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Reviewed: 03/16/07 | Updated: 09/04/07

Good workout, good game, nothing you haven't seen before.

Dance Dance Revolution is always addictingly fun, and Ultramix 4 isn't any change from that. It's the last dance sim on original Xbox, so if it's your console of choice, this should be a part of your library.

For beginners, there's the very, very useful Basic and Training modes, which will get you around the fair learning curve to start off the game. For the vets, there's plenty else, too. There's a good number of modes for single player, like the Workout mode, which tracks your calories burned while playing, and the Challenges. Quest Mode doesn't have a whole lot of plot - geez, it's DDR - but it's a nice little thing to work through. You dance your way around the city, avoiding dinosaurs and genetically enhanced soldiers, with your - wait, never mind. You just dance your way around a city. Complete challenges. Become the Lord of the Dance. That sort of thing. Difficulty levels are well balanced, Beginner level is a good place to start, and there's not as much of a jump between Basic and Difficult as there was in some earlier DDR games.

Music selection is pretty fair. There's not going to be a ton of songs you'll recognize, at least half or three quarters of the songs are more in the dance/techno category, rather than rock or pop. A few recgonizable favorites are in here, however, and you're sure to find at least one or two new songs that you'll love. Downloadable song packs through Live are a nice little bonus to keep things fresh.

Multiplayer is stellar as always, supporting up to four controllers/dance pads (If possible, as a buyer's note, use Konami's dance pads, as they work the best. Other controllers tend to either slip around or be unresponsive). There's more modes to be seen here, too, like Sync, where everyone has to get the steps perfect. Another fun, actually single player, mode is Dual, Triple, or Quad, where one player must use up to four (depending on the mode) mats all by him/herself. Challenging, certainly. Live play works well, too. You can compete against anyone else connected to Xbox Live.

Edit Mode is one of the neater, more time-consuming features. No fancy footwork here, but you can create new visuals or steps for any of the preexisting songs. With Edit Mode, you really just don't run out of anything new to do, the possibilities for step combinations is pretty limitless.

It's not all great, of course. There's nothing too new here. Certainly, that's not too bad, the DDR formula just plain works - but something more...ahem...revolutionary would've been nice. The other complaint would be that the backgrounds sometime override the arrows themselves, and make everything hard to see at some points. Of course, with Edit Mode, you can fix this.

Don't let the negatives bring you down - even if you're the most uncoordinated person on earth, you should buy at least one of the DDR games, if it's your first, buy this one. If you already have one or two of the previous titles, this might not be worth plunking down 30 bucks for.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4 (US, 11/14/06)

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