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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Resident Evil 6 - FAQ/Walkthrough

    Version 2.0 - Jan. 15, 2013

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    Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

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    First of all, thanks for reading my FAQ.

    This guide is intended to walk you through the gameplay, while finding all Serpent Emblems.

    If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me at the above address with the correct information.

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    Many of the games gameplay features will be covered in the walkthough, but a quick reference of some of the more common gameplay elements are mentioned here.



    Playstation 3Xbox 360
    L AnalogCharacter MovementL StickCharacter Movement
    L Analog + XDash/RunL Stick + ADash/Run
    R AnalogCamera MovementR StickCamera Movement
    SelectGame Menu/Skip SceneBackGame Menu/Skip Scene
    D-PadLeft/RightSwitch WeaponsD-PadLeft/RightSwitch Weapons
    D-Pad Up/DownSwicth ItemsD-Pad Up/DownSwicth Items
    O + D-Pad DirectionPartner ActionsB + D-Pad DirectionPartner Actions
    SquarePick Up ItemXPick Up Item
    TriangleItem MenuYItem Menu
    L1Ready/Aim WeaponLTReady/Aim Weapon
    L1 + SquareReloadLT + XReload
    R1Melee AttackRTMelee Attack
    R1 + SquareQuick Mix HerbsRT + XQuick Mix Herbs
    L1 + R1Fire WeaponLT + RTFire Weapon
    L1 + R1 (together)Quick ShotLB + RBQuick Shot
    L2Directional BeaconLBDirectional Beacon
    R2Health TabletRBHealth Tablet



    Health Meter

    Each character's HUD consists of a number of square blocks that represent the character's health meter. Each square is slowly depleted upon attack, more or less depending on the damage of the attack. Fully depleted attacks can only be restored by eating a health tablet, but partially depleted squares will naturally regenerate after a few moments of respite.

    Dying State

    When a players health is completely drained, that player enters a dying state and a bar will appear. Any enemy attack sustained while in dying state will kill the player, but if the player should live until the bar fills they will automatically return to a standing with no life on their health meter. If the player should be attacked before healing again, they will automatically die instead of entering dying state again. The good news is that while in dying state, the player can still shoot enemies to protect themselves while they wait for their partner to rescue them.

    Reviving Allies

    Because the player can die instantly after being revived from dying state, due to no health, the reviver has the option to feed them Healing Tablets from their own supply by pressing R2/RB. More than one herb can be fed through this manner until they are fully restored or there are no more tablets.

    Mixing Herbs

    New to Resident Evil 6 is Health Tablets. While the player still finds herbs throughout the game, they can not be used directly to heal you. Instead, the player must convert them into tablets. Tablets, which are not part of the characters inventory, can then be used one at a time to heal one of the players health blocks. The number of tablets currently available is visible on the HUD and the player can hold up to 12-17.
    Herb Combination# of Tablets Created
    Green Herb1
    Herb (G + G)3
    Herb (G+ G+ G)6
    Herb (R+G)6




    In some cases the player may wish to run away or to someplace quickly via dashing. While holding the L stick to run, hold X/A to dash. Besides simply getting somewhere fast, the follow effects are a benefit of dashing:
        • The character will automatically climb over and obstacles
        • The character can perform a dash attack by hitting R1/RT just before impact
        • The character can perform a slide by pressing L1/LT when ready

    On Your Back

    If a player wishes to drop to their back for any reason, such as crawling through, they can do so several ways.
        • With a weapon out, via L1/LT, press back on the L stick and tap X/A (this will cause the player to jump back onto their butt and is a great way to dodge attacks)
        • Doing the same as above, except pressing forward
        • While Dashing, slide and continue to hold L1/LT to stay on your back


    The player has the ability to take cover on any flat surface, large or short, to avoid fire by holding L1/LT. While in cover, pressing X/A will cause the character to stand or crotch and using the left stick will move the player while staying against the wall. If the player presses the left stick into an open area, the character will duck out of cover and be ready to fire. While this can be great in concept, you may find that you take cover when you least want to.

    Fall Recovery

    When a character is knocked down due to bulletfire, the player can tap X/A to roll and recover and avoid the delay of actually falling completely.

    Game Difficulty

    There are a total of four difficulty modes available in RE6. The following is a lost of changes that are made, the harder the difficulty:
        • Increases enemy walk/run speed
        • Decreases time before downed enemies rise
        • Increases frequency of enemy attacks
        • Increases the number of hits in a multi-hit attack
        • Decreases chance of dazing an enemy with shots
        • Decreases time of the dazed effect inflicted by gunshots & Flash Grenades
        • Increased number of accurate shots fired by armed enemies and decreases the time between shots
        • Increases the chance of J'avo mutation
        • Increases the speed of grapple attacks and the number of hits delivered
        • Decreases the time a Rasklapanje stays immobilized after defeat of all body parts



    Before you can play any of the campaign modes, you will first need to finish the Prelude, which is basically a Tutorial chapter.

    After the unknown individuals are blown up and the one individual wakes, look around with the R stick. You will be prompted to tap X/A to pull the unconsious woman to safety where it is revealed that the unknown male is, in fact, Leon S. Kennedy and the woman is Helena Harper.

