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FAQ/Walkthrough by budfutlacker1

Version: .50 | Updated: 01/23/06

      '||''|.  '||''''|  '||''|.   '||''''| '||''''|    ..|'''.| |''||''|
       ||   ||  ||  .     ||   ||   ||  .    ||  .    .|'     '     ||
       ||...|'  ||''|     ||''|'    ||''|    ||''|    ||            ||
       ||       ||        ||   |.   ||       ||       '|.      .    ||
      .||.     .||.....| .||.  '|' .||.     .||.....|  ''|....'    .||.

                  '||''|.       |     '||''|.   '||'  |'
                   ||   ||     |||     ||   ||   || .'
                   ||    ||   |  ||    ||''|'    ||'|.
                   ||    ||  .''''|.   ||   |.   ||  ||
                  .||...|'  .|.  .||. .||.  '|' .||.  ||.

    7K@@@st@R  (        (Q@@R@Q76             (   @O  ~        %@@t~/
   (((t%(O3%366/     /(73%777((t7//  tt%77%C66Cs3Ct(/     ^  (/COGeGOC%/
   3C6C6sQK#@@K(  (GR@R#R#SGOOOOC3~^ 6OSQQSSQKQeB@@@@R%   7#@@@@QOOssKQQGC7/
        %GK#RQ7  (R@@@Ot             sCOt        ^C@@@S/ C@@@#7  /%/  ~CO63~
     /(CeKQ(   ^/S@@@Gt(7((((~~(~/~^ 6QG%(77t7%7sK@@@@S 6@@@R/  (///( / tQsC7
   /(6GO^       /#@@@#eKR###KQSS#O/  S#R####RRR@@@@@Q~  %@@@Q^  /^/^~   3Rees
   %sOC~   ^     G@@@s//             GQQ%/  ^^^~3K@@@S^ /@@@@(  //(//  /e@##6
   C%((t%CC%CG6~ ^7R@@@ROs3%%7t((%/  R@@%         Q@@@%  ~S@@@@KO%67CS#@@BR%
   sOeGOGGSSeSC~     /7CGGGeSSSSQO/  Q#et         (G#Qs/^   ^(CeKRRRQOC~/
                                     ^              ^          ^/^

(Thanks to PirateoftheFAQs for the ASCII art)

by Dan Van Kley aka BudFutlacker
Version .50
e-mail comments, suggestions, and snide remarks to dvankley@gmail.com

Legal, Revisions
I. Introduction
II. Basics
III. Weapons
IV. Mission Walkthroughs (incomplete)
To come: Multiplayer analysis and FAQ


This was written completely by me by myself on my computer on my own time 
etc. etc. all rights reserved. Currently gamefaqs.com, cheatcc.com, 
cheathappens.com, and neoseeker.com, gamerhelp.com are the only sites 
allowed to post it. You can e-mail me to ask permission if you want but 
at this point I don't really want to allow many more sites. Unauthorized 
reproduction will result in my lethal lawninja hunting you down and 
stealthily incapacitating you with a subpoena to the spine. All trademarks 
and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective 
trademark and copyright holders. Use of this guide on any unauthorized 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and 
a violation of copyright. If you see this document posted on an 
unauthorized site, please notify me immediately.

Revision History
Dec 8, 2005: First revision submitted to GameFAQs. Consists of basics, 
weapons, and first two missions

Dec 12, 2005 : Updated some weapons, corrected some errors, revised 
Nightclub|Stakeout and added Subway and Rooftops

Jan 16, 2006 : Various updates and revisions, added co-op mission info, 
added Mansion and Laboratory


So I've played video games for most of my life and of all those that I've 
played, Goldeneye 007 and it's successor Perfect Dark had probably the 
largest impact on me as far as first person shooters go. To my mind, 
Goldeneye was the first real FPS. Before it... there was Doom. And that 
was about it. Goldeneye redefined the genre and got me hooked. Many a happy 
day was spent in my basement blasting the crap out of my friends and running 
around with a live grenade hoping I could find someone to kill before my 
head exploded. Good times. Anyway, I didn't play Perfect Dark until fairly 
recently (2003 or so) and even compared to shooters of the time it was 
excellent. The storyline, control, gameplay, depth, style, everything was 
done right. So naturally when I heard Rare was finally making a sequel 
(What took so long? Seriously.) I was pretty fired up. Fortunately I was 
able to get my 360 and PDZ the day they hit the shelves and dive in. Although 
some have given it lukewarm reviews, I personally am a big fan of this 
game. I love the graphics, the feel of the game, the challenge, the sound, 
it's all great. Except maybe the storyline and Chandra's voice. Those both 
need some work. But when you boil it all down, an FPS is about shooting 
things, and few other games make shooting things so much fun.

This is the first FAQ I've ever written, so don't expect a whole lot. The 
main reason I'm doing it is because GameFAQs doesn't have any up yet, so 
I feel I need to step up and do my civic duty to the gamer community. I've 
got finals looming on the horizon so the first revision will be a pretty 
basic "how to get through every mission alive" guide, and later when I 
have some free time I'll break down all the weapons, missions, and 
techniques in more detail.



Seems like everyone I meet who plays this game keeps comparing it to Halo. 
I suppose the comparison is unavoidable, but regardless I feel the need 
to say THIS IS NOT HALO. I played a lot of Halo, and this is definitely 
a different style of game. If you're a Halo junkie and you just started 
on this game, it's going to feel weird. Mess with the sensitivity and take 
some time to get used to it. If you're looking for a new Halo with better 
graphics and a new storyline, then you're going to have to wait for Halo 
3, 'cause this ain't it. If you played a good bit of Goldeneye and Perfect 
Dark back in the day and are ready for a next-gen game that feels like 
them, then this is your ticket. Shooting enemies is a considerably 
trickier proposition here than in Halo. The autoaim is far less active, 
enemies move around randomly a lot more, and the guns become considerably 
less accurate after sustained fire. Give it some time and you'll get used 
to it.

Use the AI to your advantage. PDZ's AI isn't terribly brilliant. While 
they're usually smart enough to find some cover and take potshots at you, 
occasionally even flanking you, many times the AI will charge right at 
where they last saw you, often through a doorway. If you're ready and 
waiting with a shotgun or something similar you can whittle down the odds 
pretty quickly.

Reload. Constantly. The only time your gun should not be firing, reloading, 
or full of bullets is when you're waiting around a corner and don't think 
you have enough time to reload before an enemy comes for you. If you've 
played many other FPSs, you've probably already got this down, but it's 
critically important in this game due to the generally long reload times. 
Although the animations do look really cool, they take a while, which is 
a big problem if people are shooting at you. This is especially true of 
the shotgun, which takes a loooong time to reload. You should always reload 
the shotgun when you're not firing it because you can fire it in the middle 
of the reload animation if necessary. Also remember you continue to reload 
while rolling, so start tumbling if your clip runs dry at a bad time. Reload 
whenever you get a chance and don't waste your ammo and you should be fine.

Know when to fight and when to move. Much like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, 
there are some segments in this game where enemies don't stop coming. Since 
it's hard to tell where these spots are, I will just advise you to keep 
moving whenever you can. Getting bogged down in a firefight with an 
unlimited number of enemies isn't going to help you out. Thankfully these 
unlimited enemy sections aren't too bad and pretty much just serve to keep 
you moving along rather than employing the "kill everyone everywhere" 
mentality. The net effect makes for a more interesting play experience 
as you can never really feel safe.

Bring the right tools for the job. With the addition of the nifty armory 
feature, PDZ lets you use any weapon you've brought back from a previous 
mission (other than the first simulated one) in any new mission you start. 
This is huge when you play on Perfect and Dark Agent. Make your choices 
wisely. Early on before you get the fancier weapons, I recommend the 
shotgun and either the P9P or the DW-P5 if you have it. With those two 
weapons you'll be ready for pretty much any situation, including stealth 
missions. Later on feel free to mix it up once you get a feel for the 
missions and the weapons. Just remember that your starter ammo won't last 
you long, so if you bring a SuperDragon to one of the earlier missions 
don't expect to get a lot of use out of it.

Shoot enemies in the head. This is pretty obvious, but worth mentioning. 
Anybody who takes any sort of bullet to their bare noggin is going down. 
Unfortunately shooting enemies in the head only really works if they don't 
have helmets. If they do you have to shoot off all their armor before you 
can headshot them, which kind of defeats the point. Also bear in mind 
silencers make weapons more accurate, but less powerful. They're a good 
choice for head sniping. As long as nobody's looking at your target you 
can kill with impunity.

