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Guide and Walkthrough by MorpheusDV

Version: Final | Updated: 10/30/2005

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#     #  #    #  #    #  #  # #  #   ####
#     #  #    #  #    #  #   #   #       #
#     #  #    #  #    #  #       #   ####
#     #  #    #  #    #  #       #        
#    #   #    #  #    #  #       #       
#####     ####    ####   #       #      
 R E S U R R E C T I O N   O F   E V I L


DV Morpheus
Last Update: 4.29.05
Version: 3.2 FINAL


Table of Contents:
1. Introduction ..................................................[D3XP.01.01]
2. Updates Information ...........................................[D3XP.02.01]
3. The Story .....................................................[D3XP.03.01]
   * Ultimate Doom ...............................................[D3XP.03.02]
   * Doom II: Hell on Earth ......................................[D3XP.03.03]
   * Final Doom ..................................................[D3XP.03.04]
   * Doom 3 ......................................................[D3XP.03.05]
   * Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil ................................[D3XP.03.06]
4. Weapons .......................................................[D3XP.04.01]
   * Flashlight ..................................................[D3XP.04.02]
   * Ionized Plasma Levitator (The Grabber).......................[D3XP.04.03]
   * Fist ........................................................[D3XP.04.04]
   * Pistol ......................................................[D3XP.04.05]
   * Shotgun .....................................................[D3XP.04.06]
   * Double Barreled Shotgun .....................................[D3XP.04.07]
   * Machine Gun .................................................[D3XP.04.08]
   * Chaingun ....................................................[D3XP.04.09]
   * Hand Grenades ...............................................[D3XP.04.10]
   * Plasma Rifle ................................................[D3XP.04.11]
   * Rocket Launcher .............................................[D3XP.04.12]
   * BFG 9000 ....................................................[D3XP.04.13]
   * The Artifact ................................................[D3XP.04.14]
5. Items .........................................................[D3XP.05.01]
   * Air Canister ................................................[D3XP.05.02]
   * Environmental Suit ..........................................[D3XP.05.03]
   * Backpack ....................................................[D3XP.05.04]
   * Armor Shard .................................................[D3XP.05.05]
   * Security Armor ..............................................[D3XP.05.06]
   * Small Medikit ...............................................[D3XP.05.07]
   * Large Medikit ...............................................[D3XP.05.08]
   * Health Station ..............................................[D3XP.05.09]
   * Keycard .....................................................[D3XP.05.10]
   * PDA (Personal Data Assistant) ...............................[D3XP.05.11]
   * Video Disc CD ...............................................[D3XP.05.12]
   * Power Cell ..................................................[D3XP.05.13]
   * Power Cell Generator ........................................[D3XP.05.14]
   * Soulsphere (Multiplayer only) ...............................[D3XP.05.15]
   * Invunerability Sphere (Multiplayer only) ....................[D3XP.05.16]
   * Invisibility (Multiplayer only) .............................[D3XP.05.17]
6. Monsters ......................................................[D3XP.06.01]
   * Zombie (Generic) ............................................[D3XP.06.02]
   * Zombie (Fat) ................................................[D3XP.06.03]
   * Zombie (Flaming) ............................................[D3XP.06.04]
   * Zombie (Bio Suit) ...........................................[D3XP.06.05]
   * Zombie (Z-Sec) ..............................................[D3XP.06.06]
   * Zombie (Commando, Chaingun Commando) ........................[D3XP.06.07]
   * Trite .......................................................[D3XP.06.08]
   * Tick ........................................................[D3XP.06.09]
   * Lost Soul ...................................................[D3XP.06.10]
   * The Forgotten One ...........................................[D3XP.06.11]
   * Imp .........................................................[D3XP.06.12]
   * Vulgar ......................................................[D3XP.06.13]
   * Maggot ......................................................[D3XP.06.14]
   * Wraith ......................................................[D3XP.06.15]
   * Cherub ......................................................[D3XP.06.16]
   * Pinky .......................................................[D3XP.06.17]
   * Cacodemon ...................................................[D3XP.06.18]
   * Renevant ....................................................[D3XP.06.19]
   * Archvile ....................................................[D3XP.06.20]
   * Mancubus ....................................................[D3XP.06.21]
   * Hell Knight .................................................[D3XP.06.22]
   * The Bruiser .................................................[D3XP.06.23]
7. Bosses ........................................................[D3XP.07.01]
   * The Hell Hunters ............................................[D3XP.07.02]
   * Hell Hunter 1 ...............................................[D3XP.07.03]
   * Hell Hunter 2 ...............................................[D3XP.07.04]
   * Hell Hunter 3 ...............................................[D3XP.07.05]
   * Maledict ....................................................[D3XP.07.06]
8. Walkthrough ...................................................[D3XP.08.01]
   * Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavationn)..........................[D3XP.08.02]
   * Erebus - Level 2 (Erebus Dig Site) ..........................[D3XP.08.03]
   * Erebus - Level 3 (Erebus Labs) ..............................[D3XP.08.04]
   * Erebus - Level 4 (Erebus Control) ...........................[D3XP.08.05]
   * Erebus - Level 5 (Erebus Research) ..........................[D3XP.08.06]
   * Erebus - Level 6 (Erebus Station) ...........................[D3XP.08.07]
   * Phobos Labs - Sector 1 (Teleportation) ......................[D3XP.08.08]
   * Phobos Labs - Sector 2 (Molecular Research) .................[D3XP.08.09]
   * Phobos Labs - Sector 3 (Main Reactor) .......................[D3XP.08.10]
   * Phobos Labs - Revisited (Teleportation) .....................[D3XP.08.11]
   * Delta Labs - Unknown (Union Aerospace Research Division) ....[D3XP.08.12]
   * Hell - Unknown ..............................................[D3XP.08.13]
9. Codes and Secrets .............................................[D3XP.09.01]
   * Console Commands ............................................[D3XP.09.02]
   * Storage Locker Combinations .................................[D3XP.09.03]
   * Sarge's big Game Hunt .......................................[D3XP.09.04]
   * Hellanoid ...................................................[D3XP.09.05]
   * Martian Buddy Blaster .......................................[D3XP.09.06]
   * Nightmare Difficulty ........................................[D3XP.09.07]
   * Sarge's Picture .............................................[D3XP.09.08]
10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) .............................[D3XP.10.01]
11. Legal Information ............................................[D3XP.11.01]
12. Credits.......................................................[D3XP.12.01]
13. Contacts .....................................................[D3XP.13.01]

