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Lego City Guide by Titans_Strength

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/30/06


By - Titans Strength
Version - 1.0
Date - 29/09/2006
Guide For - LEGO Star Wars II
Console - PS2

Welcome to the LEGO City Guide, if you have any questions, suggestions,
comments or anything like that, feel free to message me at
titansstr@hotmail.com. I check my email regularly about once a day.

This guide will explain how to get past the hidden level called LEGO City. It
will tell you how to earn the One Million studs, in step-by-step format.

Please do not copy this guide and claim it as yours. If you would like to use
this guide, please ask permission from me via e-mail. Thanks for using my 
guide, I hope you find it usefull. 


> Introduction
> Walkthrough Part 1
> Walkthrough Part 2
> Walkthrough Part 3
> Walkthrough Part 4
> Problems - FAQ
> Contact Info


LEGO City is a hidden level that is unlocked when you collect a total of 60
Gold Briks. You can earn Gold Bricks by collecting 10/10 Minikits in a level,
earning true Jedi Status in a level, completing a Bounty Hunter Mission, or
completing a bonus mission.

When you have earned 60 Gold Bricks, head outside the Cantina and look for a 
relitavley large pile of Gold Bricks. Go ahead and build them to make
somewhat the shape of a question mark. A Door will open up and you can feel
free to enter LEGO City whenever you feel. 

Note that you can choose any character for LEGO City. When begining this bonus
mission, you will begin with random characters to toggle around with, much 
like a simple Free Play Mission.

The Goal in LEGO City is to simply destroy the city by blowing up houses, 
building vehicles, and hunting for secret objects which will give you a
various amount of studs. You're goal is to collect a total of 1 Million studs.
When you for begin playing LEGO City and you destroy the first few things, you
might say to yourself, "HA HA This will be TOO EASY". Think again. There are
approximatley 1 Million studs to be found in LEGO City, you might be lucky to 
find 1 or 2 thousands studs after earned one million studs. So the level can 
get really tought when you're in the 900,000 stud range.

Let's Begin!

LEGO City - Walkthrough - 1st Quarter

This is a step by step guide wich will lead you to successfully earn 1 million
studs in the level, follow closley and you will easily complete this tricky 

You begin your mission in a small formal garden. Destroy the 4 trees around 
you. Now take out a Force User (Toggle characters with the R1, L1, L2, or R2
buttons.) and use the force on the four plant pots around you. Once the 
flowers have grown, you can destroy them for more studs. Now destroy all the 
fencing around you. The first step is complete - easy, right? You should now
have approximatley 48,000 studs.

Head towards the camera and destroy the 2 trees across the street here. 
Destroy all the fencing that goes down the perimiter of the playground.
At the end of the long line of fencing, there is one more tree to destroy.
After destroying that tree, you will notice 3 little blue studs that you 
can't pick up lying on the floor. You can actually build these to make 
flowers. (Hold down the O button to build). You should build 4 blue flowers.
Head back to the playground and use the so-called swings to grapple back and
fourth, collecting the 2 blue studs on each side. Now climb up the big 
structure behined the swings, collecting all the studs you see. Back at the
swings, you should notice another peice of the playground. Use a Bounty Hunter
and throw a bomb onto the shiny peice of metal beside the colourful wheel.
Once it's destroyed, build the blocks that are revealed. The devie you just 
built dosen't do anything, so lets continue on. You should now have 
approximatley 85,500 studs.

Head past the spinning device you just built, destroy 2 trees and continue on.
Turn into a Jedi and use the force on each of the windows on this house with
the red roof. Now take out a Bounty Hunter and throw your bombs at the house.
Raze is down to the ground. All your should see is the door of the house and
the first layer of blocks. This goes for many buildings in LEGO City. You 
should now have approximatley 136,000 studs.

On to the building with the black roof. Once again use the force on all of the
windows of the house, there are also two of them in the back. Now take out 
a Bounty Hunter and take down the building. There are also 2 trees beside this
house which need to be destroyed. Take out a force user and use the force on
the strange wreckage. Viola! It's an AS-ST. This should make good work of them
houses... You should now have approximatley 189,000 studs.

