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Reviewed: 11/06/06

It is so perfect, but misses only so little....

When Doom 3 came out, it was a hit. People were lining up outside of any stores in stock just to get it. After a while, it was remade for the Xbox and became just as good. Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil was an expansion pack made originally on the PC but soon came out on the Xbox. It was an excellant expansion and deserves an excellant review.

Storyline 10/10:
Basically, the story goes like this. It's 2 years after Doom 3 and the Mars UAC Research Facility has been reopened with higher security. Soon after, a satellite orbiting the planet picks up a sensor beacon coming from an abandond dig site called Site 1. You and your team go to investigate, and end up finding an artifact. When you pick it up, all hell breaks loose again. Your mission for the whole game is to figure out what the artifact does, and destroy it. I found the storyline very good. It would have made a better game than expansion though.

Gameplay 8/10:
The gameplay is everything a hardcore FPS gamer wants: nonstop action. This game is loaded with hundreds of blood thirsty demons just waiting to taste hot lead. Aside from some puzzle parts, this has nothing but action. The only problem with the gameplay is how short the game goes by. When I bought it, I was at Level 3 within a matter of minutes. If it had been longer, it would have gotten a 10.

Graphics 10/10:
The graphics are the same quality as Doom 3, and Doom 3's graphics were seriously kick-ass! The graphics make everything feel real and creepy, as though you were there. All the creatures look very life like and deeply terrifying. These graphics are high quality and look crisp!

Sound 10/10:
Doom 3 would be nothing without sound. The creepy enviroments are acompanied by the eerie whispers and screeches of demons that are never seen, and make for a devistating combo. Everytime you walk through a level, you'll hear demons yelling and wont see them until your hit. Also, the music right before the final boss is seriously creepy and awsome! This game is a definite winner sound-wise!

Demons and Bosses 10/10:
The game features almsot all the demons you loved from Doom 3, and even adds 4 new ones: the Forgotten Ones, the Bio Suit Zombie, the Vulgar, and the Briuser. The Forgotten Ones are awsome looking creatures. They replace the Lost Souls (which are no longer in this game) and looke like the Lost Souls from the original Doom. The Bio Suit Zombie is pretty standard, just a Zombie with a radiation suit, yet still really cool looking. The Vulgars are the most common of the new enemies. They come really early into the game and are more frequent than Imps. They're smaller, and have a lower defense, but are faster and stronger, and throw green fireballs. You'll know when ones going to spawn because their spawn point is green instead of red. The Bruiser is the coolest of the new demons! It's friggin huge! Its bigger than a Hellknight, and shoots fireballs like a Mancubus, only rapidly. This thing is hard to miss because it has 2 large cannons on its hands and a TV with a picture of teeth for a mouth, and makes loud crashing noises evertime it takes a step. The new demons are really cool, and must be in the next Doom.

Weapons 9/10:
All the weapons are back except for the Soul Cube, and the Chainsaw (which dissapointed me). They do add 3 new weapons to the game though: The Artifact (ROE's Soul Cube weapon), the Grabber, and the Double-Barreled Shotgun! The Artifact is basically useless until you face the first boss. It has many powers which I will not reveal in a review. The Grabber is one cool weapon! It requires no ammo, and can pick up almost anything! Grab an explosive barrel and chuck it at enemies, or grab far away ammo! You can even grab enemy projectiles and toss it right back at them (do not try this on a Renevant! Bad results...). The Double-Barreled Shotgun is the best weapon in the game. While the reload is sluggish, the power is intense! It wipes out Imps, Vulgars, Pinkys, Renevants, and Maggots in 1 shot! Ammo is of no concern if you conserve right. The weapons get a high score, but take damage from the loss of the beloved Chainsaw.

Extras 10/10:
The game also comes wiht extras such as the first 2 Dooms and the Doom 2 Master Levels! They are worth playing. After all, they did start it all!

Overall 9/10:
Basically, this game is a bit short, but worth every penny. I highly recommend it to all Doom fans! If you have the computer version, I envy you because of other features only on the PC. If you go to the right store, you can find it for under $18! Any questions can be asked at my E-mail. Just check the Doom 3, and Doom 3 ROE message boards for my account and E-mail. =D

-ABQFS77 ^_^ (otherwise known as bluwirz)

Rating: 9

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