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FAQ/Walkthrough by SENIORBILL

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/19/10

                    Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution
                     (Borderlands add-on game)
                FAQ/Walkthrough for XBOX 360 and PS3
                            By SENIORBILL
                     Version 1.0 October 18, 2010
                  Copyright 2010 by William Poneta

                         E-mail: bilpon1@yahoo.com

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

Walkthrough (Prefix--m=Mandatory; o=Optional)


<o004> SPA VS SPA
<o012> IT’S A TRAP...CLAP

This walkthrough’s details were achieved during a playthrough 2 campaign.

                                INTRODUCTION       <I001>

Pandora’s Claptraps have long been subject to the callous programming whims of
the powerful Hyperion Corporation-and they are fed up with their mistreatment.
Led by the intrepid (INAC) Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap, they have
revolted against their makers and have a plan to “trap” anything standing in
their fanatical path toward freedom and dominion over Pandora.

With the vault quest behind our bounty hunters, and with their worth proven
during the Zombie infestation and against the occupying forces of General Knoxx,
their services have been solicited by their former enemy-Hyperion, to crush the
Claptrap Armageddon.

The local’s, human and non, are being mechanized or “trapped” by the robots and
enlisted in their cause; and the Claptraps numbers are exploding since they now
control the Hyperion factory where they are manufactured. Even former “passed”
foes are being resurrected and “trapped;” and enlisted in the cause, and you
stand in their way, obstructing their path to total planetary control.

You enter Tartarus Station with all of your weapons, mods, money and action
skills and with your level intact. The game is brimming with satirical humor and
the gunplay and looting are in tune with the parent game and its other DLCs.

                            WEAPONS AND THE ENEMY         <I002>

The opposition is familiar, but different. All life forms, even a few deceased
life forms, have been mechanized, or “trapped” as the rebels say. But there is
nothing much different about killing them. Incendiary is still excellent against
flesh targets, but corrosive, explosive and conventional weapons are all
effective against the fleshy “Traps.”

The rebellious Claptraps can be taken out with any elemental or conventional
weapon, but a potent explosive or conventional is likely your best option. While
a corrosive, for example, will do the job, sometimes with a single round, the
Claptrap is still coming as it bleeds down and many are suicide units. Even a
good static weapon is effective against the robots.

“Trapped” Spiderants, skags and raak, as well as the human types, can be handled
as they were in the prior games. If a Boss-type needs special attention, I will
make reference to the best weapon to employ during the walkthrough.

While Roland’s Scorpio Turret and Mordecai’s Bloodwing provide the best offense
against the “Traps,” Lilith’s phasewalk, with her ability to quickly heal while
rapidly changing locations, makes the final tough Boss battles much less
painful. While her action skill won’t take out many hostiles during the bulk of
the campaign, she is likely the best character to use because of those endgame
battles. Brick’s Berserk skill, once again, falls short of the other skills
throughout this campaign.

                               WALKTHROUGH    <I003>

Select Tartarus Station from any New-U station and you will be transported into
the Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution.

<m001>ARE YOU FROM THESE PARTS?; variable XP and cash.
Mission: Patricia Tannis has a project going-not a morally reprehensible one, of
course-and wants you to acquire some components from the nearby Hyperion Dump
for her creation.
SOURCE: Patricia Tannis offers the mission at the shack uphill from the entry
portal to Tartarus Station.

Go up the long incline and into the shack. Patricia Tannis will tirade about a
project she is assembling and will enlist you to acquire five components she
needs from the nearby Hyperion Dump.

Raid your first SILVER CHEST after taking the side exit from her shack-er’
rather her secret lab. There is a second SILVER CHEST inside the round
structure, on its north end. There is nothing of interest, for now, in the lower
level of this large structure, so continue north to the portal for the Hyperion

The dump is large but the waypoint will change to mark the location of each
component. Start toward the first waypoint to the east. Go east from the entry
portal and curl south to be confronted by an elevated gun turret before you can
swing east. Use the cover provided by the cargo container to take it out, and
then continue east.

Half a dozen hostiles will defend the area near the system of platforms ahead.
You will find a SILVER CHEST guarded by a pair of local boys at the top of the
interconnected ramps, or you can skirt to the left to continue east, but the
elevated platform is a good place to begin eliminating the ten or more hostiles
to the east. It will also keep the enemy off your trail.

Descend into the low area to the east and take the ramp on the right side of the
path. Several hostiles will appear. Take the arching ramp going west to find a
RED CHEST near the shack. Go back across the ramp and up the long ramp to the
east to raid the SILVER CHEST. Take the component from the wrecked Claptrap in
the nearby shack.

The second waypoint is to the south. Look down from where you found the
component; you will see another SILVER CHEST below. Take out the Bandit or two
below, jump down and move south, staying on the platform. Look across the open
area into the clutter of structures ahead. About a dozen Bandits, both on the
platforms and beyond them will defend the area. Snipe anyone visible and then
work your way to the southern platforms, clearing them and the camp beyond
before grabbing the second component, south of the southern shack.

The next waypoint is far to the west, but if you go east and take out the
fifteen Apeshit Stunted Lunatics near the tire graveyard, you can raid a RED
CHEST atop a cargo container.

As you move west, avoid the dead-end corridor south of the New-U station. It is
infested with skags, including possible Boss types. But as you turn north half a
dozen skags will emerge out of their dens.

Continue north up the grade until you’re northwest of the waypoint. Bandits will
begin challenging from the elevated structures and from below them. This will
include Badass Psychos and Bully-Traps. You can make a dash for the waypoint and
grab the component at ground level, but you will probably be taking fire from
all different directions. A skag or two may also attack from the swamp to the

The fourth waypoint is far to the north. Several Bandits, Executioners, Outlaws,
etc., will dispute your incursion just south of the waypoint. You will see a
SILVER CHEST ahead, atop a structure well southeast of the waypoint. Take the
fourth component from the low swampy area.

The final waypoint is to the northeast. Go toward the stacks and Claptraps and
mechanized humans-“traps”-will intervene. Begin sniping before entering the open
area south of your objective. As you enter the enclosure, a Hyperion Super-Bad
Soldier will have to be taken out before getting the final component.
Incendiary, explosive and caustic weapons work well against him. Additional
Rebel Claptraps will swarm, including bomb-toting suicide Claptraps.

Taking on the numerous Claptraps in the north area can get you to a RED CHEST
which is located in the lobe of land, as depicted on your map, in the northeast
side of the rebel Claptrap’s stronghold.