Head over to the feild filled with Womp Rats behined the house that you just 
destroyed. Use the force on the 2 electric fans. Behined the fans hides 
another house. Use the force to close all three windows of the house. 
Remember the AT-ST you built earlier? Go ahead and use it to destroy this
house. The wreckage should reveal some blocks to build. Build them to make
a small vehicle. Once you get on the vehicle, a line of blue studs will
suddenly appear. Follow the line, eating as many blue studs as possible...
Oh darn, i'm having Pac-Man flashbacks like crazy now. The end of the blue
stud line should lead you back to the two houses your destroyed earlier.
You should now now approximatley 263,000 studs. A quarter complete!

LEGO City - Walkthrough - 2nd Quarter

Make your way back to the 2 fans that you activated earilier. Now that you 
have activated the fans, you now have the ability to destroy the lamp posts
throughout LEGO City. I don't think I need to list where the lamp posts are,
they simply line up across the edge of the street. So destroy them when you
see them. There are a total os 18 Lamp Posts through out the level.

Continuing from the two fans - destroy the trees beside the upper fan, this
will lead you directly to the next building. This building can't be destroyed,
but it has lots of neat features. First off, grab all of the studs from the 
roof of the building. Next, destroy the blue flowers in front of the building.
Finaly, use the force on everything in the building. The front gates, and the
windows. You should now have approximatley 300,000 studs.

Directly beside this building are a group of coloured bricks all scattered 
around. Destroy the lamp post here, and the several trees. If you have played
LEGO Star Wars 1, and have been to the secret room in the Tantive IV level.
You might remember this puzzel. The goal here is to use the force on the 
blocks to spell the word LEGO. The blue bricks create L, the yellow make E, 
Green is G, and Red is O. Here is some help if you're stuck. For L - Simply
Take a long brick, then all of the smaller bricks. For E - Take a 3-squared
brick, then a 1-squared brick. Then a 2-squared brick, then a 1. Finaly add a
3-squared brick and you're done E. For G - Take a 3-square brick, and then
take the new type of brick with a bar in the middle. Then take another one
of those. Now add a 1-square brick, and then a 3-squared. For O - Take a 3-
squared brick, then add 3 of the bricks with bars beetween them. Then add
another 3-squared brick. If you correctly spelt LEGo, you will be earned a 
nice reward of studs. Remember - every stud counts! You should now have 
approximatley 323,000 studs.

Head to the next house beside the letters E and L from the LEGO structure.
Destroy the trees in front of the house and then use the force on the house.
This house has a strange twist, it actually shrinks! Shirnk all the peices
until you see rubbles all over the place, you can build the rubble into an
even smaller house! Unfortunatley you can't destroy that house, but you did 
get a fair reward of studs. You should now have approximatley 392,000 studs.

Beside the house, you should spot 2 lone trees. Destroy them, then switch to a
Bounty Hunter. Throw a bomb at the barricade here to destroy it. Inside this 
little area is Luke's Landspeeder, there is no line of blue studs for this 
vehicle, but it is failry fast for getting around. You should now have 
approximatley 398,000 studs.

Continue along the walls of LEGO City. You should now spot an area with a lot
of trees, litterally! The trees have grown into the property of a destroyed
house! Do you job and destroy the trees. Yet another twist! As you destroy
the trees, the house will re-build itself just like it was to be brand new.
Unfortunatley the house can't be destroyed. You should now have approximatley 
460,000 studs.

Now head to the next house along the wall, destroying the fencing and trees as
you move on to the next property. Yet another twist to this crazy City. The
house somehow floats up into the air in peices as you walk near it, maybe it
has already seen what you have done to the others... Anyways, loot the studs
from the property and use a bomb from a Bounty Hunter to destroy the metal
object within the house. The blast should reveal some more blocks to build. 
You will make another cars, and you will have another line of studs to follow.
Once you have completed the line of studs, return back to the strange floating
house. You should now have approximatley 564,000 studs. Halfway done! You're 
doing great.

LEGO City - Walkthrough - 3rd Quarter

Keep following the wall of LEGO City. You will now come to a small pen of
Banthas... If you feel sorry for them, get out your weapons and free them by
destroying all the fencing, the trees, and the bus station around them. When 
you ride the Banthas, no line of blue studs will appear. You should now have
approximatley 605,000 studs.

