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    FAQ/Move List by LASER

    Version: 0.4 | Updated: 10/02/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Street Fighter III: Third Strike- Fight for the Future FAQ
    Arcade Game produced by Capcom
    FAQ  v. 0.4 written by «LASER»    <arolaser@mad.scientist.com>
    2 / 10 / 99
    Legal Blather
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    or form without express permission from the 
    author of the FAQ (See email address above). It may be used on any freely 
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    promotional purposes. This FAQ may not be used by any game sites and may not be 
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     etc.  This FAQ was created and owned by Aaron Fraser 
    The game "Street Fighter III - Third Strike" and the "Street Fighter" game 
    series is copyright (c) Capcom of Japan and 
    (c) Capcom of America.
    All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not 
    specifically mentioned in this FAQ.
    [NOTE: In this FAQ, I have used the term "Shotoscrub" many times. I do not mean 
    this as a deregotary comment on anyone who likes to use the Shotokan Karate 
    characters (Akuma, Ken, Ryu and Sean), I simply have put this type of playing 
    style (and mostly those who turtle using Shoto characters) into this group for 
    ease of reference. I personally do not have anything against these players or 
    characters, using them myself quite a lot. I also recognise that without these 
    Shoto characters and their popularity with the general playing public, there 
    would be no Street Fighter and Capcom would not bother to make anymore, as 
    without the multitude of Shoto fans, the majority of Capcom's profits would be 
    I think I will shut-up now. :)
    Table Of Contents
    1. General Gameplay
    2. Quick Character Reference
    3.Character Move List
    4.Cheats & Tricks
    5. Hall of Fame
    6. Credits
    Controller Commands
    ub  u  uf      	Jump diagonally back	Jump upwards	Jump diagonally 
         \ | /
    b -- n -- f		Walk backwards (block)	Neutral		Walk Forward
          / | \
    db   d  df		Crouch (block down)	      Crouch	Offensive Crouch
    Button Layout
    QP  MP  FP	Quick punch	Medium punch	Fierce punch
    QK  MK  FK	Quick kick	Medium kick	Fierce kick
    qcf / qcb	-Quarter circle forward / back - (d,df,f) & (d,db,b) on joystick
    hcf / hcb	-Half circle back / half circle forward - (b,db,d,df,f) & 
    DP		-Dragon punch motion - (f,d,df)
    RDP		-Reverse dragon punch motion - (b,d,db)
    360		-Rotate the joystick one full revolution. ie. 
    (b,db,d,df,f,uf,u,ub,b) can be done                               from any 
    arbitrary starting point, eg. b or u or df
    720		-Two complete revolutions of the joystick
    PP / KK	-Press any 2 punch /  kick buttons simultaneously
    PPP / KKK	-Press all 3 punch / kick buttons simultaneously
    (air)		-The respective move may be performed on the ground or in the air
    SA 		-Super Art
    [EX]		-Any move performed by pressing PP / KK (depending on button for 
    move) if                              one has enough super left in the SA 
    meter...denotes that the specified move                              can be 
    ~		-Move may be performed by using any command between the parameters. 
    eg. ub~uf         -means that any joystick command between ub and uf will 
    perform the move.                                IN this instance, ub,u,& uf can 
    all be used.
    ,		-The next command must be performed directly after the previous one.
    +		-The command must be performed at the same time as the previous one.
    I , II , III	-Denotes the number of the SA...
    (*x)		-Denotes the number of specific supers which may be charged, where x 
                                 is a number 1, 2,or 3.
    MAX		-Denotes that the co-ordinating super may only be done when the SA 
                                 bar is at the maximum level....ie, your super is 
    fully charged
    1), 2),x)           -Denotes normal "bread n butter" combos...the ones which 
    should be 
                                 done a lot to ensure victory
    SA)		-Denotes a combo which involves a SA
    Basic Commands
    These commands may be performed by any and every character.
    Block (standing) - Hold b when attacked or otherwise
    Block (crouching) - Hold db when attacked or otherwise
    Jump -  Tap ub~uf
    Super jump - Tap db,uf / d,u / df,ub
    Dash - Tap f,f
    Escape - Tap b,b
    Quick / rolling get up - Tap d as you are about to land
    Parry - Tap f as the opponent attacks you
    Low Parry - Tap d as the opponent attacks you with a low attack
    Air Parry (fall away) - Tap f as your opponent strikes whilst both charcters are 
                                            in the air
    Air Parry (drop down) - Tap d as your opponent strikes whikst both characters 
                                            are in the air
    Red Parry - Block the opponent's attack and tap f as you block the move..try to 
                       parry the move which you are blocking while you are still 
    blocking it.. Eg. If                             Urien does his super fireball 
    (Temporal Thunder ), block the move and while you                     are 
    blocking the SA quickly tap f and then hold b again. This should result in you                      
    parrying part of the SA and turning red in the process instead of blue (the 
    colour                      of a normal parry).I think this red parry may be 
    sort of like the advancing guard in                    SF vs X-MEN in which one 
    would press PPP whilst blocking and hence "push"                        the move 
    backwards, however, do not take my word on this.
    Throw - When close to the opponent press b / n / f + QP+QK
    Air throw - Press b / n / f + QP+QK when close to your opponent in the air
    Throw Counter - You can escape a throw by pressing QP+QK as you are about to be 
    Leaping Overhead Attack - Press MP+MK
    Personal Action / Taunt - Press HP+HK
    [Note: each character has a different taunt, with some of them simply being 
    taunts and others having some physical effect. For instance, Elena's taunt when 
    done close to the opponent can hit them and knock them off their feet, whilst 
    Alex's taunt
     makes his attacks more powerful for a short while afterward.]
