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FAQ/Walkthrough by spongeclip

Version: .25 | Updated: 12/04/05


Perfect Dark Zero
By:  spongeclip
Ver .25
email: vachviraj@yahoo.com


Table of contents

1.  Introduction
2.  General Strategy
         1.  Silenced weapons/headshots
	 2.  Sun Tzu
	 3.  A Theory
	 4.  High Scores on XBOX Live
3.  Weapons/Gadgets
         Single player weapon locations
	 Gadget General
4.  Walkthrough
         0.  Mission 0  Datacore | Demolition
	 1.  Mission 1  Nightclub | Stakeout
	 2.  Mission 2  
5.  Multi-Player Strategies
6.  Legal
7.  Credits/Thanks
8.  Revision history


1.  Introduction

This is my first FAQ. I keep wanting to read a FAQ for Perferct Dark Zero 
but... there isn't one yet.  So I decided I should write one.  This is my first 

I got my 360 on Launch Day, 12:01 AM, I pre-ordered it early so I didn't have 
to worry about waiting in line.  Decided to get the two year warranty instead 
of another game, so I ended up getting Perfect Dark Zero.  I've been playing 
everyday since then.  I love it.  Long time Goldeneye, Perfect Dark Fan.  I 
just wish that there were unlockables in the game like the first two games.  
That was awesome.

Eventually, as time permits, I will be expanding this walk-through to encompass 
every level.  I will also be creating a different FAQ filled with extensive 
multi-player Dark-ops Strategies but I'm too busy playing right now to write 
that. :P

Also this is my first walkthrough, any hint, tips or critiques would be much 
appreciated!  Email me with tips, tricks, strats, corrections etc...


2.  General strategy

General strategies to remember:

>>>1<<<   Always use Silenced weapons.  Headshot whenever possible.  Take your 
time if you miss the head aim more carefully. Guards have rather lengthy 
flinching/pain response to getting shot.  Its better to take your time and 
carefully place your shots than to get excited and lose control of the 
situation blasting off your whole clip in a few seconds.

>>>2<<<   Limit you firing area so that you don't miss.  Take a position from 
concealment that makes it hard for you to be hit and at the same time forces 
enemies to be in a particular spot to shoot you - This is the place that you 
are aiming at.  This is the key to taking out groups of enemies.  It’s a basic 
combat strategy that dates back to early warfare.

Sun Tzu  "Strike at your enemies when you are invincible and they are 

>>>3<<<  Interesting theory I have tested limitedly.   Interesting to note that 
it seems that if an enemy is going to hit you he will typically hit you in the 
beginning of his burst fire sequence. So if you move behind cover for the first 
few bullets you can jump back out and cap him and all the rest of his bullets 
will miss.  Anyone test this more completely?   Hit me up.  I think that
Goldeneye and the original Perfect Dark were the same way.

To get a high score on the online leaderboard there are a few things that you 
should keep in mind that you get scored on.
Health.  Time.  Exploration.  Combat.  Stealth.


3.  Weapons/gadgets

If you don't have the plasma rifle get it!  It’s a very useful weapon.  Mission 
12 - the yellow jumpsuit girls have them at the end.  Or in jungle surveillance 
you can take it off one of the phantoms.    Beat either one of them on easy and 
getting the plasma rifle is a snap. 


4.  Walkthrough:

Mission 0  Datacore | Demolition
Location:  Pacific Ocean

Primary:  Evade Datadyne Security
Primary:  Destroy CPU
Primary:  Escape Trinity Platform
Support:  Escort Scientists to Elevator
Support:  Deploy Sentry Gun

This is a really easy level even on Perfect Agent.  

Remember that the yellow spider bots explode when you shoot them, this can be
good and bad.  Don't stand next to them when you shoot them and don't shoot 
them when they are next to one of the scientists


Weapons:  Any weapon will work on this mission.  A silenced weapon is almost 
always a must and I reccommend an automatic with zoom capabilities for later in 
the level. The P9P and either DW-P5 or the FAC - 16 are good choices.  For the 
Walkthrough I used the P9P, the Vibroblade and the RCP-90 just to be different.
The shotgun is also very useful for destroying spiderbots but not necessary.

Gadgets: Datathief, Camspy  (Not changeable)

The mission starts simply, follow the tutorial, shoot the three spider bots and
the door opens. Open the next door with the A button.  You know the drill.  
There's a P9P on the table to your left as you enter the next room.

