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Reviewed: 03/01/07

This expansion feels like a much better game than Doom 3 itself.

I have to thank ID Software. Whereas most gaming companies totally ignore their players complaints, ID actually did something to address the biggest complaint about Doom 3 when they released the expansion. People hated having to switch to the dinky flashlight when they needed to navigate because you either had the ability to see or to effectively fight. Even though Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil is still as pitch black as the last game you have a much more effective flashlight than in the last game.

In Resurrection of Evil the UAC has returned to the devastated facility from Doom 3, following a mysterious beacon they have picked up. You control another nameless character, this one a combat engineer, as he goes in to explore the ruins where this beacon is located. What follows is a much more demonic story than even Doom 3. Not only are you fighting the forces of darkness, you will find yourself wielding demonic magics yourself, all in an effort to definitively stop the evil forces invading our reality.

This game controls exactly like the Doom 3, but it has a few marked improvements. Firstly, you are given a weapon dubbed the grab gun. This is basically the gravity gun from Half-Life 2, but yet more useful due to the ability to return enemy projectiles to them. You can fling an imp fireball right back at the little bugger and kill him in one shot. That is so awesome. Also, they have removed the flashlight and they replaced it with a pistol that has a flashlight in it. So while it is still pretty useless, you can actually fight back against the weaker enemies with it if they surprise you.

The biggest change that has been introduced into the gameplay is the mysterious item you will find called the Artifact. This alien device gains numerous abilities as you play through the game and fight certain bosses. The darkest thing about this demonic item is that it is powered by absorbing the souls of your dead UAC companions. When you find a body, you can pull its soul into the Artifact to provide a charge to it. This is crucial to fighting some of the later bosses, as well as learning when to time the uses of these powers. There are three powers in all, the only one of which I will spoil is a bullet time like effect where everything slows down but you. This allows you to get the upper hand on harder enemies.

There isn’t all that much to be said about the graphics and the audio in this game. Seeing as how it is simply an expansion pack, they are much the same. The graphics are just as wonderful, and dark, as ever while the audio is still top-notch. There is a mostly new batch of voice actors who all do a stellar job bringing this game to life. The only thing of note is that the enemies have gotten more impressive and the bosses are far more incredible to see. Other than that, everything is more or less exactly the same.

Another incredible inclusion to this game is the addition of all the old Doom games of yore. You get the ability to play Ultimate Doom, Doom 2 and the Master Levels for Doom 2. This lets you experience almost the entire Doom saga from its inception. Although Ultimate Doom is admittedly not the same game that Doom was when it was first released, its still a fun play. It’s also nice to see where all of the weapons and monsters came from, how silly the imps used to look and how easy it was to once take out a Hell Knight. And for all those who haven’t played the original games, you will now know why the demons are called “Pinkies.”

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil is a great expansion pack that I actually thought was a better buy than Doom 3. Not only do you get a fun game with many improvements over the original, but you also get the older games. Mind you, this doesn’t really apply to the PC version as I have never played that, but the X-Box version is a great play. I bought this game right after I rented it and I would honestly suggest this game to anyone who is a fan of horror games or first person shooters. It really is a fun, and genuinely challenging, game. Just beware the final boss, eh? He’s a doozy.

Pros: The grab gun gives you a nice alternative when low on arrow, some of the areas are incredibly fun and challenging and the double barrel shotgun makes a fun return.

Cons: The grab gun feels like a cheap Half-Life 2 rip-off and the final fight is more annoying than hard.

Score: 8

Recommendation: If you are a Doom fan pick this up, otherwise pass.

Rating: 8

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