    The Grading System
    SF3:3rd Strike has a new grading system in which you are given a rating after 
    the battle. The rating is dependent on how well you fought and has 4 different 
    areas. 1)Offense    2) Defence    3)Tech points     4)EX points. If you fought 
    extremely well and used a variation of attacks and defensive techniques, along 
    with making use of the parry and EX moves, you will receive a high overall 
    grade. The grades range from S, being the highest, to F??, being the lowest.
    Choose your Challenger
    A new addition to SF3 is the option of who you wish to fight at a certain stage. 
    Every match (except for the final 2) allows you to make a choice between two 
    other Street Fighters as to which of these you will be fighting. A great idea 
    	<three cheers for Capcom>		
    It adds a deal of interactivity to the game, and can mean that it will be easier 
    or harder to finish, depending on who you chose to fight against. I am not sure, 
    however I believe that your decisions may alter the stage in which a particular 
    character will be an option to fight against.
    This section aims to give someone new to this game an idea of which character to 
    use as well as providing them with how I suggest someone is best played 
    (offensively or defensively). A more detailed overview of each characters' 
    abilities is given prior to their movelist, this is just a reference guide.
    STYLE			                                     DIFFICULTY
    *  =  Offensive						  X = Experts only     		
    ^  = Defensive						  O = Easy to use	  
    						              ~ = Intermediate     
    Akuma		*, ^, O		      85%
    Alex		*, X		     100%
    Chun - Li  	*, O		      85%
    Dudley	            *, ^, ~                   70%
    Elena		*, O		      80%
    Hugo		*, ^, X		      80%
    Ibuki		*, ~		      60%
    Ken		*, ^, O		      85%
    Makoto	*, ~		      95%
    Necro		^, X		      40%
    Oro		*, ^, X		      85%
    Q		?, X		      70%
    Remy		*, ^, O		      80%
    Ryu		*, ^, O		      90%
    Sean		*, X		      70%
    Twelve 	^, X		      50%
    Urien		*, ~		      75%
    Yang		*, ~		      80%
    Yun		*, ~		      70%		
    Easy to use & master. However, he still holds a degree of enjoyment for a SF3:3S 
    expert as he has numerous combos for one to play around with. He is also suited 
    to a number of different playing styles. He has extremely good moves which allow 
    him to be played aggressively, along with moves such as the Air Fireball which 
    allows him to play defensively. His specialsand combos take off a fair amount of 
    damage, however, he has the second smallest stun gauge in the game and he 
    damages easily.
    Fireball		-	qcf+P
    Air fireball	-	In the air,qcf+P
    Red fireball	-	hcb+P
    Uppercut	-	DP+P
    Hurricane kick	     -	qcb+K (air)
    Teleport	-	DP / RDP + PP / KK
    Air dive kick	    -	In the air, d+MK at peak of jump
    Somersault Slide (1)  - DP+K
    Air punch	      - 	      During (1) while in the air, press P
    Body Drop	      -	      During (1) while in the air, press K
    Backbreaker	      -	      During (1) while close to opponent in the air 
    press QP+QK
    Piledriver	      -	      During (1) while close to opponent in the air 
    press b / f +QP+QK
    Overhead Chop     -           f+MP
    I - Super fireball 	  -	qcf, qcf + P (air)	(*2)
    II - Super Uppercut	  -         qcf, qcf + P	(*2)
    III - Super Rising Hurricane Kick   -	qcf, qcf + K	(*2)
    MAX - Instant Hell	         -            QP, QP,f, QK, FP
    MAX - Destructive Slash	  -         d, d, d + PPP
    1) 2 Hits   - 	MP, FP
    2) 3 Hits   - 	Jump in FP / MK, d+FP, qcf + FP
    3) 3 Hits   - 	Jump in FP / MK, d+MK, qcf + FP
    4) 5 Hits   - 	Jump in FP / MK, f + FP, DP+FP
    5) 5 Hits   - 	Jump in FP / MK, d+FP, qcb + FK
    6) 6 Hits   - 	Jump in FP / MK, d+FP, qcb + QK, DP+FP
    SA) ? Hits - 	Straight after 2), 3), or 4), do I, or II
    SA) ? Hits -	Straight after 6), do III
    PERSONAL ACTION = Attack power up and recovers stun meter.
    Is a player for someone who is looking for a little more from the game, in terms 
    of strategy. He is fairly difficult to master, but once mastered, is a true 
    force to be reckoned with. His moves are quite variable, but he must be played 
    offensively to guarantee the best outcome, as he doesn't have a move such as the 
    Dragon Punch to allow for turtling. Basically no combos, one must force the 
    opponent to make mistakes & then punish them with one of his many powerful 
    moves. His power is second only to Hugo, he has a huge stun gauge & takes damage 
    well. Some of his moves are fast (Flash Elbow), but slow in general.