Use cover and roll. A lot. These two new moves take a little getting used 
to, but they will soon become second nature. Cover is a little finicky, 
but extremely effective if used right. Find a flat surface and face 
perpendicular to it and you should get the prompt. Make sure nobody's 
flanking you and you can sit back and engage the enemy at your leisure, 
at least until they get tired of shooting a wall and try to get up close 
and personal. One thing to remember about roll is that you can reload while 
you're doing it. It would take some crazy coordination to do this in real 
life, but it works in the game so use it. If you empty your shotgun at 
a bad time, start rolling around like crazy and before you know it you'll 
be ready to start blasting again.

Use stealth to your advantage. As long as no enemies can see you or any 
dead bodies and you don't fire a loud weapon, you can move around without 
anyone noticing. This technique is essential on some levels. This 
obviously requires silenced weapons, but you also need to be careful where 
you kill enemies so patrolling guards don't walk over them, and make sure 
you take out any cameras before they see you. Also remember that scientists 
will make a run for an alarm the second you stop pointing your gun at them, 
so knock them out with the butt of your weapon once you got whatever you 
need out of them. 

The accuracy, damage, and range ratings are not directly out of the manual, 
these are based on my impressions from my experience with the game. As 
such they are not guaranteed to be competely accurate. The weapons are 
grouped as they are in the armory screen. The "First Encountered" line 
is the first level you will be able to pick up this weapon and bring it 
with you. As such, the Datacore|Demolition level is not included because 
you don't get to keep weapons from that level.

Pistols are your standard low-level utility weapon. On average, not real 
powerful or accurate, pistols are still effective if used right. They can 
also be dual wielded with another pistol, a grenade, or a riot shield to 
increase their versatility. All pistols take up one inventory slot and 
except for the psychosis gun and magnum use the same ammo. The magnum and 
psychosis gun both use completely unique ammo.

Accuracy: Good
Power: Fair
Range: Good
First Encountered: Starting Weapon
A solid all around pistol for pretty much any situation. You start the 
game with it and will probably get a lot of use out of it, so take some 
time to get familiar with it. The P9P offers silenced, scoped shooting 
in a small package, but has a small clip and fairly subpar stopping power. 
Use it primarily for silenced head sniping and you'll be alright.

Accuracy: Very Good
Power: Poor
Range: Fair
First Encountered: Nightclub|Stakeout
The successor (or technically predecessor, this is a prequel after all) 
to the original Perfect Dark's Falcon 2, this gun is carried by most of 
the early enemies in the game and as such is quite easy to get ahold of. 
Although fairly weak, this gun is quite accurate and has a large clip 
making it fairly effective in a pinch. I wouldn't recommend it unless you 
have no better options as its versatility is a bit lacking. The secondary 
fire tosses down a clip which then fires off all rounds in sequence. You 
can actually get some decent casualties in singleplayer doing this, 
although it's pretty much just an annoyance in multiplayer. As an 
interesting side note, if you look closely at this gun's grip you can see 
a Carrington Institute logo on the side of it. This makes me wonder how 
all the goons early on got ahold of Institute hardware.

DY357 Magnum
Accuracy: Poor
Power: Very Good
Range: Poor
First Encountered: Rooftops|Escape (in a locked case)
An old-fashioned six shooter with massive power and not much else. This 
gun has bad range, bad accuracy, a clip of only six shots, takes forever 
to cycle between shots (unless you're only holding one and firing it fast) 
and takes a while to reload. It's salvation comes in its power. Anyone 
that gets hit with this thing more than once is almost guaranteed dead. 
Fun to use because of the animations, but not all that effective, 
especially against multiple targets. Secondary fire is a goofy and almost 
useless silenced delayed detonation shot. Good luck finding a use for that 

MagSec 4
Accuracy: Fair
Power: Fair
Range: Good
First Encountered: Mansion|Infiltration
Weird futuristic pistol based off the MagSec from the first Perfect Dark. 
In practice functions pretty much the same as a P9P except it doesn't have 
a silencer. Only real advantage is its secondary fire that allows it to 
shoot around corners. The hit detection on these ricochet shots is pretty 
forgiving so don't hesitate to give it a try. Just be careful you don't 
bounce your shot back and hit yourself. 

Psychosis Gun
Accuracy: Good
Power: Very Poor
Range: Fair
First Encountered: Trinity|Infiltration
Goofy tranq dart gun. Primary fire is a slightly damaging and highly 
annoying tranq dart that makes the vision of human players go really blurry 
for a few seconds. It doesn't seem to affect AI enemies much aside from 
minor damage. The secondary fire makes enemies see their friends as 
targets, making for some fun situations with large groups. This can cause 
some serious carnage in multiplayer, including lots of swearing and 
teamkilling accusations. Just remember that the target will still see you 
as an enemy in single player, and will fire at you given the opportunity. 
Also, in single player the secondary fire uses a whole clip, so be careful 
when you use it.

Submachine Guns
SMGs are some of the most commonly seen guns in the game, as most enemies 
will carry one of these. Because of this, ammo is usually plentiful, so 
you'll find yourself relying on at least one of these primarily. On the 
whole SMGs have decent accuracy, excellent firing rates, fairly large 
clips, and good stopping power. Good all around weapons. All SMGs take 
two inventory slots, and some can be dual wielded with others of their 

UGL Liberator
Accuracy: Very Poor
Power: Fair
Range: Poor
First Encountered: Nightclub|Stakeout
Basic Uzi knockoff. The UGL is the first SMG you'll run into, carried by 
many of Killian's goons in the second level. Not very powerful or accurate, 
the UGL can still spit out a lot of bullets in a short time, making it 
useful at close range or for crowd control. Can also be dual wielded for 
even more bullet spraying fun. Secondary fire discards the gun and 
activates it as a proximity mine. This is really effective in most cases 
as you probably won't have a strong desire to hang onto the UGL and the 
bomb it becomes is very powerful. Also lots of fun in multiplayer.

Accuracy: Good
Power: Good
Range: Good
First Encountered: Subway|Retrieval
Pseudo-MP5 with unnatural accuracy at range, especially with the silencer. 
This is an all around excellent gun with silenced capability, a scope for 
sniping, and good stopping power. Until you get your hands on a rifle or 
RC-P90, this is a good gun to stick with.

Accuracy: Very Good
Power: Good
Range: Fair
First Encountered: Trinity|Infiltration
The CMP-150 is a compact machine pistol with a really high rate of fire 
and good stopping power. Shoot this thing at anybody's head and they'll 
go down quickly. It's main drawbacks are its massive ammo consumption and 
limited range, so you probably won't get a whole lot of use out of it. 
It's mainly carried by dataDyne security in the later levels, so you'll 
run into it fairly often later on. The secondary function projects a 
hologram of you nearby which theoretically confuses enemies but also slows 
you down. In my experience this isn't really effective but the tradeoff 
in speed is minimal enough that it's worth it just to annoy your opponents.

Accuracy: Fair
Power: Good
Range: Good
First Encountered: Jungle|Storm
Goldeneye/PD veterans will recognize this bad boy immediately. One of the 
most effective SMGs, the RCP-90 fires fast, hits hard, and has a good range. 
Add this to a huge clip and two extremely useful auxiliary functions, and 
you have a great weapon. The secondary function takes all the color out 
of your view but outlines all enemies and anything else that might pose 
a threat (mines, turrets, etc.) in red and all friendlies in green. 
Essential to getting through the Jungle level in one piece. The tertiary 
mode allows you to reprogram mines, sentry turrets, cameras, and the like 
to your side. You don't need to do the normal tertiary command, just aim 
at the target and hit A.

Heavy Weapons
These are the big boys. The heavy weapon class includes two sniper rifles, 
a heavy machine gun, a rocket launcher, and a weird plasma rifle. Every 
one of these guys takes up three slots, slows you down a good bit while 
carrying them, uses their own ammo, and causes some serious pain. Some 
can be mounted on turrets, giving them unlimited ammo as long as they're 
on the turret.

