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FAQ by knuckles_sonic8

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/23/06

The Bible Game
Version 1.1
Created by: knuckles_sonic8 


Table of Contents:

1. Disclaimer
2. FAQ Information
3. Game Information
4. Version History
5. Game Show
6. High Scores
7. Challenge Games
8. Blessing Games
9. Thank You


1. Disclaimer

I give permission to www.gamefaqs.com and www.1up.com to use my FAQ 
on their site. No other site, nor individual person, may use my FAQ 
in its entirety, or part of it, by ripping off, copying and 
pasting, selling, rewriting, redistributing or in any way 
shape or form duplicating or taking part of this FAQ without 
documented permission from me. To violate any of the above 
is a serious crime and you will be dealt with by the law. 


2. FAQ Information

This is a Walkthrough to help you get through the game step-by-step.
Pay attention to the advice provided in this guide as it'll help
lead you to victory against both computers (who are quite cheap, 
actually) and your friends. Enjoy!


3. Game Information

Title: The Bible Game
Platform: Xbox/PS2
My Rating: 6.2/10
Number of Players: 1-4 Simultaneous


4. Version History

Version 1.0 – Format established. Almost, if not all, information 
is filled in. There is room in the guide for improvement, though.

Version 1.1 - Edited Thank You section; added closing notes; 
added 1UP to list of sites eligible to host my guide.

5. Game Show


First thing you need to know is that every character starts off
with 100 points to get you started.

The game automatically chooses which character gets to go
first. It's totally random and totally unpredictable so
don't get any ideas. ;)


You'll notice on the top left of the screen, when taking
your turn, an icon of a pot with gold can be seen. Every
round, the point value in the Jackpot increases ever so
slightly. If there was only one space left on the board to choose
from, you'd have a 1 in 4 chance of getting the Jackpot. If
it's not the Jacpot, it's gonna be the "Wrath of God". You 
gonna risk it?

Testament Trivia

In this game, one out of 1500 available questions will be
randomly selected and asked to all players. Each player must
choose the best answer they feel is correct. Each player can
enter in only one answer. The faster you answer, the more
points you will recieve, even if you get the wrong answer.
If you get the answer incorrect, a total of Zero will be shown.
If you were in control of the board at the time when the
game was activated, you will automatically lose control of
the board so choose carefully!

Do Unto Others

This space is good for those in last place. In a span of 10
seconds, you must choose from rapidly appearing options. Some
of these options involve giving a turn away, giving points
away, or even playing a game and giving points earned away.

Challenge Games

There are twelve biblical-based, four-player challenge games 
that enable you to win points. View the Challenge Game section
for more detailed information on each of the Challenge
Games. Be sure to use these games to your advantage if you
are pretty far behind or if you want to secure your position
in first place.

Blessing Games

There are eight single-player games that you will play in
order to win points. View the Blessing Game section
for more detailed information on each of the Blessing Games.
Remember, it's all you in these games.


This game allows you to choose from rapidly appearing options
that will allow you to take points from heaven, all other
players, or a single player, and then randomly choose from 
one of three point values.

The Wrath of God

There is always a Wrath of God space on the board and the
player that triggers it, well, all points for that round will
be totally lost but previous round points will not be hindered
at all. Be careful, though, because this could very well be
the Jackpot Square as well but can you handle the pressure?
Is it really worth risking your points for? 

The Grace of God

This is the final round after the game time has totally
elapsed. There will be eight icons dangling from "The Tree
of Knowledge". Each choice will either be a fruit or a snake.
Each time a fruit is selected, you win points. However, an
interesting twist, the next fruit is worth twice as much - so
add this to your previous score from the first fruit! - and the 
next is worth three times as much and so on. The player with
the least amount of points from the main game will go first
and the player with the most points will go last. The player
who recieves the most points at the end of this special game
will be declared the overall winner! Don't let your guard
down, now! Also, be careful to know when to call it quits 
because if you get the snake, you'll lose all your points from
the round! Exercise good judement.


6. High Scores

In this mode, you can view your best scores for the TV Game
Show. This mode automatically records your total winnings here
at the end of each game. Get a few bragging rights from this
mode and share your best scores with others. (Although, I don't
know if you'll know a lot of people who own this game...)