    Flash Chop	       -       qcf + P		[EX]
    Surfboard Catch     -	  DP + K		[EX]
    Flash Elbow	       -       Charge  b, f + K	[EX]
    Stompy stomp	       -       Charge d, u + K	[EX]
    Power Bomb	       -      When close, hcb + P
    Tornado DDT	       -        hcb + K
    Headbutt / Sleeper Hold    -	b + P		[NOTE: this move becomes a sleeper                                             
    hold when performed close to the opponent when their back is turned]
    Flying Cross Chop	  -    When in the air, d + P
    I - Hyper Bomb	  -     360 + P		(*1)
    II - Boomerang Raid 	  -     qcf, qcf + P	(*2)
    III - Stun Gun Headbutt  -   qcf, qcf + P	(*2)
    1) 3 Hits    -	Jump in FP, MK, qcf+QP
    2) 3 Hits    - 	Jump in FP, MK, DP+KK
    3) ? Hits    - 	qcf + FP, b + FP	[Might be able to do something before this, 
    b+FP                                        must be done when their back is 
    turned around from the Flash Chop]
    4) ? Hits    - 	qcf + FP, b + FP (when the opponent is nearly dizzy...this 
    should stun him),                                  ...... 	qcf + FP, b+FP,or SA 
    for a huge amount of hits, damage and the                                       
    ultimate in style.
    PERSONAL ACTION = Attack power up
    CHUN - LI
    A fun character to use with a variety of moves. She can be fairly easy to learn 
    & love. Her moves are a bit weak, but this is more than made up for in terms of 
    her speed. Chun-Li is the fastest character in the game. Her moves combined with 
    her speed give her one of the best "footsie" games in Street Fighter. She has 
    some good combos & once all of her "confusions" 
    (numerous tactics) have ben experimented with, she can be hell for defensive 
    opponent. She has a good mix of offence & defence, but is best played 
    Hundred Foot Kick  -	Tap K rapidly	[EX]
    Kikoken (Fireball)   -	qcf + P		[EX]	
    Spinning Bird Kick  -	Charge d, u + K 	 [EX]
    Overhead Flip Kick  -	hcb + K	 [EX]
    Head Stomp	   -	In the air, d + MK   (repeatable)
    Wall Jump	   -	Jump into a wall and press the opposite direction from which u 
    Flip Kick	   -	df + FK
    I - Super Fireball	  -	qcf, qcf + P	(*1)
    II - Thousand Foot Kick   -	qcf, qcf + K	(*2)
    III - Super Flip Kick	     -       qcf, qcf + K	(*3)
    1) 3 Hits    - 	Jump in MK, d + MK, qcf + P
    2) 7 Hits    -	Jump in MK, d + MK, u + QK
    SA) 20 Hits -	Jump in FP / MK, b + MP, do I 
    PERSONAL ACTION = Recovers stun meter and, depending on the version of your 
                                             taunt, it will either power up your 
    attack, defence, or both.
    Dudley is for a person who likes to attack a lot. However, he can be played 
    rather well defensively, with his uppercut and cross counter. However, he has 
    some great combos and all of his moves give A LOT of stun, so if you were to hit 
    your opponent (say Akuma) with a couple of simple combos [Combo 2)] then Akuma 
    would be already dizzy. This allows you to take further large amounts of energy 
    with a more powerful combo or a SA. Dudley is 
    moderately easy to learn, however, he is a character who requires a bit of 
    practise and experimentation to master and thus make the most of his talents in 
    challenges. Many of his moves are extremely fast, especially his Corkscrew Blow 
    SA and his Machine Gun Blow. He also has a huge stun meter and most moves 
    generally take less damage from him then they would another character.
    Uppercut		  -    DP + P	[EX]
    Machine Gun Punch	  -    hcf + P	[EX]
    Backstep Blow	  -    hcb + K	[EX]
    Cross Counter		  -    hcb + P	[EX]
    Ducking Dash		  -    hcf + K
    Ducking Straight	  -    hcf + K, P
    Ducking Upper	  -    hcf + K, P
    Punch & Counter	  -    hcb, f + P	[Note: the punch must be blocked or must hit 
                                                              for Dudley to go into 
    a Cross Counter stance]
    I - Rocket Uppercut	  -    qcf, qcf + P	(*2)
    II - Rolling Thunder	  -    qcf, qcf + P, press P repeatedly	(*1)
    III - Corkscrew Blow	  -    qcf, qcf + P	(*3)
    1) 3 Hits    - 	Standing QP, MP, MK
    2) 4 Hits    - 	Jump in FP, MP, DP + FP
    3) 6 Hits    - 	Jump in FP, QK, MK, MP, FP, FP
    4) 7 Hits    - 	Jump in FP, QK, MK, QP, MP, FP, FP
    SA) 9 Hits - 	Do combo 2) then SA III or for about 16 hits, do SA I
    PERSONAL ACTION = Attack power up.
    Elena is an extremely fun character to use in this game. She is by far the best 
    at the "footsie" game with a multitude of high / low manoeuvres. She is one of 
    the fastest players and has a medium sized stun meter. Her moves and combos are 
    easy to do and learn, making her a character that is easy to learn and use in 
    challenges. When used by a master, she can be a 
    true challenge for anyone. In my experience, she is the easiest character to get 
    high scores with in One Player mode (pointless info but true). Many of moves 
    take off intermediate to weak amounts of damage and her supers are extremely 
    weak compared to the powerhouses in the game. However, her Healing SA can be 
    very useful, especially against a human opponent, 
    even a Shotoscrub throwing fireballs will, more often than not,  allow Elena to 
    go through the entire healing process.......which could be just enough a boost 
    to provide you with the victory. 	
    Scratch Wheel		  -         DP + K	[EX]
    Mallet Smash (overhead)   -	hcb + P	[EX]
    Spinning Scythe	  -	qcb + K (command repeatable *3)	[EX]
    Rhino Horn		  -         hcf + K	[EX]
    Lynx Tail		  -         RDP + K	[EX]
    Overhead Attack	  -	f + MP
    Overhead Attack 2	  -         f + MK
    Sliding Sweep		  -         df + FK
    I - Spinning Beat	  -	qcf, qcf + K	(*3)
    II - Brave Dance	  - 	qcf, qcf + K	(*2)
    III - Healing		  -          qcf, qcf + K	(*1)
    5 Hits         - 	      Jump in MK, f + QK, qcf + FK
    SA) ? Hits  -	      Do combo 1) then SA I or II
    PERSONAL ACTION = Recovers stun.
