Review by brett695

Reviewed: 06/08/06

Is Doom 3: Resurrection Of Evil as good as its predecessor?

Back in August of 2004 ID finally released Doom 3 for the PC. A great game with a great storyline, awesome weapons, and impressive graphics. Then in April of 2005 Doom 3 got ported to the Xbox, basically the same games but it was shortened a little. Then in 2005 they released an expansion pack for the PC version called Doom 3 Resurrection Of Evil. Several months later it was released for the Xbox, but is it as good as the original?

The story in the original Doom 3 was very simple, mad scientist finds a way to hell, gets possessed by the devil and brings demons to earth and as a lone marine it is your job to stop him. The story is basically the same here, except it takes place 2 years after the original and you explore new areas of mars and are a different marine than in the original. The story isn't as interesting as the story from the original.

The gameplay to be stated in one word is AWESOME! Its very action packed and its just fun to blow the crap out of mindless zombies and demons with a double barreled shotgun or rocket launcher. You also get a lot of other futuristic weapons like the BFG which has been featured in other Doom games and the Plasma Gun.

The sound and music are very good (if there is any music) I just wish they would have given different sounds to the way enemies die. The music is good is there is any, music usually only plays when something suspenseful is about to happen.

The graphics in this game are great, the enemy designs are basically the same as the original. The environments are very well detailed and the lighting effects are done really well.

I give this an 8 out of 10. It is a great game but would be better if it had a more in-depth story, and plus the game is way too short, I finished it 3 hours after I started playing!

Rent or Buy?:
If your a fan of Doom 3 or any Doom games then you should definitely get this, but if you have not played a Doom game before then you should rent it first.

Rating: 8

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