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Bounty Hunter Missions FAQ by Sandslice

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/24/06

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Bounty Hunter Missions FAQ
by: Sandslice (dark_kiri@sandokiri.com)
17 Sep 2006



Section 1: The Legal Disclaimers and Stuff     (LD001)
    1.1 Update Section                         (US011)
Section 2: Introductions and Overview          (IO002)
Section 3: The Bounty Hunters                  (BH003)
Section 4: The Missions                        (MI004)
    4.1  R2-D2                                 (MI-R2)
    4.2  Obi-Wan Kenobi                        (MI-OK)
    4.3  Chewbacca                             (MI-CB)
    4.4  Princess Leia                         (MI-PL)
    4.5  Admiral Ackbar                        (MI-AA)
    4.6  Yoda                                  (MI-YO)
    4.7  C-3P0                                 (MI-C3)
    4.8  Lando Calrissian                      (MI-LC)
    4.9  Luke Skywalker                        (MI-LS)
    4.10 Han Solo                              (MI-HS)
Section 5: Thanks and such!                    (TS005)

It's easiest to use Ctrl+F and search for the codes on the right to find where
you want to go.



Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, c2006 Traveller's Tales Games
Star Wars and all related properties c2006 LucasArts
Lego c2006 The Lego Group
This FAQ c2006 R. Sturdevant (AKA Kiri Sittori, Sandslice, Sandokiri)
All applicable rights reserved.

As of this writing, the only individuals authorised to host this FAQ are:

And is made available for the personal use of visitors to the aforementioned
domains.  Any other use, reproduction, or resale of this content is strictly

1.1 Updates:
  17 Sep - Original Draft
  24 Sep - Ver 1.1 - Corrections as follows:
     -Needing to unlock all six BH characters before starting the missions
     -Changing the name of a certain critter referenced here.



Welcome, esteemed members of the Bounty Hunters Guild, to the Mos Eisley
Cantina.  The ineffable Lord Jabba seeks only the finest hunters in the
galaxy, those who have proven themselves worthy of such an honour, for a series
of special missions which will crush forever the vile Rebel Alliance, help the
Empire finally bring peace to the galaxy, and, of course, line almighty Jabba's
pockets... and yours.

Our intelligence has identified ten key members of the accursed Alliance, and
your mission, should you choose to accept it (and all that is sacred, forbid
your refusal!) is to find and capture them.

Beware, however, for once the Rebels know you are onto them, they will attempt
to escape.  Therefore, you must act quickly.  The Magnificent One has seen fit
to allow me to negotiate a variable bounty: the more quickly you accomplish
your missions, the greater the bounty.


Once you have unlocked the six Bounty Hunter characters (see below,) Jabba's bar
opens up within the Cantina.  Walk up to Jabba's bar to find ten missions, the
so-called "Bounty Hunter missions," and choose one.  The crawl will come up,
explaining how Jabba intends to abduct key Rebels for ransom, but intends to
betray the ransom and collect the Imperial bounty as well, thus getting a
"double bounty." The last paragraph then identifies the target and where to find

You'll then be dropped into the mission with six hunters and a countdown timer
that starts at about 2 minutes, 58 seconds.  Your objective is to find and tag
the target character within this "3 minute" time limit; the faster you achieve
it, the more Lego studs you get as a reward.  Furthermore, you also collect a
Golden Brick the first time you clear the stage.

The boards used are identical to those found in Free Play mode, except that no
Lego studs will drop during the mission.  Furthermore, all Extra Cheats are
disabled, and cannot be re-enabled during the mission.  So if you get stuck on
a particular mission, you can run through the equivalent areas on Free Play,
and practice.



All Bounty Hunters share the following set of controls:

Attack button: Draws and/or shoots the blaster.
Attack button (close): Martial Arts attacks.
Attack button (when shot at): Evades the bolt.  This takes some timing.

Jump button: Jump.

Special Button: Throw a Thermal Detonator.  These explosive devices are highly
lethal (instant death to non-boss characters) and can glom onto metal objects
that would otherwise reflect blasters.
Special Button (on red floor targets): Use the Grappling Hook / Ascension Gun.
Special Button (on green floor targets): Open Bounty Hunter Access doors.