    Presently, Gill is not a selctable character. The only known way to use him is 
    to choose Twelve and do the X.C.O.P.Y to morph yourself into Gill.
    He is a character who must be mastered before anything can be 
    accomplished....and this can be an extremeky hard thing to do. Do not attempt to 
    use Hugo until you believe yourself to be fairly competent at the game. Once 
    mastered he is a threat to anyone. His moves are the most powerful in the game, 
    he has the highest stun bar and he takes damage easily. However, to counter his 
    power, Capcom had to make him slow....his speed being his only downfall. He is 
    not a character for the combo-happy and one must be close to their opponent in 
    order for Hugo to hit them. With him, it i best to play a sort of offensive 
    game, or perhaps a defensive match in which you force your challenger to make 
    mistakes......and then punish them as you see fit.
    Palm Clap		   -        qcb + P 	[EX]
    Monster Lariat		   -        qcf + K	            [EX]
    Moonsault Press	   -	360 + P
    Catch & Throw	   -	hcb + K
    Jumping Backbreaker	   -        DP + K
    Chest Squash		   -        360 + K
    Bellyflop		   -        In air, d + FP
    I - Gigas Breaker	     -	720 + P	(*1)	
    II - Megaton Press	     -       qcf, qcf + K	(*2)
    III - Hammer Frenzy	     -       qcf, qcf + P	(*2) 	[Can be delayed by 
    holding P,... 
                                 If P is not released within a certain period of 
    time, the SA will be cancelled]
    1) 2 Hits    - 	hcb + K, DP + K
    2) 3 Hits    - 	qcb + PP, DP + K
    PERSONAL ACTION = Attack and defence power up. Continually taunting will 
    increase                                                    attack power.
    The Shinobi Ninja girl. She is pale in comparison to what she was in SF3: 2I, as 
    all of her moves have been toned down something fierce. Whereas her brilliant 
    combos used to take out decent amounts of damage, they now simply tick away 
    one's energy. She is still one of the fastest characters and her combos are 
    indeed the classiest in Street Fighter. She MUST be 
    played offensively, as you will need all the hits you can get in order to win. 
    She can be played defensive, however, due to her weak attacks, there really is 
    no use in doing so. Also, she gets damaged more easily than most, ticking damage 
    included. It can be easy to learn how to use Ibuki, but in order to make the 
    most of her, a thorough understanding of the game must first be achieved.
    Air Dagger		-      In the air, qcf + P	[EX]
    Sliding Neck twist	-      hcf + P	[EX]
    Multi Stomp		-      RDP + K	[EX]
    Spinning Kicks		-      qcb + K	[EX]
    Rising Slasher		-      DP + K	[EX]
    Lightning Fist		-      hcb + P
    Moonsault Flip	-      DP + P	[Note: The Air dagger can be done during 
    this move]
    I - Kasumi Suzaka	-      In the air qcf, qcf + P, press P repeatedly	(*3)
    II - Yoroi Dooshi	-      qcf, qcf + P	(*1)
    III - Yami Shigure	-      qcf, qcf + P	(*2)
    1) 3 Hits    - 	Standing FP, d + HK, HK
    2) 4 Hits    - 	Jumping FP, QK, MK, hcb + FP
    3) 7 Hits    - 	Jumping MK, QK, MK, DP + FK
    SA) 27 Hits - 	Jumping MK, QK, MK, DP + KK, qcf, qcf + FP, tap P rapidly
    	[Note: Get them dizzy during this and then do it again for an absolute 
    huge amount of                                       hits and massive damage]
    PERSONAL ACTION = Increased power in combos.
    Ken is perhaps the second most popular character.....behind Akuma that is (well 
    at least in my city). This is due to the fact that he is an easy character to 
    learn how to use and even easier to master all of his combos and strategies. He 
    is best played offensively (in my opinion anyway), as he has some extremely 
    powerful combos and supers. However, he is a fan of turtles (players who LOVE to 
    duck down and wait), due to his great waiting game involving fireballs and a 
    seemingly "invincible" Dragon Punch. But, I find this defensive Shoto strategy 
    easy to beat, as will most other experienced gamers, thus i do not suggest using 
    it too often (if at all). Ken's moves are fairly fast, especially some of his 
    supers. His overhead game is second to none and these should be used as often as 
    possible in a a challenge. Many of his moves give great amounts of damage, but 
    he gets damaged just as easily.
    Fireball		     -      qcf + P		[EX]
    Uppercut	     -	DP + P		[EX]
    Hurricane Kick     -	qcb + K		[EX]
    I - Shoryureppa	 -          qcf, qcf + P		(*2)
    II - Shinryuken	 -          qcf, qcf + K, press K repeatedly	(*1)	
    III - Shinpuu Jinraikyaku    -	qcf, qcf + K		(*3)
    1) 3 Hits   - 	Jump in FP, d + MK, qcf + FP
    2) 5 Hits   - 	Jump in FP, f + FP / d + FP, DP + FP
    3) 6 Hits   - 	Jump in FP, d+ MK, qcb + FK
    SA) ?? Hits - 	Do combo 1) or 2) then SA I, II or III
    PERSONAL ACTION = Attack power up.