Accuracy: Very Poor
Power: Very Good
Range: Poor
First Encountered: Rooftops|Escape (it's found in an isolated room, 
unconfirmed if you can actually bring it back; thanks LunarHawk99)
Your run of the mill bigass heavy machine gun. Lays down a lot of heavy 
fire for a long time, but is really innaccurate and takes forever to reload. 
In my mind its usefulness is mainly limited by the scarcity of ammo for 
it. If you run into one, feel free to pick it up and fire it out before 
retrieving whatever you had before and moving on. Can also be 
mounted/taken off turret emplacements. Secondary fires little electronic 
caltrops that don't actually hurt enemies walking over them, but instead 
slow them down to a crawl. Useful in multiplayer objective games. 

Plasma Rifle
Accuracy: Poor (Projectiles move slowly)
Power: Excellent
Range: Fair
First Encountered: Temple|Surveillance
Fires balls of death, has unlimited ammo (kind of), and cloaks you. For 
my money, doesn't get much better than that. Only problem is that it's 
pretty hard to hit mobile enemies with the rounds. You don't have to hit 
them directly though, as the plasma balls cause splash damage. Remember 
that fact when you're trying to fire past a corner or railing or you might 
fry yourself. If you get the hang of the aiming this gun will quickly become 
a primary weapon for most close to mid-range work. Secondary cloaks you 
while not firing or hitting someone. This eats up your battery pretty quick, 
even faster when you're moving. Also cloak will not work immediately after 
firing the weapon. Bear in mind that the recharge has kind of an 
acceleration to it. The longer you wait, the faster it recharges. Can be 
mounted/taken off turret emplacements.

Rocket Launcher
Accuracy: Good (Depends on mode)
Power: Excellent
Range: Good
First Encountered: River|Extraction
The big boy. The rocket launcher is capable of firing four rounds in quick 
succession, in either dumb fire or guided mode. Anything that gets hit 
or almost hit by one of these rockets is toast. Devastatingly powerful, 
but very rare and can only be fired four times. Secondary allows you to 
guide a missle to it's target. Bear in mind this missle moves much slower 
and has a much shorter range than the standard warhead, and it also leaves 
you extremely vulnerable while flying it. Can be mounted/taken off turret 

Accuracy: Excellent
Power: Excellent
Range: Excellent
First Encountered: Rooftops|Escape
Your standard sniper rifle. Is pinpoint accurate, has a ridiculous range, 
and does insane amounts of damage. Only real drawbacks are the space it 
takes up and the extremely slow firing rate. The weapon is bolt action 
and each round must be manually loaded, forcing the user to wait a long 
time between shots. If you get your hands on it, take a second to see if 
you can hit anyone from afar and save yourself trouble later on. Secondary 
fire is an EMP marker that scrambles enemy radar and paints the target 
in friendly radar, but can only be used in multiplayer.

Accuracy: Very Good
Power: Very Good
Range: Excellent
First Encountered: Bridge|Assault
The spiritual successor to the original PD's Farsight, a high tech 
particle beam sniper rifle equipped with x-ray scope. Although it doesn't 
seem to be quite as powerful or accurate as the Jackal, the Shockwave still 
does some serious damage. While it can see through walls, unlike the 
Farsight, it cannot actually fire through them. Use the x-ray scope to 
keep tabs on enemies and make sure you don't get surprised. The rifle will 
overheat Halo beam rifle style if you fire it too quickly. This is very 
easy to do and you must be careful to let it cool properly or you'll end 
up with a useless gun during a firefight.

Close Combat
A variety of weapons suitable for use at close range.

DEF-12 Shotgun
Accuracy: Very Poor
Power: Very Good
Range: Very Poor
First Encountered: Nightclub|Stakeout
Standard combat shotgun with a six round magazine. Takes two inventory 
slots. Simple, but effective, the shotgun should be taken along whenever 
possible to complement any long range weapon. This gun will absolutely 
tear enemies to pieces at close range. Even if it's not fatal, a blast 
is usually enough to stun enemies so you can smack them or blast them in 
the face. Obviously does not work at range, and every round must be 
reloaded, which can take a long time. This can be done at any time, so 
reload whenever you're not actively firing at someone.

Accuracy: N/A
Power: Good
Range: N/A
First Encountered: Mansion|Infiltration (inside the laser grid)
Samurai sword with goofy secondary shield function. This weapon is really 
odd and can only be found at one point (that I know of) in the game. Given 
its limitations, it's really not all that powerful. The shield function 
is handy, but doesn't last real long or protect your rear. The attack is 
pretty nasty but leaves you open to being shot in the face. Takes up one 
slot, so could be useful if you're carrying a sniper. Not recommended 
unless you know how to use it.

Combat Shield
Accuracy: N/A
Power: N/A
Range: N/A
First Encountered: Mansion|Infiltration
Collapsable riot shield providing immunity to melee attacks and decent 
protection from small arms, at least for a while. Useful in certain 
situations, limited by the fact that you can only use pistols, the UGL, 
and CMP with it. Can stop most bullet fire, but numerous hits will crack 
and shatter the polycarbonate. Takes up two inventory slots.

Assault Rifles
An assortment of guns with good power and good range. All take up two 
inventory slots and use the same ammo, except for secondary functions.

Laptop Gun
Accuracy: Fair
Power: Fair
Range: Fair
First Encountered: Trinity|Infiltration
Direct copy of the original PD's Laptop Gun. It's power and accuracy are 
relatively low compared to the other rifles, but it's main usefulness lies 
in its secondary ability to deploy as a sentry turret on walls. The sentry 
only fires for a set amount of time and is fragile, but packs quite a punch. 
Not recommended as a primary assault weapon, but if you find one, toss 
it into a rough area for some help. Note that RC-P90s can reprogram the 
sentry turrets.

Accuracy: Fair
Power: Good 
Range: Fair
First Encountered: Laboratory|Rescue
Knockoff of the AK-74. Has decent power, but bad accuracy for a rifle and 
no scope. You're better off using the ammo in a FAC-16 or SuperDragon if 
available, but if this is all you can get it's decent. Secondary fires 
the attached bayonet, allowing for silent kills. The bayonet is powerful 
but can only be fired once before you have to find another.

Accuracy: Good
Power: Good
Range: Good
First Encountered: Trinity|Escape (if the trooper carrying it dies)
Knockoff of the M-16 and its many variants. Good all around weapon, strong 
in all areas, also has a tertiary silencer and secondary grenade launcher. 
A good choice for almost any situation, but not advisable for early 
missions because of the lack of rifle ammo. Grenade launcher has a short 
range and must be reloaded after each shot, so use wisely. Silencer 
increases accuracy but decreases power, good for quiet heashots. Fires 
single shot in scoped mode for increased accuracy.

Accuracy: Fair
Power: Very Good
Range: Good
First Encountered: Mansion|Infiltration
Powerful assault rifle with semi-automatic grenade launcher. Has a small 
clip but uses it well. Has a built in scope, but isn't very accurate at 
range so use is limited. Also fires full auto in scoped mode. Very good 
weapon if you can get your hands on it, a few well aimed shots can take 
down fully armored opponents. Grenades bounce off any surface but people 
and the ground, so be careful. Tertiary mode activates night vision.

Thrown Weapons
Thrown weapons consist of a couple basic grenades, a versatile mine, and 
the quirky "death frisbee." All take up one inventory slot.

Accuracy: N/A
Power: Very Good
Range: N/A
First Encountered: Temple|Surveillance 
A combination of the old Goldeneye proximity and remote mines in one 
package. Mines thrown with primary will explode when someone (including 
your team) walks near them. Mines thrown with secondary will explode when 
you hit the trigger to detonate them. Very powerful and extremely useful 
in Onslaught and CTF games, or anywhere else that requires defending a 
specific area. Can be reprogrammed by the RCP-90.

Frag Grenade
Accuracy: N/A
Power: Very Good
Range: N/A
First Encountered: Nightclub|Stakeout
Your basic hand held explosive. Can be dual wielded with a pistol or small 
SMG and cooked by holding down the trigger. The grenade's timer will appear 
in the center of the display. Unlike in Goldeneye the grenade will not 
detonate in your hand if you cook it too long, it will just detonate on 
impact when thrown.

Flashbang Grenade
Accuracy: N/A
Power: N/A
Range: N/A
First Encountered: Trinity|Escape
Extremely annoying, but mostly harmless hand held stun grenade. Doesn't 
actually cause any damage, but if you're looking at it when it goes off 
you'll go blind for a few seconds. Plenty of enemies will use it in single 
player, but their aim usually isn't real good, so it won't be a big problem. 
Not a real popular weapon but can be handy if you put forth the effort 
to use it right.