    Continue along the path and when prompted to, hit X/A to check the door and grab the pipe.

    The new indicator type, that you may not have encountered in other games, is a circle with highlighted areas around a button prompt. As the indicator reaches the highlighted area, hit the appropriate key to succed. You can skip a highlighted area with no negative effect to take your time when there are multiple highlighted areas.

    Break open the door, by using the prompts, and head through the next room to find a bunch of corpses and an area with a crashed jeep.

    When you have control, head to the backseat door of the jeep to retreive a Green Herb and follow the instructions to heal Helena.

    When the zombie arrives, you will learn more about QTE's (quick time events). The first two prompts will require you to rotate the L stick in a circular motion (direction does not matter and sometimes using your palm is faster than your finger), while the final one is simply hitting R1/RT.

    QTE's are often prompted in relation to enemies attacks or event actions. Sometimes failing a QTE will result in death, while others will simply cause damage to you.

    As you continue you will notice that most doors require you to press X/A to open them, but others require O/B. The O/B ones usually indicate story progression that both partners (in multiplayer) need to agree on and should usually only be approached once you have cleared an entire area.

    As you reach the bridge, hop over the railing and make your way through the mass or zombies, you do not need to kill them all. Make a path until a cutscene and when you have control, do as the game indicates and hold down X/A as you use the L stick to Dash in any direction (in this case away from death and onto a helicopter).

    Don't set down the controller since you are going to have some QTE's starting with rotating the L stick stick to kick off a zombie and ending with dodging a falling structure with X/A.

    Head through the double doors and watch the ending and get The Longest Night achievement/trophy.


    Leon & Helena's Campaign

    Leon and Helena's Campaign is much closer the the traditional games, with direct homages to previous installments.

    Although a great campaign for beginners, many may find it boring for the first chapter or two. If you find you are getting bored of the game due to this, I suggest you go play the more intense campaigns of Jake or Chris and come back to Leon's later.


    Chapter 1


    Campus - Visitor's Area

    June 29, 2013 / Tall Oaks, USA

    Watch the cutscene, which many may recognize from the game demo. Because you can not run or shoot, there is no reason to look around for much unless you want to hear some extra information and observations. Make your way to the waypoint and open the door to the reception hall and then make your way down the stairs. When you reach the bottom you will get a scene and gain the ability to run and fire. There is nothing to find or do yet, so simply run after the shadow through the kitchen and into a storage cabinet.

    After the cutscene, do not follow Robert and head behind the computer to check the open storage cabinet for your first Serpent Emblem.

    While emblems do nothing in game, collecting many unlocks new skills and collectibles.

    Make your way through the reception hall to a door on the other side and head through. Instead of following Robert, head up the nearby stairs to find a First Aid Spray and then go back downstairs and continue to follow Robert until you find Liz. Now navigate your way back to the elevator.

    Elevator: As Leon

    • When the power goes out, Liz will eat her dad and attack Leon. Use the L stick to shake Liz off and when she goes for Helena shoot her.

    Elevator: As Helena

    • When Liz attacks Leon, fire at her to force her off and then fend off her attacks by rotating the L stick.

    As the elevator doors open you will be swarmed with zombies. Since the handgun isn't useful for crowd control it is best to use the new melee system that allows you to conserve ammo at the risk of taking damage if hit. Knock over the majority of enemies and kill any that do not die and then make your way around the garage. There are enemies gathered in the center that you can avoid, but the car hood also has 9mm Ammo. When you are ready head to the back right corner, from the elevator, and open the door.

    Inside the campus building, start by looking on the floor nearby for 9mm Ammo and then make your way up the stairs. Follow the pathway to a door and enter the auditorium where you will draw the attention of some zombies. Dispatch the enemies and check the aisle to the upper level that was blocked for a Green Herb. Take the exit on the lower level to continue.

    The hallway ends next to a set of doors that when opened leads to an enemy attack you can't avoid. Quickly rotate the L stick and knock it off before it eats your face and then proceed inside where two more zombies await. Check the desk aisles for 9mm Ammo and the back corner for a Green Herb before moving on.

    Run down the staircase and use a stealth attack to kill the unaware zombie, but beware of the one playing perma-dead on the floor. Grab the 9mm Ammo and a Green Herb and head down the hallway into another classroom with two more zombies, Incendiary Grenades x2, Red Herb and 9mm Ammo. As you leave, turn left and kill another hoard of zombies before exiting into the courtyard.


    Campus - Courtyard

    The courtyard is a nice open area where you freely run around killing some lone zombies.

    Areas of interest:

    • To the left or where you enter is a zombie behind a counter and 9mm Ammo x2
    • Left of the security gate that you can not open is a Green Herb and Red Herb

    Examining the security gate informs you that you will need to head to the staff building. Enter the building and grab the 9mm Ammo x2 and a Green Herb before you examine the door and chaos ensues. The trick in this fight is to keep from getting cornered or having a zombie get you from behind. Keep moving up and down the hall, shooting and melee combating the enemies as they enter. When a crowd forms, hit up on your d-pad to equip an Incendiary Grenade and use it. When Hunnigan manages to hack the security door you will automatically be forced from the hall, so make sure to get the skill points and ammo as it drops. As the door closes you will gain control and have to shoot the zombies holding it open or hold the door close by rotating the left stick.