1. Introduction                                                   [D3XP.01.01]

Doom 3 marked a milestone when it was first released on 8.4.04. Not only did
Doom 3 utilize the newest graphics engine, but also introduced new weapons,
new monsters, and above all, new  areas. Combine this with a great storyline
and you get what some people deem the best game of the year.

After Doom 3 was released and ID heard about how good it was, they immediately
began working on a sequel for Doom 3, that takes place two years after the
horrible incidents on Mars. Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil was released on
4.4.05. Bringing new monsters, new weapons, and new environments to gameplay,
this was the perfect way to improve Doom 3.

You may wonder why you might even need a walkthrough for Doom 3: Resurrection
of Evil since it's so linear that it's hard to get lost. Well, some people
may want to know where all ammo caches are located. These can help so much
when you're in Nightmare, or any difficulty for that matter.

This FAQ will run somewhat like Grawl's but for the sake of sanity to some
people, I won't put PDA information in the main walkthrough itself. I might
put it in a different section if I feel like it.

2. Updates Information                                            [D3XP.02.01]

Updates go from top to bottom, newer updates appear at the bottom.

4.12.05 - Added Erebus 1-3 to the walkthrough.
        - Added the 'Story' section.
        - Added other sections, but most are incomplete.

4.13.05 - Added Erebus 4-6, completing all of the Erebus levels.
        - Started and finished the Monsters section.
        - Started and finished the Boss section.
        - Added more sections, but are incomplete.