Hawk Boomerang
Accuracy: Wacky
Power: Very Good
Range: Very Good
First Encountered: Trinity|Infiltration (inside a box near your starting 
Probably the weirdest weapon in the game, the Hawk is a sharp, spinning 
disc that bounces off walls and kills people. Anyone without armor will 
die in one hit from this thing, and it seems that one hit on an armored 
target knocks off all their armor. So say two hits max for a fatality. 
The trick, of course, is hitting people with it. It doesn't travel anywhere 
near as fast as a bullet and is pretty hard to aim, but even if you miss 
it'll still probably hit someone in close quarters. Be very careful with 
this if there are friendlies in the area. If you hold down the left trigger 
and point at someone the Hawk will lock onto them, which somehow increases 
the probability of them catching it in the face. I'm not really sure how 
the lock on affects its motion, but it usually seems to hit the target 
if you're not in an open area. The Hawk's main drawback is that you have 
to wait five seconds after throwing it to get it back (unless it physically 
comes back to you) and while you're waiting you're defenseless except for 
punching people. Secondary fire projects a shield that deflects rockets 
and grenades, which can be useful in multiplayer.

Although the storyline's a bit weak, the game's mission mode is a lot of 
fun, especially in co-op. The level design is varied and challenging, the 
enemies aren't terribly bright but are well armed and never seem to get 
boring, and the game is only as hard as you want it. Agent is nearly 
impossible to screw up, Perfect Agent requires excellent combat skill and 
an in depth knowledge of the level layout to succeed, and Dark Agent 
requires the ability to get through the level taking only a few hits. I 
mean that literally. Three hits is pushing it. The game also has a nice 
little feature that draws blue arrows directing you where to go next if 
you take too long. Remember that while the arrows show a way to go, it 
usually isn't the only way to go. The level design usually offers you a 
number of ways to get where you're going, so if you think your way will 
work, don't turn around just because the arrows say so. I played through 
all the missions initially on Secret Agent, have finished them all again 
on Perfect, and am cracking away at Dark, so I'll offer tips on whatever 
I know about these missions. I don't know what objectives aren't in Agent, 
so I'll just mention how to accomplish all of them and you can decide 
whether or not you want to. The game's storyline is pretty much just a 
pretext to shoot different people in different places so I'm not going 
to stress too much about spoilers. If you're really hardcore on 
experiencing the story for yourself then you're probably good enough to 
get through the game without my help, so go do it. Now. 

The game's first mission's first half consists of instructions on how to 
play and throws you straight into some pretty intense action in the second 
half. Not a cakewalk by any means, but easily doable if you take your time 
in the last big firefight.

Recommended Loadout: If you're playing through for the first time you 
won't have a choice, but the P9P will be more than sufficient until you 
pick up the rifles before mission's end. If you've got a full armory it's 
pretty much up to you, I stuck with my trusty FAC-16 + DEF-12 combo.

Co-op: Same thing as single. The co-op player plays as Chandra and follows 
Jo's path exactly. Probably more enemies, but it's hard to tell.

As the mission begins you'll be given instructions by Chandra on how to 
get through security, so I won't bother insulting your intelligence with 
a walkthrough for that part. Once you're flying the CamSpy you need to 
fly forward and then take a left and follow the vetilation passage you 
find. Keep going forward and down until you run into a laser grid. Fire 
your primary weapon at the circuit boards behind the grates to the left 
and right of the laser grid and continue onward and downward. The next 
laser grid's controlling circuit is in the ceiling of its passage, back 
near the last vertical section. After that, drop down, fly over to the 
big glowing column and hit the right bumper to blow the bomb. This will 
make the spiderbots go homicidal and start killing everyone in the 
facility, which naturally causes all the personnel to freak out. 

After a cutscene Jo gets up and you're tasked with getting off the platform 
before you get eaten by spiderbots. These little guys aren't much of a 
threat, except the yellow ones that go off like a bomb when hit. Head down 
the hall and into the next room where you'll find a scientist in a box 
covered by spiderbots. Despite the scientist's paranoia these things 
aren't a threat, so take them out with whatever seems most expedient to 
you. After you take out all the bots the scientist will open the door and 
take off. Follow him into the next room and then take a left (he'll 
pointlessly go off to the right, but you ultimately need to go left), shoot 
the spiderbot off the door control, and head on through. When the corridor 
angles off to the right look on the left wall for weapon racks with FAC-16 
assault rifles. I highly recommend picking one of these up for the rest 
of the mission. Take off down the corridor and follow the helmeted 
scientist, ignoring the guards firing at spiderbots, until you dead end 
at the elevator shaft. 

Grab some Laptop guns off the weapon racks on the right wall and use the 
secondary fire to set them up as sentry turrets (or hold onto them if you 
prefer the Laptop to the FAC-16). Once they're set up look back at the 
corridor you came though. Spiderbots will drop down from above and later 
come through the corridor itself, so hose them down. Don't sweat it too 
much if your guy working on the elevator bites it, as Chandra will hack 
the elevator for you. 

After you get on the elevator an announcement will come over the PA about 
you being the bomber. From here on out anyone other than Jack Dark (your 
dad, the guy on the left as the elevator reaches the top) and the scientists 
in the elevator with you needs to be shot. There will be an intense 
firefight on the surface, just remember to use cover and shoot any red 
barrels you see to soften up the DataDyne troops. Also take note of the 
two powerful SuperDragon rifles in a cabinet to the right of the door to 
the surface. After you clear the deck head to the big platform in the center, 
and hit A when you and Jack are on it to get it moving. At this point you'll 
start getting hit by jetpack troopers and the occasional dropship. Don't 
bother with the dropships, you're not packing enough heat to take them 
down and they're not a big threat anyway. Concentrate your fire on the 
jetpacks. They can be taken out with a single headshot or a lot of body 
shots, so aim carefully. They're very hard to hit but will occasionally 
hold position for a second or two which is when you need to hit them. Once 
the platform reaches the top follow Jack onto the catwalk leading to the 
center structure to complete the mission. Surprise! It was all just a 
simulation... all that really means is that the guns you brought back from 
this mission don't go into your armory. Sorry.

Your first "real" mission requires some stealth in the early part (how 
much depends on the difficulty level) and a boatload o' killin' in the 
later part. Can be a little frustrating if you're not very subtle but on 
the whole not a real tough mission.

Recommended Loadout: You're going to need some gun with a silencer unless 
you've got a Plasma Rifle and really hate silenced guns. If this is your 
first run the P9P will be all you have but it's good enough. If you've 
got your choice I'd recommend a DEF-12 and a FAC-16 or DW-P5. You can take 
a Plasma Rifle if you want, but as you'll find out if you're new with it, 
it's going to hurt you a lot more than them if you don't know how to use 

Co-op: Pretty much the same thing as single. Only real difference is if 
you're playing on Secret Agent or above each player will have to scope 
at least one enforcer because of a shortage of memory on the audioscope 
or some such. 

You start out the mission on a pier facing a row of boxes. There's always 
a guy sitting on the other side, so move around and carefully shoot him 
in the head with a silenced weapon. There's usually a guy patrolling around 
the corner to the right as well, so if he's there take him out silently 
too. Then head back left of where you started and climb up the ladder to 
the helipad. This should give you a good view of the front courtyard. You 
can pop the bouncers at the doors in the head if you wish, they're easy 
to hit and no one usually notices. You need to get in close to the enforcer 
in the center and scope him (On Perfect or Dark, at least. On the other 
difficulties you can just skip this and kill everyone in the area.) I find 
it's best to sneak into one of the corners of the stone wall that surrounds 
the center and scope him. It's kind of hard to find him through the leaves 
but just look for a bit of green and aim for it. Once you've scoped him 
you can either start firing and kill everyone and then move on, or attempt 
to sneak past the guys near the Hummer H12s down the right alley. Either 
way, get to the door up the stairs to the right of the club entrance. You 
can also blow the wooden wall if you have a demo kit, but be warned everyone 
nearby will notice. Sometimes going this way first can make your life 
easier, as you get a good vantage point of the boat and its surroundings.

