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Reviewed: 03/02/06

One of my favorite fighting games

Fight Night 3 is a fighting game. No, you don't have projectile weapons, you can't throw people through walls, and no you can't rip heads off. Normally I might consider these cons (sarcasm) but trust me, this game is a lot of fun. Do you like boxing? Actually it doesn't really matter, because this game is just plain solid fun.

There are a lot of different ways to enjoy this game. My favorite is multiplayer. Nothing is more fun than taking on a friend in an epic match that lasts several rounds of blow after blow. There are online capablilities so you can extend your boxing skills to the world. Single player is a lot of fun too. You can play a single match, create boxers, or start a new boxer's career and watch him go from rags to riches... literally. In career mode, you start out wearing horrible equipment, headgear to protect your n00b head, and you have a bum for a trainer. As you fight you win money to purchase new items and gain popularity. If you win enough fights you move on up to bigger and better fights and places. In between matches you have to train your boxer and boost his stats. He starts out with some horrible stats but you can mold him into an amazing boxer that fits your style. Speaking of style there are many different types of styles and strategies you can use to take down your opponents. Throw jabs, uppercuts, hooks, and haymakers to dominate your opponent. Duck, lean, move side to side, block, parry and clinche to avoid your enemy's onslaught. Find your opponent's weak spots and exploit them. Wound your enemy's face and attack it, throw illegal blows, taunt your enemy, and throw that finishing blow to send him to the mat.

You can be your favorite boxers or you can make your own and follow him through the long road to victory.

The sounds are good. You hear fatigue, hard hits, the whistle of fast jabs, hard hits, voices, etc. The music is really, really sweet at first but I am starting to get tired of it because you'll hear the same songs over and over again. If I had to say a bad thing about the audio it would be that sometimes the sounds sound a bit weird. For example, my opponent's face will get bloody and I'll break open a cut and you can hear a squishy noise of the glove hitting the side of his f ace. It is actually kind of disgusting and overexagerated of a noise.

The graphics to the game are not bad at all. The crowd is horribly done but the ring is nice, the boxers are beautiful, the models who bring out the round cards are hot, the animations are good, and the King is in the game. The menus are also very fancy looking. The only downside is long load times. Also, whenever a person is knocked out the falling animation can look weird. That's not a big problem though because the falling animations can be awesome too.

*Mediocre announcing.. very repetitive(always in sports games though)
*Long load times
*Sometimes ackward knock out animations

This game is very replayable because of the multiplayer and quick matches. Nothing passes the time better than a hard hitting match of boxing.

Awesome game. I am loving this game even though it doesn't have dismemberments. Honestly, it is a solid, fun, action packed game that gets you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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