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Reviewed: 10/10/05

More of what we loved, but not all we expected.

While PC owners have enjoyed Resurrection of Evil for a few months now, the Xbox version in some ways is the better of the two, but falls short of the PC in many others.

For only $30 you get a very nice game package. An action packed campaign with ~8 hours of gameplay, Doom and Doom II, and the coveted Doom II Master Levels. Easily worth its price. Factor in the time to play through those three classic games and you end up with ~25 hours, so there's some replay value here even if you already own the Doom 3 Collector's Edition.

Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil suffers from more framerate drops than Doom 3 for Xbox, and has a few minor problems such as slow video playback in your PDA, but nothing severe. The graphics are still top of the line, and the Doom 3 engine shines on Xbox hardware (though the lack of DirectX 9.0 still shows). It should be noted though that because Resurrection of Evil is a direct port from the PC and not rebuilt for Xbox hardware, Doom 3 does indeed look better than Resurrection of Evil.

The bosses are fun and not too hard to figure out, but the final one can be frustratingly difficult. The damage done to it is inconsistent amongst the weapons you use and it becomes downright invincible for the final half-an-inch of its health bar. It was the only time in the game where I died multiple times in a row before defeating my enemy.

Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil's gameplay surpasses that of Doom 3 for two reasons. The first is the return of the double-barreled shotgun. Doom II alumni will want this game solely for that. This weapon makes you feel POWERFUL. When an FPS can do that then you know it has something going for it.

The second is the Hell artifact you use. You gain it at the very beginning, gain a new ability for each of the three boss fights before the final one, and that alone gives it an edge over the Soul Cube you use near the end of Doom 3.

The artifact is not without its shortcomings, though. While the Soul Cube's instant kill/healing was constantly useful, the artifact's abilities are nearly useless outside of boss fights. You can run and gun your way through levels just as you would in Doom 3, and puzzles using the artifact just simply vanished after the first areas. While going into Hell-Time and killing off three enemies in a flash is fun, there's really no point because there are never that enemies to do it with. Enemies in Resurrection of Evil will spawn into the room one after another; almost never en mass.

The grabber was a fun addition, but pointless as well. The grin on your face when you use it to turn Imp fireballs back on their throwers vanishes once you gain access to other weapons, and most especially that double-barreled shotgun. However it does come in handy in many occasions because it is capable of grabbing and killing lesser demons and doesn't use ammo.

Resurrection of Evil continues the story beginning in Doom 3 and, to my great dismay, effectively ends it. The artifact apparently is a Hell weapon that created the portal between the Hell dimension and our own. As long as it exists in our dimension there is a chance it will be activated (which happens) and reopen the portal.

Your entire quest in Resurrection of Evil is to destroy the artifact in Hell so it can no longer be used to send Hell's minions to our dimension. Without it needing to be said you do succeed, but that success comes at the cost of there no longer being any more room for later Doom games in this storyline.

Resurrection of Evil is full of action and gives us more of what we loved in Doom 3. The addition of the double-barreled shotgun alone makes this game worthwhile to any Doom fan. At the low price it is offered at, the 8 hour campaign, and the inclusion of Doom and Doom II, you can't say no.

There are quite a few unfortunately. Resurrection of Evil's story is wholly disappointing when it reaches its conclusion. Doom 3 had a very deep story involving the Ancient civilization for those who stopped to read it, and Resurrection of Evil doesn't allow the possibility that it will be explored further in Doom 4.

The artifact's uselessness outside of boss fights, and the grabber's gimmicky nature, dampen the feel as you're just running around blasting things with the double-barreled shotgun. They are fun additions, but the fun with them does not last long enough.

Frustrating final boss which doesn't measure up to the first three you battle.

SideswipeZulu's final score for Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil:
---------------------------- 7.5/10 -------------------------------

Rating: 7

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