Return towards the portal to the southwest, taking the west passage. Stop just
north of the exit and use the metal crates and the cargo container to get to the
RED CHEST atop the building. Enter Tartarus Station. Go to Tannis’ shack.

Turn in the initial mission and she will offer you, FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO
PART-E. After you depart the shack, Mr. Blake, Hyperion’s representative for
mercenary relations and tourism, has a proposal for you.

<o002>FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PART-E; variable XP and cash; a shield mod.
MISSION: Patricia Tannis needs additional components for a contraption called
the Infinite Improbability Drive.
Source: Patricia Tannis will offer this mission when the game’s initial mission
is completed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: This mission will be completed as you encounter Claptraps during the
coming missions. Nearly every time a marauding Claptrap is committed to the junk
heap, you can gather a part. 42 are required to complete the mission.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -

<m003>NEW CONTACT, variable XP.
Mission: The local Hyperion bigwig, and former enemy, has a proposal for you.
Source: The mission is acquired after you exit Patricia Tannis’ shack after
completion of the initial mission.

With NEW CONTACT selected, enter the large circular structure and make your way
down the long stairwells on the southeast side. Interact with the door mechanism
and the large spread out town of Tartarus Station is ahead.

As you exit into town, stop at the bar and raid the SILVER CHEST behind the
counter. Meet Mr. Blake at the waypoint, the Hyperion Welcome Center, noticeable
by the large “WELCOME” sign above the entry. Marcus will also announce that he
has a job for you as you enter the Welcome Center.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: There is a RED CHEST on top of the tall building just east of the bar. To
get to it jump on the barrels at the rear of the building, then to the flue-like
device nearby and from there to the roof. Jump from the crates to the roof. Walk
onto the bracing and jump to the roof to the east. Jump onto the round vent and
then to the canopy and then and onto the reddish roof. Use the gray duct and the
metal vent to get to the rooftop. Raid the RED CHEST. There is another RED CHEST
west of the main stairwell going to the lower part of town. Jump from the
handrail to and over the metal fence to get to it.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Interact with the emaciated Mr. Blake to complete, NEW CONTACT. You are now an
agent working for Hyperion. He offers the new mission, OPERATION TRAP CLAPTRAP

Do an about face and head into Marcus’ shop. He comments on the beautiful
Pandoran day-other than the mechanical Armageddon in progress, anyway-and offers
you the mission, BURNIN’ RUBBER.

If you look through the bars on the west wall of the shop, you will see a RED
CHEST in the enclosed space. It can be accessed by turning right after exiting,
jumping from the handrail to the roof, then to the container and then onto the
roof. Drop into the enclosure to raid it. Use the crates to exit.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: There is a SILVER CHEST on the lower east roof of the building east of the
Welcome Center. Use the rear and east stairwells, and when you see the chest, as
you face south, jump onto the handrail and then onto the roof. Raid the SILVER
CHEST and then go around the corner of that rooftop to its northwest corner.
Jump onto the short column and then onto the thin metal arch support. Walk up to
the peak. There is a RED CHEST ahead but it isn’t our goal-yet. Make a left
turn, and then another left, walking the narrow beams. Jump to the roof of the
Welcome Center to access a SILVER CHEST. Return to the arched “I” beams. Walk
toward the RED CHEST and leap to the roof to get to it.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Head on over to the Hyperion Tourist Information Board to acquire two new
missions, SPA VS SPA and LIKE SHOOTIN’ RAKK IN A BARREL. This local Board is a
short distance northwest of Mr. Blake’s hangout. It can be found at the “!” on
your map. Select SPA VS SPA as your active mission.

<o004>SPA VS SPA; variable XP and cash.
MISSION: Hostel Sal’s proprietor, Sal, is losing customers to the rival spa at
the Pipp Inn. Steal their power core to put em’ in their place.
SOURCE: The Hyperion Tourist Information Board.

The mission’s waypoint is south of the Information Board, so head that way.
There is no shooting in town proper, so this is a search out mission. Go up the
stairway and around the corner. Use the small crates to gain the roof and the
two protruding roof corners nearby to gain the roof above. Take the Spa’s power
source. Return to the Hyperion Tourist Information Board to complete the

<o005>LIKE SHOOTIN’ RAKK IN AS BARREL; variable XP and cash.
MISSION: Bandit’s have occupied the pass south of town that allows access to
Sander’s Gorge. Find the lost components to the town’s automated gun turrets and
repair them to deal with the horde.
SOURCE: The Hyperion Tourist Information Board.

The waypoints will change for this mission. The first will take you to Mr.
Blake’s neck of the woods-the Welcome Center. Go west from its entrance and then
down the stairwell. Curl east under that stairwell and follow the cramped
passage to the first waypoint. The “first” component is in the alcove.

Continue east in the passage and go up the stairwell. Turn left or west and take
the railroad tracks toward the next waypoint. The “second” component sits on the
long walkway extending north from the tracks. There is a SILVER CHEST just
beyond it on the upper platform.

Turn east toward the next waypoint and walk the tracks to the east end of town.
Look south over the handrail, near the water tower, and you will see a SILVER
CHEST on a rooftop far below. Jump the rail so that you land on the narrow rock
ledge. Advance so that the corner of the building below is under you, and jump
directly onto the rooftop, not to the ledge below-you’ll likely just slip off to
the ground if you do. Raid the SILVER CHEST. You can see the last component from
the rooftop. Jump down and grab the “third” component.

It is now time to repair the automated guns, but you won’t actually be accessing
the guns, located on the southern wall. You will be repairing their controls.
From where you located the last component, go west along the fortified wall and
just past the large red canopy, go up the two stairwells. Continue west, past
the two roof sitters and use the crates to access their roof. Repair the first
of the gun controls.

Head east to the next rooftop, using the crates to get atop it. Make the long
jump to the final building and jump onto its roof, using the barrels. Activate
the last gun. The automated guns will now target the Bandits, making passage
through the area a walk in the park instead of blood alley.

Return to the roof opposite the center gun turret. You can actually make a long
sprinting leap from there to the SILVER CHEST near the center turret gun. Jump
down or back and take the stairwell behind the central gun control station to
make your way back to the Hyperion Tourist Information Board. Turn in the

<m006>OPERATION TRAP CLAPTRAP TRAP, PHASE ONE; variable XP and cash; a shield
MISSION: The Hyperion Claptraps have gone haywire and are assimilating every
living thing and some non-living on Pandora. Restore power at the Sander’s Gorge
station to begin the counter-revolution.
SOURCE: Mr. Blake at the Welcome Center.