    This area is secure on the way in, so grab the 9mm Ammo on the nearby bench, if you didn't during the event, and head toward the other door. The desk drawers contain items in this area, so make sure to check them for 9mm Ammo x2 and a Serpent Emblem. Enter the back room and find the Campus Keycard, as well as a not so dead zombie. In fact, all the corpses we saw as we entered are now zombies, so be careful as you exit the building.

    Back in the hallway of doom, slowly head forward to encounter more zombies. Take them out with grenades or the fire extinguishers to save ammo and then make your way to the security gate.

    Continue forward, tripping the metal detector and triggering the alarm. The enemies behind the gate are harmless, but beware of the zombies inside the building. If you have an Incendiary Grenade, feel free to toss it at the gate and gather any items in reach, but do not waste your ammo. When you are ready, head through the doors at the end of the hall and book it to the police car.

    As the zombies surround the car, look for the keys (or watch Leon do so) with the L stick and X/A. The correct location, a total movie cliché, is the visor. Grab the keys and start the car Heavy Rain style and make your way out of the college. In true Resident Evil 2/Leon style, you won't get far before crashing the police car and having to take an alternative route.



    Head around the corners and break the crates for random items before heading through the door. Hop down and head left, the right leads to electrocution. Stick close to the walls and be prepared for QTE's, Square + X or X + A, that leads to instant death if failed.

    When you reach the top of the track you will have to deal with zombie dogs who are fast moving. The best way to handle these is to counter by hitting R1/RT when the prompt comes up or quick shot them.

    Gather the random items in crates by the bonfire and move on, watching out for another train. When you reach the end of the tunnel with zombies being electrocuted, enter the nearby doorway to continue.

    Take your time heading down the steps and when your light goes out watch out for the zombie in front and behind you. Get the crate next to the sitting zombie and the ones by the door and proceed.

    As you open the door, look right and under the train car for a Serpent Emblem. Stick to the right side of the tunnel, since there are two train tracks, and run past the zombie hoard. Switch to the left track, to safetly dodge the right train, and finish off any of the hoard still alive. Now, follow the trains path to a stop and examine the door.

    Boost Helena up top and either wait for her to open it (as Leon) or unlock the door, but do not approach the corpses, as Helena.

    Make your way through the train cars, watching out for reanimated zombies and when you reach the exit shoot the zombie swinging stupidly out of reach of you. Kill the nearby zombie who has its back to you and make your way up to the platform with some more crates.

    You will likely get a few Remote Bombs from the crates, which should be a hint of things to come, so place one in front of the metal door and examine the button. Rescue the hysterical woman who opens the gate and is thankfully eaten as you back up and let the hoard move into your Remote Bomb. Set it off and then finish of whatever doesn't die (watch your back when you advance to the stairs). After another unaware zombie you will be in town.


    The Town

    As you head up the steps and into town you will be attacked by a zombie. Kill it and many others until you reach a man downed by a car. Assist in his release only to have a motorcyclist kill him and unleash all the zombies inside the nearby bus. Kill them and advance toward the hoard at the end of the street, making sure to stay behind the car ahead of you to avoid being shot by the armored police zombies.

    Head into the alley to the left and ignore the hoard of zombies as you pass up and over them to the other side. Instead of using bullets, walk up to the unaware zombie and grab his leg for an instant kill and continue.

    When you drop down and open the gate, the zombie who was shooting you from the other side will start to shoot again, aided by many other zombies with body armor. The best way to handle these guys is to use melee, since the armor protects most of their body. Hide behind the gate and let them move forward so you are not shot during combat.

    Follow the street to another alley with some zombies and head up to push a container over and set off an alarm. Watch your back, as a crew of zombies will be coming up behind you on the ladder, and make your way onto the bus and drop off the other side.

    As you make your way through the area you will be forced indoors, as all the crazy drivers are causing wreckages that can't be passed. Make your way through the bar and back alleys until you reach a locked door. You will need to backtrack to the family watching TV and take the Backdoor Key from the mother which will reanimate the son and the zombie in the hall.

    Make your way into the alley, getting the Shotgun and ammo from the nearby crates before entering the building. The Shrieker will scream and call all nearby enemies to the party. Take out the zombies and let the Shrieker walk away, for now. When all the normal zombies are taken care of continue to another set of zombies before reaching a door.

    Switch to your Shotgun and head through the door to the Shrieker. The weak spot on this guy is his throat, but be careful of his screams even upon death that cause damage.

    In the small courtyard you'll need to head up the steps and vault Helena across the gap to unlock the gate.

    Town: As Leon

    • After Helena is vaulted across, a hoard of zombies will attack from behind you and the street nearby. Stop the zombie behind you first and then shoot the explosive barrel on the street to take out the zombies neaby. Now, focus on the rest of the zombies as they make their way to your location.

    Town: As Helena

    • If you are playing Helena, drop down and unlock the gate and then finish off any zombies.

    When the coast is clear, head into the bar for a crate and a Serpent Emblem near the exit on a counter below the billboard.

