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Cash Is King
Earned over $1000
Clean Away The Crime
Spent over 20 game hours in the showers.
Digging It!
Cleared a total of 50 tiles using the Shovel
Disrespect My Authority
Knocked out 50 guards.
Favour Fave
Completed 100 favours.
Grey Matters
Achieved stats over 80 for intellect.
I Present To you
Gave away 50 items.
Hit quota at least once across all job roles.
Let's Get Physical
Achieved stats of over 80 for both Strength and Speed.
Man On The Run
Successfully evaded capture after having a Guard Heat of 100.
Master Craftsman
Crafted all the items available in the game.
Naked Month
Spent 30 days in game time without wearing any outfits.
Never Be Alone Again
Attended 100 prison visits.
Punch Drunk
Knocked out 50 inmates.
The Wet Bandit
Flooded 50 toilets.
The Escapist!
Successfully escaped from all six prisons.

Originally Contributed By: KeyBlade999

Additional Hints and Other Information Contributed By: Guard Master

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