Make your way onto the rock ledge on the outside of the upper town’s south wall.
This is most easily accessed on the east side of town where the town wall ends.
Get onto the ledge and turn east. Walk atop the rock arch toward the portal.
There is a SILVER CHEST at the end of the course. Jump down and enter Sander’s

The vast cavern is dark and has many convoluted passages and varied occupants-
all hostile. Take the south corridor, as shown on your map, and you will
immediately encounter three Larval Crab Traps. They can be addressed like they
were before being mechanized. Hit that eye with a potent weapon, like an
explosive revolver.

Turn right, or east, where the corridor splits and several “Hyperion Soldier
Trap-types and suicide Mega Samurai Claptraps will confront you. Begin
collecting the components for Patricia Tannis’ mission, FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO
PART-E as the Claptraps go down. Elemental weapons work well against the various
Hyperion Soldier Traps.

Raid the SILVER CHEST in the elevated shack and head northeast, which will place
you along the north end of the lower area, west of the narrow entry and south of
the waypoint.

A large complex of shacks and platforms will appear ahead and there will be
several Hyperion Soldier Traps of different types and several rebel Claptraps to
deal with. There is a RED CHEST in the southernmost shack of the interconnected
platforms. Continue collecting components for Patricia Tannis’ mission.

Go back north on the platforms and continue skirting the north wall as you head
west and when you expect the entry portal to the objective, if you’re depending
on your map, you will find several hostiles instead. Clear the area of the eight
or so Claptraps and Hyperion Soldier Traps and turn west into the passage on the
right-the one with the yellow torches and metal beams. There will be several
Hyperion Soldier Traps and rebel Claptraps near the shack. Jump down and, as you
pass the New-U pole, three automated Gatling Turret Traps will open up as you
near the complex. Take them out from as far back as possible. Begin sniping the
3 or 4 hostiles ahead.

Go up the stairwell on your right and open the facilities gate with the glowing
control station. Hostiles, including Badass types and Mega Samurai Claptraps and
Claptrap Rebels will impede your entry. Drop down from the exposed platform to
snipe the enemy ahead. When cleared, raid the SILVER CHEST on the west platform
and then enter the power station. Turn right and then go left up the ramp to the
elevator. Go down.

An old acquaintance is back and General Knoxx has been “trapped.” He isn’t too
thrilled, as you might imagine, about being alive, yet alone being a mechanical.
Like before his weak spot is his face-pummel it for high damage with a potent
corrosive weapon.

Whenever the horn sounds, half a dozen Claptraps will enter the fray and you
will have to take the aggressive robots down before continuing your battle with
Knoxx. He will still do his leaping move and will shoot shock bolts at you, but
the Claptraps are the problem. Use the round columns in the room to take cover
and keep hitting him. The Claptraps stop when he meets his maker.

Scavenge the Claptrap parts and the ammo chests. Exit through the east doorway,
go up the stairs and raid the SILVER CHEST where the corridor turns south. There
are two SILVER and two RED CHESTS near the target console. They usually contain
very high-end gear. Activate the power station and exit to the west.

The exit route will take you across a long bridge and into an open cavern
infested with “Trapped” rakks. Stay near the entrance and lure the raak by
firing on them. Take them out as they shriek in at you. Retreat to the cover of
the entry if need be. Some of these Badass raaks can be hard to kill. Sprint for
the exit-the bridge to the south, before a new wave of raak come at you. There
is a SILVER CHEST near the west side of the area before bridge’s approach.

Continue south and raid the RED CHEST when the ramp drops. There is another
SILVER CHEST in the last shack on the rampways. Start west and take the left
passage at the split, going up the short ramp.

Enter Tartarus Station, and since the town’s automated gun turrets have cleansed
the area-no Bandits. Before exiting the gorge, go to the far west wall to find

Use the central stairwells to get into town and turn in, OPERATION TRAP CLAPTRAP
TRAP, PHASE ONE to Mr. Blake at the Welcome Center. He will give the new main

<o007>BURNIN’ RUBBER; variable XP and cash.
Mission: The rebel Claptraps have stolen Marcus’ bus tires and he needs six
more. Go to the Hyperion Dump and find six good ones.
SOURCE: Marcus gives this mission at his weapon shop in town.

Enter the Hyperion Dump. The first waypoint is to the south so swing east and
curl south, taking out the elevated gun turret. You can see the sparkle of the
waypoint near it. About a dozen “Trapped” Bandits will gravitate onto the
platform as you go for the “first” tire. Jump to the roof of the nearby shack to
the west to access the RED CHEST.

The next waypoint is far to the east. Go north and turn into the east passage.
Clear the platforms west of the waypoint of the eight or so Bandit Traps and go
up the ramps for another tire-not at the waypoint but still one of the six. Raid
the SILVER CHEST on the highest platform. Use the elevation of the platforms to
clear the Bandit Traps below. Take the “third” tire from the arched ramp.
Additional Bandits will assault you as you take the tire. Retreat west and raid
the RED CHEST, if you have re-started since your last visit, and then raid the
SILVER CHEST atop the long ramp to the east.

The next waypoint is to the southeast. Go through the shack, near the above
SILVER CHEST, and jump down to the SILVER CHEST below. Take out any Bandit Traps
below and head into the low area to the south. Skirt around the system of
platforms and clear the six or so mechanicals from the south end, taking the
ground level hostiles and then the ones from the platforms as they come at you.
Go east and fifteen or more Claptrap Rebels and suicide units will assault you
as you approach the waypoint. The “fourth” tire is on the roof of a shack. Use
the sunken containers and the short column to make your way to it. Raid the RED
CHEST, if you have re-started, on the shack south of the tire.

The fifth tire is in the dead end passage to the west. The area is the den of
several ‘Trapped” skags which will need killing. Take the “fifth” tire.

The next waypoint is far to the northeast. Reverse your inbound route, going
east and turning north into the eastern passage. There may be a hostile or two
along the way, but, just past the waypoint, Claptraps will emerge ahead. An
initial surge of about fifteen Rebel and Samurai Claptraps must become scrap
before you can take the “sixth” tire from the blade of the bulldozer. Another
dozen robots will appear if you continue north from the waypoint. You should
easily get enough parts to satisfy Tannis’ current demand.