    As you enter the street a bunch of survivors will need your help. Head in and take out the enemies as you go, but when the Shrieker arrives get all the loot and then get out of the gas station area. Take out the enemies and make sure to pick up the loot until an ambulance crashes into the gas station and releases a bunch more armored zombies. Hold out until the game points out the exposed gas and then shoot it to destroy everything left. Now clear out any crates and follow the survivors to the gun shop.


    Gun Shop

    Start by gathering the First Aid Spray, Incendiary Grenade and 9mm Ammo x2 on the shelves throughout the area. Head to the right side of the shop and clear the zombies as they approach the windows or make their way inside the shop. Stop every once in a while to loot and replenish your ammo.

    Eventually, one of the survivors will run outside and get himself turned into a Bloodshot zombie. These guys are stronger and have more life, so don't be afraid to switch to your Shotgun to kill it. Grab the 500 Skill Points he drops and you should notice that the cop has moved to the other side of the shop. This is a clue that you will need to start to focus on the other window as the zombies seem to change tactics and come from the other direction.

    When the owner finally locks down the shop, kill any left over enemies and grab any loot you missed.

    Upstairs, grab the Red Herb, 9mm Ammo, Remote Bomb, and 12-Gauge Shells from the couch, desk drawer, and counters. As the zombies start to pour in from the building next door, cover the windows to prevent them from getting inside.

    Eventually, the owner will direct you into the next room where you can grab a Green Herb and 12-Gauge Shells x2 before the super-sized Whooper enters. Use any Remote Bombs or Incendiary Grenades you have and take this guy out and get his 2,500 Skill Points.

    Follow the survivors upstairs, stopping in the storage closet for Incendiary Grenades x2, and make your way to the attic where a Remote Bomb awaits. Now, head out the door and prepare for another big fight.

    Place that Remote Bomb you just found by the low fence to your right and then switch to a firearm to hold off the normal zombies as the Whooper makes it over the fence. When a crowd and/or the Whopper are over the Remote Bomb, blow it and finish off the rest of the fight with your Shotgun and Incendiary Grenades until the bus arrives.

    Follow the old man through the gate and to the bus, where a cutscene occurs. When you have control again, focus on killing the Whopper by throwing grenades and using the Shotgun on his face until he lets go and you finish the chapter.


    Trophy/Acheivement - Gone to Hell

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below8+131+39 or below

    Chapter 2


    The Bus

    When the chapter starts you will be pinned to the floor of the bus as zombies approach. Grab the 9mm Ammo x2 as you lay on your back and kill the zombies coming through the bus toward you. Keep shooting until the cutscene takes over.


    Forest Cemetery

    Make your way through the cemetary, avoiding the mud holes which you can fall into, and kill any zombies as they approach. Start by sticking to the right side of the map as the path goes north and curves right. Continue right, but before going north, find a fenced in tomb that you can open for 5,000 Skill Points. North and a little west is a hidden Serpent Emblem on an obelisk nearby.

    Beware of the lightning, as this summons zombies directly on you and blinds/stuns you for a second.

    Continue up the path north and hug the fence to the south when you go around a corner to the left. There is another tomb with a Green Herb inside that you should get when it is clear. Now head for the building the west and grab the Incendiary Grenade by the bed before opening the door and releasing the dog.

    Follow the path back toward the bus, killing any dogs or zombies you encounter, to kill the dog holding the Cemetery Key. Now, make your way back to the cabin and take the bridge to a gate and open it.

    As soon as you enter, you will be split from your ally.

    Cathedral Grounds: As Leon

    • Take the first right and equip your Shotgun to take out a Shrieker. Continue around the corner and grab the Green Herb to the north by a locked building. Backtrack a little and take the first left where another Shrieker awaits. Kill it and make sure to watch your back for an incoming hoard before you continue to reach the Cathedral pathway to the north and regroup with Helena.

    Cathedral Grounds: As Helena

    • There are no items on Helena's side, so make your way through the area to kill two Shriekers and reunite with Leon.

    You might find it useful to know that you can go down the other players path and kill the two Shrikers on their side for more skill points. If you were playing Helena, go get the Green Herb on his side, as well.

    When you are ready, head toward the cathedral courtyard and gather the Incendiary Grenades x2 on the benches and the random items from the crates. You may also want to kill any of the zombies that approach the gate to get some items off them, but it's not required. Now approach the cathedral doors and get ready for a fight.

    You will now be forced into a battle with multiple enemy types, including Shriekers and Bloodshot zombies. Keep moving and don't be afraid to use your Incendiary Grenades when they are in a group. When the people inside announce the door is unlocked head for it asap.



    Start by grabbing the Green Herb and First Aid Spray on the pews and then check the rooms nearby for crates. Once you think the first floor is clear, head to the broken ladder to the right of the altar and grab the Madonna of Happiness before tossing Helena up. If you are Helena, kick down the nearby ladder for Leon.

    On the second floor, head to the front of the building and look up at the rose window to find a Serpent Emblem. Now check the room nearby for the Madonna of Charity and the other side for some crates and a Green Herb. Head to the far corner and place one of the Madonna's on the stand to automatically read the inscription and then place it at the same time as your partner.

    Back downstairs, enter the new room and pull the lever.

