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Kenshi by Interloper91

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 01/26/07

            1   1       111  11              1111
           11   11      111 11              111111
          111111111     11111              11    11
         111 111 111    111 11     ()     111    111
        111   1   111   111  11          111111111111
       111         111  111   11        111        111
      111           111 111    11      111          111

                     MORTAL KOMBAT : ARMAGEDDON

    1111   111  111111111 11111     111   11111111   111   111  1111
    1111  111   111111111 111111    111  111    111  111   111  1111
    1111 111    111       111 111   111   111    111 111   111  1111
    1111111     111       111  111  111    111  111  111   111  1111
    1111111     111111    111   111 111     111      111111111  1111
    1111 111    111       111    111111 111  111     111   111  1111
    1111  111   111       111     11111  111  111    111   111  1111
    1111   111  111111111 111      1111 111   111    111   111  1111
    1111    111 111111111 111       111  1111111     111   111  1111

                          KENSHI CHARACTER GUIDE

--------------- Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

--------------- Character Guide (PS2)

--------------- Kenshi

--------------- By CruZer_69

--------------- Email : cruzer_eyvazli_69@hotmail.co.uk

--------------- Started : 23/01/07

--------------- Finished : 25/01/07

--------------- Version 1.02


Version History


UPDATE! Version 1.02 (26/01/07)

¬ Corrected a bit in 'THANKS'

¬ Corrected a bit in 'G,B,U'

¬ Added Version History

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private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
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violation of copyright.

Copyright 2007 Riyad Eyvazli

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

If you see something wrong in this guide or something I haven't said then
e-mail me and tell me. Don't send me loads of junk because I will not 
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repied, just be patient because I don't check my email every day.

Thank you!



                             Please read the above 

--------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS --------------------------------

 1) Kenshi's info            =========================================== KI11
 2) Kenshi's moves           =========================================== KM22
    a) Tai Chi               =========================================== KTC3
    b) Tai Chi in air        =========================================== TCIA
    c) Katana                =========================================== KK55
    d) Katana in air         =========================================== KKIA
    e) Special Moves         =========================================== KSM7

 3) Kenshi's History         =========================================== KH88

 4) Kenshi's Strategy        =========================================== KS99

 5) Kenshi's Points          =========================================== KPGB

 6) Sites                    =========================================== SAFD

 7) Thanks                   =========================================== TTRT

Note: Use the numbers and letters on the end to put in the search function
       "Ctrl + f" to get to a place quicker.


============================= KENSHI'S INFO ======================== - KI11 -

This Guy is not what you think. You see a cool guy with a red blindfold in the
fighter selection screen and say to your mate, "Hey look, this guy looks cool.
I'll pick him." Looking probably for a lightning fast character they will be 
disappointed. Sure he's got a couple of fast moves. But the majority of his 
moves are heavy, powerful and tank like. Just go into practise and have a bash
at some of his moves. Digits like 13 and 12 will come up. He is powerful and
dispite that is still a bit ninja like and fast which fulfills some peoples
wishes. His Katana is fast, long ranged and the ooposite of Kenshi himself.
WHere did they find each other?

There is little difference in Kenshi's costumes actually. I personally prefer
the first one - the short sleeved one, not the one he is wearing in the 
loading screen. The first one consits of this : Kenshi wears a sort of padded
black sleeveless vest and huge pads going down from the elbow. There are 
pictures of two circles on his vest and his trousers look like the same design
of it. They look sort of cyber - ish and he wears red boots with white pads on
his knees too and a white belt. And oh yeah almost forgot- the blindfold.
For his second costume it's this : The vest has gone and it's sort of just 
cyber now with red cyber sleeves and black Fingerless gloves on. A black belt.
A chinese piece of cloth going across his torse, small red pads on his knees,
black boots, Red pants and again the blindfold.

The stances for his fighting style and his weapon are quite simple but quite 
stupid. In Tai CHi, Kenshi faces the camera as if he was looking at us (you 
can't see because of his blindfold), knees bent a liitle and hands almost
parallel to each other as if he was holdinga virtual egg in between his hands.
Katana is way different. He actually faces the enemy now and is holding his
Katana with two hands behind him facing diagonally down a bit. I personally 
think it would be cooler if he held it with one hand, or at least with two
hands with the katana facing upwards.

The Games which Kenshi appears in are these and beside in brackets is where
he is positioned in the Select your Fighter screen in each game :

¬ Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance : ( In the 3rd row, 1st one from the left )

¬ Mortal Kombat Deception       : ( 1st row, 2nd one from the left )

¬ Mortal Kombat Armageddon      : ( 3rd row, 7th one from the left )

As you can see here Kenshi doesn't star in too many Mortal Kombat games.