This door up the stairs is locked, and can be unlocked with a Locktopus 
if you have one and want practice with it. Otherwise just shoot off the 
lock with a silenced gun. As you step into the next area you'll see a bunch 
of goons patrolling, but the only one that matters is the one that patrols 
the catwalk to the left of you and the interior of the room in front of 
you. It's best to take him out before you attempt to scope the enforcer 
through the window, but it is possible to completely avoid him if you're 
timing's excellent. Either way, move into the next room and scope the 
enforcer sitting on the boxes outside the window. Once you've done this 
you can again kill everyone as loudly as you wish, including blowing up 
all the explosive barrels in the area. Be aware there are two guards behind 
the glass of the structure across from the enforcer. There is also a key 
in that structure that will let you through the locked door near the 
enforcer if you don't have a locktopus. If you're playing on Perfect you'll 
also need to take out Killian's powerboat, which is simply a matter of 
walking over to it and wasting it with your demo kit (or anything else 
with enough firepower). If you lack the proper implement (which can 
happen), melee some nearby explosive barrels down near the powerboat, pop 
them from a distance, and watch the fireworks.

The next area has one random goon that might see you as you come through 
the door, so be ready. Across from the elevator is a grate that may or 
may not have a grenade in it. You can go up the elevator and scope the 
last enforcer if you need to, otherwise just head down the stairs and get 
ready to rock. The first guy is sweeping with his back to you and can be 
beaten senseless easily. The two guys in the next room will usually notice 
this and attack you. Be careful, as some civilians might also show up and 
get in the way. There are two grates in the room with the two guys that 
will have a grenade in them if the grate near the elevator earlier didn't. 
After cleaning out the basement move upstairs and go down the hall to your 
left. If you walk through the door on your right you'll set off a metal 
detector and complicate matters. Holster your weapons before you go 
through the door down the hall and the goon inside will just ogle you 
instead of attacking, allowing you to beat him senseless. The glass 
surrounding this room is bulletproof, making it a good place to wait for 
enemies. Hitting the switch in front of the goon deactivates the metal 
detector, allowing you to go go onto the dance floor without alerting the 
enemies if you wish. This has limited usefulness because the guards won't 
let you where you need to go unless you shoot them anyway. Smack the fire 
alarm near the door in the glass room to clear the civilians out of the 

Once all the civilians are gone you're clear to fire with impunity. From 
this point on anything that moves, dies, and dies loudly. There will be 
at least two guys immediately outside the glass room's door. Both are 
bartenders, one 90 degrees to the left and one straight ahead. There's 
also a good number of enemies up above firing over the railing. Take them 
out as you see fit and move up the staircase past the statue, then turn 
back and continue up the staircase behind you. 

This will lead you to the first dance room. There will be at least four 
guys in the room with more nearby. There's no real trick to this, unless 
you want to bait them and wait by the door. The shotgun or UGL are quite 
useful for this part. Kill them however you wish and move through the door 
at the back into the next room, or the door on the second level if you 
find that easier. Most of the enemies in this room are above you, so get 
up the stairs to the left as soon as you can to level the playing field. 
After you take them out go through the double doors on the second level 
and immediately look to your right for two guys on the stairs. Once you 
take them out you can lock the door behind you if you have a locktopus 
(it's a weird interface, hold the left stick in a direction and hit A) 
or just cautiously proceed up the stairs. 

Crouch and move slowly up the stairs because a sentry gun will see you 
as soon as you pop your head above the stairs. If you're careful you can 
probably see it before it sees you and take it out without incident. If 
not you're going to have some pain on your hands. Once you take it out 
you have either the option of manually blowing up the rest of the randomly 
placed sentry guns or simply deactivating them from the room on the left. 
You'll probably get shot at as you go for the left side door, but once 
you get in front of it you should be out of the line of fire. Hit the console 
inside to deactivate the guns and complete your last objective. There are 
two goons in the opposite room if you're feeling especially homicidal. 
Once you're done, follow the corridor around to the elevator to complete 
the mission.

For this mission you'll be heading through an old warehouse and a subway 
to pick up a briefcase that your new friend Ziegler thinks is important. 
The enemies you'll face later on in the level are well armed and often 
armored, which will be a bit of a surprise to you if this is your first 
time through. Pretty basic level, not too difficult or complicated.

Recommended Loadout: You don't really need a weapon with a silencer for 
this mission, but one can come in handy if sneaking is your bag. Most 
enemies carry SMGs, so the RCP-90 is a good choice if you have it. Even 
if this is your first run you should have a shotgun, which you should bring 
along. The other weapon is pretty much up to your discretion, as you'll 
be picking up a DW-P5 soon. 

Co-op: Same thing as single. Probably more opponents in the later parts, 
but again I'm not entirely sure.

This mission starts off with a bang, surrounding you with angry bikers 
in a parking garage. Although it looks bad, these guys are pretty easy 
to dipose of. Dive behind the Hummer to your left and start firing at the 
red barrels in the area. If you run out of red barrels, start shooting 
the cars, as they're quite flammable too. Usually all the explosions will 
take out the bikers, but you might have to clean up a few manually. The 
last one you kill generally drops the keycard you need to get out of the 
garage. Otherwise if you've got a Datathief you can just hack the gate 

Once you get outside, go into cover on the corner of the building in front 
of you and take a look at the next area. The area in front of the warehouse 
is watched by a bunch of randomly placed cameras and usually patrolled 
by a guard or two. The cameras are easy to spot because they all have bright 
lights attached to them. If you're playing on Perfect you'll have to be 
quiet because you need to persuade the guy working on the lifter. Otherwise 
you can start firing wildly if you wish, but you'll be better off silently 
dropping the enemies and methodically taking out the cameras. If a camera 
sees you it will alert any enemies in the area and dispatch a small squad 
of UGL equipped goons to get you. It's worth noting that cameras take only 
one shot to disable if you shoot them from the front (i.e. in the glass) 
rather than five or so from the side. If you're playing on Perfect you'll 
need to silently take out the patrolling guard and the nearby cameras, 
holster your weapon, and go up to the guy working on the lifter in the 
garage. This is the first of numerous "conversation" situations you'll 
end up in. If the person you're talking to seems friendly, use Charm. If 
they're confused, such as thinking you're someone you're not, then Bluff. 
If they're nervous or scared, use Threaten. It's usually pretty obvious 
which one to use, so think about it for a minute and you should be alright. 
If you successfully persuade him, he'll send the lifter to open the door 
to the warehouse, at which time you can club him in the back of the head.

After you've got the lifter going if you need to, either head down the 
alley to the warehouse, or use  the ventilation shaft that starts back 
towards the parking garage you started in. On the right side of the 
warehouse entrance is a bunch of shipping crates. One of these has a DW-P5 
in it, which you're going to want if you don't already have one. If you 
used the lifter the main door will already be open, otherwise you'll have 
to pick the door's lock. The warehouse is packed with enemies in different 
locations, so use cover near the front gate and work your way through 
slowly. It's usually easier to go up the stairs near the main gate and 
go across the catwalk as it affords you a better shot at the enemies near 
the armory at the back of the warehouse. Work your way across the catwalk 
and into the armory once you've eliminated all the enemies in the warehouse. 
Grab some frag grenades and/or a shotgun if you want them, then toss a 
frag grenade in the room with the shotguns and get out of the armory as 
fast as you can. The grenade will set off a reaction which will blow the 
whole armory and complete your objective. Get back down to ground level 
and head to the gate near the armory ladder. 

This gate leads into a small area with a handful of guards patrolling and 
more inside the building at your 10 o'clock as you face through the gate. 
Take out the ones foolish enough to run outside first, then pull out your 
shotgun and head inside. Be careful, because some guards like to hang out 
inside with shotguns and ambush you. There is one guy in particular who 
always hides in the room just to the right of the safe door with a shotgun. 
Head upstairs to pick up some body armor and the code to the safe if you 
want it. Otherwise you can hack or blast your way into the safe and nab 
the briefcase. Once you've got the case, head to the subway entrance 
adjacent to the safe building.

Make your way down the stairs carefully, and be on the lookout for a guy 
on a pay phone ahead of you discussing the new arrivals. Pop him in the 
head (silenced or not, the next two guys will see him drop) and cover up 
against the next corner. There will be two goons hiding behind concrete 
blocks with UGLs. Take them out and slowly approach the big room. Chandra 
will tell you about the two groups of enemies and tell you to try to divert 
them. To do this you need to kill someone without any other enemies seeing 
you. You can do this with a grenade if you've got one (just toss it over) 
but if not, look carefully for a guy wearing a red headband in a tunnel 
on the right. You should be able to line up a shot (silenced, just to be 
safe) on his head and drop him without anyone seeing you. This will cause 
the two groups (the suits and Killian's men) to fight to the death, usually 
leaving you with just a few stragglers to mop up. If you mess this objective 
up somehow, everyone downstairs will come for you, which can lead to some 
unwanted complications (i.e. sudden and painful death). Head down to the 
main level via the big tunnel and clean up any leftovers. Then head into 
either tunnel downstairs.