    Hidden Passage: As Helena

    • When you pull the levers a statue with a laser-sight crossbow will appear. Think of this as the arcade game Whack-a-Mole. As the statue appears, smack the button at its base to send it away.

    Hidden Passage: As Leon

    • After Helena clears her statue, a statue will appear on your side as well. Do the same thing.

    Enter the next room and pull the lever. You will now be engaged in a much more intense version of Whack-a-Mole, in which multiple statues come out. Dash to avoid being shot and watch out for getting locked on and shot when you are hitting a button. After a few rounds you can move on.

    Where is that laser coming from you ask? Well, it is a hint at the next set of puzzle. Both you and your partner must aim your laser sights at the dishes to light it up and continue.

    In the next room, follow the stairs all the way to the top and around a corner and look down for the next dish to continue. As you and your partner slowly get closer to each other, look across at your partner and then up to aim at a dish on their side of the room to open the door nearby.

    Once again, the dishes are on the opposite side of the area and up in the right corner. Aim at them to unlock the door, reunite with your ally and grab the Madonna of Sorrow before heading upstairs.

    The key to the next area is to shoot all five bells, but before you do anything else make sure to grab the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle from the corpse in the corner. Now head out either side and shoot the 3 large bells with your handgun. The final two bells are spinning around on the weather vane above two of the steeples. The one on the right can probably be shot with the handgun, while the other is best done with the Sniper Rifle. Once all 5 have been shoot, grab the Madonna of Grief and head back down the steps to the cathedrals third floor.

    Head to the other side of the area and clear the crates before you and your partner place the Madonna's on the stands and unleash a deadly attack on the civilians below.

    This guy is a deadly enemy that goes around infecting the survivors with gas and turning them into zombies. You will need to stay a decent distance from this guy to survive, so use your Sniper Rifle for most of the fight.

    Watch your back from turned zombies and when the Lepotitsa kneels you can go in for some unique melee attacks or stay away and switch to the Shotgun. After it takes out the first floor it will go upstairs to do the same. Stay on the first floor and hit it with your rifle whenever it stops.

    After it is done upstairs it will drop back down and come after you. Keep moving and getting shots in whenever you can while trying to keep away.

    When the Lepotitsa dies, grab the Underground Keycard. If you managed to save at least two women you will also get the achievement/trophy I Prefer Them Alive and also a Red Herb and Green Herb. When you are ready, descend the steps and examine the lighted panel to use the keycard and open a room with barrels and a chest of 4,000 Skill Points.


    Underground Lab

    Head out of the room and kick the blue file cabinets open for some random items and head up to the machine on the upper platform where you can input three numbers to unlock some chambers nearby. Each cell number is made up of ONE of each of the numbers and no number is duplicated.

    The rooms are as follows:

    • Room 201: Contains two file cabinets of random items unless you open it after room 102, when it will have a zombie with a liquid nitrogen bottle.
    • Room 012: Contains some zombies and nothing else!
    • Room 102: Contains a Shrieker which will call other zombies to the area.
    • Room 210: Opens the gate to proceed.

    When you go into the next room for more file cabinets and more rooms:

    • Room 012: Contains two zombies and the Room 201.
    • Room 201: Contains a Green Herb, 5,000 Skill Points, a First Aid Spray, and some file cabinets.
    • Room 102: Conatins a Shrieker and a Green Herb.
    • Room 120: Contains a zombie that usually turns into a Bloodshot.
    • Room 021: Opens the exit to continue.

    Head down the hall and open the door at the end of the hall to reveal a little more about Helena. As you head down the next hall the zombie will reanimate and must be killed. After its death Helena, if you are playing as Leon, runs off ahead with no warning into the lab.

    Head past the lab and around the corner and enter the first room on your left and destroy the file cabinets and the poor zombie who died on the toilet. Before leaving make sure to drain the sink and shoot the Serpent Emblem. Continue forward and enter the women's bathroom on the right with a Green Herb and a Shrieker, if you empty the sink.

    The Serpent Emblem actually appears in the first sink that you drain, even if this is the girls bathroom. The Shrieker will appear in the second sink.

    Continue through the door at the end of the hall and kill the zombies inside before breaking the file cabinets and heading through the door on the left wall. Enter the door directly on front of you and watch the cutscene. Afterwards, hug the right wall to a passcode machine and enter the code: 201.

    In the next area there are three levers that you need to pull in order to advance. Start by heading to the left and down into a room with electric generators buzzing on the floor and a lever nearby. Pull it to raise the gate near the entrance and backtrack, killing the zombies, to the room with another lever and some file cabinets. Pulling the lever in this room will separate you from Helena, or Leon, and you will need to jump down into the underpass to exit.

    The underpass should have a few zombies and a trapped zombie dog. Dispatch them and make your way to the other side of the passage and climb up the ladder to reunite with your partner.

    Head back into the room where a platform has dropped down to reach another lever and some zombies. Kill the hoard however you want, although electrocuting them works pretty well, and pull the second lever.

    Head back to the stairs and look up on top of the new platform to shoot some zombies before vaulting Helena on top.

    Underground Lab: As Helena

    • Info Coming Soon

    Underground Lab: As Leon

    • Switch to your Sniper Rifle and support Helena as she pulls the final lever and releases a Bloodshot zombie, but don't forget to watch your own back. When the lever is pulled a hoard of zombies will arrive on the new platform near the second lever, so make sure to kill the group before heading over to Helena and pulling the twin levers.