============================= KENSHI'S MOVES ======================= - KM22 -

                                                                    - KTC3 -

========= TAI CHI (On PS2)

--------- Key :

--------- Attack 1 - Square

--------- Attack 2 - Triangle

--------- Attack 3 - X

--------- Attack 4 - Circle

--------- L1 - L1

COMBINATION            NAME                    DISCRIPTION

 1                     Mid Palm Strike         A heavy smack in the torso

 Back + 1              Rising Spade Hand       A pop up smack

 Forward + 1           Pushing Hands           A huge double handed smack

 Down + 1              Fist Strike             A light and low punch     
 2                     Chopping Strike         A light face punch

 Back + 2              Charging Wrist          A pop up smack but harder     

 Down + 2              Power Uppercut          An Uppercut

 3                     Gut Slap                A very light slap to the gut

 Down + 3              Low Kick                A kick to the legs 

 4                     Spinning roundhouse     Turn and smacks face heavily

 Back + 4              Standing Shin Kick      A hit to the shin

 Down + 4              Low Kick Strike         Gets down and hits shins

 2,2                   Furious Hands           A smack and then a heavier one

 3,3                   Chained Strikes         Two gut slaps 

 2,2,2                 Listen To the sound     A smack then two heavy ones

 3,3,1                 Feel the power          Two gut slaps then a heavy wack

 3,3,Back + 1          Rising Spade            Two gut slaps then a pop up hit

 3,3,2                 Strong Rhino            Two gut slaps then a shoulder

 3,3,Back + 2          Power wrist             Two gut slaps then a huge popup

 2,2,4                 Round Up                Hit,then a heavy one and then
                                               a huge roundhouse to the face

 2,2,2,L1              Blind Lunatic           A smack then twoo heavy ones
                                               and finally he gets Katana out
                                               and trips them up with it.


========= TAI CHI IN AIR                                             - TCIA -

--------- Key :

--------- Attack 1 - Square

--------- Attack 2 - Triangle

--------- Attack 3 - X

--------- Attack 4 - Circle

--------- L1 - L1


 1                     Cyclone 

 2                     Blue Sky

 3                     Hovering Strike

 4                     Dead Meat

 1,1                   Jab me

 3,3                   Air Waves                     

 1,1,1                 Take It 

 1,1,2                 Red Sky

 1,1,3                 Wavelength

 1,1,4                 Fallen Hero


========= KATANA (On PS2)                                            - KK55 -

--------- Key :

--------- Attack 1 - Square

--------- Attack 2 - Triangle

--------- Attack 3 - X

--------- Attack 4 - Circle

--------- L1 - L1

COMBINATION            NAME                    DISCRIPTION

 1                     Mid Slash               A stomach slash

 Down + 1              Ducking Blade           An overknee hit     

 2                     Body Slash              A huge from down to up hit

 Up + 2                Pop rock                The same as above but pop up

 Down + 2              Uppercut Blade          A huge slash hitting away

 3                     Turning Blade           An overhead slash

 Back + 3              Low Blade swipe         A trip up with the sword 

 Down + 3              Low attack              A crouching slash

 4                     Hard Pointy blade       A cackword stab

 Down + 4              Low ankle attack        A crouch feet hit

 2,2                   fast Head Blows         Two opposite slashes

 3,3                   Nightmare slashes       Same as above but stronger 

 2,2,1                 Krazy Hype              Two opposite slashes and slash

 2,2,3                 Knee Shaker             Two opposite slashes and then a
                                               heavy slash downwards

 2,2,4                 Tumble Kombo            Two opposite slashes and then a
                                               back stab            

 2,2,3,3               Dark Vison              Four opposite hits.              




========= KATANA IN AIR (On PS2)                                     - KKIA -

--------- Key :

--------- Attack 1 - Square

--------- Attack 2 - Triangle

--------- Attack 3 - X

--------- Attack 4 - Circle

--------- L1 - L1

COMBINATION            NAME                    DISCRIPTION

 1                     Downfall                One Kick

 2                     Lucky Change            Flips and does a kick to make
                                               the enemy spin.

 3                     Marked Humanoid         A Very light kick

 4                     Spinning Feet Grab      Grabs the enemy's head with
                                               his legs, spins and chucks 
                                               them down

 1,1                   Stinky Air              Does two identical kicks

 3,3                   Hyper Gust              Does two light kicks
 1,1,1                 Fresh Air               Does two identical kicks then
                                               flips and does an overhead
                                               kick to bring the enemy down

 1,1,2                 Air Slinky              Does two kicks and on the 
                                               third one he hits away from
                                               the enemy to the ground and
                                               bounces back to the enemy.

 1,1,3                 Airway                  Two kicks and then another
                                               light one

 3,3,1                 Gut Kick                Does 3 kicks. 