Start out of the Dump, taking out any Bandit Traps that contest your exit. Enter
Tartarus Station and turn in, FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE TO PART-E to Patricia Tannis;
and, naturally, she needs even more parts to prevent her invention from becoming
a total disaster. Accept her mission, PARTS IS PARTS. She now needs 75
components-fresh ones.

<o008>PARTS IS PARTS; variable XP and cash; a grenade mod.
MISSION: Tannis needs more parts-75 of em’. This will prevent the device’s Ecto-
containment Unit from a catastrophic reversal.
SOURCE: Patricia Tannis will give this mission upon completion of the first
parts collection mission.

Go back to Marcus’ shop in town and turn in, BURNIN’ RUBBER. He has no new
missions. Go to the Hyperion Tourist Information Board and get the missions:

<o009>ONE-UPMANPIPP; variable XP and cash.
MISSION: The hotelier war continues. Find some garbage and put it into Sal’s
food delivery chute to pay him back.
SOURCE: The Hyperion Tourist Information Board.

Go east from Marcus’ shop and enter “STASH YOUR CRAP and” and pick-up the
garbage from the toilet stall. Go to Sal’s Hostel to the north. Take the long
stairwell, on the northeast corner of the Hostel, down to interact with the
delivery chute. Return to the Information Board to complete the quest.

<o010>FINGER LICKIN’BAD!; variable XP and cash.
MISSION: A foul red-and-white robot menace named Cluck-Trap has been seen in
Sander’s Gorge. Take him out for a delicious bounty.
SOURCE: The Hyperion Tourist Information Board.

Go to the Sander’s Gorge portal and enter the dark caverns. If you look on your
map, there are two corridors going north from the entry. Take the second that
splits north off of the central corridor. Jump up the low rock wall to gain

Shortly after you enter, 3 Crab Worm-Traps will erupt and beyond them are
several Mega Samurai Claptraps. Farther along a small guard post will have both
Hyperion Soldiers-Traps and Mega Samurai Claptraps to deal with. Raid the SILVER
CHEST in the shack and take the short ramp into the large open southern grotto.

This large high-ceiling grotto is the roost of numerous rakks. Look up at the
light and fire into the swirl of Vindictive Rakk-Traps. Get their attention by
firing on them, without advancing too far from the entry. Take them out and go
toward the waypoint.

The Claptrap that thinks he is a rooster will come at you. Take him down-he’s
more funny than tough. Backpedal and lay into him with a good shotgun, revolver
or automatic weapon.

Expect another flight of rakk as you make your way to the RED CHEST on the large
central boulder. Tumescent Raak-Traps and more Vindictives will need your
attention before you raid the RED CHEST on the central boulder.

Reverse your inbound route, following the Hansel and Gretel trail of pick-ups
and open ammo chests, to get back to the Tartarus Station portal. Return to the
Hyperion Tourist Information Board to turn in the mission. No new missions will
be offered.

east toward the Dividing Faults portal.

XP and cash.
MISSION: The factory in Dividing Faults is producing rebel Claptraps at a
prodigious pace, knock out its cooling pumps to stop the production.
SOURCE: Mr. Blake at the Welcome Center.

Follow the railroad tracks east to the Dividing Faults portal. Your first
waypoint is far to the northwest of the large complex. Three re-spawning
“Trapped” Bandits-with names like, Searching Lunatic-Trap, linger near the rusty
tank as the stacks loom ahead. Turn left and head for the first bridge to the

The Bandit camp south of the bridge will not respond to your entry unless they
are provoked.

Go onto the bridge and take out any “Trapped” Hyperion Soldiers present and
continue north veering slightly west at “Trouble.” A trickle of Claptrap Rebels
and suicide units will appear ahead. Some may be on the low rooftops. As you
turn west, a steady stream of them will emerge ahead. Stay back to eliminate the
dozen or more before going forward and making the turn north.

The route north to the waypoint here is straightforward and when you arrive at
the waypoint, you will meet an old friend, Dr. Ned trapped and dangerous. Keep
your distance and burn him down with an incendiary or caustic weapon. The
factory entered spec. is now met, and the new waypoint is to the north-the first
of the three coolant pumps.

The area has numerous corridors, but the path, as depicted on your map, is quite
linear and easy to follow. Go north, up the ramp, jump the rail, turn right and
go up the stairwell where you will meet three rebel Claptraps. Follow the
corridor, past the control room and cleanse the large chamber beyond of the
dozen Claptraps.

Go up the stairs and follow the corridor around and three Claptraps will defend
the approach to the coolant pump. Raid the RED CHEST and then shoot the “first”
coolant pump with a shotgun.

The next waypoint is to the west and again the path, as seen on your map, is
straightforward. Reverse your route and turn west. Before entering the low area,
jump onto the cargo container from the stairwell to eliminate the Claptrap
defenders below. One may linger in the rec. room to the west. Raid the SILVER
CHEST in the rec. room, on the west side of the area, and use the crates to
climb to the upper corridor. Turn right and eliminate the four defenders and
then raid the RED CHEST near the pump. Shoot it-“two” down.

The last pump is to the west and again the path is straightforward and only half
a dozen Claptraps will need to be put down. Raid the SILVER CHEST, shoot the
“third” pump and listen to the Ninja Claptrap, who seems pleased by your
destructive actions. Everything seems to be going according to his plan.

Take the corridor that leads west to escape the Factory. When the door opens,
take out the four Hyperion Soldiers below and the three that are farther to the

From the west end of the bridge, look south toward the low area below. Snipe the
eight skags emerging from the culvert below and then jump down. Begin the skag-
infested circuit toward the exit along the towering factory wall. About fifteen
skag Traps will emerge from the three culverts as you progress toward the exit.
As you make the turn south, the three re-spawned Bandits will linger near the
makeshift guard post. Enter Tartarus Station.

As you advance toward the Welcome Center, you will see that a train has arrived,
and the voice of the Information Board announces that Bandits have invaded the
town. The Welcome Center and Marcus have locked their buildings and it is up to
you to clear out the eighteen hostiles to end the siege. About half will be
Claptraps. When they are down, the siege is lifted and you can enter the Welcome

Go to see Marcus across the street and he will give you the mission, TAKING
STOCK. Return east to near the Diving Faults portal and use the east stairwell
to reach the pitiful flopping Claptrap in the low area. It will offer you the
repair mission: IT’S A TRAP. . .CLAP.