There will likely be a handful of suits in this area of the subway, in 
various areas. Move slowly and cover around corners to make sure you don't 
get surprised. Once you see another stairway with escalator, head down 
about halfway and wait for the guard to come into view at the bottom. Try 
to take him out silently if you can, but if you can't enemies will start 
running through the wrecked subway cars to get a shot at you. All the 
enemies in this area are in the subway car, out the other side of it, or 
on the wrecked walkway above, although these last guys won't usually have 
a shot at you. Be careful in the subway car as there's no real good cover 
and maneuvering is tough. There are at least three guys in the next room 
with shotguns, and many of them are content to watch their buddies die 
in front of them so that they can get an open shot at you when you come 
through a door. Be very thorough in sweeping the small room and stairs 
before you move on or you'll get a shotgun to the back. At the top of the 
stairs you'll see another handful of suits, finish them off and you're 
home free. Head down the stairs on the opposite side and walk on down to 
the elevator to complete the mission.

This marquee level was featured in many pre-release demos and trailers 
because of its nifty co-op gameplay. It's the first level that will 
completely split up the two players if you're playing on co-op. If you're 
not, then you'll play as Jo and have to escort Jack. Don't worry, he's 
pretty durable. This mission is pretty fun in my opinion, and the 
environment looks absolutely beautiful. The end battle with Killian's 
gunship is a toughy, especially if you don't know how to take it out. Get 
to know the enemy locations in this mission (most are always the same) 
and you'll have no trouble with it.

Recommended Loadout: If this is your first time through you should be good 
with the DW-P5 + DEF-12 combo, although you may wish to pick up a Jackal 
sniper rifle during the mission to help out Jack. If you've got a full 
armory you might want to take advantage of the checkpoint before the battle 
with Killian and the fact that you get the weapons you started the mission 
with back when you load a checkpoint. Killian's PT is not designed to 
withstand multiple rocket blasts. Obviously this doesn't work on Dark 
because there are no checkpoints. On Dark I went with an RCP-90 and a 
shotgun and was able to get to the gunship fight numerous times without 
taking any hits.

Co-op: Probably the most interesting co-op level as both players will be 
completely split up for the duration. This means if one player dies, the 
mission is over. No revival for you. Whoever plays as Jack gets to see 
a bunch of the level from a different perspective as single player and 
gets to do everything you saw Jack do. If Jack takes it slow and uses cover 
he can get through the first part very easily, but the fight in the sewer 
pipes can get rough. If both players help each other out (not just when 
the game forces you to) this level is a lot easier. Jack can accomplish 
the "Jam Enemy Comms" objective very easily by hacking a panel on the wall 
near the big black radar tower near the beginning of the level. Jack can 
also head into the area where you have the final fight with Killian 
beforehand to scout it out or blow up boxes to make Jo's life easier. Jack 
can also take free potshots at Killian's PT during either two encounters 
as Killian will never fire at Jack.

As soon as you start you'll be looking at an enemy sniper in the building 
across from you at the top of the stairs. There's also another sniper at 
roughly your two o'clock, and another on the walkway you'll be heading 
to soon. Take out the two distant ones as soon as you can so Jack doesn't 
take too much damage, then head to your right and kill the other sniper 
on the walkway. None of these snipers will likely fire at you as long as 
you take them out quickly (i.e. don't hit them in the toe and then leave 
them alone). Grab the rifle leaning up against the wall near the sniper 
you just killed (make sure you don't toss your weapons off the scaffolding) 
and take out the goons Jack is engaging. Once they're down, grab your guns 
again and head up the ladder. Be careful, often there will be a helmeted 
enemy with a pistol waiting for you at the top of the ladder. If he isn't 
there, then he'll be around shortly. There are two stationary enemies 
around the corner after you go up the ladder, so use cover and take them 
out carefully. Once they're gone, head down the stairs in the middle one 
story, then look through the glass for an enemy at the bottom. Shoot him 
in the head and make your way back up the stairs and onto the next building 
with the round black things.

As soon as you head up the stairs onto the top of the next building two 
enemies will come around the corner and start firing at you from the 
building across the street. Use the stairway for cover and take them out. 
If you wish you can blow off the coverings of the black things, which on 
Secret will complete your "Jam Enemy Comms" objective. If you're on 
Perfect or Dark you'll have to take out many more black things in odd 
positions about the level. Since I'm not even sure if that objective does 
you any good, I'd say don't worry about it. Help Jack out if he needs it 
and head toward the big concrete pipe. As you approach the pipe leading 
to the next building look towards your 11 o'clock for another sniper. He 
will be actively shooting at you, so roll if it looks like he's about to 
fire and drop him while he's working the bolt on his gun. 

Once you exit the pipe you'll see four glass panels, look carefully into 
them for two more enemies. One will run away almost immediately, but the 
other will shoot you as soon as he can. Take it slow and shoot him in the 
head before he can hit you. Move forward and keep your eye out for the 
helmet guy that ran away. He usually waits for you at the bottom of the 
ladder leading to the top of that building, so get out your shotgun and 
take care of him before you drop down. Once you're down, use a sniper rifle 
or whatever else you're carrying to take out the guys in the Hummer and 
the two other helmeted guys shooting at Jack. Once they're all dead, Jack 
will enter the building below you and hit the fire alarm to allow you to 
continue. Head inside the building with the four panel glass ceiling and 
run through the now open fire door. Follow the path down the hall and 
through two doors to your right and out onto the roof where the last sniper 

Grab the sniper's rifle, or failing that, a DW-P5, and look back to the 
building you were just on. There are three levels that Jack has to go 
through, each with enemies that show up as Jack nears the level. Three 
on the first level, two on the second, and four on the last. Use your rifle 
to drop them as quickly as possible and minimize damage to Jack. If you 
fire at an enemy and don't kill him, he'll likely start shooting at you. 
Once Jack makes it to the top and starts complaining about a cleaning rig, 
take the zipline over and hit the switch on the top of the next building. 
This will allow Jack to head down the sewer and will trigger another 
appearance by Killian. 

As soon as you hit the switch for the cleaning rig, ride the zipline down 
and cover behind the big metal thing to your right. Killian will show up 
and start firing at you. He can't hit you while you're in cover, so pop 
out and light up one of his engines whenever he relocates. Don't get too 
agressive or he'll ream you with his machine gun. If you're playing co-op 
Jack can take care of Killian as he only fires at Jo. Once you hit one 
engine enough he'll take off and you'll complete the "Nullify Killian" 
objective. There's no obvious bonus to this, but it probably just makes 
Killian easier to take out later. After he's gone, head up the stairs in 
front of you. 

The enemy positions in this next section can vary, so stay awake even if 
you've been here before. If you're playing on Perfect you'll need to open 
the floodgates, which can be done by simply shooting the rusty part of 
the water tower above the big glowing sensor. If you'd rather you can also 
hack the sensor, but that's harder and doesn't really get you anything. 
Once you're done there, move up the stairs attached to the next building 
and look for enemy heads on top of the next building (much easier with 
the RCP-90). Shoot them if you want, but be careful as they might chase 
you if you make too much noise. One way or another, keep moving across 
the rooftops and clearing out the enemies. Once you find a four glass 
paneled roof check it for enemies and hop down. Head down the stairs, 
crouch and walk through the big tube, and finally drop down next to Jack 
to finish the main part of the mission.

The next part has caused much frustration and cursing among even the best 
players, so be ready to try it again (the whole level if you're on Dark). 
You'll be facing off pretty much alone (Jack will be there but won't be 
directly helping you) against Killian's PT gunship. Make sure you've 
brought some pretty heavy hardware or at least a lot of ammo to this fight, 
as your supplies will be limited. After the cinema you'll start in an open 
area below Jack near your starting point. Immediately run forward and 
slightly to the right to the big concrete thing. You can use this to shield 
yourself from Killian's attacks while you reload or figure out your next 
move. Be aware that he'll move around different sides of it, so don't 
actually cover against the side. Killian has three attacks: slowly aimed 
machine gun, rockets that cause massive area of effect damage, and 
torching you with his engines. The first two can be avoided by either 
moving or keeping something between you and him. The third... well, just 
kill him before he does it. 