    Follow the path through a large warehouse and kill the zombies and Shriekers as you approach the door. The zombies will continue to enter, so head to the hatch by the exit and use the Partner Action to escape the area.


    Primitive Altar Entrance

    The location is mostly empty, so smash the nearby urns and make your way quickly through the level. When you reach a section where you must crawl under some beams, head around the corner and look for the Serpent Emblem behind a breakable vase before continuing on until you finally find Deborah and learn more about who she and Helena are.


    Primitive Altar

    Primitive Altar: As Helena

    • Since you are carrying Deborah, you can not access your inventory or hold weapons. You can, however, headbutt and kick enemies and crates. Use this method to protect yourself as you follow Leon through the level.

    Primitive Altar: As Leon

    • As Helena carries Deborah Leon will have to handle all of the enemies. Start by heading down the new pathway and grabbing the Green Herb after you jump down.
    • Keep going across the bridges and side areas that are filled with zombies, making sure to break open and urns you find. When your reach the area where you have to push a container, push it and enter the next area and push another container. Make sure to watch your back, as enemies come rushing in from behind.

    Continue to the altar where you will be split up again.

    Below the Altar: As Helena

    Info Coming Soon

    Below the Altar: As Leon

    • Head down the path and break the urns before you vault Ada over the gap and receive the ring. Continue to a container that Helena should move once you examine it and the vault Ada again which leads to the Deborah fight.

    Keep focusing on Deobrah as you move around to avoid the zombies. When she is on the upper ledge, snipe her glowing tentacles until she drops or jumps down herself. When she is on the lower level, use your Shotgun or the TNT barrels and continue to focus on her glowing tentacles.

    If she falls over onto her back and extends one tentacle in the air you can run in for a unique attack where you melee the tentacle. When she sustains enough damage she will collapse the floor.


    Altar Corridor

    Altar Corridor: As Leon

    • Follow the linear path down the structure, killing any zombies and breaking the urns as you do. When you reach the bottom, turn the crank to move the mine cart and hop inside.

    Altar Corridor: As Helena

    • Jump in the cart and cover Leon as he makes his way down the ramps. When you reach the bottom, you'll have to wait for Leon to hop in to continue.

    The mine cart will roll down the path and pass a bunch of barricades. You can either duck with the QTE's or shoot the barricades with your Shotgun to destroy them before you reach them.

    When Deborah hops on boards, continue to focus your attacks on her tentacles while avoiding her attacks by droping to the ground on your back or ducking. The mine cart continues to barrel down the tracks as you approach some TNT. Shoot the TNT before you reach it and continue dodging, shooting until the horrible roller coaster ends.

    When you land there are two things going on: Deborah and Helena are trapped on a broken down bridge and Ada is dangling from the ledge.

    Altar Corridor: As Leon

    • Run up to Ada and use the Partner Action to rescue her and then use the Shotgun or Sniper Rifle to shoot Deborah's tentacles, before the structure breaks and she and Helena fall to their deaths, to end the level.

    Altar Corridor: As Helena

    • Aim for the glowing tentacle and shoot it.


    Trophy/Acheivement - Buried Secrets

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below8+121+39 or below

    Chapter 3


    Altar Corridor

    Turn around and leave the broken bridges behind to enter a large circular room and scan the upper level to shoot a Serpent Emblem before pulling the levers and entering the Catacombs.



    Head into the catacombs and break the urns as you go to reach some stairs. Before heading up, open the two tombs on either side for 2,000 Skill Points and a very unhappy snake. Head up the steps and follow the path while looking for the tomb on the left hand side that has the Assault Rifle RN and an urn of ammo nearby.

    As you head down the steps you will trigger a trap of spinning blades. You need to Dash (L stick + X or L stick + B) and then hit L1/LT just before your reach the blades. If you don't want to risk death, get on your butt by holding L1/LT and hitting X to get down and then crawl forward. Continue to hold L1/LT, instead of crawling forward, and use the blades as a defense against the incoming enemies. When they are dead, crawl forward and continue along the path until you reach a wall of fire.

    Catacombs: As Leon

    • Vault Helena up the broken ladder and while you wait for her to turn off the flames watch your back for zombies. If you want to get a unique medal, you need to kill the zombie off to the right that is turning a crank WITHOUT sending Helena through the tunnel.

    Catacombs: As Helena

    • Crawl through the tunnel on your back and be careful of zombies in the tunnel with you. When you exit the other side, drop down and kill the zombie turning the crank.

    Once the flame has stopped, cross the bridge and examine the doorway with serpents and when you can, place the ring to start a wave of enemies.

    Remember that flame trap, well you can use it too. Head to the right and start the crank to ignite the flame. You will probably only want to crank it three times to kill the approaching zombies before ones behind you start to appear. Switch to an Incendiary Grenade and take them out and switch back to the crank for another 2 goes before you check your back again. Eventually, they should all die and a scene the indicates the door is unlocked will occur.

    Follow the path into the water and stick to the right to find a dry area with some urns and a Serpent Emblem inside a tomb. Proceed forward to a gate and vault Helena up by the tomb.