    Makoto is a character who can do insane amounts of damage at the slightest 
    opening. It is relatively easy to make the most of Makoto, as she has simple 
    combo and some extremely qiuck moves. Learning how to always win with her, 
    however, may pose a bit of difficulty to some. She is great character to use for 
    challegnges, as her unconventional moves can be rather confusing to your 
    everyday player. IMO, she is a MASTER against ShotoScrubs. Makoto has fairly 
    good overall speed, as well as a nice poking game. She is best used offensively, 
    although she can be used very well on the defence, with her ultra-quick Hayate 
    and supers to counter fireballs. She has a large stun meter and tends to deal 
    the opponent massive amounts of damage along with stun. All in all a great 
    character and a welcome addition to the Street Fighter family. 	<Claps>	
    Justice Fist Rush	    -	qcf + P	[EX]  	[Note: This move can be charged 
                                        (hold P and release) for more power and to 
    act as a knockdown]
    Justice Fist Upper	    -       DP + P	[EX]
    Ground breaking Chop    -	qcb + P	[EX]
    Air Kick		    -        In the air, qcb + K  	[EX]
    Throttle (grab)		    -        hcb + K	[Note: this move is very good as 
    a combo                                                                                             
    Triple Punch		    -        f + FP, repeat move
    Charging Sweep	    -	f + FK, cancel by holing FK
    Charging RoundHouse    -	f + MK, cancel by holding MK
    I - Psycho Punch Combo    -	qcf, qcf + P	(*1)
    II - Dive Kick and Combo   - 	qcf, qcf + K	(*2)	[Note: this move is very 
                   good for jumping over fireballs and can be followed with a 
    jumping attack to juggle]	
    III - Psyche Up	  -	qcf, qcf + P	(*1)	[Note: This move makes all of 
    attacks more powerful for a limited time, however,                                                                    
    she cannot block during this time, only parry]	
    1) 3 Hits       -	      Jump in MK, QK, MK
    2) 3 Hits       -	      Jump in MK, d + QP, qcf + FP	[Note: On crossover can do 
    2 QP]
    3) 4 Hits       -	      hcb + K, d + QP, d + QP, QCF + QP
    SA) ? Hits    - 	      Do SA II, then follow them and do an EX air kick (qcb + 
    SA) ? Hits    - 	      Jump in MK, hcb + FK, FP, qcf + QP, qcf, qcf + P	
    PERSONAL ACTION = Attack power up and stun recovers.
    Is a player to use only if you are a complete master of Street Fighter. His 
    moves are hard to learn in terms of how they should be used and even ten are 
    fairly useless in most circumstances (IMO). I do not really know how to use him, 
    but my guess is that he is more quited to a counter / defensive style of play. 
    The majority of his moves are ridiculously weak and slow, as are his Super Arts. 
    However, I am sure that someone, somewhere knows how to use him to his best 
    potential, and if so, I would appreciate if they could give me a hand here, or 
    write an FAQ on him (if possible).
    Spinning Punch	-	hcf + P	[EX]
    Electric Shock 	-	DP + P, tap P repeatedly
    Flying Viper	            - 	qcb + P	[EX]
    Raging Cobra		 -          qcb + K	[EX]
    Snake Fang		 -          hcf + K
    Drill Kick		 -          While in the air, d + K
    I - Electric Storm	 - 	qcf, qcf + P, press P repeatedly	(*1)
    II - Slam Dance	 - 	qcf, qcf + P		(*1)
    III - Electric Tickler	 -	qcf, qcf + P		(*2)
    1) 4 Hits     -	      hcf + FP, qcf + K
    2) 6 Hits     - 	      hcf + FP, DP + FP, press FP repeatedly
    SA) ?? Hits - 	      Do combo 2) then SA I
    SA) ?? Hits - 	      hcf + FP, SA II
    PERSONAL ACTION = Attack power up.
    Oro, one of the weirdest characters in this game, is highly under-rated by many 
    SF3:3S players. His moves are unconvential and can be most helpful in a 
    challenge. His variation in height of his projectiles can be used with his 
    Spinning Upper to make a great defensive Oro, or one could use all of his moves, 
    crossovers, confusions and combos to make for a brilliant 
    offensive Oro. Many of his moves are fairly fast, giving average amounts of 
    damage along with a decent amount of stun. His supers can also be extremely 
    useful. It is hard to learn how to use Oro, but I suggest everyone give him a 
    run for his money....the results may surprise you.
    Snot ball		-	Charge b, f + P	[EX]
    Spinning Upper	-	Charge d, u + P	[EX]
    Multi Stomp		-          qcf + K, tap K  (air) 	[EX]
    Multi Throw		-          hcb + P
    Double Jump		-          In the air (during a jump), tap ub~uf
    I - Kishin Riki		-          qcf, qcf + P, then press P when close to 
    opponent or in 
                                                     the air	(*1)
    II - Yagyou Dama	-	qcf, qcf + P	(*3)	[Note: at level 3, this SA can 
                                                            be EXtraed by pressing 
    PPP to do the super]
    III - Tengu Stone	-	qcf, qcf + P	(*1)	[Note: This move makes random 
                                               objects spin around Oro, multiplying 
    the hits of each of his moves]
    [Note: Oro can also EX SA I and III by doing it with PPP. This will cause Oro to 
    jump at his opponent, launching them high in the air and then landing on top of 
    1) 4 Hits   - 	Jump in FP, d + MK, u + FP
    2) 5 Hits   - 	Jump in FP, MK, hcb + FP
    SA) ?? Hits - 	Do SA II and follow with a Multi Stomp as a crossover, meaning 
    that your SA                             is (nearly) certain to hit as someone 
    cannot block both sides at once.