<o012>IT’S A TRAP. . .CLAP; variable XP and cash; an SDU.
MISSION: You have located a broken Claptrap-a nice one, maybe. Find a repair kit
and fix it.
Source: The Claptrap is located below the east railing near the Dividing Fault

The repair kit is nearby, just across the tracks. Return with it to the Claptrap
and you will find out that you have been duped. He is a Freedom Fighter and he
has about half a dozen buddies that will swarm you in the cramped area. The
stairwell is blocked so you cannot escape their wrath.

Raid the newly appeared RED CHEST after they are junk-and it explodes killing
you! Just kidding-its just a RED, not a bomb. On the wall near the RED CHEST
there is a “turn in” station, marked by an “!” on your map-you have another SDU.

<o013>TAKING STOCK; variable XP and cash; an SMG.
MISSION: Marcus is dangerously low on certain tourist goods and needs you to
acquire ten Bobble-Heads from the factory in Diving Faults.
SOURCE: Marcus gives this mission at his shop after, “PHASE TWO” is completed.

Enter Dividing Faults and take out the three sentries north of the portal.
Sprint past the first Bandit camp on your left. The waypoint is at the extreme
west end of the area and even though a dozen “Trapped” Bandits defend it, it
will seem quiet. Advance just enough to get the action started by firing at a
defender. About half of the Bandits will be “Trapped” Burning Psycho types and
they will enter the skirmish a few at a time, emerging from the different
shacks. Set up shop at the entryway to snipe the tough defenders. Use the
container and crates at the rear of the area to get atop the platform to get the
“first” of the ten Bobble-Heads.

The second waypoint is to the north, across the western bridge. Make your way
across the bridge and take the “second” Bobble-Head from the crate. This should
be unopposed.

Go north toward the next waypoint and about eight Claptraps will greet you
before you turn west. Three Hyperion soldiers lurk just past the west end of the
next bridge and the “third” Bobble-Head is just beyond them on a crate. Use the
barrel, item lockers and the cargo container to get to the SILVER CHEST on the
nearby platform.

Reverse coarse, re-cross the bridge and head for the next waypoint to the
southeast. Take the corridor going south, which is west of the waypoint, and
jump onto the bags and cargo containers to get onto the roof to your left. Take
the “fourth” Bobble-Head.

The fifth waypoint is a short distance to the east. Jump down on the west side
of the roof and go north and turn east toward the bus. Jump onto the low roof,
east of the bus, and go east to the “fifth” Bobble-Head, sitting on the table.

A few soldiers will now begin to target you, so stay on the roof and clear any
visible hostiles below. Go slightly west and curl to the south. Jump down and
take the stairwells to the southeast to gain the roof on the opposite side. A
few Claptraps may challenge this entry. Eliminate the Claptraps below, before
jumping, roof to roof, to get directly north of the waypoint. Make the last jump
to the roof with the “sixth” Bobble-Head. A few Claptraps will fire up at you-
fire back.

Jump back to the roof to the north and follow the different roofs west to the
“seventh” Bobble-Head.

Once again reverse coarse, staying on the roofs and turn north when still east
of the waypoint.  There will be a canopy below you as you jump across to the
roof to the north. Continue north on the roof and turn west and cross the top of
the cargo container to get the “eight” Bobble-Head, in the elevated shack.

The ninth waypoint is to the northeast. Stay on the roofs, going through the
shack until you are south of the waypoint. Take out any hostile below before
entering the narrow passage going north. Take a left, then a right and when the
Bobble-Head is dead ahead, a dozen Claptraps will filter into the area ahead.
Take them out and take the “ninth” Bobble-Head. Continue collecting parts for
Tannis’ mission and then raid the RED CHEST.

The last Bobble-Head is located on the east bridge. Go south, then east to the
vending machine alcove. Exit after passing the vending machines. This will place
you near the bridge’s entrance, which will be guarded by over a dozen
“untrapped” D-Fault Bandits. Advance to lure them out and use the entryway to
channel their approach. Many will be Psychos and an occasional Rebel Claptrap
will join the action from the west. Go to the waypoint for the “tenth” Bobble-
Head. A dozen Claptraps will block your way if you make for the bridge to the
west, so continue east across the bridge into D-Fault territory.

The large area to the east of the factory, across the east bridge is the D-Fault
Bandit stronghold. Slip down the cliff face just south of the bridge and make
your way south to the exit. You may encounter a wandering skag or two and you
can just bypass the Bandit camp in the side canyon as you sprint south. The
three “Trapped” Bandits will be back north of the exit portal.

Enter Tartarus Station and go see Marcus. Turn in, TAKING STOCK. He will have no
new missions. If you have the 75 parts, go see Dr. Tannis. Turn in, PARTS IS
PARTS and she will, naturally, need more parts. She will offer, WE ALL HAVE OUR
PART TO PLAY. She needs a whopping 100 parts.

<o014>WE ALL HAVE OUR PARTS TO PLAY; variable XP and cash; a class mod
MISSION: Tannis’ popcorn setting is malfunctioning, creating mutant strains of
corn. She desperately needs 100 additional parts to fix the problem.
SOURCE: Patricia Tannis will offer the mission upon completion of, PARTS IS

With Patricia Tannis’ mission in hand, hopefully, select, OPERATION TRAP
CLAPTRAP TRAP: PHASE THREE: TripWIRED. There’s sure to be plenty of dismembered
Claptraps at the warehouse to scavenge. Sprint east on the tracks and enter
Scorched Snake Canyon.

Mission: The “ugh” wired wireless device may be the key to ending the conflict,
but it is in Scorched Snake Canyon, protected by “Traps.”
Source: Mr. Blake gives this mission upon completion of “PHASE 2.”

Go east toward the Scorched Snake Canyon portal and go down the short stairwell
and raid the SILVER CHEST. Enter the Canyon. The waypoint is far to the
northeast and getting there won’t be easy. For now the overhead walkways are not
available, so you must travel the canyon that is teeming with local fauna-
hostile “trapped” ones.

Go south from the entry, onto the rocky slope, and begin the trek east. The
numerous tough skags on your left, along the escarpment, shouldn’t take notice
of you if you keep your distance.

The side canyon south of the skag dens contains two RED CHESTS. One is in the
water at the west end of the lagoon and there is another on the elevated rock
ledge. Dropping off the rock bridge above it allows you to access the elevated
weapons chest.

As you drop off the end of the rocky incline and approach the metal fence ahead,
“Trapped” spiderants will erupt. Turn around and climb back onto the sloping
rocks. Use your sniper on the five or so vermin. You will probably see rakk
soaring in the distance as you continue east.