4.14.05 - Finished Phobos Labs - Sector 1 to Hell, completing the walkthough.
        - Legal Information, Credits, and Contacts sections are up.
        - Added the Weapons section, so that's done.
        - Updated Legal Information.
        - Still very much to do.

4.15.05 - Finished the 'Items' section.
        - Added the 'Codes and Secrets' section. Will be done later.

4.18.05 - Finished up the 'Codes and Secrets' section.
        - Put up an 'FAQ' section.
        - All PDA information will be here next update in a seperate section.
        - Hopefully final version next version release.

4.19.05 - Updated 'Contacts' information for AIM.

4.23.05 - FAQ/Walkthrough is now complete.
        - No 'PDA' section as I'm working on other things.
        - Thanks you all once again for reading and enjoying this FAQ.

4.30.05 - Updated 'Legal Information'.

3. The Story                                                      [D3XP.03.01]

I give credit to the .pdf manuals from the Doom Collector's Edition for giving
me all the stories from Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth, and Final Doom. Stories
from Doom 3 and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil were taken from their respective
manuals as well.

Ultimate Doom                                                     [D3XP.03.02]

You're a Marine, one of Earth's toughest, hardened in combat and trained for 
action. Three years ago you assaulted a superior officer for ordering his 
soldiers to fire upon civilians. He and his body cast were shipped to Pearl 
Harbour, while you were transferred to Mars, home of the Union Aerospace 

The UAC is a multi-planetary conglomerate with radioactive waste facilities on
Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos. With no action for fifty million 
miles, your day consisted of suckin' dust and watchin' restricted flicks in 
the rec room.

For the last four years the military, UAC's biggest supplier, has used the 
remote facilities on Phobos and Deimos to conduct various secret projects, 
including research on inter-dimensional space travel. So far they have been 
able to open gateways between Phobos and Deimos, throwing a few gadgets into
one and watching them come out the other. Recently however, the Gateways have
grown dangerously unstable. Military "volunteers" entering them have either 
disappeared or been stricken with a strange form of insanity babbling 
vulgarities, bludgeoning anything that breathes, and finally suffering an 
untimely death of full-body explosion. Matching heads with torsos to send home
to the folks became a full-time job. Latest military reports state that the 
research is suffering a small set-back, but everything is under control.

A few hours ago, Mars received a garbled message from Phobos. "We require 
immediate military support. Something fraggin' evil is coming out of the 
Gateways! Computer systems have gone berserk!" The rest was incoherent. Soon
afterwards, Deimos simply vanished from the sky. Since then, attempts to 
establish contact with either moon have been unsuccessful.

You and your buddies, the only combat troop for fifty million miles were sent
up pronto to Phobos. You were ordered to secure the perimeter of the base 
while the rest of the team went inside. For several hours, your radio picked
up the sounds of combat: guns firing, men yelling orders, screams, bones 
cracking, then finally, silence. Seems your buddies are dead.

Things aren't looking too good. You'll never navigate off the planet on your
own. Plus, all the heavy weapons have been taken by the assault team leaving 
you with only a pistol. If only you could get your hands around a plasma rifle
or even a shotgun you could take a few down on your way out. Whatever killed 
your buddies deserves a couple of pellets in the forehead. Securing your 
helmet, you exit the landing pod. Hopefully you can find more substantial 
firepower somewhere within the station.

As you walk through the main entrance of the base, you hear animal-like growls
echoing throughout the distant corridors. They know you're here. There's no 
turning back now.

Doom II: Hell on Earth                                            [D3XP.03.03]

Back at last. After days of hard fighting in space, you've returned home on 
well-earned leave. You're one of Earth's crack soldiers, hard-bitten, tough, 
and heavily-armed. When the alien invasion struck Mars, you were the first on
the scene. By killing, killing, and killing, you won. You stopped the 
invasion, saved Mars base, and became a war hero. What they don't talk about 
so much is that you were the only survivor. 