    PERSONAL ACTION = Recovers stun meter.
    Q is a mystery in this game and for now everything about him remains a mystery 
    to me. I do not know how he should be used or what his various fighting tactics 
    are as I am no good with him myself. Again, if anyone can help me out here, I 
    would appreciate it.
    Charging Head Smash	      -     Charge b, f + P, P	[EX]
    Charging Lower Strike     -	 Charge b, f + K	[EX]
    Multi Punch		  -         qcb + P	[EX]
    Catch and Smash	  -	hcb + K
    I - Fatal Rush		  -         qcf, qcf + P	(*2)
    II - Wild Torture	  -	qcf, qcf + P	(*1)
    III - Explosive		  -         qcf, qcf + P, qcf + P / K	(*1)
    PERSONAL ACTION = Defence power up and recovers stun meter.
    Remy........the Guile clone. A welcome return of this style of fighting in my 
    opinion. Remy lives up to the Guile name well in this game, having the BEST 
    defensive game in SF3:3S, along with a great attacking style of play. His Hi / 
    Lo Sonic Booms can coincide with the Flash Kick for defense and all of his moves 
    can be used together (especially Cold Blue Kick 
    with a slow low Sonic Boom) to make for some good offense. He can be used by 
    everyone, however, one must realise that he is best played with a charge (hold 
    db or b) handy always. He can be used by masters, although they will more than 
    likely become bored of him pretty quickly. However, Remy is indeed most handy in 
    a challenge. =)
    Sonic Boom		  -         Charge b, f + P	[EX]
    Sonic Boom (LOW)     - 	Charge b, f + K	[EX]
    Flash Kick		  -         Charge d, u + K	[EX]
    Cold Blue Kick	  -	 qcb + K	      [EX]
    I - Sonic Shockwave 	  -         qcf, qcf + P	(*2)
    II - Somersault Justice	  -         qcf, qcf + K	(*2)
    III - Counter Kick	  -         qcf, qcf + K	(*1)	[Note: this SA is a 
    counter attack. For                                                            
    Remy to attack, the opponent must first hit him while he is                                                        
    in the counter stance. He will then proceed to do a combo]
    1) 3 Hits    -	Jump in FP, d + QP, u + FK
    2) 3 Hits    -	Jump in FP, db + QP, f + FK
    3) 4 Hits    -	Jump in FP, d + QP, d + QP, u + FK
    SA) ?? Hits  -	Do any of the above combos ending in an EX move then follow 
    with SA 
                                    I or II
    PERSONAL ACTION = Recovers stun meter.
    The original Street Fighter. Ryu has become a powerhouse in this game when 
    compared to Ken. However, he is perhaps not as fast as his counterpart. He has a 
    large stun meter and his moves and combos inflict tons of stun on his opponent. 
    Ryu is easy to use and master. He is great to use in challenges, especially with 
    his powerful combos and ultimate waiting game. He
     is best used, IMO, as an offensive player, although many others may prefer to 
    use him on the defense. Either way, he is still a great all round character.
    Fireball		        -         qcf + P	[EX]
    Uppercut	        -	      DP + P	[EX]
    Hurricane Kick        -	      qcb + K (air)	[EX]
    Step in boot	        -	      hcf + K	[EX]	[Note: the EX version of 
    this move can 
    followed with a  juggle combo]
    I - Super Fireball	    -	qcf, qcf + P	(*2)
    II - Shin Shoryuken	    -	qcf, qcf + P 	(*1)
    III - Shocking Fireball	    -       qcf, qcf + P	(*1)	[Note: this move can 
    be charged by                                                                
    holding P and releasing ( if P is not released at all, it will be                                                       
    charged to full strength and released anyway). This move is                                                        
    unblockable and gives a massive amount of stun damage]	
    1) 3 Hits   -	Jump in FP / MK, d + MK / d + FP, qcf + FP
    2) 3 Hits   -	Jump in FP / MK, d + MK / d + FP, qcb + FK
    3) 3 Hits   -	Jump in FP, d + MK, qcf + QK
    4) 3 Hits   -	Jump in FP / MK, d + MK / d + FP, DP + FP
    [Note: All of the above combos can be ended in an EX of the move]
    5) 4 Hits   -	Do combo 3) ending with an EX boot and follow with an uppercut 
    or fireball                                [Try EXing the fireball or uppercut 
    as well, or another EX boot]
    SA) 8 Hits  -	Do combo 1), 4), or 5), followed with SA I
    SA) 8 Hits  -	Do combo 1), or 4), and Super Cancel into SA II, followed with 
    a fireball to                                   juggle them as they are landing. 
    A very stylish and powerful combo.
    PERSONAL ACTION = Recovers stun.
    The disciple of Ryu and Ken, Sean uses their moves with his own twist in an 
    attempt to better them in a battle. Sean is quite difficult to use due to his 
    akward combos and unorthodox moves. He should not be played exactly like Ken, 
    Akuma or Ryu, as he is in essence a totally different character. His moves give 
    average damage and stun and he is pretty average in 
    terms of speed also. He should be used offensively, as he basically has no 
    defensive game. One tactic which works well when playing against a normal Shoto 
    is to do his overhead kick when they fireball, hitting them to the ground. Sean 
    should be used by experts only.
