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Reviewed: 08/06/07

The Longest Journey...?

It is in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey that storytelling and interactivity collide. You, the player, are introduced to Zoe, the protagonist of the story. Zoe is a normal college drop-out by all means, but she has extraordinary things happen to her. When her close friend, Reza, finds himself in trouble Zoe leaps into action.

Though, action is not the word in this game, it is story. The narrative is told completely by voice, which in itself is a plus, though some of the voice actors are uncomfortably corny. The player can make choices in their actions by using the thumb-stick and highlighting the desired action. This is fairly cool, and some of the dialog is entertaining, especially when you run into a particular animal. Control is also spot on, with no real error in ways or inventory management or scoping the environment. The music is also top-notch in composition, though there are really, really rough loops where silence is heard.

The worlds you explore are quite beautiful, with little touches and examinable objects upon the characters have their own flavor for. Though one thing was always rubbing me the wrong way - the jagged edges. Though anti-aliasing is taxing, I wish the game was a bit smoother.

Speaking of jagged things, the game play in fights terrible. Your options are limited to: move, block, light and heavy attack. The upside is, you only have to fight less than a handful (I believe it was actually 4) times. It seems like it was just thrown into the game hastily without real thought or polish. Also, the game is linear. When I rented this game, I thought there would be multiple endings (like my other reviewed game, Indigo Prophecy), but alas, I was disappointed. You play as three characters, but only in one instance do you get to control all of them (but not at once). Compared to Zoe, the other characters were not fleshed out as much. As for April Ryan herself, I have not played the first game so I do not know her back story. This seems to be a game for the cult following, not for those who have just stepped forward. This game tends to leave you the feeling of walking in on a conversation at the wrong time and not being filled in. Something that appears to been taken time on, however, were the puzzles. From finding the right icon to push, to rotating picks, to even a James Bond-ish break in and sabotage, the puzzles and sequences were pronominal. But though all of that, the game is short. For the advanced and semi-casual player, the game may only take one to four sittings to beat.

In light of things, this game is meant for the fans and cult followers. The developers seemed not to think that this game would be played by the newcomers. With good graphics, good sound, good control, but awful length, the game is over too quickly and may or may not want you to visit your dreams again. It is said that dreams are fleeting, and so is this game.

Recommended rental

Rating: 6

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