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Hypership was nominated by PocketGamer as a finalist for Best Arcade / Action game of the year in 2012. Here is what else the press has to say about Hypership:**148apps.com: 4 out of 5 Hypership Out of Control is a gem of an iOS game.**PocketGamer.co.uk: 9 out of 10 Gold Award "A tremendous port of a great indie game, and a must-buy on iOS"**TouchArcade.com: 4 out of 5"It's crazy fun."**TouchGen.com: 4 out of 5 "I love everything about the presentation."Space is a dangerous place for even the most seasoned starship pilot, full of asteroids, multicolored floating blocks, and space mines. It's even more dangerous when your accelerator is stuck to the floor and your brakes are out. Can you survive long enough to get that elusive high score or are you destined to add a new crater to the face of an unsuspecting asteroid?

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