Review by grumpygirl666

Reviewed: 10/09/06

Human: The other white meat


Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddlers green is a decent budget game. Although (at least in Wisconsin) good luck finding it. Serious, it took about an year for me to find it used at gamestop. Since I am a big Romero fan and a huge fan of survival horror I had to have this game.

Story 7/10

The story is very decent. If you pay attention you will learn that this game kind of takes place from Night of the Living. There was a zombie outbreak and you are isolated on a farm and want to make your way to other people. You shoot/melee tons of zombies. As you proceed through the game you will learn more and more of the story.

Graphics 7/10

The graphics are pretty good for a "budget game". They aren't as detailed like 360 games or other popular X-Box titles but they do the job. You can see clearly what is happening in first player and you get a nice view when you blow a zombies head off. They are a little cartoonish but overall okay.

Sound 8/10

The sound rocks. It adds ambiance and a chill factor to the game. You could not hope for such sound quality in a budget game.

Overall/Lasting appeal 8/10

I think that the player would have fun with this game. You have different levels in story mode, you can go back and look for things, and for the on-line players-yay on-line gaming. This is a great game if you can find it and your monies wont go to total waste. I know that a lot of people trash this game but really if your looking for mindless fun or a in-depth game this would be a game for you. Especially if you are a survival horror or Romero fan.

Rent or buy

Uh, if you can find this game to rent then go for it. Chances are that you will have to buy the game and good luck with that. Really though if you can find this game at $25 I would suggest buying it not only is it a rare game but this is one of those games that you wont get board with.

Rating: 8

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