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by PoochyEXE

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Mechanics FAQ by PoochyEXE

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/04/13

DoDonPachi Dai-Fukkatsu (DoDonPachi Resurrection) v1.5

Mechanics FAQ by Poochy.EXE (Poochy.Spambucket@gmail.com)

Version 1.01 (2013/02/04)


This covers in-depth gameplay and scoring mechanics for DoDonPachi Dai-Fukkatsu v1.5 and its various ports. It does not cover any of the Arrange modes in the ports.

All amounts of time mentioned below are assuming no slowdown. For example, "2 seconds" while the game is running at half speed actually takes 4 seconds of real time, although the game acts as if only 2 seconds have passed.

I have made a separate FAQ for the bee items. Please refer to the other FAQ for information on them.

Ship Types

Each ship has its own strengths and weaknesses. Which one you choose tends to be a matter of personal taste, as they're reasonably well-balanced.

  • Type A: Fast movement speed. Narrow straightforward shot. Combo gauge rises the fastest out of all 3 ships.
  • Type B: Medium movement speed. The shot spreads slightly and turns left or right when you move horizontally. All-around balanced; it's the jack of all trades, master of none.
  • Type C: Slow movement speed. Shot spreads out very wide. Combo gauge rises the slowest.

Shot Styles

The shot styles are a bit less balanced and much more specialized. In general, Power Style is best for scoring, while Strong Style is best for survival.

In all styles, if you get hit with at least one bomb in stock, you automatically release a bomb instead of dying, although this is not the same as a manual bomb. There are two types of bombs, weak and strong. A strong bomb does significantly more damage and gives you over triple the invincibility duration of a weak bomb.

Additionally, in all styles, you can perform an aura attack by flying close to an enemy while firing your laser. This does additional damage on top of the laser and fills up your Hyper gauge quickly. It's possible in some spots to do this to multiple enemies at once to fill your Hyper gauge extremely fast.

  • Bomb Style: You start with 3 bombs and 3 bomb slots. Press B to release a strong bomb. Auto-bombs are weak bombs, manual bombs are strong bombs. Upon dying, you gain 1 more bomb slot up to a maximum of 6, and your bomb slots are all refilled. Cancelling bullets with your Hyper Counter increases your combo.
  • Power Style: Your Hyper gauge increases much faster than the other styles. You start with 0 bombs and have 1 bomb slot. You do not gain bomb slots nor do you get a refill upon dying. You can't manually bomb. Instead, pressing B toggles between Normal and Boost mode. The differences between Normal and Boost mode are:
    • Normal mode: Compared to Bomb Style, your shot is a bit weaker and you move faster. Cancelling bullets with your Hyper Counter increases your combo very quickly. Auto-bombs are strong bombs.
    • Boost mode: Compared to Bomb Style, your shot is a bit stronger and you move a little slower. Cancelling bullets with your Hyper Counter increases your Hyper gauge, and during a midboss or boss battle, it also gives you the same combo boost as Normal mode. Auto-bombs are weak bombs.
  • Strong Style: Like Bomb Style, except your shot is much stronger (even stronger than Power Style in Boost mode) and your Hyper gauge increases very slowly.

Weak vs. Strong Lasers

There are 2 types of enemy lasers, weak (thin) lasers and strong (thick) lasers. You can push back weak lasers whenever you are firing your own laser. However, in Bomb Style and Normal mode of Power Style, you cannot push back strong lasers unless you have a Hyper Counter active.

Hyper Counter

When your Hyper gauge is full, you can activate your Hyper Counter, which empties the gauge. A white ring appears around your ship and gradually drains; when it runs out, the Hyper Counter wears off. The Hyper Counter has several effects:

  • Upon activation, your combo gauge is filled to the max and you are invulnerable for 2 seconds.
  • Your shot and laser become stronger.
  • Enemies fire more bullets at you.
  • You can cancel enemy bullets by hitting them with your own shots. Your shots glow green when initially fired, but the glow turns yellow once they've traveled a certain distance. Shots that are glowing green cancel bullets faster and turn cancelled bullets into star items.
  • Star items refill your combo gauge slightly.
  • Hitting an enemy with your laser gradually fills your combo gauge and increases your combo by 1 every 1/10th of a second.
  • If you push back enemy lasers with your own laser during a Hyper Counter, your combo increases very rapidly: 11 hits every 1/60th of a second, or every 1/6th of a second when facing a boss or midboss. Note that if you take too long to defeat a midboss and it runs away, you get the faster increase on any remaining onscreen lasers even if they were originally fired by the midboss.
  • Cancelling enough bullets summons a Jikuukou enemy (it looks like a yellow hexagon with "DANGER" written on it) which fires a laser at you.
  • When the Hyper Counter wears off, it cancels all on-screen bullets and you get a period of invulnerability: 1 second in Power Style, 2 seconds in other styles.