    Dragon Smash		    -       DP + P           [EX]
    Hurricane Kick	    -	qcb + K	[EX]
    Flying overhead kick	    -       qcf + K	[EX]
    Violent Tackle		    -       hcf + P, hold P to tackle and punch	[EX]
    Roll		                -       qcb + P [The length of the roll depends on 
    the strength of the                                                                    
    button pressed]
    I - Hadou Burst	    - 	 qcf, qcf + P	(*3)
    II - Shoryu Cannon	    -       qcf, qcf + P, tap P rapidly	(*2)
    III - Hyper Tornado	    -       qcf, qcf + P	(*1)
    1) 3 Hits       -	      Jump in MK (deep), MP, DP + P 	[Note: This only 
    works if the opponent in                                                                 
    standing and you must be very close to them....Use a                                                                 
    MK crossover for definite hits]
    2) 4 Hits       -	      Jump in FP, d + MK, qcb + QK
    SA) ??? Hits	-      Do combo 1) followed with any SA (I, II, or III)
    PERSONAL ACTION = Recovers stun.
    Twelve is traing under Necro???. He has some extremely weird moves and next to 
    nothing in terms of combos. I believe that he is best used as a defensive 
    player. He is very difficult to use and harder to master. 
    N.D.L		      -     qcf + P	[EX]
    A.X.E		      -     qcb + P (air)	[EX]
    D.R.A		      -    Whilst in the air, qcb + K	[EX]
    Float		      -     In air, tap f,f / b,b
    I - X.N.D.L	      -	qcf, qcf + P	(*2)
    II - X.F.L.A.T	      -	In air, qcf, qcf + K	(*2)
    III - X.C.O.P.Y     -	qcf, qcf + P	(*1)	[Note: If this SA is done in a 
    match of Twelve vs                                                           
    Twelve, then you will morph into a Twelve of a different                                                           
    colour and not be able to use EX moves. In other                                                                      
    words, it is useless.]
    Note that at the present moment I know next to nothing about Twelve and thus 
    have no idea how to do some good combos with him. If anyone does, please email 
    me at <arolaser@mad.scientist.com> and i will add them in this section. 
    PERSONAL ACTION = Becomes invisible.
    Is a character who is fairly hard to learn, however can be a challenge for any 
    opponent once mastered. The majority of his moves give great amounts of stun 
    along with taking off a lot of energy. In challenges against other human 
    opponents, his various keep away techinques in his fireballs of different angles 
    can infuriate any opponent and give you the edge needed 
    to be victorious. He has a slow poking game, although some of his moves come out 
    rather fast. His supers are among the most powerful in the game. All in all, 
    Urien is a character who is perfect against challengers who are not parry-
    Metallic Sphere	    -	qcf + P	[EX]	[Note: the strength of P pressed 
    the angle of the projectile...i.e. QP
    straight and FP goes at about 70 degrees.                                                                          
    This move can also be charged by holding P and                                                                        
    releasing to make it more powerful]
    Chariot Rush		    -      Charge b, f + K	[EX]
    Violent Kneedrop	    -	Charge d, u + K	[EX]
    Dangerous Headbutt	    -      Charge d, u + P	[EX]
    I - Tyrant Slaughter	    -      qcf, qcf + P	(*2)
    II - Temporal Thunder    -	qcf, qcf + P	(*2)
    III - Aegis Reflector	    -      qcf, qcf + P	(*2)
    1) 3 / 4 Hits  -	Jump in FP, db + FP, f + FK / u + FK / u + FP / qcf + QP
    2) 4 Hits     -	Jump in QP (deep), d + QP, u + FP
    3) 7 Hits     -	Do combo 2) ending with an EX headbutt followed with anything 
    for a juggle
    [Note: for some of these combos, it may be posible to link 2 Dangerous 
    Headbutts, however, at the moment I am not sure]
    SA) ?? Hits  -	Do combo 1) followed with SA I
    SA) ?? Hits  -	Do combo 1) ending with a Dangerous Headbutt, followed with SA 
    II as 
                            a juggle
    PERSONAL ACTION = Attack power up.
    One of the Kung Fu brothers, and the one which I think is the best. He has 
    picked up some new moves since SF3:2I which help to give him the edge over his 
    bro. However, some of these moves have become harder to link into combos. He is 
    (along with Yun) the fastest character in the game. To counter his speed, the 
    damage inflicted on his opponent is fairly small. He also has a rather small 
    stun meter. His speed is definitely an ally in a challenge, 
    allowing one to dominant the match and force the opponent into mistakes. Yang is 
    moderately easy to learn and can be fun for anyone to use.
    Mantis Slash	  -         qcf + P,  (command repeatable *3)	[EX]
    Drill Kick	  - 	qcf + K	[EX]
    Palm Strike	  -	qcb + P	[Note: This move can be cancelled by doing an EX 
                                                                 version of it (with 
    Grab 		  -         hcb + K	[Note: No damage is given during this move, 
                                                              will simply swap sides 
    with the opponent, opening them                                                            
    up for a combo of choice]
    Teleport	  -	DP + K	[Note: not a true teleport like Akuma's, Yang 
    dashes                                                                forward 
    and is vulnerable for the first third of the move]
    Dive Kick	  -	In the air, at the peak of the jump, df + K
    I - Spear-Hand Rush	     -     qcf, qcf + P	(*1)
    II - Rolling Thigh Drill     -	qcf, qcf + K	(*2)
    III - Multiplicity	     -	qcf, qcf + P	(*1)	[Note: this SA makes 
    all of Yang's hits                                                                                         
    strike 3 times instead of just once.]
