Review by fascinationMAXX

Reviewed: 07/02/07

Very decent than it's predecessors.

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4 is, in my point of view, BETTER than the other Ultramixes. New licensed songs, as well as a new look, especially the song selection wheel (thank Konami they switched it! Geez, I can't stand seeing the song wheel from Ultramixes 2 & 3!), and new backgrounds instead of using the older ones (it gets tiring sometimes.)

Gameplay: 8/10

Game Mode: Good ol' DDR's got the same, and yet, fun way to play this game: just use your feet to step on the markers and hope for the best you time it right. What else is there to explain?

Party Mode: Like always, 4 players in each dance pad = Everyone gets a try to dance. Don't forget competitions like Attack and Bomb! That makes DDR a bit more party-able.

Workout Mode: What if DDR didn't have any workout mode? Then it wouldn't be fun would it? They've always kept this, and they still will.

Quest Mode: Simple, easy, yet boring. What's there to do, get all unlockable songs and extra visual backgrounds, as well as clearing all clubs, executives and beat Battle Tower and get Last and Afro, Uh, duh!!!

Graphics: 8/10

Like I said before, visual backgrounds from Ultramix 1 is VERY tiring because we seen it before anyway. Glad they changed all that in Ultramix 2 until the 4th. Anyways, these new backgrounds are really great, but seeing them over and over can be a bit annoying, really.

Replay Ability: 10/10

It's a good thing about this one, why? If you get a bad grade at a song, no worries, mate! Do it again and again until you get a better grade! It's great that there are endless tries for clearing a song with a good grade.

Music: 9/10

Unlike from what I've seen from players who played Ultramix 3, this song list is quite diverse actually. From trance to happy hardcore to techno, it's there. Also, artists that people have never heard or seen before, like Steve Porter and Richard Devine, finally get a chance of what music these artists make.

Overall: 8/10

As a DDR player (and DDR collector), I'd say this game is mostly decent, with a few drawbacks. But nonetheless, it's a good game that DDR collectors must have.

Rating: 8

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