But that's all behind you now. You've quit the military, and are heading home.
Your drop pod lands with a crunch. You open 'er up, and look out. Damn! The 
city ahead is on fire. What the devil is going on? You stagger forward, 
clutching at your sidearm. Packs of refugees are fleeing the flaming 
metropolis. A band of them shriek in terror. You squint. What's that? Someone
is attacking the refugees. You rush up and blast away, killing the 
troublemaker. It looks like a human, but something's wrong. His mouth is 
filled with half-chewed flesh, and he's all messed up, like a zombie from a 
bad horror movie. Hell, not again! 

You can feel it. It's all starting again, just like on Mars. First, people are
taken over, turned into cannibal Things. Then the real horror starts, the
deformed monstrosities from Outside. But now it's on Earth. 

It turns out that the invaders are all over. Monsters range from Tokyo to 
Timbuktu, from Stockholm to Scranton. Billions are dead. Some people have been
transformed into flesh-eating mutants, but a few, a very few, are still alive 
and fully human. The wise men of humanity have evolved a plan to save what's 
left of the human race. They have built enormous ships to carry the remaining
people into space, safely away from the ruined world. 

Unfortunately, Earth's only ground spaceport has just been taken over by the 
demons. They've instituted a sort of force field flame barrier over the port;
no ships can land or take off. You gotta go back into action. The pathetic 
remnants of Earth's soldiers are making an assault on the invaders at the 
spaceport. If you win, you might be able to turn off the barrier, so that the 
ships can leave, and Homo sapiens may not go extinct just yet. If you lose, 
that's it. Humanity is history. 

You and your comrades make their attack. Soon, brave men drop like flies. You
lose track of your friends, though sometimes you can hear them scream when 
they die, and the sounds of combat echo from deep within the starbase.

Something hisses with rage from the steel tunnels ahead. They know you're 
here. They have no pity, no mercy, take no quarter, and crave none. They're 
the perfect enemy, in a way. No one's left but you. You... and Them.

Final Doom                                                        [D3XP.03.04]

Though all the top management of the UAC were dead, and so were most of their
personnel down to the janitors, the corporation survived, now under strict 
government supervision. The UAC still sought the secret to matter apportation,
and continued its experiments under vastly increased safety measures. 

The UAC's base was set up on one of the moons of Jupiter, hoping that the 
increased distance would enhance Earth's safety if something went wrong. 
Marines were stationed at the base, ready for anything.

Soon after the UAC opened its first Gate, the minions of Hell made their first
attack. Suddenly, through the Gate flowed spiked, fanged, dripping 
techno-terrors. Meat machines flailed their armored limbs and slavered with 
bloodlust, seeking soft bleeding manflesh to rend. But in their seeking, they
found only death. The United States Space Marine Corps was prepared for such 
an event, and they poured molten death into the hordes of Hell. More demons 
massed, hoping to overwhelm the defenders by their endless numbers. But mass 
alone was no match for the marines. Set up in defensive positions around the 
gate, the marines were able to slaughter the monsters by the hundreds, taking
few losses.

As suddenly as it had begun, the invasion ended. The last flaming skull 
screamed through, was hit by twenty simultaneous shotgun blasts, and the 
chamber was silent once more, except for the dripping of blood. Hell had 

The research went on, more boldly, and less cautiously. All the marines 
received the Silver Star from a grateful government, and the UAC made an 
enormous contribution to the Veteran's Fund. The defensive positions were 
strengthened, and the marines watched closely for another attempt, all their 
attention drawn inward towards the Gates. They were looking in the wrong 

Hell knew more than one trick. Months after the Gate incident, the yearly 
supply ship came ahead of time. On radar, the ship looked far larger than 
usual. And it was coming from the wrong direction. Strange, but not 
inexplicable. The lax radar operators reported the ship's approach, and 
personnel went out to the landing field to meet it. But it never landed. 
Instead, it hovered over the base, miles in the air. The men and women looked
up at it, and saw that something was terribly wrong.

