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Reviewed: 06/10/16

Why can't EA sort out pace?

FIFA 16 is the newest installment of the FIFA series. Once on its own in the market, PES has become great. In a comparison between the two, I would say FIFA just beats it, but it has one major problem-pace.

For the past 10 FIFAs or so, pace has gone up and down. Every odd edition, pace I just overdone. So many times have I sweatily scored with Gareth Bale, outpacing everyone. But heading into FIFA 16, I realise it- the pace is bad like every other even FIFA has been.

FIFAs gameplay is smooth, with passing seeming cleaner. Just try a power pass, using RB and A. The way they are fired into your teammate's feet allow you to dominate the midfield.

Shooting is redefined as well; letting you.strike the ball more cleanly. On previous FIFAs, a goal would have been definite at this moment, but the goalkeeping has been improved. No more backpasses going through the keeper's legs, keepers can now do superhuman saves, but not to the point where it is unrealistic.

Game modes:10/10
There are many game modes on Fifa 16. For those who don't have Xbox Live, career mode, kick off, tournament and skill games can be accessed.

In career mode you take on a club or player, and try to get them as good as possible. As a manager you buy players and control the whole team. Player career is where you have to keep your form up for your chosen club, often battling injury and suspensions.

Kick off mode is a simple team vs team match, that goes to extra time and penalties if the score is equal after 90 minutes.

In tournament mode you can either take part in a real tournament or your own custom one, controlling as many teams as you like.

And skill games are fun challenges that have 4 stages:bronze, silver, gold and a skill challenge.

As for online modes, Ultimate team is a sure favourite, with Online seasons and friendlies also returning. Ultimate team is redifined, players going for much better prices. A new feature in Ultimate team is FUT Draft. It costs 15000 coins and allows you to pick a player out of 5 choices to make up the best team with a good chemistry.

Connection is a lot better, but some internet trolls waste valuable match time by pausing over and over.

Get Fifa 16.

Rating: 9

Product Release: FIFA 16 (EU, 09/24/15)

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