About a dozen raak will swarm at you as you begin the long counterclockwise loop
around the enormous circular pit; and, near the SILVER CHEST, about a dozen raak
will swarm down on you. Stay against the rock face to take them down. Raid the

With the upper pathway ended, jump down to the rock ramp below and continue
northeast. Spiderants will erupt near the dozer and there will likely be
multiple Boss types, like a pair of Super-Bad Spiderant Trap Cremators among
them. A few lesser types will accompany them. Use the tractor as cover against
these tough Badass types. You can also retreat up the ramp to snipe, since they
mostly hold their ground below.

A bit farther along and more spiderants will erupt, again with tough ones among
them. This will usually include a pair of Super-Bad Spiderant Trap Fulminators.
Retreat all the way to the dozer or beyond if necessary. Use it for cover to
target them. They still, even though mechanized, like to turn and present that
weak spot when you’re reloading. Hitting the little mech. gadget on their head
will take off more health than hitting their hard skulls, but the abdomen is
still the kill shot area.

Begin the long loop west after passing the pit. A few skags will challenge your
entry into the westward passage. A group of lower-level Slave, Vermin and
Trapling spiderants will swarm after you near the dozers. Half a dozen skags
will emerge from a den past the small pond and another six near the wrecked
truck. With a good sniper rifle, you can usually take these one after another as
they emerge. There is another skag den as you make the turn going east.

About eight spiderants challenge as you enter the east passage and another
smaller group just beyond and yet another six before reaching the gate. Raid the
SILVER CHEST on the lookout tower as the gate opens.

A pair of gun turrets will be betrayed by their laser sighing. Take them out
from near the gate; and, as you proceed, a dozen or so Claptraps will appear
both ahead and to your left. Collect the Claptrap parts and enter the well-
lighted doorway where the vending machines are. Go down the stairwell and raid
the SILVER CHEST. Drop through the opening into the chamber below.

A “trapped” Commandant Steele, wielding a pair of energy swords, is puzzled by
the enormous gaping hole in her stomach, but she is quite fit for duty. She will
dash about and cartwheel, aggressively assaulting you, trying to separate your
head from your torso. She is quick and the best way to take her out is with an
incendiary weapon like a Hellfire or another potent elemental. A constant
barrage to her torso can fend her off as she advances. This battle is much
easier if you are playing as Lilith, because you can tag her, then quickly
phasewalk, putting distance between yourself and Steele as your elemental burns
her down. The bleed effect also allows you to quickly ID her rapidly changing
position. Keep the heat on her when she approaches to blunt her attack and dash
away when your shield goes down. Headshots, even with a shotgun, are difficult
on the rapidly whirling Steele.

When she finally goes down, use the control box on the north end of the chamber
to open the gate. Take the wireless device and make your way atop the shipping
containers, using the small crates, to raid the two RED and three SILVER CHESTS
you will find there and below.

Take the east exit and go up the long ramp and begin the trek back to the exit
portal. Spiderants will erupt in this first area and will include a pair of
Queen Mothers. They will again erupt as you pass through the fence. There will
be about two-dozen Traplings to kill. The area is enclosed on all sides and has
no outlet except the stairwell east of the fence.

Make your way up the interconnected stairwells and platforms. Small manageable
groups of Claptraps will challenge as you go east. You can actually just go past
the barrier wall and drop down to ground level beyond it rather than take the
elevated platforms, if you prefer; but you will miss the weapons chests and the
abundant Claptrap parts you will acquire by using the elevated walkways. Raak
will circle the pit below. Take them out before they swarm at you.

When the upper system doglegs northeast. Snipe the Claptraps below from atop the
small crates and then drop down or use the long system of stairwells. Raid the
two SILVER CHESTS and scavenge for parts. Go east, raiding the RED CHEST on the
large center platform. There is another RED CHEST on the upper north side of the
exit area. Drop onto the pipes on the north side, walk the “I” beam to its end,
turn north and jump to the RED CHEST. Open the gate and take the stairs down or
just drop over the side.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: While the large south and southeast portions of the Scorched Snake Canyon
have no mission areas, you can get a lot of XP by harvesting the numerous
spiderants that erupt if you enter the large southern pit. There are also
several weapon chests in the area. Use the entry ramps to snipe the 25 or more
vermin in the pit. The structure to its south has eight or so Claptraps to
harvest for parts. The area to the east has numerous skags that can yield easy
XP to a long-range sniper.

When you pass through the narrow corridor into the extreme southeast passage you
will find a RED CHEST. Beyond are spiderants. You can take shelter in the shack
to take out any Boss types among them. Another nest will erupt as you make the
turn west. You can take them out from the safety of the arching rock ramp.

As you top the arch, a half dozen skags will emerge, one after another, from
their dens as you approach them. There is a SILVER CHEST in the shack just
beyond, and another SILVER CHEST in the shack atop the structure just beyond it.
The eight or ten skags below the rock arch are easy pickins’ and the ten or so
Claptraps beyond are as well.

Go back and drop into the low area where you sniped the skags and raid the
SILVER CHEST. Go north, under the rock arch, and raid the RED CHEST. Exit the
box canyon to the south, sniping the eight skags ahead. Go west and two more
groups of skags will need killing before you return to the exit area. The
Claptraps at the structure south of the pit will also have re-spawned. You can
skirt the north side of the pit to get to the exit.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Enter Tartarus Station and turn the mission in at the Welcome Center. Mr. Blake
will give you the final of the “TRAP CLAPTRAP” missions, OPERATION TRAP CLAPTRAP

Go across the tracks and Marcus will give you the mission, OLD SPICEY. The
Hyperion Tourist Information Board will also have the mission, NOT MY FAULT.
Make NOT MY FAULT your active mission and start east to the Diving Faults

<o016>NOT MY FAULT, variable XP and cash.
MISSION: The tourist trade is suffering because the D-Fault Bandits in Dividing
Faults are harassing the busses. Hyperion needs the raiders dead so the cash
flow can resume.
Source: The Hyperion Tourist Information Board.

Enter Dividing Faults and take out the guards to the north. The “untrapped” D-
Fault crew has a stronghold east of the factory, but you cannot get to it from
the canyon where numerous tourist busses lay in ruin. The factory compounds wall
and the high escarpment require that you to use the nearer of the south bridges
to access the eastern stronghold via the east factory bridge.