Be warned that the Hyper Counter immediately wears off if you use a bomb or get hit.

Hyper Rank

Each time you use your Hyper Counter, your Hyper Rank increases by 1, up to a maximum of 5. You can see your Hyper Rank appear next to your ship when you activate your Hyper Counter. For example, the first time you activate it, you'll see a big "0" on each side of your ship turn into a "1"; this means your Hyper Rank is 1. The timer ring also has one tick in it for each rank.

As your Hyper Rank increases, enemy bullets travel faster for the duration of your Hyper Counter and take longer to cancel, and it takes fewer cancelled bullets to summon a Jikuukou. Additionally, if you're using Boost mode in Power Style, the green glow on your shots turn to yellow quicker.

There are several ways to lower your Hyper Rank:

  • It decreases by 1 every time you die.
  • In the 2nd loop, it decreases by 1 every time you use a bomb. Only in Power Style do auto-bombs count; in Bomb or Strong Style, only manual bombs count.
  • It decreases at the start of each stage:
    • In the 1st loop, it resets to 1.
    • In the Omote (Open) 2nd loop, it's halved.
    • In the Ura (Hidden) 2nd loop, it decreases by 1.

Note that if you have a Hyper Counter active at the end of a stage, it will still be active at the start of the next stage, and the decrease in Hyper Rank will take effect the next time you activate a Hyper Counter. For example, if you have a rank 5 Hyper Counter active at the end of the first stage, you will start stage 2 still at rank 5, but the next Hyper Counter you use will be rank 1.


In the corner of the screen are the combo counter, combo gauge, and combo bonus. Note that there are some special enemies which do not count towards your combo, including Jikuukou, Acorn (the enemy which drops the bomb item), midbosses, bosses, and a couple others.

Each time you defeat an enemy, destroy a part of an enemy, or damage an enemy with your laser for 0.6 seconds (0.5 seconds in Boost Mode in Power Style), your combo increases by 1 and your combo bonus increases by the value of the enemy or enemy part (or 10 points for laser damage). The new value of your combo bonus is then added to your score.

Your combo gauge constantly drains, although hitting an enemy with your laser will maintain a low level on your combo gauge. It can be filled in several ways:

  • Destroying an enemy or part of one fills it a bit. Using your shot fills it up a little more than using your laser.
  • Collecting a bee item completely refills it.
  • Activating a Hyper Counter completely refills it.
  • Hitting an enemy with your laser during a Hyper Counter gradually fills it.
  • Collecting star items during a Hyper Counter fills it slightly.

If your combo gauge empties outside of a boss battle while your Hyper gauge is full or during a Hyper Counter, your combo breaks, i.e. both your combo counter and combo bonus reset to 0. Otherwise, your Hyper gauge, combo counter, and combo bonus all start to drain. Doing anything that refills your combo gauge even a little stops the drain, but if your combo counter hits 0, your combo bonus is also reset to 0.

Using a bomb or getting hit also breaks your combo on the spot. The exception is during the klaxon sequence before a boss, during which you can bomb without affecting your combo. This can be useful for lowering your Hyper Rank during the 2nd loop.

When your Hyper gauge is full, you do not have a Hyper Counter active, and your combo is at least 500, you gain a multiplier based on your combo:


The multiplier is applied to all combo-related effects from destroying an enemy or enemy part, i.e. it's the same as destroying the same enemy or enemy part multiple times. For example, if your multiplier is active, you have a 1000-hit combo and a combo bonus of 10000, and you defeat a 100-point enemy, then you earn 10100 + 10200 + 10300 = 30600 points, and you'll have a 1003-hit combo and a combo bonus of 10300 points afterwards.