Switch Button: When facing another character, switches that character to
Switch Button (facing vehicle): Mount/dismount the vehicle.  "Vehicle" can
include creatures.


Now, for what the individual Hunters can do:

Bossk (the Trandoshan, lizard dude)
Greedo (the Rodian who was killed by Han in Episode IV)
Dengar (some dude with a wrapped up face)

These three are Humanoid characters, and so can trigger switches and build junk
using the Special button.  They can also do a double jump; jump, and press Jump
while in the air.  This causes the hunter to do a forward tumble and briefly
land on one knee; from here, you can fire up to three quick shots before you
stand up again.

4-LOM (the short, bug-looking droid)
IG-88 (the tall, white droid)

These two Assassin Droids cannot build or throw switches, but they can use both
Astromech and Protocol Droid Access doors by facing the lock and pushing the
Special button.  You can also run through the Death Fog in Bespin, but you are
also vulnerable to Jawa Ion Blasters and Jedi Force Stun techniques.

4-LOM carries a powerful Blaster Carbine that deals more damage.

Boba Fett (does he NEED an introduction?)

Fett is certainly powerful.  His Rocket Pack allows him to fly a short distance
(press Jump+Jump,) including over chasms.  Be careful with it.  As a humanoid,
he can also build and throw switches; and he also carries a high-damage Blaster


For purposes of the missions themselves, you need to unlock all six; but to be
totally honest, you only need Boba Fett and 4-LOM to actually *accomplish* the
missions.  Boba's flight ability shortens no small number of missions, while
when you need a droid, 4-LOM is preferred simply because of the carbine.



Just a quick review of the mission parameters:

-Objective: Find the named character!
-Time limit: 3 minutes (really, about 2:58.)
-Cheats are disabled.
-No Lego studs will drop during the mission.

4.1 R2-D2

Stage: Rebel Blockade Runner "Tantive IV"
Hint: Why does a diplomatic ship have Hunter-restricted areas?

You can use a Humanoid for all of this.  You start in the multi-level room
where you have to build the bridge motors on top; go up there and do so.
Alternately, Boba can just go up and fly across to the door to save some time.
The next hallway has four switches; throw one, and an ally will throw the other
one on the same side.  This lowers a Huge Bomb, which you need to shoot until it

In the next hallway, turn right and find the Hunter Access door; use it.

Finally, there's a hallway that goes toward and away from the screen; run away
from the screen until you reach the wall and two alcoves on the side.  Run
into the alcoves to pull out some junk, use it to build a doorway, and you'll
see R2.  Tag him.

4.2 Obi-Wan Kenobi

Stage: Jundland Wastes (Jawa Sand Crawler)
Hint: It's faster to just waste Jawas without mercy.

You start at the beginning of the Sand Crawler.  Ignore the broken Protocol
Droid door, and just run through, shooting any Jawas and white hats that get
in your way.  Use the Astromech Access, and go into the elevator.

In the next room, step on the eight floor switches to power up the throw
switches; throw these as a humanoid.

The next room is where you find 3P0 in Story Mode; just run through, killing
Jawas, and use the Protocol Droid access.

Now you are in the exit room; but don't exit.  Instead, go to the right,
destroying all the boxes you find there, and Ben is sitting in a little
alcove behind them.

4.3 Chewbacca

Stage: Mos Eisley
Hint: No frills, just run.

You'll find yourself just outside the cantina, where you start chasing the
elephant-headed spy.  Grapple up to the second level and just run through.
In fact, just run through the street and toss a detonator at the grating that
blocks the way to the town square.

You'll recognise the next room from Story; it's where you fought the stormies
that ride the dewbacks (the green lizard things.)  If you turn left, you'll 
see the three doors with the blue Force motes; Chewie is directly behind the
set on the left.  It's *possible* to get this in right around thirty seconds,
making it a quick source of Lego studs.

4.4 Princess Leia

Stage: The Death Star
Hint: You'd THINK she'd be in the same place...

Switch to Boba Fett.  Normally, in this circular room, you'd need to build a
rotator and push it to turn the bridge; but Fett can just fly over it.  Work
your way up and around, using the grapples, until you reach the door.  This
is where it gets FUN, as behind this door are all the Imperials trying to
stop you.  Toss a detonator into them or just shoot them, it's up to you.