    1) 4 Hits    -	Jump in FP, MP, FP, b + FP
    2) 4 Hits    - 	Jump in MK, QK, MK, FK
    3) 5 Hits    -	Jump in FK, d + MK, qcf + FP, *3
    SA) ?? Hits  -	Do combo 3) followed with SA I or II then juggle after II
    PERSONAL ACTION = Attack power up.
    The second of the Kung Fu brothers. Yun is perhaps not quite as good as his bro 
    in this release of Street Fighter 3. His moves are inflict a little bit more 
    damage, and he is slightly slower. However, these are not significant 
    differences. Where Yun falls down is in the area of easy combos. However, his 
    Super Arts are perhaps more advantageous in challenges than Yang's, as they 
    inflict decent amounts of damage and are easy to link into if need be. Yun and 
    Yang have both changed a lot since SF3:2I, in that their moves have varied 
    greatly. And this is where I believe Yang wins out, his new moves such as his 
    Teleport are brilliant, whereas Yun's new Scissors Kick is nearly useless. 
    Again, this is my opinion and not everyone will agree with me.
    Air Scissors Kick	   -	DP + K	[EX]
    Iron Shoulder		   -       DP + P	[EX]
    Sliding Palm Strike	   -	qcf + P 	[EX]
    Double Palm Strike	   -	qcb + P	[Note: this move can be cancelled by 
    doing an                                                         EX version of 
    it (with  PP)]
    Dive Kick		   -       In the air, at the peak of the jump, df + K
    Grab		               -       hcb + K
    I - You Hou		   -       qcf, qcf + P	(*1)
    II - Thunder Spear Attack  -	qcf, qcf + P 	(*3)
    III - Multiplicity	   -	qcf, qcf + P	(*1)
    1) 4 Hits    -	Jump in MK, QP, QK, DP + QP
    SA) ?? Hits  -	Do combo 1), followed with SA I or II
    PERSONAL ACTION = Attack power up.
    In this game, each character has 7 different costumes in total. 6 of these can 
    be obtained by pressing any button (each button will be a different colour 
    costume) or unlock that character's secret colour via pressing QP + MK + FP to 
    select the character.
    Between stages 6 and 7, there is a basketball parrying game reminiscent of 
    SF3:2I (Second Impact) in which Sean throws a number of basketballs at you for 
    you to parry and / or hit. Generally, the Level depends on how well you have 
    fought getting up to this Bonus Stage. For example, if you get all perfects 
    without losing a round, along with high ratings, you are almost certain to get 
    the highest level for this game, Level 4. The levels go from 1 to 4, with level 
    1 having Sean throw the balls slowly with amaximum of two at once, and level 4 
    having Sean 
    throw them at an insane rate and at different heights. The level can also be 
    selected by you simply by holding down some buttons as you enter the bonus 
    Level 1 = u + PPP
    Level 2 = u + PP
    Level 3 = u + KK
    Level 4 =  u + KKK
    These combinations will give you the SF3:3S style bonus game, whereas holding d 
    instead of u will give the bonus game from SF3:2I. i.e. Sean will throw the 
    basketballs in the same pattern as he did in Street Fighter 3: Second Impact.
    Generally, when one plays the game, they never fight against Q. However, there 
    is in fact a way to vs him. If you satisfy the following criteria, then you will 
    fight Q just before the last selectable opponent. (Between Stages 7 and 8)
    You must :	not lose any rounds
    		get a rating better than C for every stage
    		finish more than 5 rounds with a SA		
    		get more than 2 Special Points
    		not continue.
    To fight as the Street Fighter 3 boss, you must choose Twelve and get up to the 
    final stage (against Gill). It is also necessary to have chosen his X.C.O.P.Y 
    Super Art. Charge the Super bar up to the MAX level and do it. You will then 
    morph into Gill. However, you can not do any EX moves or any of Gill's Super 
    Arts. You will remain as Gill until the Super runs 
    out and then morph back into Twelve. The fact that Gill is playable in any way 
    suggest to me that Gill may be selectable via some sort of cheat. You will hear 
    more about this as it comes.	
    5.  <*HALL OF FAME*>
    This is a section that I thought might be fun to add. It will include high 
    scores of all people who play this game. To start with, it will only include my 
    high scores and others from my arcade (where I am always on top, but anyway...). 
    To be included, email me at <arolaser@mad.scientist.com>. Please include: your 
    name; your initials (eg, CAP) ; your score; the character you used; and your 
    grade. PLEASE be truthful as this is for everyone and I will be forced to take 
    it down if people send me some ridiculous scores. THANKS
    1.   Aaron Fraser         ARO         Elena         4572500        A+
    2.   Aaron Fraser         ARO         Oro           3865400         S
    6. <*CREDITS*>
    	Thanks to everyone who has written a character FAQ of any sort for this 
    game as they have allowed me to get better at SF3. Many of the character FAQ's 
    have been used in some minor way in this and i thank thee all.
    	Special thanks to Uncle Koday for giving me some video game inspiration in 
    my attempt to beat you and for inventing a ton of combos with myself.
    	Thanks to Gamefan <www.gamefan.com> for the information on each 
    character's personal action.
                And last, but definitely not least, thankyou Kao Megura (we love u 
    for his great SF3:3S FAQ, which has helped me greatly in writing this FAQ.	       
    	If u wish to get in contact with me or have any information u would like 
    to be added to this FAQ, please email me <arolaser@mad.scientist.com> Also if u 
    think that i stole from your FAQ and u haven't been mentioned, then contact me 
    and it shall be changed / added??
    	In the meantime, visit my homepage, totally about Street Fighter. It 
    includes pics, midis, waves, animated gifs, icons and cursors. 

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