There are two main approaches to taking out Killian, the mobile and the 
stationary. Both are just different approaches to shooting one of 
Killian's engines as much as possible, which is the overall objective. 
In Secret and Perfect I went for the stationary approach: hiding behind 
the concrete thing and shooting Killian and his goons whenever he made 
a dropoff. It also helped that I had a rocket launcher in Perfect, but 
that's up to your discretion. In Dark I had an RCP-90 and a shotgun and 
actually found it more effective to run towards Killian and keep laying 
into one of his engines as much as possible. If you keep moving Killian 
has a hard time hitting you with his rockets and machine gun, and if you 
take him out fast enough he won't have a chance to do the flamethrower 
thing. The big problem here is all the boxes and ice cubes that get in 
your way. You can take them out if you find it easier, or just be careful 
to move around them. Some boxes also have SMG ammo in them if you need 
it. Regardless, keep nailing one of his engines as hard and as fast as 
you can. It will go from light smoke to thick smoke to slightly on fire, 
to really on fire, to completely on fire. When you get to the last stage 
(billowing flames) Killian will stop his normal movement pattern, slowly 
move up into the sky, face you, and come right for you. Don't freak out, 
he'll always explode right before he hits you and cause no damage. Congrats, 
you won! Then a cinema shows Chandra grabbing Jo and for some reason 
abandoning Jack who's about four feet away. Told you it didn't make sense. 

This an interesting and rather short level that encourages stealth, but 
doesn't require more than a little to get through. If you're careful and 
stealthly you'll only have to fight about ten enemies or so in the first 
half. The second half consists of a simulated fight to the death with the 
evil guy's evil daughter who's wearing less clothing than I thought 
physically possible. I guess it's glued to her or something. ANYway...

Recommended Loadout: The first part is really short and it doesn't matter 
what weapons you're carrying for the second part, so pick whatever you 
like here. If you want to get through with the minimum amount of pain, 
bring a silenced gun for the first part. I'd say DW-P5 and shottie if this 
is your first time, or FAC-16 and shottie otherwise.

Co-op: First part is the same, although there might be a few more guys. 
In the second part you'll face twice as many Mai Hems and duplicates, but 
the same number of clay golems. You can revive your partner during the 
deathmatch, although it can be hard. The best way to do it is to kill all 
but one golem whenever you get a chance, then lure him away from your 
partner's corpse, put away your weapons, and run back as fast as you can.

You'll start out the mission in a picturesque overlook next to a waterfall. 
It looks really cool, although everything does seem to be unnaturally 
shiny. Make your way up to the little portal leading into the outer 
courtyard and take a look around. There are three guard towers, each with 
a sniper on them. The one on the right also has another guy with an SMG. 
Despite their attentive look, these sentries won't notice you unless you 
fire a loud weapon or let a guard get off a radio message. Don't worry 
about them for the moment. The patrolling guards are your primary concern 
right now. Take out your silenced weapon, hide behind the large rock to 
the right, and wait for a patrolling guard to cross the two nearby bridges 
onto your side. Once he does, shoot him quickly and quietly in the head 
before he can call for help. At this point you need to grab the radio he 
dropped and use it to call in, but while you're doing so it's likely another 
patrolling guard will stumble on the first one's dead body and blow the 
whole thing open. It's a good idea to wait for at least one more guard 
to come over toward you and take him out as soon as he sees the body. Once 
you've done so, take out your radio (hit either side of the d-pad), hit 
A and do the standard charm/bluff/intimidate thing. Charm and intimidate 
are pretty obvious, only use bluff if the guy on the radio thinks you're 
maintenance or calls you by name. Once you've done this correctly head 
snipe all the tower sentries and head for the big wall. If you haven't 
fired any weapons toward the wall or blown up any of the towers (yes, you 
can blow them up) the guys on the wall will not be expecting you.

You have two options here, depending on your equipment. If you have a demo 
kit you can blow through a grate at the base of the wall in the center 
to get to the other side. As soon as the demo kit goes off all the guards 
will know you're there, but it does give you a good angle of attack. 
Otherwise you have to head up the stairs on the left and make your way 
across the top of the wall. This approach forces you to engage the guards 
on or near the wall, which is somewhat exposed and can lead to painful 
complications. Either way you need to clear the wall and inner courtyard 
of enemies. The guards carry either MagSecs or M60s, so be careful. If 
you don't have a M60 yet feel free to pick one up. You also need to activate 
the satellite dish power which is at the far right side of the wall, from 
the perspective of where you entered the area. Once it's powered up, go 
hack or turn on the sat dish control panel on the other side of the wall. 
Beware of a guy who likes to hide in the small enclosed area below the 
panel and take potshots at you while you're using it. Hacking the sat dish 
allows you an extra weapon in the upcoming fight. Once you're done with 
the sat dish head into the inner courtyard.

Before you walk up to the door shoot out the camera above it and to the 
left. If you don't the guards will see you every time you try to enter 
and send more goons after you. Once the camera's down, walk up to the 
intercom on the right and do the standard conversation routine. The tone 
of the guards is pretty much the same as it was on the radio earlier. You 
can also pick the lock on the left side of the door to open it and skip 
the dialog. Once you've got the door open, put your weapons away (up on 
the d-pad) and head inside. 

Once you're inside you've got a few options on how to get to your objective, 
which is a guarded door exactly opposite where you entered the mansion. 
The goofy arctic tank top you so cleverly chose to wear on an attack mission 
now comes in handy as the guards won't shoot at you if you don't have a 
weapon or do anything suspicious (like smash a window in front of them 
or pull out your audioscope). The way I like to do it is to head to the 
left as soon as you enter the mansion and punch through the first window 
at the top of the stairs (don't worry, no one will notice). Head inside 
the case room towards the door with the camera at the far end. These cameras 
are part of the dumbest security system ever. Instead of alerting someone 
or even locking the doors when they detect an intruder, they just 
temporarily close the door. Time your movements right and slip under the 
cameras and through the doors. Alternately, if you're impatient, you can 
pull a silenced gun and just shoot the cameras. Be careful if you do, as 
there are guards everywhere and they might notice your camera shooting 

Once you get past the two camera doors take a right and follow the walkway 
past a guard. If you want you can punch him in the back of the head, but 
it won't do you any good. As you follow the walkway down the stairs you'll 
come to a room full of lasers. Turning 180 degrees and walking underneath 
the stairs leads you to a small armory with M60s, Jackals, and MagSecs. 
If you don't have any of these in your armory, grab one now. You won't 
need to use it for the rest of the mission and you might as well get it 
in your armory. If you feel so inclined you can also pick your way through 
the laser maze and retrieve the Viblade on the pedastal in the center. 
This is your only chance to get it aside from the last mission, so you 
might want to take advantage of the opportunity. Once you're done in that 
area, walk over toward the center of the area. If you're not playing on 
Perfect or Dark you can just walk through the door with the two guards 
and move on. If you are, you need to use your audioscope to get a reading 
on someone's voice to use as your entrance identification. The best place 
to do this is in the long hallway underneath the room with the camera doors. 
Run over there, pull out your scope, lock on to one of the whiny women, 
and slowly walk forward until you get in range. Make sure none of the guards 
are close by or they'll raise the alarm. Once you've done this, head over 
to the door with the two guards, say anything, and head inside. As an 
interesting side note, you can also scope a guard. If you do, when you 
talk to the two guards at the gate you'll have the voice of the guard you 
scoped and they'll bust you. It's hilarious, but probably not worth going 
through the whole mission again.

Once you step inside the door you'll go through a short cutscene putting 
you in a fight with the impossibly scantily clad Mai Hem (Mai Hem? Like 
mayhem? Get it?) This fight it pretty tricky, but at least you get a 
checkpoint on anything short of Dark. If you're on Dark then you're pretty 
much hosed, but you obviously know how to play the game anyway. No matter 
what your health or weapon status was going into this, you'll get full 
health and armor and a single MagSec. Mai Hem has an M60, which may not 
seem fair but at the beginning it actually gives you an advantage. She'll 
start out confined to the walkway on the other side of the arena. Squat 
next to a pillar and stay positioned so you can just barely see her. This 
way hardly any of her shots will hit you. Don't waste your shots trying 
to hit her while she moves, just wait 'til she stops and fires and lay 
into her head. A good clip to the face and she'll disintegrate. After she's 
toast, Chandra will call you and give you the option to choose a weapon. 
This only happens if you've hacked the sat dish and haven't loaded from 
a checkpoint. Your choices are M60, Hawk, and Combat Shield. The M60 is 
alright, but the ammo won't last for long. The Hawk is almost useless. 
The Combat Shield comes in very handy due to it's guaranteed "100% 
protection from melee attacks." You may not think this important, but the 
clay golems you have to fight may make you think otherwise. They mean 100% 
protection literally too, you can just stand there with a shield and let 
the golems wail on you for as long as you want and you'll take no damage. 
Got to love it. 