Duck the trip wire and follow the ramps up.  You end up in a room filled with 
boxes.  Smash'em!  When you are done abusing boxes the door out of this room is 
to the right after you smash the boxes.  You'll go down a ramp and there will 
be a sensor field across the next doorway.  Three blue lasers.  THe idea here 
is to get through as fast as possible and then hit the left shoulder button to 
roll.  Roll when you hit the sensors not before.  It'll put you in the clear 
just keep rolling forward until you stop getting shot at.  You should be able 
to make it through easy without getting hit.  Or if you want to be really 
creative you can just shoot the sentry guns from the other room.  Blast them 
and you can just walk through the sensor field easy as fried chicken and gravy 

Next room follow the handy arrows on the floor to the end of the last cubicle 
wall and press A to take cover and look around the corner.  There's a camera. 
Take your time and aim at the spot the camera will be when you shoot it.  You 
have to hit these camera's in the glass just like in Goldeneye.  If this camera 
sees you the door closes.  No big deal.  Just keep trying.

Crouch low and move up against the low wall, you'll be looking over into a room 
with some large computer servers and two guards.  You should have no trouble at 
alltaking these guys out.  Headshot one with the silenced P9P.  I've played 
this alot so I'm just going to rush down and cut them to ribbons with the 
viblade.  :)   Now after they are gone run down to the door and use your 
datathief on the control panel to the left of the door.  SEE Gadgets.

A cutscene should play and you've completed the first primary objective. 

Now you should be looking through the camera lense of the camspy.  New primary 
objective:  Destroy CPU.  Take a left and follow the hallway all the way down 
and there will be a circular passage on the right, some kind of maintenance 
passage.  Follow it until you get to the yellow laser grid.  Look to your left 
and right and there are circuit boards in the walls behind metal grids.  Blast 
them with the left trigger button and the yellow laser grid goes down.  Move 
down the hole.  Don't worry about falling damage you are a hover cam.  You 
should go down two drops before coming to another yellow laser grid.  Go back a 
few feet and look up.  The last circuit board is in the ceiling.  Now go past 
it and drop down again.  You'll come down into a room with a bright blue pillar
of light in the middle.

Move towards the blue pillar onto the circular platform.  Once you are on the 
circular platform.  Hit the Right shoulder button to detontate the Camspy and 
blow up the computer.  Another Primary Objective complete.  Another Cutscene.

New Primary Objective:  Escape Trinity Platform. Time to get out of here!  Go 
to the end of the hall and take a left.  You'll be in a room with what I first 
thought were giant computerized fishtank simulation.  But now I think that they 
are scientific research copmuter screens or some other such hi tech thing.  The 
one all the way at the left end has a scientist trapped inside with spiderbots 
climbing all over it.  Blast the spider bots.  The scientist comes out and says 
some nonsense about barbecuing lab rats and then promises to power up the door 
so that you can escape. I didn't sense any machiavellian intent in his voice so 
let him do his thing.

Now you have another objective  Escort Scientists to elevator.  Some fancy
shmancy music comes on and the door opens.  Follow Dr. Bubble head. he leads 
you into another room filled with scientist fighting spider-bots.  These guys 
are packing liberators.  How did these guys get liberators?  I guess it all in 
a days work for a scientist.  But why do Scientists who bring liberators to 
work need an escort?  Anyway move to the other side of the room and there is a 
spiderboat motionless on the wall doing something icky to the control panel.  
Shoot it down.  I samuraied him down with the viblade.  Then activate the 
control panel and the door will open.

Follow the scientists down the hall.  on the left before you turn the corner 
are some lockers with "some serious firepower," the FAC-16.  Take one if you 
need on.  I did.  I dropped the RCP-90 for it because I don't have the FAC-16 
in my inventory yet.(EDIT:  Leaving level 0 with weapons will not add them to
your inventory)>  This is a good spot to have the shotgun.  Move across the 
bridge and to another door.  Activate the panel on the wall and go through the 

Its crazy land out in the next large room.  Man against machine.  The 
spiderbots are going on the rampage and attacking everything.  Just run to the 
other side of the room.  Down the ramp and then down the other ramp, arond the 
outside and then down another ramp to a door.  Wait for the Scientists at the 
door.  They should be fine.  Shoot the yellow spider-bots when and they will 
explode and kill all the other spiderbots around them.  Just make sure there 
are no scientists nearby when you do it.

Now keep moving down the hall and go through the blue ring door. You are in the 
elevator.  Objective complete and you'll get another objective.  Deploy Sentry 
Gun.  Go the right side of the room and there will be more cabinets on the wall 
like the one that you got the FAC-16 from.  inside are laptop guns.  Grab one 
and then run back into the hall that you came from and use the secondary fire 
button to throw the laptop gun out as a sentry.  Objective Complete.