Take out the two bridge sentries and use the alley east of the bridge to
approach the east bridge. Take the stairwell east of the alley on the north side
to get access to the roof. Use the elevated position to clear the hostiles
guarding the bridge into their stronghold from the “Traps.” You will easily get
the required 15 kills from there. Numerous Claptraps will also enter the area
below, and one will occasionally come onto the roofs. An occasional Psycho may
also make it up to you, so watch your back.

When the Claptrap onslaught is over, collect the parts and proceed across the
bridge. Take out the eight or so D-Fault boys east of the bridge near the hut to
keep them off your back and then turn north. D-Fault’s camp has about a dozen
defenders that must be taken out before he appears. Snipe from the entry area
and watch for Psychos.

As you advance into the compound, D-Fault will come down an elevator at the rear
of the area, looking like an enormous barbarian. Use a powerful incendiary or
explosive sniper rifle to whittle down his large health bar. He is very slow
moving, so keep your distance and headshot him for a quick kill. There is a RED
CHEST on the west side of the area behind the shack.

Either retrace your inbound route, going back over the east bridge, or drop over
the south side cliff after taking down the four “Traps’ at the shack below. This
can be done near the cactus-like spires near the edge of the cliff. Go southeast
and jog left. Kill the three pesky sentries and get to the exit.

Turn in, NOT MY FAULT at the Hyperion Tourist Information Board and select, OLD
SPICY as your active mission. Head west and enter Scorched Snake Canyon.

<o017>OLD SPICY; variable XP and cash.
MISSION: Go to Scorched Snake Canyon and retrieve some skag musk glands and
ambergris from the Rakk Hive. Marcus needs to smell good for a hot date.
SOURCE: Marcus offers the mission in his shop.

Harvest the required six Skag musk glands from the first skag den just east of
your entry, but the waypoint for the Raak Hive is far to the east in the pit. Go
back and use the stairwells in the building to access the overhead walkways.

The mesh gate is now opened so start east on the elevated walkways. The
Claptraps will have re-spawned, even if you haven’t re-started, so continue
harvesting parts as you travel east. When on the low platform above the wall,
just north of the pit, drop down on the south side of the wall.

Spiderants will erupt as you make your way down to the Hive, but you can avoid
them by jumping to the next level down. Approach the creature to make it erupt.
Back off, get onto the exit ramp, and begin to target its eyes for critical hit
damage with a fast-firing SMG. It takes a lot of ammo, but this time no raak
will swarm during the kill and its spitting attack is bearable if you keep your

You automatically acquire the ambergris as the Hive collapses, but swarms of
vengeful rakks will now begin to assault you-about twenty of them. Spiderants,
including high-level types, will erupt as you make for the exit portal, but they
will not go far up the incline, so snipe them from a distance for some easy XP.
Sprint past the spiderants erupting near the fence and stay away from the skag
dens by keeping on the rocks to the south of their dens.

Enter Tartarus Station and turn in, OLD SPICEY to Marcus at his shop. Having
been rejected by his prospective lady-Dr. Patricia Tannis-Marcus seeks solace in
an exotic meal. He offers the mission, ELEVEN RAKK AND SPICES. Accept it and
make it your active mission.

<o018>ELEVEN RAKK AND SPICES; variable XP and cash; an SMG.
MISSION: Marcus needs some comfort food. Hunt down some spices and raak meat for
the makings of a splendid meal, made with Captain Sander’s secret recipe.
Source: Marcus offers this mission after you complete, OLD SPICEY.

Go to Sander’s Gorge. The first waypoint is in the southern passage. Enter and
three Larval Crab-Traps will erupt. Take them out and grab the “first” zesty
spice plant.

The second waypoint is to the east. Turn right where the passage splits and take
down the eight or so hostiles ahead. Half will be charging Claptraps. Take the
“second” spice plant. Raid the SILVER CHEST in the shack on the platform and the
RED CHEST, at the end of the long system of platforms east of it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: You can save yourself a trip back to this area by continuing north, from
the above RED CHEST, into the large northern cavern. You can see two spice
plants with your sniper scope from the bridge, and you can also see raak
swirling up above. Go across the bridge, shotgun in hand, and take the spice
plant (3 or 10) and fire on the rakks to get them coming. Pick-up the slabs of
raak meat. Go north and take the next spice bush. (4 or 11) Even if you hustle
back to the south bridge, the next wave of raak will catch you, but you can
easily get your quota of rakk meat here.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Go south on the platforms toward the shack where you raided the SILVER CHEST and
go down the short ramp on its east side. Jump down the rock ledge and turn right
and curl west and jump up the short rock wall near the two metal support beams.
Two Hyperion Soldiers and two Claptraps will defend the area near the “third”
spice bush. Raid the SILVER CHEST in the nearby shack.

Go south over the short metal ramp into the large southern grotto. This is rakk
territory. Look up to the light and fire on them. Take out the rakk as they
wheel toward you. Don’t advance too far, stay in the entry area or the raak
corpses will be lost in the depths to the south, and the rock ceiling prevents
the raak from hitting you from a steep angle. Take the “fourth” spice plant and
pick-up the slabs of rakk meat.

Go farther east, raid the RED CHEST on the boulder-a pain of a jump-and take the
“fifth” spice plant. Raak will again swirl in, so take them down and collect the
bounty. If you don’t have the needed amount, don’t worry; you will have another
opportunity before the mission is completed.

The “sixth” waypoint is to the north. Exit the southern grotto through the
northeast outlet. Jump down the short rock wall, turn left and deal with the
small contingent of Claptraps and Hyperion Soldiers who will be on the upper

Continue north, going up the short ramp toward number “seven.” Several Soldiers
and Claptraps will challenge you from around the elevated platforms. Go south to
the last shack on the platforms to find a RED CHEST.

Number eight will be far to the northeast near the gate of the power station.
Both Claptraps and Hyperion Soldiers will greet you near the shack, where you
seemingly have passed the inlet to the power station. Turn into the right
passage near the shack and take out any hostiles on or below the platform.

As you approach the entry complex, a Claptrap or two will charge. Take out the
three gun turrets and move toward the “eighth” waypoint behind the structures to
the right of the area. There will be another four or more hostiles in the area
that must be put down. Number “nine” is just west of number eight. Raid the
SILVER CHEST on the west upper platform.