After you've picked a weapon (or not) the first golem will come at you. 
These guys can be really annoying. They'll always run straight at you and 
start swinging whenever they get in range. All their hits do only shock 
damage, but a lot of it. The best way to kill them is (surprise!) bullets 
to the face, but body shots and whacking them with the shield will work 
too, it just takes longer. Sometimes one will lose it's head and keep 
coming, but that's rare. After you take out the golem you'll face the first 
mobile Mai Hem session. She'll be moving around now, so stay on your toes 
and try to keep some distance between you to make her M60 less effective. 
If you run below a clip of MagSec ammo a box of ammo will spawn in the 
center. After you take her out again you'll have to face a pair of golems 
(see a pattern here?). Same drill as before. Once they're down you'll face 
a big melee with Mai Hem and a bunch of weird staticky duplicates. These 
chicks all carry SuperDragons, but will only inflict shock damage. They 
can actually help you out a lot because instead of disintegrating like 
the real Mai Hem they fall over and drop their guns when you kill them. 
Make it a point to take one of them out early and grab their Dragon. Since 
so many enemies carry them, feel free to go to town with the grenade 
launcher and rifle ammo alike. The grenades are especially effective 
against Mai Hem if you can land them. Focus on taking her out again and 
you'll eventually spawn three more golems. This time you'll have to fight 
them and Mai Hem at the same time, but on the positive side if you can 
kill her one final time, the golems will collapse and you win. Good guys 
one, punk ass bitches zero.

Casually walking out of the deathmatch room after maiming Zhang Li's 
daughter, Jo makes her way past the apparently oblivious guards and down 
to the super secret laboratory. This level can be almost impossible 
(especially on the harder levels) if you don't execute properly, but 
actually fairly easy if you know what you're doing. 

Recommended Loadout: If you want to save yourself a lot of grief I highly 
recommend a silenced weapon here. Because of all the guards packing 
KSI-74s the FAC-16 is a good choice as you'll have plenty of rifle ammo. 
If you don't have the FAC I recommend going with the DW-P5, at least at 
the start, to keep things discreet. Stick with the old reliable shotgun 
for your second weapon.

Co-op: No real differences.

You start out in a unoccupied corridor with the body of the guard you kicked 
in the cutscene having magically disintegrated. Put on your silencer and 
make your way down to the door and into the main hub of the area. You'll 
be coming through this area a few times so take a second to get a feel 
for it. There are four guards standing in front of the four doors of the 
area, one patrolling guard, and two scientists in the center. None of the 
guards are wearing helmets, so you can easily and silently take them out 
with silenced headshots. Just make sure you kill the roving guard in an 
isolated area before he runs into a corpse. The fourth guard is in front 
of the huge gate which is just below and to the right as you enter the 
hub. Be careful, as he will see you if you make yourself too obvious. The 
scientists won't do anything as long as you don't make any mistakes, so 
don't worry about them. In fact, if you listen you can hear one of them 
talk about how the rock he's studying says "Maian (yes, I spelled it that 
way on purpose) but it came from Africa!" Those PD veterans out there can 
probably figure out what he's talking about. Anyway, clean out the hub 
except for the scientists and head for the door roughly at your two o'clock 
as you enter the hub (it's the only door you can open anyway).

Be ready as you open the door as there will sometimes be a guard right 
in front of you. Once you clear the door, feel free to go nuts sans silencer 
as the designers of the building apparently felt there was no need to put 
an alarm in this area. There are a decent number of guards all packing 
KSI-74s in the large room but the exploding barrels should give you a hand. 
If you're playing on Perfect or Dark as soon as you go loud in this room 
the area will flood with gas. This has no effect on guards, but will slowly 
do shock damage to you and will knock out all unsuited scientists in the 
place. You shouldn't have taken many hits, if any, at this point, so 
there's no hurry. There's also a pair of night vision goggles on a crate 
in the room, but they're not really necessary even if you elect to drop 
the power generator. There's a locked ventilation shaft that requires a 
datathief to access. All it leads to is an opportunity to eavesdrop on 
an amusing conversation, so don't sweat it. Clear the room and head down 
the little hall to the power generator.

There are two guards near the generator, but neither should present a 
problem. Once they're down you face a decision. Dropping the power 
generator makes it hard for enemies to see you, but also makes it 
exceedingly obvious you're here. The upshot of this is that dropping the 
generator will trigger the endless stream of elite Magnum-toting female 
guards in the main hub. While they won't be able to see you as long as 
you stay in shadow, there's no real way around them without being seen. 
As such, I recommend you leave the generator alone (you don't actually 
have to drop it) and move on through the ventilation shaft behind it. 
Follow the big tunnel to the ventilation shaft at the opposite end. Leave 
the spiderbots alone, they won't hurt you. Once you get inside the next 
lab, run up to the one remaining scientist with your gun out. This will 
force him to shut off the gas, after which you can knock him out cold with 
the butt of your gun. Grab the silver keycard from the desk on the left 
and head out the door up top to return to the hub. 

If you've followed my instructions well thus far the hub should be quiet 
and unoccupied. Make your way across the room to the silver keycard door 
and head inside. As soon as you get inside, find the suit wearing scientist 
and knock him out. He's usually in a little glass room off to the right 
as you enter. If you don't knock him out he'll set off the alarm and ruin 
all your fine work up to that point. With him out, you're free to roam 
the laboratory without being bothered. The gold keycard is on th desk in 
the big glass room in the center. You should also follow the stairs up 
around the room and back behind the server room to an open room with a 
console and goofy green things on the ceiling. If you have a datathief 
(which you probably won't) you can just hack the thing, otherwise you have 
to shoot out the green things. This disables the tracking system, which 
surprisingly doesn't alert the guards. Head out to the hub again and make 
your way to the huge door on the bottom floor.

Hit the keypad near the door to open it and quickly hide behind the boxes 
in front of you. If you're playing on co-op both players need to 
simultaneously hit the two keypads, regardless of what keycards they're 
carrying. The next room consists of a huge scaffolding structure in the 
center with bridges at the top and an elevator off to the side. Try to 
take out as many goons as you can with silenced head shots (none have 
helmets) but don't be surprised when someone notices you. It's pretty much 
unavoidable. Your objective here is to get to the elevator, which is off 
to the left side from where you start. Once you take out most of the goons 
you're probably ok to make a run for it, as once you make it to the elevator 
you should be screened from most of the enemy fire. Take the elevator to 
the top and make your way to the central structure, hitting enemies as 
you go. If you're playing co-op you'll have to leave your partner behind. 
Once you hit the switch up top a ladder will drop allowing them to climb 
up. Be careful of the two MG turrets to the right as you head to the center. 
Also note that enemy reinforcements MIGHT (I'm not really sure why/how) 
show up on the bottom floor and take potshots at you, so be prepared.

After you clear out the area and make it to the central structure, take 
out the guy at the top and take a look at the consoles. There are two 
switches, right and left. The left one switches the cell camera view and 
the right one opens the cell in question. If you want (and you have a demo 
kit) you can blow the whole thing to hell and open all the cells. Otherwise 
you can cycle through the cells and check each one for Jack. It's easier 
to find him in the prison structure if his cell is the only one with the 
door open. Once you've got his cell open, head across the bridge to the 
MG nests and get ready for your last fight. 

This fight is pretty tough, as you have limited cover and you're up against 
a lot of enemies. You can try to use the turret to help you out, but it 
can be kind of hard to use it effectively. Slowly and carefully make your 
way into the prison and use cover as much as possible to whittle down the 
enemies. You don't actually have to kill them all, you just have to get 
to Jack's cell. That's almost impossible to do without killing them all 
unless he's in one of the front two cells or you have a plasma rifle, but 
it's your call. Once you find him and hang out in his cell for a second 
you complete the mission.

More to come soon.

- Dan

Copyright 2005, 2006 Dan Van Kley, All Rights Reserved

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