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Reviewed: 11/16/05

The Dead Walk Now On Xbox!

Do you really think Zombies can cross a river?

Review By: MrCribby

I know a lot of people didn’t like Land of The Dead Road To Fiddler’s Green. Most people bash the game and the reviews online mostly gave it low scores. I for one really enjoyed playing the game. Sure it’s not the best game in the world, but it is a fun game to experience. How many Zombie FPS games do you see anyway? Resident Evil Dead Aim was god awful. House of The Dead games are fun, but Land of The Dead blows them away I think. The game is filled with action, non-stop zombies. It’s also very creepy. This is a good game for being a budget price. If you’re a Zombie fan or Romero fan, you will enjoy playing this game. Or if your looking for something different try this game out!

Story- Land of The Dead is a prequel to George A. Romero’s Land Of The Dead movie. There isn’t a whole lot to the story, but it’s pretty good. You play as Jack a farmer, who’s attacked by zombies at his little farm. You end up running from place to place hoping to stay alive. You’ll kill lots of zombies and meet a few friends on the way.


Graphics- Land of The Dead has some really good level designs. You won’t be playing all in the same place. There’s the Police Station, Hospital, Theater, Farm, Streets, and many more. The Zombies look great and really sound like the ones off the movies. Great weapons, nice animation on the reloads. Zombies can be shot, just about anywhere and have a nice little effect. Tons of blood, throwing up zombies, and a lot of head shots too. This is a pretty good looking budget game. Only one downfall long load times. Sometimes you will be in a room and you’ll see a little circle on the bottom. That means that the game is loading in the Zombies. This gives you a good head start though, before they all come running or crawling after you.


Game Play- You will be shooting a lot of Zombies in the game. You really have to save up your ammo too. Don’t waste it all at once or play around with ammo. Melee weapons will help you out a lot. You can grab, Axes, Golf Clubs, Hammers, Shovels, and even Bats! You can also use your fists to fight the undead, but you might have bite marks after you’re done. What I really liked was how you can interact with the environments around you. You can flush toilets, turn sinks on, open cabinets, listen to the radio. Some missions have you helping other people. So be sure to be on the look out behind you too. Make sure you sprint too, that helps outrun zombies.


Sound- This is where it gets a perfect score from me. The music in Land of The Dead is really creepy! You’ll hear some music loop over and over, but I like it that way. Great voice acting too. Make sure you turn on the radios from time to time. It really makes you feel like your there. Great sound effects on the zombies too.


Replay Value- Story mode can be beaten in few days or maybe a week. The game is pretty hard though. You will be dieing a lot, and spending a lot of time backtracking in some of the missions. There is online play, and it’s pretty fun. Invasion is probably one of the coolest modes online. You and 3 other people fight off waves of zombies. There is also Deathmatch and a few others. What makes this game different online is not only are there humans in Deathmatch there are also zombies in the game too. I don’t think there’s any unlockables in the game, I didn’t find any. You can find a secret book in your neighbor’s house that gives you kung fu moves.


Buy Or Rent?- If you’re a Romero fan or a zombie fan this game is a must buy!
Overall Land of The Dead Road To Fiddler’s Green is a good game, it’s challenging, creepy and filled with tons of zombies. It’s a great game for any Horror/Zombie fan to play at a cheap reliable price for all people.

“Zombies, man. They creep me out!” -Kaufman


Rating: 9

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