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Reviewed: 05/26/11

You Reap What You Sow

Dead Rising: Case West starts directly after Dead Rising 2's story, with extreme sportsman Chuck Greene fighting a certain zombie. Frank West, the tough photojournalist from the first Dead Rising, steps in and smacks the zombie away with his baseball bat. The two join forces in the government-run Phenotrans Facility in order to clear the blame of the Dead Rising 2 Fortune City zombie outbreak off Chuck. Frank is there mainly to find out what is behind the outbreak in the facility. In about 2 days, they learn more about the facility and become friends.

As in the other Dead Rising games, weapons and food are picked up with the B button and used with the X button. Other buttons are used to switch between held items, execute item-less attacks, or call the other character over. A leveling system is involved, so defeating enemies is a must to make the game easier.

Besides the slow and occasionally poisonous zombies, Phenotrans forces impede progress. Some use electric prods, which are normally used to defeat zombies, and others use small machine guns and stunning grenades. The gun-users are the most dangerous, but both of these kinds of officers can be beaten without too much trouble. Later on, more powerful and resilient melee attackers are added, and the final boss is even stronger and has multiple health bars.

Both Chuck and Frank can combine certain weapons to make enemy-bashing easier. For example, a grenade can be strapped onto a football, making an on-contact explosive that gives bunches of PP, the experience needed to level up. These are essential, because you gain more than double your starting health by leveling up.

By joining another game on Xbox Live, you can play as Frank. Also, you can wear different clothing articles once you find them.

On a technical standpoint, Dead Rising: Case West isn't too impressive, but it does what it must. You can clearly see zombies' limbs fly off as you slash or shoot them. Objects look fairly detailed, and blood sprays around.

Bad Aspects
The story campaign is very short, but it fits the $10 price. It can be frustrating when zombies grab onto your character, especially the highly infected ones. The final boss can also be very difficult.

It can be fun to use the dozens of different weapons and plow through waves of zombies or run over guards with one of the few vehicles. This game, like the other Dead Rising games, lets you wander the world you're in at your leisure. The cooperative gameplay works nicely and gives Dead Rising: Case West plenty of replay value.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Dead Rising 2: Case West (US, 12/27/10)

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