 1,1,4                 Shove it                Two big kicks then grabs the
                                               enmey's head with his legs
                                               flips and chucks him down to
                                               ground with his legs

 3,3,3                 Barrel Roll             Two kicks with the third one
                                               hitting away.

 3,3,4                 Downward Spiral         Two kicks then grabs the 
                                               enemy's head with his legs,
                                               flips and throws them away
                                               to the ground with his legs

 1,1,3,3               Air Barrel              Does 4 kicks with the last
                                               one hitting away.

 3,3,1,1               It's All Over           Does four kicks with the 
                                               last kick being an overhead
                                               kick bringing the enemies

 3,3,1,2               Back in Action          Does 3 kicks with the last 
                                               kick hitting away from the
                                               enemy towards the ground and
                                               sending the enemy flying the
                                               other way. 

 1,1,3,4               Boot Slam               Three kick and then grabs the
                                               enemy's head with his legs,
                                               flips and throws the enemy 
                                               away towards the ground

 1,1,1,4               Zero G                  Does basically the same as 


========= SPECIAL MOVES (On PS2)                                     - KSM7 -

--------- Key :

--------- Attack 1 - Square

--------- Attack 2 - Triangle

--------- Attack 3 - X

--------- Attack 4 - Circle

--------- L1 - L1

--------- R1 - R1

COMBINATION            NAME                    DISCRIPTION

 R1                    Face Flat               Grabs the from behind and jumps
                                               with them behind and smacks them
                                               down on to the floor.

 Back,Down,Back + 1    Telekinetic Slam        Lifts them up a bit with 
                                               telekinisis then smacks back down
                                               to the ground

 Down,Back + 4         Telekinetic Toss        Grabs them with telekinesis and 
                                               chucks them the opposite way.

 Forward,Forward + 2   Telekinetic Push        Pushes the enmey with telekinesis

 Back,Forward + 3      Tele - Flurry           3 hits with telekinesis

 Down,Back + 3         Mind Warp               Telekinesis teleports himself 
                                               real close to the enemy.         


============================ KENSHI'S HISTORY ====================== - KH88 - 

The History of Kenshi taken from www.wikipedia.com

 = = = = = About 

Kenshi is a rogue swordsman of mixed Eurasian (European and Asian) heritage. 
He is a blind, gruff man who has mastered the arts of Tai Chi, San Shou and 
Judo. Kenshi is also psychokinetic, able to throw opponents off-balance or 
across the room when necessary. He nurses a bitter hatred for the sorcerer 
Shang Tsung, whose trickery had blinded him. He is currently allied with 
Sonya Blade and Jax, and has also found a friend in Sub-Zero as well as 

 = = = = = Storyline

As a born fighter, Kenshi wandered Earthrealm in search of worthy competition
. He would find an opponent and defeat them just to boost his pride. One day 
Kenshi encountered a man named Song, who convinced Kenshi that a great 
warrior needed a great sword; Song then led Kenshi to the location of an 
ancient, powerful sword Song claimed would befit Kenshi's power. As Kenshi 
unsealed the well wherein the sword supposedly lay, he was overwhelmed by 
souls trapped within and permanently blinded. Song revealed himself to be 
Shang Tsung and proceeded to absorb the released souls and left Kenshi to 
die within the tomb. However, the sword, which actually did exist, attracted 
Kenshi and spoke to him, leading him from the tomb and revealing its origin. 
The sword originally belonged to a long line of great swordsmen from whom 
Kenshi descended; the well where the sword lay was also the sacred resting 
place of the souls of Kenshi's ancestors, souls that were stolen by Shang 
Tsung. Kenshi spent the next decade or so retraining his senses, all while 
searching for his betrayer and the defiler of his ancestry. This path led 
him to the U.S. Special Forces.

Kenshi's special abilities eventually caught the attention of Jax and Sonya 
who were looking for members with special talents to join their side and 
venture into Outworld; Kenshi jumped at the chance to pursue the man who had
deceived him. After going through many tests and examinations, he was 
accepted to join the Outer World Investigation Agency.

His chance at enacting his revenge came when he was assigned to find the lost
Cyrax, another agent of the Special Forces, in Outworld. In his travels 
across Outworld, he encountered the enigmatic Ermac, and, in a moment of pity
, broke the mind control that Shao Kahn had over him. In gratitude, Ermac 
awakened Kenshi's latent telekinetic power, and taught him not only how to 
use it effectively in combat, but how to 'sense' the presence of people and 
objects around him. Kenshi soon discovered the Deadly Alliance and their 
plans, but was unable to contact the OWIA (which had been bombed by Hsu Hao).
Unknown to Kenshi, the Deadly Alliance knew of his presence and sent Mavado
to eliminate him. Mavado confronted Kenshi, defeated the swordsman, and left 
him to die.

