Review by tglennfan83

Reviewed: 07/24/06

Good game but not the best in the series

Alright if your a fan of the Fight Series then you would probably think what I thought when I first played this game, DOESN'T COMPARE TO ROUND 2! Round 2 in my opinion was a 9/10 this game 7/10. I don’t really wanna get into round 2 but from most of the people I've asked they liked it better as well. So lets break it down:

Game play/controls- 8
The game play is similar to round 2. I have not played Fight Night 2004 but I figure it's the same to round 2. I liked the game play in round 2 better. In round 3 the punches are slower. If you get your punch parried then it will take like 1-3 seconds before you can move. Though I did like the new haymaker they put into Round 3. They have very powerful new haymakers and they can make and break a fight. During a fight sometimes I can hit my opponent once and he'll be in the KO Screen. There is also a new first person few in which sometimes you have to defend yourself during a fight or pre-fight. So there are plenty of new features to keep you busy.

Graphics- 9
The graphics in round 3 are GOOD not great. Well I mean for the 360 there SUPERB but for xbox there just a bit better then round 2. They have improved but there is still room for improvement. The detail is awesome though. Every time you knock your opponent down there will be blood coming out his mouth. The sweat comes straight off you face when you get hit too. I even created a boxer and he had an Afro and when you get hit it sometimes jiggles haha.

Sound- 7
I loved the fight night round 2 soundtrack. Though I'm also a fan of rap. This soundtrack was mostly ALL rap. The same song over and over gets annoying. If you don’t like rap then I suggest you put your T.V on mute if you play this game.

Replay Value- 8.5
The replay value on this game is O.K. It has improved from round 2 and you can replay your knockdown/you getting knocked down as many times as you want with a press of a button. You can even switch the angle you want to view your replay. Though it gets annoying after a while to wait for your replay if/when it shows you hitting your opponent and stops.

Overall- 7
This is a fun game don’t get me wrong. I do think round 2 is better then round 3 as said above THOUGH both games are fun. If you are a fan of the series and have the dough to spend then buy this game. But my suggestion to you is PLAY THIS GAME BEFORE YOU BUY IT! If you haven’t played round 2 play it and then round 2 and see which one you like better. So now that I'm done telling you about the game get out and play it!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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