Run back to the elevator.  Spiderbots are coming down from the walls. One of
the scientists will begin working trying to get the elevator working.  
Concentrate on shooting the yellow ones before they get close to ground level. 
The elevator should come down pretty quickly get inside with the scientists and 
then press A to ride the elevator up to the surface.

This is a good time to reload your guns.  There are superdragons on the wall in
a cabinet on your right.  A great gun.  The superdragon can burst fire while 
zooming, a nice feature. Jack will say something about "getting out of here."  
He is sooo worthless.   Outside that door is an army of of guys with automatic
rifles.  Find a nice place to sit back and plant bullets in peoples heads.  If
you are having trouble aim for the red barrels.

After they are gone move towards the hover platform past the dead bodies and 
get on.  Press A to activate it.  The Flying ships will release jetpacks to 
attack you on the platform.  Thier Aim is terrible.  Use the Superdragon or 
whatever you have to spray/aim bullets at the jetpacks.  You can either spray 
the body of the pack to destroy it (this takes a long time and alot of ammo) or 
you can aim for the pilots head - One shot and the jetpack is down (this is 
what I reccomend

Once the platform gets to the top to another platform run around the right side 
and across the catwalk to the middle.  Mission Complete.

Mission 1  Nightclub | Stakeout

Primary: Identify Enforcers
Support: Evacuate Civilians
Primary:  Locate Jack Dark
Support: Disable the Boat


First of all this is a pretty difficult level, the next few levels after it are
very easy in comparison. It took a lot of trial and error on single player and 
CO-OP online to get this level down. This is what worked for me. I have not 
played it yet on Dark agent because I still can't get past the blasted jungle 
level on Perfect.  Anyway, a lot of swearing and dying over and over again went 
into this walk-through.

At the time of this writing I am ranked #280 on the single player leaderboards 
and #650 on the Co-Op leaderboards on XBOX live for this level.  So I'm not the 
best but I'm doing all right.  I plan on trying to rank higher once I unlock 
dark agent.

What to bring?

Weapons: P9P, Plasma Rifle.     Or dual P9P's and a shotgun.  I recommend the 
Plasma/ P9P combo.

Gadgets:  Audioscope, Demo kit.

If you don't have the plasma rifle get it!  It’s a very useful weapon.  Mission 
12 - the yellow jumpsuit girls have them at the end.  Or in jungle surveillance 
you can take it off one of the phantoms.    Beat either one of them on easy and 
getting the plasma rifle is a snap. 

Equip the silencer on your P9P.  Move forward around the right side of the 
boxes.  Cap the guy on the box in the back of the head.

Quickly move to the building and then around the right side and cap the 2nd 
guard in the head as he is walking towards you.

Move forward go up to the top of the steps, don't worry no one will see you 
here.   Aim at the building, another guard should be on patrol and should walk 
out from behind the car. Take him out.  Make sure that he is dead before he 
gets to close to the bouncers because sometimes the bouncer will raise the 
alarm. Then shoot the two bouncers in front of the club quickly. 

The middle of the area where the enforcer is at a lower elevation than the rest 
of the level.  Move to the outer wall of the depressed area moving directly 
across from the top of the stairs. From the top of the stairs move to the 
indented corner. And then strafe right around the right side until you can get 
a line on the enforcer. ID HIM. You can do this without killing the other guard 
walking the perimeter; if you pull this off right they'll never even know that 
you were there. Or if you feel frisky you can take them out but it’s an 
unnecessary risk.

After he is ID'd move back to where the 3 guys are standing around and shoot 
all three of them in the head with a silenced weapon. Move from left to right 
and kill all three of them before they can raise the alarm. Sometimes it’s hard 
to pull this off the 1st time but it works and it’s not really that difficult 
shoot one in the head and they will all be surprised, re-target and cap another 
one then move on the last one.  Kill him before he can shoot at you.

Now Demo the wall behind them, I think it’s a wood wall or whatever - use your 
demo kit on it.

After you Demo the wall move forward and to the right there is an elevator. Go 
up the Elevator. Cap the guy in the back of the head who is standing right in 
front of you. Then switch to the audio scope and ID the Enforcer on the balcony 
below you.  Make sure that you switch back to your weapons with the d-pad. I've 
accidentally thrown my plasma rifle over the edge so many times! Now take him 
out so he doesn’t come back to haunt you later once you are inside the club.  
Now that’s two enforcers ID'D

Take the zip line down to the boatyard area, Immediately duck and move against 
the wall. The other enforcer is on the ground below you and to your left. If 
you put your back against the wall and move to the left you can pop out just 
enough to get the last enforcer and ID him - just barely. Sometimes you can 
only see his head or whatever - but it works.  Now the enforcers are ID'd.  
Primary objective complete A cut scene will play and now the first difficult 
section is done.