Continue along the wall as usually until you come to an even larger group of
trees in this little corner. Shoot them all down. Destroying them will 
reveal a feild of blue flowers. Notice the darker shading of the grass from 
the bottom side to the top side of the grass? Walk along the dakrer side of
by running around, a few other blue flowers will sprout up, giving you a whole
bunch of studs. Walk across the street and destroy 2 lamp posts along the 
circlular street. Continue downwards and on to another grass feild. Destroy 
all the fencing going down here. There is also another lamp post at the end
of the line, don't forget to take it out. Jumping on the Lizard that you see
here will not make a line of blue studs appear. You should now have 
approximatley 660,000 studs.

If you continue to follow the outer grass feild here, you will end up back in
the playground from earlier. So we've covered the outer area of LEGO City, 
lets start going deeper. Start by heading back to the floating house. Walk
across the street at a small patch of grass surrounded by road and destroy the
trees & lamposts. You can also build a few orange flowers in this small patch 
of grass. You should now have approximatley 682,000 studs.

Head towards the camera, across the street, and onto a new patch of grass with
a group of 5 trees. Take em all out. Now head right, staying on the grass. You
will end up in another pen of animals. This time it's our fury friends from 
Hoth that are traped. Unfortunatley we can't keep them trapped in there 
forever, so take out of the lmap post, trees, and fencing in this patch of
grass. Take a Taun-taun and a line of studs will once again appear. You know
what to do. When the line is complete, return to the taun-taun pen. Head 
towards the camer and onto this circular street. There is a short line of blue
studs here, grab them quickly. Return to the taunt-taun pen. You should now 
have approximatley 762,000 studs. One more quarter! Don't give up!

LEGO City - Walkthrough - 4th Quarter

To the right of the Taun-taunt pen, you should spot a house with a red roof.
Firstly, destroy all the garbage cans, fences, and trees around the house.
After you destroy the grbarge cans, building blocks will appear, build a car.
Hop on the car and another line of studs will appear, do what you need to do
and then return to the house. Use the force on all of the windows of the 
house. Then use Bounty Hunter bombs to take the house down. Now head left, 
across the street to another small patch of grass surrounded by roads.
Destroy the lamp posts, and build the flowers. You should now have 
approximatley 864,000 studs.

Continue to the left, across the street, and to a new red coloured building.
Destroy all trees, lamp posts, and build all the flowers that surround the 
property. Let's work on the small tower beside the building first. Turn into a
Jedi and use the force on the windows of the tower. Now, right beetween the
tower and the building is a fairly large patch of grass, try swinging your
lightsaber around the patch to reveal a small pit full of junk. Use the force
on the small peice of rubble in front of the tower to attatch it to the pile
of junk. Now lets focus on the main building. Use the force on all of the
windows of the building. Then flip the two pairs of switches to open the doors
of the building. When you open the left gate, you can use the force on the 
object inside to attatch it to the pile of junk. Jump on top of the building
and pick up any studs you see. Do you see those glass panel roofs on the 
building? Shoot both panels to reveal studs. Now head out of this property 
and go across the street. Remember that lizard creature? Hop on him and head
in front of the large red tower. Press X to leap into the air and land on top
of the tower. Take the studd and press O to add the atena peices to the pile
of junk. Aha! Not so much of a pile of junk after all!

You should now have approximatley 1,000,000 Studs! Congratulations! You have
now mastered the LEGO City challenge!

Problems - FAQ

Some of you may not have successfully completed the LEGO City challenge with
my guide, so before you go on ranting, please note the following:

> 7 out of 10 tests of my guide have completed the challenge. This results 
in that the amount of studs you collect by destroying something can be random
without any doubt.

> My guide has covered all possible ways to collect studs in the entire 
challenge, if you think that there is another area to collect a few more
studs please contact me ASAP at titansstr@hotmail.com

> Make sure you has driven ALL vehicles to make sure that you have not missed
any lines of studs.

> A familiar problem was that people didn't remember to build the flowers that
are located in various patches of grass.

> A very unknown locatation to collect studs was in the part where you destroy
a huge area of trees and they all turn into blue flowers. It dosent end there.
Refer to the 3rd quarter for a solution to the secret studs that can be found 

> Another familiar problem was that people forgot to use the force on
buildings before they destroyed the buildings, resulting in lost studs.

Contact Info & Legal Stuff


If you have a question concerning ANYTHING about this guide, please contact me
via email at titansstr@hotmail.com. I check my mail regularly about once a 

Please do not copy this guide and claim it as yours. If you would like to use
this guide, please ask permission from me via e-mail. Thanks for using my 
guide, I hope you find it usefull. 

End of Document

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