7. Challenge Games

This section of the guide lists all Challenge Games in the TV
Game Show mode and the Challenge Games Mode. They are as follows:

***** David & Goliath *****

Instructions: Hurl stones at Philistine targets!!! Your cursor 
begins by moving up and down. Press the A Button to stop the up
and down movement and start the left and right movement. Press 
the A Button while your cursor is over a target to stop the cursor
and throw a stone to that position.

Scriptural Basis: 1 Samuel 17:49

Game Hints: 
-Targets that are farther away are worth more points than
the closer targets. 
-Hit Goliath in the forehead for a big score. 
-You can wait for your cursor to slow down for more accurate targeting.

My Hints:
-Hitting Goliath results in gaining 150 Points or so.

Fun Factor: 2/5
Difficulty: 3.5/5
Final Rating: 6/10

***** Noah's Ark ***** 

Instructions: Help Noah gather the pairs of animals to put
them on the ark! Highlight a picture by moving your cursor with
the left humbstick. Press the A Button to select it. Move your cursor
to a matching picture and press the A button again to make
a match and send a pair of those animals to the ark.

Scriptural Basis: Genesis 6:19-20

Game Hints:
-Before the game begins, look for pairs that are close to each 
other. This should be your first match.
-Wait to see a pair before selecting the first picture to speed
up your matches.
-Other players can steal your first selection, so pay attention!

My Hints:
-None [They hogged two of what I was gonna say! Aw... :)]

Fun Factor: 3.5/5
Difficulty: 2.5/5
Final Rating: 7.5/10

***** Jacob's Ladder ***** 

Instructions: Climb Jacob's Ladder! Match the on screen arrow 
direction that peears above your player by selecting up, down, 
left, or right on the  directional pad or selecting directional
position on the left thumbstick. The more matches you make, the
farther you will climb.

Scriptural Basis: Genesis 28:12

Game Hints:
-The more correct matches you make in a row, the faster the 
next arrow will be displayed.
-It is usually better to make slower correct matches than 
quicker wrong matches.

My Hints:
-Try to climb as far as you can within the alotted time limit. 
The farther you climb, the more points you will recieve.

Fun Factor: 2.5/5
Difficulty: 3/5 (Kinda depends on skill...)
Final Rating: 5.5/10

***** Tower of Babel ***** 

Instructions: Smash the most stones to bring down the Tower of
Babel. Select a portion of the wall by moving your cursor left,
right, up, and down to outline a piece of the tower wall. When
the piece is completely outlined, it will fall.

Scriptural Basis: Genesis 11:9

Game Hints:
-Pick a section of the wall that another player is NOT working
-If another player's cursor crosses your tail, it is cut off. 
-Bigger selections are worth more points.
-Cut off other player's tails to keep them from scoring big.

My Hints:
-Try to pick sections further away from opponents so you have a 
lesser chance of them interrupting your work.
-Move the cursor as fast as you can to speed up the process
a bit.
-Be sure to use your judgement. If an opponent is near you and/
or your tail, avoid going for large sections.

Fun Factor: 4/5
Difficulty: 3/5
Final Rating: 7.5/10

***** Red Sea ***** 

Instructions: You must flee Egypt. Move your player left and right
to avoid obstacles as you run along the Red Sea bottom. Press
the A button to jump over the obstacles.

Scriptural Basis: Exodus 14:21

Game Hints:
-Do not touch the water or you will be carried away. 
-You can get out of the water or speed up your recovery br
repeatedly pressing the A button.
-Try to avoid getting bumped into obstacles by other players.

My Hints:
-You may have to go AROUND rocks instead of jumping over them.
-If you go too slow, the warrior spears will prick you.
-Be sure to avoid your opponents as much as possible and avoid
edges so you have a smaller chance of getting bumped into the
rushing water.

Fun Factor: 4/5
Difficulty: 3.5/5
Final Rating: 8/10

***** Seven Days ***** 

Instructions: Shoot your ball into any open hole. Press the A
button to lock your launch direction; hold it down to power up
your ball launcher. Release the A button to shoot the ball
across the bowl toward the hole. You amy only have one ball
in the bowl at any given time.

Scriptural Basis: Genesis 1:1

Game Hints:
-The bowl is curved inward, so the ball will drop toward the 
center as it moves. 
-Pick up bonus points by hitting the rings.
-Additonal rings you pick up with the same ball are worth more
and more points, so pick up as many as you can. 
-If a ball is moving too fast, it won't drop into the hole.