Ok here's dangerous part number 2. Walk around the ledge to the other side 
opposite of where the enforcer is (Crouching still) and wait for the guy to 
come out from the door below you he'll walk straight out to the corner, turn 
around and then walk straight back - cap him in the head before he turns 
around.   I'm sure there is a way to complete this section without killing all 
these guys but I haven’t figured it out. Now take out the two guys on the 
ground, one of them is standing still looking at the boat and the other is 
walking around.  Shoot the guy walking first, then Mr. Standing still.  Next 
you'll cap the two guys in the building on the other side behind the glass. By 
this time someone will probably have seen you or you didn't get a head shot but 
there will only be three or four guys left, take out your plasma rifle or your 
shotgun and they should be easy work.  You can also blow up all the red barrel 
clusters, that helps sometimes.

Go down and demo the boat.  Support Objective complete.

Now you're moving into the club. Go in the side basement entrance near the 
elevator you used earlier. There are grenades in some of the vents down there 
-you don't need them. Switch back to the P9P silenced.

There'll be 3 guards in the basement, as soon as you walk in one will be 
mopping, cap him but realize that the two guards in the next room will probably 
see you do it. Take out all 3 as quick as possible with the silenced gun. 
HEADSHOTS PEOPLE!  You can play this room pretty loose.

Now go upstairs, put your weapons away and run down the hall to the left...all 
the way down.... There will be a guard reclining in a chair with his back to 
you. Order up a silenced headshot special for easy chair. Now walk over to the 
fire alarm and smash it. Wait until all the civilians evacuate and another 
support objective will be complete. Also realize that the glass in this room is 
bullet proof so you are not in any danger in this room.

Switch to plasma/shotgun and find a place to hide with one entrance and wait 
for the guards and bouncers to rush you. Kill them.  You might have to pop out 
of the room and fire a few shots to let them know where you are.  See General 
strategy number 2 for help. Then after they are taken care of switch to the P9P 
to sneakily snipe the studious snipers on the top floor. Adjust your position 
so that only one of them has LOS at a time.

Once this room is clear you are home free and almost there. In one of the 
corner rooms on the ground floor there is a room with body armor in it. Get it; 
it might help a wee bit.

OK now slide up the stairs and then slide up the other stairs and beyond there 
you will see a bar room with electronic lights and screens and what have you. 
The hallway that goes into it is going to be your murder hole as per general 
strategy #2. Fire some shots, peek around and then wait for them to rush you. 
If you stand to the right or left of the big hallway and point towards the 
opening aiming is no longer an issue because there will only be the one spot 
where they can come out. If you have the plasma rifle just keep firing you can 
take out 1-3 / shot and aiming is even less of an issue. The shotgun works to 
because it will shoot an area and anyone who takes damage will be stunned and 
flinch, just be ready to switch to dual falcons or dual P9P's to finish them 
off when the shotgun runs out of ammo. Make sure that you take out the 
bartender too, he's not a priority because he wont come out from the bar but 
those guys are real pains, they seem to be harder to hit and better shots - 
maybe its just me.  They're probably the only ones in the room who haven't been 
drinking. :P

After you clear this area move around and up the stairs and rinse and repeat in 
the next area. Get their attention, retreat, limit firing field and blast away.

Dangerous Area 3. Taking out the laptop gun on the wall. First, realize that 
the two doors at the bottom of the stairs, a double and a single, that once you 
move to the top of the stairs/fire at the laptop gun. The double doors will 
open and 1-3 enemies will come from behind you. Be ready for them. In co-op its 
easy because one person can concentrate on the laptop gun and the other on the 
door behind them, but in single player you just have to watch out and walk up 
the stairs get the laptop gun to fire at you and then run down to that door and 
kill them as soon as the walk in.

Then take your time, breath, inch up the stairs crouched and sniping with the 
P9P and it should be pretty easy to take out.

Now move forward and to the left, there's a cracked wall you can demo. Demo it. 
Go into the room and operate the console on the table to disable the laptop 
sentry guns.

Move to the elevator at the back. DONE!!  YEAH!

Mission 2

Coming Soon!


5. Legal

This FAQ/Walkthrough was written by me, spongeclip, and may not be copied, 
altered or posted anywhere without my permission.

Currently the only place with permission to post this is:




Also special thanks goes to WirableZero who helped me beat this level and is 
hacking away at Co-Op on perfect agent with me.  You rule dude!

Thanks to Cavemancrunk from the gamefaqs message boards for inspiring me to 
write this.

Also:  Zerocool13069, donnieburke, c432, GOODWILLHUNTER0, and everyone else on 
my friends list!


Revision history

None Yet.

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