Run through the *open* Stormtrooper Access here, to the room with the
elevators; take the far left one, and come out in the prison control room.
Build and throw the switches to access the prison hallway; Leia will be in
the room blocked off by the last pair of switches on the *left.*  (In Story,
she's in the one on the last right.)

4.5 Admiral Ackbar

Stage: Hoth
Hint: Bounty hunters work alone.

You start in a room that has four floor switches that trigger a door, and a
Protocol Access door; use the latter.  Enter a room that is divided by a
windowed wall; to the left of the window, there is debris that can be
Detonated.  Do so, run through to the other side of the room, and build
the junk into a 2-1B medical droid.  This will open one of the bacta tanks
revealing fish boy.

4.6 Yoda

Stage: Endor (what, you thought I'd say Dagobah?)
Hint: Yoda loves Ewok culture.

Boba Fett can do this alone.  Run to the left and instead of building the
bridge, fly over it; then run toward where the throne is.  Shoot the purple
blocks to reveal junk, then build the junk into a rotator.  Push the rotator
so that it lifts the ledge above which j0da-man is obviously standing, and
fly across (this is the same method you use with R2 in story.)

4.7 C-3P0

Stage: Bespin Cloud City
Hint: Who'd have thought that Goldenrod would be so clever?

There's lots here to distract you.  You start just outside the prison room
where you started in Story; you'll want to run through the hallway to the
C-shaped room and use the Hunter Access door.  In the four-way room, hang
a right and use the Astromech door.

Now you are in the room where you found 3P0 in Story; and there's half
the junk OF 3P0 in here!  Shoot everything, push the power block into the
wall socket, and throw the switch.  Build Goldenrod and win...

NOT!  This is a FAKE 3P0 that just falls apart!  Oh noes!

Instead, run back into the four-way room and use the Protocol Access.  Run
through to the elevators and use the one on the left, which is Hunter
Access.  You emerge on a roof with tropical plants... and the real 3P0!

4.8 Lando Calrissian

Stage: Bespin Cloud City
Hint: Don't leave them behind!

You start at one of the landing platforms, just beyond the second missile
build puzzle.  As Fett, shoot your way to the grapple junk, and build it.
Now, either fly or grapple across, make your way through the maze, building
anything you *need* to get through, and to the Protocol door.

Switch to a droid, open the door, and run through the hallway, through the
Death Fog, and into the control room.  Lando's right in the middle.

4.9 Luke Skywalker

Stage: Mos Eisley
Hint: "It's over Anakin!  I have the high ground!!"

This is the area where you can build the AT-ST walker; but you don't need
to.  Just run over to where the tall tower is.  Detonate the object closest
to the entrance to this clearing; this will drop rotator junk.

Build and use the rotator; this drops grapple junk.  Build the grapple junk
and zip up to where Luke is.  Score.

The hard part?  Lots of white hats shooting at you while you try to build.

4.10 Han Solo

Stage: Hoth
Hint: Do you need hints?

You start in the War Room, where you usually start.  Run over to the door,
and Bomb Junk will fall from the ceiling.  Build this and run away.  Next,
there's a hallway with a frozen door; build and shoot the heater to thaw
it out.  The next room is very busy; you'll want to find the heater near
the back left side, and push it toward the frozen door, then use the two
switches to turn it on.

The next room has a grated Protocol door in front of you, the collapsed
cavern to the left, and the railtruck room to the right.  Go into the
railtruck room.  Build the railtruck, use the rotator to change the track
to green, and jump on the truck.  Han is on the high ledge on the right.

Congratulation!  A winner is you.


Though this was all done using the Nintendo Game Cube version, the same
methods should be usable on all releases.



First off, to Lego, for decades of great memories.
To Traveller's Tales, for coming up with something so silly and yet so much
To John Williams, for the epic soundtrack.
To George Lucas, for the Star Wars experience.
To numerous emailers for pointing out that all six Bounty Hunters need to be
unlocked before you can start the missions.  Among the first, "Ryan Green" and
To "Jeremy Henderson" (via email) for pointing out that the green lizard things
in Mos Eisley are, in fact, dewbacks rather than Cracian thumpers.
And, of course, to CJayC for Gamefaqs.  (:


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