Cao Pi's orders, stormed the palace's inner
sanctum and demanded that Emperor Xian abdicate the throne. Of the following
people, who was not included among the 40 officials?
-Chen Qun

Who was the Xianbei leader who caused a rebellion in 270 AD, taking control of
Liang Province and killing Wen Yang of Jin?
-Tufa Shujineng

Which of the following individuals did not serve under Zhang Lu?
-Yang Huai

Almost all members of the Sima clan have a story about them chronicled in the
"Book of Jin," but which member of the Sima family has a story written about
him in the "Book of Wei"?
-Sima Lang

Following the death of Cao Cao, it was feared that people would deface his
tomb. As a way to prevent this, it was recommended that a number of similar
tombs be made. How many were there?

Lu Meng was praised by Sun Quan for his academic enthusiasm. Who else praised
along with him?
-Jiang Qin

Which of these women was Lu Bu's official wife?
-Lady Yan

Who did Cai Wenji marry after Cao Cao brought her back from captivity at the
hands of the Xiongnu?
-Dong Ji

Which of the following indviduals was not one of Cao Pi's Four Friends?
-Xun Yu

Zhuge Liang used the Wooden Ox and Flowing Horse devices during the Northern
Campaigns to transport supplies. It is believed that these were invented by
his wife, Yue Ying. What document contains the story of their invention?
-Guihai Yuheng Zhi

Yue Ying's father, Huang Chengyuan, was married to the older sister of an
officer who served Liu Biao. Who was the officer in question?
-Cai Mao



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