My Hints:
-Pressing the A button whilst a ball is in the bowl will remove

Fun Factor: 1.5/5
Difficulty: 3.5/5
Final Rating: 4/10

***** Jonah's Whale ***** 

Instructions: Race Jonah's Whale! Press the A button repeatedly 
to increase the height of your player! Move left anf right to steer 
your character through each ring. The closer you get to the center
of the ring, the more points you earn.

Scriptural Basis: Jonah 1:17

Game Hints:
-As you move your character though a ring, immediately begin
lining up your whale with the next ring. 
-Don't over steer or move your spout up too high.

My Hints:
-Remember, the amount of points you recieve depends on your
proximity to the center of a ring.
-Be sure to adjust the height of your player consistently as
opposed to just repeatedly pressing the A button.
-Don't forget, in addition to controlling your character, you 
must also control the whale with the left thumbstick or the
directional pad.

Fun Factor: 3.5/5
Difficulty: 3.5/5
Final Rating: 7.5/10

***** Staff of Aaron ***** 

Instructions: Destroy Pharoah's snakes! Press the A button to
fire your snakes at the Pharoah's cobras. Move your character 
to avoid getting hit by the cobras.

Scriptural Basis: Exodus 7:12

Game Hints:
-It takes 1 shot to kill a green cobra, 2 for a yellow, and
3 for a red. 
-Green cobras are worth the least, yellow are worth more, and
red are worth the most!
-Once you've lined up a red cobra, fire quickly and don't move.

My Hints:
-Be ready to mash the A button towards the end when a ton of
red snakes will appear!
-You can move forward and back a bit in case you need to close
or increase the distance between you and a group of snakes.
-Some of the snakes will home in on you after you hit them 
once so be ready to defend yourself.
-If a cobra bites you, you'll be stunned temporarily.

Fun Factor: 3.5/5
Difficulty: 3.5/5
Final Rating: 7.5/10

***** False Idols ***** 

Instructions: Destroy the False Idols! Kick the false idols into
the melting pot. Run up to a flase idol to deflect it in the
direction you are running. The longer you run before you hit
the idol, the harder the kick.

Scriptural Basis: Exodus 34:17

Game Hints:
-Look for idols controlled by other players near the edge of
the melting pot. Kick them in to steal points from that player
and make a few for yourself.
-The farther the idol travels before falling into the center,
the more points you get.

My Hints:
-Be sure not to fall into the burning melting pot!
-You get points for simply touching idols so try to bounce 
idols off walls for a bit before sending them into the pot.

Fun Factor: 2/5
Difficulty: 3/5
Final Rating: 6.5/10

***** Lion's Den ***** 

Instructions: Trap the Lions! Attract the lions by getting 
close enough to them to make them chase you. Once the lion is 
chasing you, run over a trap to select it and make the lion
fall thourgh. You will be unable to move for a second if a lion
catches you.

Scriptural Basis: Daniel 6:22

Game Hints:
-The lion will follow the character closest to it. 
-Avoid fighting over control of a single trap. 
-The trap belongs to the last player to step onto it, so standing 
on it will not keep it selected.

My Hints:
-You can only select one trap at a time.
-After a while, if a lion is chasing you, he may increase speed
so try to get to a trap ASAP.

Fun Factor: 3/5
Difficulty: 4/5
Final Rating: 7/10

***** Leap of Faith ***** 

Instructions: Jump from rock to rocl to collect the manna. Hold
down the A button and use the left thumbstick to position
your cursor, and then release the A button to jump to where the
cursor is.

Scriptural Basis: Exodus 16:31

Game Hints:
-Scoring is based on how fast you get your next manna. 
-The super manna are worth more points.
-Landing in the sand will slow your way down.

My Hints:
-Watch out for opponents. If you are side-by-side, it may
be hard to jump to some rocks.

Fun Factor: 2/5
Difficulty: 3.5/5
Final Rating: 6.5/10

***** Walls of Jericho ***** 

Instructions: Bring Down the Walls! Hold down the A button 
to make your horse run. Move left and right to avoid the walls 
and the obstacles, including other players.

Scriptural Basis: Joshua 6:4-5

Game Hints:
-On tight turns, release the A button to slow down so you 
don't hit the wall.
-Always look ahead to avoid the obstacles.