    Catacombs: As Leon

    • Rush back to the land area, because zombies in water are hard to see and kill. When you reach the land the zombies should come in behind you. Kill them and wait for Helena to open the gate.
    • Just as you reunite with Helena you will be split up again and she will be in trouble. Pull out your Sniper Rifle and cover her until all three zombies are dead and then use the nearby crank to lift the gate for her.
    • Continue and slide under the spinning blades and you will be stuck between two traps. Shoot the crank operator off to the left and examine the new crank machine, which will begin a wave of enemies behind you for the crank.
    • Once all the enemies are dead and you have the crank, use it to reunite with Helena.

    Catacombs: As Helena

    • Crawl through the tunnel on your back and be careful of zombies in the tunnel with you. When you exit the other side, turn the crank and let Leon through.
    • Just as you reunite with leon you will be split up again and surrounded by enemies. Rush to land and turn around to take out the enemies.
    • Once you are clear, turn the crank for Leon. Wait for Leon to turn his crank and then make your way to the tombs, with 5,000 Skill Points and a snake.
    • Wait for Leon to kill the spike turning zombie and then advance. Jump on a container, where you can snipe from to support Leon.
    • When Leon grabs the crank and opens your gate, head through and kill the zombie on your side before opening the final gate.

    Before heading to the double levers, you may want to backtrack down Helena's path, if you were not playing her, to grab any loot that dropped, and two tombs that can be opened for 5,000 Skill Points and a snake.



    The enemies in this cavern continue to jump down from ledges above, so there is no point in sticking in one area too long.

    Follow the linear path and lower the drawbridge, when you have a chance, and continue forward. You will eventually come to a fight with a Shrieker and some Bloodshots that you should use any grenades on.

    When you start to pass over wooden bridges, look ahead and check if there is a Whooper there. If there is, set a Remote Bomb down at the end of the bridge and snipe him, causing him to barrel down the bridge and into your bomb.

    When you finally reach the dead end, vault Helena over the gap.

    Cavern: As Leon

    • As soon as Helena is across the gap, the platform collapses and she is attacked by some zombies. Snipe them off her before they drag her down into oblivion and then cover her as she makes her way through the area.
    • When the Whooper appears, take a few shots on him, but watch your back for a few zombies that drop in on you. Once you have dispatched them, cover Helena again until she lowers the bridge and you are reunited.

    Cavern: As Helena

    • Crawl up slowly, but only out of reach of the zombies, so that when you reach the top and fall down you are not swarmed by zombie.
    • On the other side, equip a Remote Bomb and set it down in the path of the Whopper that is rushing your way. Kill it and then continue.
    • Zombies will come from behind you, which turn into Bloodshots. Keep moving forward and jump over the gap to the drawbridge and turn the crank when it is clear.

    Hop down and cross two narrow bridges and then look in the distance for a Serpent Emblem. Shoot it, kill the enemies that drop in the area, and contune onward. Keep heading down the linear path until your reach a set of twin cranks that will need to be cranked, after you kill a wave of enemies that inturrupts you.

    As the bridge lowers, the structure you are on collapses and you land on not-so-solid ground. Dash through the area, avoiding enemies, until you reach a boulder that you and your partner need to push to jump across to solid ground.


    Underground Water Channel

    The ground might be solid, but the water from above comes crashing down and sweeps you off your feet and down a tunnel. When you finally exit the water tunnel, you are stuck underwater with no room for air.

    Follow the path and stick close to the ceiling to look for air pockets. As you make your way through the area you will start to pass corpses, some of which spring to life and drain your air supply. Backtrack to a known air pocket, to be safe, or continue forward in the hopes of another air pocket soon. Either way, make your way to the end of the area, using the navigator if needed, and use the partner action to escape.

    You are not safe yet though. The Brzak drags your team underwater for a few QTE's.

    Helena QTE's'

    • Info Coming Soon

    Leon QTE's

    • Square + X/X + A
    • L Stick
    • R1/RT

    When the Brzak finally spits you out, Leon and Helena are split up again.

    Underground Water Channel: As Leon

    • Swim through the area until you reach a gate and wait for Helena to open it.
    • When it is finally open, start to swim toward the destination marker and Brzak will come after your from behind. Tap X/A as fast as you can to give Helena time to shoot it and save you. Do this three more times, along with a quick fight from a zombie, and you will reach the shore.

    Underground Water Channel: As Helena

    • Info Coming Soon

    Reunited, break open the nearby urns and head back down Helena's path to grab 5.56 Ammo x2 and shoot the Serpent Emblem, if you did not get it as Helena before, in the tunnel past the bridges.

    When you are ready, return to the area where you got out of the water and use the Partner Action to push the gate and start the boss battle.

    The Brzak will charge you with its mouth open, exposing its tongue. Shoot the tongue while also picking up 9mm Ammo, when needed, and continue to attack him.

    When Leon mentions to watch out, prepare to hit the QTE (Square + X or X + A) to dodge an attack.

    Continue to fire until the screen slows down and the camera tilts up to a TNT Barrel. Shoot it to finish the battle and the chapter.

    Trophy/Acheivement - Get on the Plane

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below10+101+39 or below

    Chapter 4



    June 30, 2013 / Waiyip, China

    As soon as the cutscene ends you will be in a fight.