Your combo bonus also affects the score value of star items; each star item is worth 1/10th of your combo bonus, not subject to the multiplier. They also add a little to your combo bonus (5 points for a small star, 10 points for a large one), but realistically, this won't affect your total score much.

Combos and Scoring Strategy

Combos and the combo multiplier is the key to attaining high scores. The ideal scoring strategy is to use a Hyper Counter to build up your combo, fill your Hyper gauge, defeat some high-value enemies with the multiplier active, and repeat until you defeat the midboss or reach 10000 hits, whichever comes first. Then play the rest of the stage without breaking your combo (much easier said than done), racking up millions of points for every enemy you take down due to your combo bonus.

As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the enemy and the more damage it takes before blowing up, the more points it's worth. Stages tend to start with a couple waves of low-value enemies followed by a mix of low-value and high-value enemies. A good Hyper Counter usage strategy is to either finish off a boss with a full Hyper gauge or shortly after activating a Hyper, use it to ramp up your combo immediately in the following stage while also trying to build up your Hyper gauge, then cash in your multiplier on the first high-value enemy. Remember to make sure your Hyper gauge is full and your Hyper Counter wears off before you finish off the high-value enemy, or else your multiplier won't take effect. It may be worthwhile to use another Hyper Counter after that to further build up your combo, depending on the situation.

Key Hyper Locations

There are a few spots in the game which make it extremely easy to skyrocket your combo and/or score if you time your Hyper Counter right:

  • Stage 2 Ura Route Midboss: Intentionally drag out the battle. Just before it runs away, it will fire many lasers at you. Aura + laser attack these laser sources with a Hyper Counter active to ramp up your combo. They will remain on-screen once the midboss runs away, after which they will be worth the same as regular enemy lasers instead of the reduced value for boss lasers.
  • Stage 3: Two laser cannons scroll in on the top left and top right of the screen. Avoid defeating them. Instead, activate your Hyper Counter and sit in between them, pushing back both their lasers for a massive combo increase. The big golden enemy ship that comes right before them is worth lots of points, so wait until you take it down to activate your Hyper.
  • Stage 4: Early in the stage is a spinning array of laser cannons. Fly up as close as you dare, then activate your Hyper Counter and use the invulnerability to fly into the center to rack up a few thousand hits. Then get your Hyper gauge up as quickly as possible, because the two big black-and-yellow enemy ships each have a massive base value of 446,400 points.
  • Stage 5: When the first giant left-facing laser cannon scrolls in on the top right, activate your Hyper and sit right in front of it to aura + laser attack it for a massive combo increase, briefly using your shot to cancel bullets as necessary. Continue doing so with the next two that scroll in the top right. Your Hyper Counter should wear off while the 3rd one is still on-screen. By this point, you should also have a full Hyper gauge from all that aura attacking, so cash in your multiplier on the laser cannon and/or the tank to your left. Then three more right-facing laser cannons will scroll in on the top left. You can either Hyper again here to get to a 10,000 combo, or keep your multiplier active to cash it on the laser cannons as well as the tank to the right.
  • Stage 5 Ura Route Midboss 1: Activate a Hyper Counter immediately and aura + laser attack the midboss to deplete its health quickly while also building your Hyper gauge back up. The faster you take down the midboss, the more enemies appear after it goes down, and the more you can cash in your combo bonus and multiplier.
  • Stage 5 Midboss 2: If you have a good combo bonus, Hyper Counter and aura + laser to take out this midboss ASAP too.

The Ura (Hidden) Route

There is a second route through the game, with different midbosses. On the first loop, you can enter the Ura Route on the 1st stage by destroying 3 of the silos near the beginning with a full Hyper gauge, without dying up to that point. Silos destroyed by tanks running over them do not count. Silos also take damage from Jikuukou lasers, and if one delivers the finishing blow, that also doesn't count.

For each subsequent stage in the 1st loop, whether you play the Omote (Open) Route (the "normal" route) or the Ura (Hidden) Route in each depends on your performance and route in the previous stage(s). In particular, you get a Bee Perfect bonus if you pick up all the bee items in a level without dying in the level before the last bee; this can affect your route. The specific algorithm is as follows:

  • If you died while facing the midboss, your next stage will be on the Omote Route.
  • If you earn the Bee Perfect bonus on the Ura Route, your next stage will be on the Ura Route.
  • If you earn the Bee Perfect bonus 2 stages in a row on the Omote Route, your next stage will be on the Ura Route.
  • If you failed to defeat the midboss before it ran away, your next stage will be on the Omote Route.
  • If you manually bombed while facing the midboss, your next stage will be on the Omote Route.
  • If you died and continued before the midboss, your next stage will be on the Omote Route.
  • Otherwise, for the next stage, you will stay on the same route you are currently on.