Sub-Zero found the dying Kenshi and nursed him back to health. Because of 
Sub-Zero's sympathy and kindness, Kenshi forged a temporary alliance with 
Sub-Zero to find a portal that would take them back home, though this 
temporary alliance soon became a long-lasting friendship. After Shang Tsung's
death upon Onaga's return, Kenshi sensed the souls of his ancestors return to
 his sword, indicating the end of his quest for vengeance. Despite being an 
ally of both, he relinquished his position in the Special Forces and chose 
to remain unaligned from the Sub-Zero's Lin Kuei clan, preferring to be a 
lone warrior.

Kenshi then returned to Earthrealm where, under the guidance of his ancestors
' sword, he would hunt down the corrupt. Attacking only during the night, 
using the darkness as a cover to strike unseen, Kenshi was able to overthrow 
several criminal organizations. He eventually intercepts a coded message sent
to Mavado and learns of the Red Dragon's plans to capture the Edenian 
half-god Taven. Before he could find out the location of their secret base, 
Kenshi encounters Johnny Cage who is gathering warriors to fight for the 
Forces of Light against Shinnok. However, Kenshi declines this offer, 
considering this another pointless struggle between good and evil.

While embarking on his mission to destroy the Red Dragon and exact revenge on
Mavado, he receives a psychic premonition, becoming fully aware of Taven and
Daegon's quest to defeat the fire elemental Blaze. His sword also urges him
to side with the side of good in the forthcoming conflict. Taking heed of 
this insight, Kenshi decides that he will be the one to lead the Forces of 
Light into battle.

In Kenshi's Mortal Kombat: Armageddon ending, he defeats Blaze, allowing him 
to regain his sight while his other senses are greatly increased. Unable to 
endure this new sensory overload, Kenshi withdraws to a remote mountain 
cavern when he would remain isolated in a darkened, soundless chamber.

============================ KENSHI'S STRATEGY ===================== - KS99 -

As I had mentioned before, Kenshi is not the stereotypical Ninja you would 
expect him to be. He is a very strong lad and has very powerful moves which
surprised me at first but then I actually thought they suited him. Take
advantage of his strong but slow moves and wait for the enemy to come close 
to you and then let him have it. If the enemy is disobeying these strict 
orders then wack out your Katana and go wild on them as Katana has very good
reach and is quite fast. It also has pretty good and lengthy moves, mind you.

Kenshi has quite a lot of special moves. Use the Telekinetic push when you are
trying to get the stupid idiot enemy away from you and if he is too close to
you. Also use the Tele - Flurry a lot as it is very useful and effective and 
the enemy doesn't block it too much. USe the telekinetic toss to get the 
enemy to the other side if you want to be doing your attacks on that side or
just find that side more confortable. Or you don't even have to do it for
any of these reasons and just do it to hurt your enemy.

Against Big Characters  : Use Tai CHi more

Against fast Characters : Use Katana more

Against Boss Characters : Use Tai Chi and Katana more

Against Everyone else   : Use Specials more


     I  This is advise only. 

============================ KENSHI'S POINTS ======================= - KPGB -

Kenshi has some Advantages and Disadvantages.

()  The Good :
         ¬ Unlocked at Start

         ¬ Pretty powerful

         ¬ Katana Powerful

         ¬ Katana had good reach

         ¬ For a strong person got a good speed

         ¬ Lots of Special Moves

         ¬ Strong Grab

()  The Bad :

         ¬ Too many buttons with breaks in the combos

         ¬ Not much difference in special ideas

()  The Ugly :

        ¬ The blindfold :D

        ¬ Tai Chi stance


A good player that is not too hard to control and has quite a lot of good

================================= SITES ============================ - SAFD -

The following sites have my permission to put this FAQ onto their website if 
they choose to. Any other sites, please do ask permission before you upload 
it. I will almost certainly say yes. :)

¬ www.gamefaqs.com

¬ www.gamespot.com

¬ www.cheatplanet.com

¬ www.neoseeker.com

================================== THANKS ========================== - TTRT -

Well this is the end of the Character Guide. I hope it helped and that you 
have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

¬ Thanks to Gamefaqs

¬ Thanks to everyone who read this.

¬ Thanks to Kenshi for making me write this FAQ

¬ Thanks to Midway for creating an awesome game like Mortal Kombat:Armageddon

¬ Thanks to mortalkombatonline.com for some info.

¬ Thanks to the above websites in "Sites" if they got my FAQ.

¬ Thanks to www.wikipedia.com for Kenshi's history.

And don't forget to write to me if you see errors.

Copyright 2007 Riyad Eyvazli

By CruZer_69

================================ END OF FAQ ==================================

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