    The confined space can make this fight seem deadly, but in fact it is easy to avoid the guy by running in a circle around the area to the right or left of the stairs and around to the other side.

    If you get a good distance on the Lepotitsa, head to the right side of the pilot cabin and grab the Lightning Hawk for a great weapon against this guy. If you run out of ammo, grab the .50 Action-Express Magnum Ammo x2 on the right and left side of the area, just before the cockpit.

    Keep running in circles while you aim for his head and stay out of arms length until he leaves.

    Once you have control again, check the cockpit to learn that there is an issue with the pressure bulkhead and the bottom of the plane.

    The shutter blocking the stairs to the lower cabins is now open, so take it and turn right and look under the shutter full of debris for a Serpent Emblem. Navigate your way through the main cabin and when the path splits around a room take the right path to 9mm Ammo before checking inside the room for a Green Herb.

    Continue until you reach another room that has a Green Herb and then head out and down the steps to the cargo hold.

    Start by getting the 5,000 Skill Points from the metal case and then check the glass cabinet nearby for a Green Herb and Serpent Emblem. To continue, head to the hatch door and follow the prompt to open it and proceed.

    Before you do anything else, grab the First Aid Spray next to the red tanks and take note of the red box. When you are ready, head to the red valve and turn it to proeceed.

    This time you don't want to shoot at the creature, but eject him from the plane. Start by hitting O/B to bring up the partner action menu and then hit up on the directional pad to set the AI to "Move In". This will cause the AI to be more aggressive and draw the enemy attacks while you pry open that red box and pull the lever to open the door and eject it from the plane.

    Unfortunately, you are also almost ejected from the plane as well and need to crawl back into the cargo bay by pressing R1/RT and L1/LT back and forth. The key is to hold down one until the arrow on the next button goes up and then press the other. Doing this too fast will cause you to fall back and eventually die.

    About half way up the ramp, watch for the QTE's to dodge a crate that goes flying off the plane and then continue to make your way back onboard.

    Make your way back to the cockpit, killing all the turned passangers, and check the controls to continue.

    Airplane: As Helena

    • Use grenades, melee combat, and anything else to keep the zombies away from Leon.

    Airplane: As Leon

    • Leon takes the controls and you will need to complete a bunch of QTEs.
    • Once Hunnigan finishes explaining what you need to do, look up with the L stick to get a timed Sqaure/X QTE.
    • Following Hunnigan's orders, look right and examine the middle panel to grab the trottle and push Square/X repeatedly to complete the event.
    • The final event is completed by looking forward toward the controls and once again pressing Square/X rapidly to pull the steering wheel back.

    In true Leon style, we crash.


    Airplane Crash Site

    The first round with this guy is straight forward.

    Start by hitting the button on the forklift to the left to climb up to some crates and a garbage bin of explosive barrels. Push the bin over to drop the explosives and then lure Ustanak into them. There are more explosive barrels on the container further forward on the left that you will need to use as well.

    Stay away from him, using the containers as a good way to keep out of range. If a party member is grabbed at any point, release them with a Partner Assist.

    When he finally disappears, follow Jake and Sherry to the gate where you split up with your partner again.

    Boss Fight: As Helena

    • Keep moving and don't waste your ammo on him. Also make sure to watch out for Ustanak's grenades that he begins to throw.

    Boss Fight: As Leon

    • You and Sherry are split up from Jake and Helena with no way to get back. Check the area for some crates and then check the back of the bus for some prompts.
    • With Sherry's help, press Square/X repeatedly to open the engine panel and examine the engine and start it with a timed Square/X QTE. Don't rush yourself and let it skip over any that are next to each other, if needed.
    • Once the bus is restarted, Sherry will drive it through the gate and open a new area at the far end of the area with more containers full of explosive cansiters.

    In the new area, check around for more crates of ammo and then examine the forklift to drop the plank and allow you to get up to even more containers full of explosive canisters. Using these, lure the Ustanak in for more damage until he is defeated. If you need more containers, jump across the gap from the platform to a conatiner near the bus.



    As you enter the area, stop just before you reach the chickens to turn the corner. Equip your Sniper Rifle and look up, over the nearby palettes to a shiny neon sign and a Serpent Emblem. Continue down the market and take a right down an alley and into a shop that has another Serpent Emblem sitting on the counter. Now make your way to the door at the end of the market for a cutscene.

    The enemy that appears is unbeatable, so don't waste your ammo on it unless it corners you and keep moving.

    Storage Key A

    After the cutscene, head straight toward the seafood shop and in the right corner, behind all the counters, is a room with a Red Herb and 2,000 Skill Points.

    Exit the seafood area and continue down the alley until you spot an electrified door. In order to shut off the power, head to the area to the left of the door and pull the lever.

    Now head into the room and grab the Storage Key A while another Rasklapanje exits the vent nearby.

    Storage Key B

    Head to the other side of the market now, to an alley where the Storage Key B lies.

    Once you have gotten it, look for the ladder where a dead body fell down and climb it to a gap where you can throw Helena over. If you are Helena, you will need to find and open the door that leads to the markets main street to allow Leon to get into the new area.