My Hints:
-Avoid the small pots that will slow you down.
-The farther you run along the wall, the more points you'll

Fun Factor: 4.5/5 (Surprisingly fun.)
Difficulty: 3/5
Final Rating: 8.5/10


8. Blessing Games

This section of the guide lists all Blessing Games in the TV
Game Show mode. They are as follows:

***** Grace of God Round ***** 

Instructions: Use the left thumbstick or the directional
pad to move the cursor over an individual piece of fruit. 
Press the A button to select a fruit. You will get either 
fruit to score points or you will pick the dreaded snake
and lose all of your points.

Game Hints:

My Hints:
-View the TV Game Show section of the guide as it explains
this "Grace of God Round".

Fun Factor: 4/5
Difficulty: 5/5 [Chance game.]
Final Rating: /10

***** 10 Commandments ***** 

Instructions: Put the commandments in the right order! Move the
cursor over a commandment and select it by pressing the A button.
Move to another commandment by pressing the A button to swap their 

Game Hints:
-Scoring is based on how much time is on the clock when you
put a commandment into the right spot, so it might be worth more
points to do the closest ones first.

My Hints:
-Remember it's not that hard since the numbers beside each
commandment are there so you'll know what you must place where.

Fun Factor: 2/5
Difficulty: 2/5
Final Rating: 5/10

***** Holy Land Scramble ***** 

Instructions: Rebuild the srambled map! Move the cursor to a 
picture piece and press the A button to select it. Move the
cursor to another piece and press the A button to swap their

Game Hints:
-Look at the edges of each map piece. Most edges will give you
a big clue about where to put it.

My Hints:

Fun Factor: 2/5
Difficulty: 3/5
Final Rating: 6/10

***** Coat of Many Colors ***** 

Instructions: Hold down the A button to increase the power of 
the plunger. Release it when the desired power level has been 
reached. Two balls cannot end up in the same slot. The points
from the first half will be subtracted from your total. You 
have a total of four balls to shoot.

Game Hints:
-You are supposed to be GIVING you winnings to another player.
Will anybody notice if you do not play well? Only God knows! 

My Hints:

Fun Factor: 3.5/5
Difficulty: 1/5
Final Rating: 6.5/10

***** Angels and Devils ***** 

Instructions: When an Angel flashcard appears, press the A 
button. When a Devil flashcard appears, press the B button!
The more correct answers you give in a row, the more points 
you get.

Game Hints:
-Correct answers give you more and more points, so bring a 
little slower but correct all the time is better than going 
too fast and getting some wrong. By the way, angels have wings,
the devil has horns!

My Hints:

Fun Factor: 1.5/5
Difficulty: 2.5/5
Final Rating: 3/10

***** Follow the Light ***** 

Instructions: After the light sequence is shown, repeat 
it by highlighting and selecting the lights in the same
order. Move your highlight with the directional pad or
left thumbstick and press the A button to select the 

Game Hints:
-If you get one wrong, the game is over even if there is
still time on the clock, so be careful to get them right 
for the most points.

My Hints:
-As you progress, the number of light sequences will increase
so watch carefully.

Fun Factor: 2.5/5
Difficulty: 2.5/5
Final Rating: 6.5/10

***** Bible Pairs ***** 

Instructions: Move your cursor over a square and press the 
A button to select it. The square will reveal one picture
of a pair. Select another square. If this picture completes 
the pair, you recieve points. There are 6 matches to be

Game Hints:
-A bible pair is a person and something they are connected
to in the Old Testament. For example: Daniel + Lions. 
-Each matching pair is also in a matching color.

My Hints:
-Be sure to remember the places of unsuccessful matches which
may come in handy for future match-ups.

Fun Factor: 3.5/5
Difficulty: 2.5/5
Final Rating: 7.5/10

***** Samson ***** 

Instructions: Help Samson tear down the temple! Press the 
A button as many times as you can before the timer runs out 
to help Samson gain the strength he needs to tear down
the temple.

Game Hints:
-Press that A button as fast as you can. 
-Don't stop until the temple starts coming down, even if you
fill the bar.

My Hints:

Fun Factor: 2/5
Difficulty: 2.5/5
Final Rating: 5/10


9. Thank You

Thanks to the following who helped make this guide possible:

-Crave Entertainment, for creating the game.
-My fingers, for typing it.
-GameFAQS and 1UP, for hosting my guide.
-YOU, for reading it.

I hope you enjoyed my guide! Contact me at "knucklessonic8@gmail.com"
for any questions or concerns you may have.

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