The next waypoint is in the large northern grotto. You can open the gate and go
through the power plant, fighting the tough defenders, or go back to the last
platform south, just beyond the New-U pole, and go up the short ramp. Take the
left or north corridor west at the fork, staying along the northernmost wall. Go
past the first large system of platforms, and keep right, going along the
caverns northern edge-as depicted on your map. (If you visited the site earlier,
just skip it and continue west to get to the exit portal.) Go up the ramp of the
next system just south of the narrow corridor leading to the objective, to
access the northern cavern. It will take you on a circular route but will get
you where you need to be.

Stop at the entry and look up to see the raak swirling overhead. Fire on them to
get them coming and take them out. Sprint toward the “tenth” bush, grab it, and
then sprint to the “eleventh” to the northeast. You may just be able to exit the
cavern before the raak hit you again.

Exit the northern cavern and take the corridor west. Go left into the south
passage at the split and sprint for the portal. Enter Tartarus Station and give
the jilted Marcus his solace food.

skill point.
MISSION: The final “Trap” mission requires you to confront and reboot the
Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap in Wayward Pass.
SOURCE: Mr. Blake at the Welcome Center.

Select OPERATION TRAP CLAPTRAP: PHASE FOUR: REBOOT and start for the gate on the
northeast side of town. Just head for where the wall ends there. The glowing
green control box will open the gate. Raid the SILVER CHEST and work your way to
Wayward Pass.

Enter Wayward Pass. The waypoint is the large structure to the north. There is a
SILVER CHEST below the north leg of the rock arch, which forms a crude “A” with
the adjacent arch. As you approach the large structure, the gate opens.

Knoxx-Trap will appear ahead and, as usual, he has a large health bar. Stay near
the entry gate and hammer his head with a fast-firing caustic SMG, his attacks
are easily avoided and his health will dwindle, but he isn’t the real problem.
Suicide Claptraps, in small swarms, will periodically enter when the horn
sounds, pursuing you and exploding, dealing major damage. When Knoxx goes down,
don’t even bother killing the cheering multitude of Claptraps on the high
walkways around the room-they expire but don’t yield parts.

A pair of Claptraps mill in the area where the pathways split north of the large
structure. Raid the RED CHEST and take the shortest route-straight west. A large
swarm of raak will swirl when you start across and they will attack. There is a
SILVER CHEST on the jutting finger to the south of the next areas entry point.
Drop into the entry hole where the sign says, “No Evil Boss Here.”

Claptraps cheer and Undead Ned-Trap will greet you. Undead Ned-Trap is a
handful. His melee attacks are deadly and once again suicide Claptraps will
periodically join him in the pursuit. Keep running from the aggressively
pursuing Ned as you pummel him with a fast-firing potent SMG, while avoiding the
Claptraps. Once again, Lilith’s phasewalk can allow you to dash away from
danger, healing and regenerating your shield while putting distance between
yourself and the aggressive foe.

Go out the south exit, raid the RED CHEST and continue toward the next waypoint.
A few Claptraps will need killing as you proceed. The Claptrap version of a
shooting gallery has metal bad-guy targets popping up along the route. Shoot em
or not.

Enter the next area where the entry says, “No Bosses Here.” It is a parody of
the Eridean Promontory complete with music. Commandant Steele-Trap will charge
you-and there is no Destroyer to take her out. Use an incendiary or caustic SMG
to tag her and keep her burning. A continuous barrage of bullets can keep her
from closing on you and should drive her off. Take her out.

Move west toward the final battle-The Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap is
anxious to get it on. Raid the RED CHEST, stock up on ammo and enter the Arid
Badlands. Raid the two RED CHESTs and head through the open gate to where it all

Marcus is ready to take you and your fellow bounty hunters away to bigger and
better things when he is blasted “twice” by Claptrap. Marcus’ final words, “If
it took more than one shot, then you weren’t using a Jakobs.

Claptrap will taunt you and summon his massive sidekick-MINAC.

The Mega Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap is an enormous tank-like vehicle
bristling with gun turrets. It also has giant pinchers for delivering lethal
melee damage. If you want to survive, find a sheltered spot-immediately. The
boulders, near the wrecked bus, are probably the best place to shelter from its
devastating attacks, but, from time to time, suicide Claptraps will swarm to
flush you out.

Target its gun turrets to blunt its attack, but hammer that big red eye whenever
it is left exposed, remaining as much out of sight as the cover will allow. It
doesn’t take a myriad of hits to put its lights out, but getting those hits in
isn’t so easy. A high accuracy potent revolver, sniper rifle or automatic
weapon, with good accuracy and recoil reduction, is your best choice for landing
meaningful hits on the eye.

MINAC is tough but when it bites the dust, the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin
Claptrap, himself, will come for you. In comparison, INAC is a pushover. Hammer
him with a caustic SMG and backpedal when he advances and soon the credits will
roll. Reprogrammed; Once again Claptrap is the docile little robot that greeted
you so long ago.

There are seven RED CHESTs and two SILVER CHESTs around the perimeter of the
area to raid. Go south to the portal for Tartarus Station.

Re-enter Tartarus Station and turn in, WE ALL HAVE OUR PART TO PLAY to Patricia
Tannis. She will give you the mission, A PART OF SOMETHING LARGER THAN YOURSELF.

MISSION: Tannis’ fearsome invention still needs a few parts-150 parts!
SOURCE: Patricia Tannis at her shack-lab near the entry portal.

Make your way to Mr. Blake at the Welcome Center. He will give you a skill point
and the mission, HELPING IS ITS OWN REWARD. . .WAIT NO.

<o021>HELPING IS ITS OWN REWARD. . .WAIT NO; variable XP and cash; the key to
the Hyperion Gift Shop.
MISSION: Blake has given you the key to the Hyperion Gift Shop. Go see if your
efforts are to be fully rewarded.
SOURCE: Mr. Blake in the Welcome Center.

The gift shop is next door. Use the control box on the northwest side. The
pickins’ look mighty meager-but there is a control box on the side of the desk.
A hatch in the floor opens.

Go down to find eighteen RED CHESTS. Return to Mr. Blake to complete, HELPING IS

There still is those 150 parts to collect and the Rebels haven’t heard that the
rebellion is off with the demise of their leader, so you can still gather the
150 parts. Oh, and I guess INAC wasn’t using a Jakobs, for sure, after all,
Marcus is still alive and kickin’ in his store. He even gave the epilogue.

Farewell to the Borderlands of Pandora, and many thanks to 2K for the fabulous
and addictive Borderlands saga. Can’t wait for Borderland 2!




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