Review by ranciddreams85

Reviewed: 10/10/05

Doom3: Resurection Of Evil,More than a expansion?

Well fellow doom fans, it's back for another shot. Doom3:Resurrection Of Evil is definitely a good game. The game-play is a lot more solid than doom3, it's smoother than what doom3's was, and not so much lagging, than what we experienced in the first game. Though the game it's self is a lot shorter than it's predecessor a total of eight or nine hours total straight game-play. But the new guns, have definitely made up for the short game-play, and if you like to explore the game , there is definitely room to explore, there are a ton of secret areas.
Game-play 9

Now the story, is quite excellent I think. You are a marine, that goes to explore the deserted UAC ruins, two years after Doom3. Your team is down in the in ruins, and your character (Name him what you will.) Finds an artifact.( Is combination of a heart and a Hand grenade.) When you find this artifact all hell, starts breaking loose, and I mean all hell. Demons return, and you will run into some old friends.
Story 10

Now on to the sound of the game, I personally enjoyed it, it gave the game a very macabre and very dark and hellish theme. Which is the way it should be, I was really impressed with the sound. Especially if you have a home theatre system, it make the game come alive. Which is very, very scary. You can hear everything from the flames erupting from the ground to the, to the imps climbing the rails.
Sound 10

Oh boy, oh boy the graphics. This game seriously has some of the best graphics, I have ever seen, they are so shiny and smooth, they really are impressive. From the first imp you see, to the lost soul, this game has really pushed the x-box's limits. While they remain the same as D00M3, they seem like they have been tweaked from the original, they seem a lot smoother. I really enjoyed them.
graphics 10

My overall rating of the game is......I love this game, and I don't know how I could have survived with out playing this game, it is a step up from the original. I am glad, I put this game on reserve and played it, it made my day.
Overall 10

Rating: 10

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