If you fit more than one criterion, use the first one listed.

2nd Loop

There are 2 versions of the 2nd loop, Omote (Open) and Ura (Hidden). If you qualify for either loop, you will be asked at the end of your 1st loop whether or not you want to play the 2nd loop. If you qualify for both, you'll only be prompted for the Ura 2nd Loop. If you decline or didn't qualify for either loop, you get the bad ending. Note that co-op games cannot enter the 2nd loop. If you had 2 players simultaneously active at any point in the 1st loop, you'll get the bad ending no matter what.

To qualify for the Ura 2nd Loop, you must finish the 1st loop taking the Ura Route for all 5 stages, collect all 45 bee items along the way, and use no more than two bombs (including auto-bombs). If you're playing Power Style, you're also allowed to die once.

To qualify for the Omote 2nd Loop, you must complete the 1st loop without continuing, and either use no more than 2 bombs or collect at least 35 bee items (or both).

Both loops are harder versions of the 1st loop, with the Ura route being the harder of the two. The Omote 2nd Loop locks you into the Omote Route for all 5 stages, and the Ura 2nd Loop locks you into the Ura Route. At the end of the 2nd loop is the final boss Golden Disaster, not seen in the first loop. On the Ura 2nd Loop, defeating Golden Disaster pits you against Hibachi, the true final boss.

Some smaller mechanical differences also exist between the two loops. For example, aura attacks boost your Hyper gauge slower than usual on the Ura 2nd Loop. In Power Style, the Hyper gauge boost you get from cancelling bullets in Boost mode during a Hyper Counter is also reduced in the Ura 2nd Loop.

The 1UP Item

Near the end of Stage 3 is a unique circular enemy which fires lots of blue bullets at you as well as 4 rotating lasers. It drops a 1UP item when defeated, but only if you do not have a bomb actively exploding on-screen. If you're playing for survival, consider using a Hyper Counter at this point. You can get a 1UP in both loops from this enemy.

Maximum Bonus

If you have a full bomb stock after picking up a bomb item, you get a blue "MAXIMUM" over your bomb stock display. While this is active, you get a Maximum Bonus periodically. You lose it if you use a bomb or get hit. The base value of the bonus is 2222 points. The bonus works as follows:

  • Multiplier: Your multiplier starts at x1. Every time you pick up a bomb item while your bomb stock is already full, it increases by 1. (This includes the bomb item you pick up to activate the bonus, meaning if you haven't bombed yet on your current life, the multiplier will be at x2 as soon as you activate the Maximum Bonus.) If you lose the Maximum Bonus by using a bomb, your multiplier decreases by 1, down to a minimum of x1. If you die, the multiplier resets to x1.
  • Maximum Level: You start with a Maximum Level of 1. If you start a stage with the Maximum Bonus active, your Maximum Level increases by 1, up to a maximum of 3. If you die, your Maximum Level resets to 1. At Level 1, the value of the bonus is added to your score every 1/20th of a second. At Level 2, it's every 1/30th of a second, and at Level 3, every 1/60th of a second.

Note that you do not get the Maximum Bonus during a boss fight, specifically from the moment the klaxons sound to warn you of the incoming boss until the next stage starts.

Clear Bonus

You get a score bonus at the end of the 2nd loop. On the Omote 2nd Loop, the bonus is calculated as follows:

  • 5,000,000,000 points if you have a Maximum Bonus active at the end
  • 150,000,000 points per bomb left
  • 1,000,000,000 points per life left

The bonus is doubled on the Ura 2nd Loop.


Thanks to CAVE for making the game, and also the DoDonPachi Dai-Fukkatsu official DVD and guidebook, which I relied heavily on to learn the mechanics myself. Some information also came from CAVE's official YouTube videos.


Version 1.00 (2013/01/31) - Initial upload.

Version 1.01 (2013/02/04) - Detail work update: A couple corrections to the algorithm which determines the route you take on subsequent stages, a minor formatting fix, and various additions.