The ship could not have come from Earth. It was huge, kilometers long, and was
built of bone, steel, flesh, corruption, and death. It was a 
bio-mechano-magical construct from the depths of Hell and It had come through
space for its vengeance. Enormous doors, large as football fields, irised open
and hideous demons poured out, plunging to the ground and blanketing the 
entire base with their throbbing, pulsing bodies. They were everywhere at 
once. The marines' defenses, set up to prevent an attack from the direction of
the Gate, were worthless. The monsters poured through the sewers, the air 
vents, the hallways, everywhere, rampaging, corrupting, and feasting.

Once more, the surviving humans were left as zombified brain-dead 
monstrosities. existing only to kill and kill and kill.

Only one man escaped death or zombification. The marine commander. You. You 
weren't at the base when the skies opened and devastation poured from the 
stars. You were miles away, enjoying a walk across the moon's rough-hewn 
landscape. Then you heard a snortling gurgle behind you, whirled, to face one
of Them. The beings that still haunted your nightmares. Your reflexes weren't
dulled by your expierences, and you pulled out your pistol and blew the imp to
gory shreds.

Hot-footing it back to the base, you saw it all and realized what had happened
in a flash. The demon ship still floated above the infested base. Your boys -- 
the men you'd trained to fight and kill and die as no fighting man had ever 
been trained before -- were dead. You were not there when it happened, to die 
with them.

Unlike the ancient Samurai, who chose to die with their men, you cocked your 
pistol. You were going to kill for your men. And if you died trying, well, you
were going to die anyway, some day. Death at the fangs of demons might be the 
very worst way to die, but if they did manage to get you, Hell would know it 
had been in a fight.

After Hell's catastrophic invasion of Earth, the United States took steps to 
prevent such an invasion from recurring. The old UAC corporation was 
refounded, under completely new management (since the old trustees and 
stockholders were all dead, this wasn't much of a problem), and sent to 
research tools and technologies to prevent such an incursion from happening 
ever again.

Though the invasion had been stopped, and the remaining demons were gradually
being exterminated by mopping-up squads, it was clear that the powers of Hell
remained strong. While the Spider Mastermind and Baphomet seemed to no longer
threaten, who knew what else lay Outside? Waiting. Watching. Preparing.

The new UAC began working on quantum Accelerator devices, intended to close
interdimensional gates at a distance and so prevent future incursions forever.
The project began innocently enough. Naturally the scientists, in order to 
learn how to close Gates, had to relearn Gate technology first. This ability 
was rapidly regained. Perhaps too rapidly.

Soon, beings from Outside had their dire attention drawn to the new 
experiments, and then, one day, a Gate opened in the heart of the research 
complex. Unnatural horrors from the pit poured in, ravening for destruction.
But the UAC scientists had learned their trade. The Quantum Accelerator 
Device performed perfectly in its maiden test -- the invasion Gate was closed
instantly and permanently when the Accelerator flicked on. A cyberdemon, 
halfway through, was snipped in two when the Gate closed. Earth would now be
safe from literal invasion by Hell. At least, once the technology could be 
set up around the globe.

The next day, a ring of seven Gates opened, throughout the base, and a 
monstrous legion rampaged through. The Quantum Accelerator began putting out
the Gates at once, and within an hour, six were closed. But the hellish army
was now too strong, too numerous. The marines fought like mad dogs, but were 
finally pulled down by the enemies' claws. The scientists, marines, and 
bureaucrats were all slain or transformed into undead mankillers.

The Quantum Accelerator and its prototypes are deep inside the ravaged 
complex. A demon Gatekeeper guards them and mans the last Gate of Hell. The 
government, frantic that the Quantum Accelerator will be destroyed or used in
some alien fashion upon us, has ordered all marines to the site at once, 
regardless of their location.

You were on leave at the beach, only a few minutes from the complex, when you
got the word. You suited up, grabbed a pistol, and raced your pickup truck to
the complex. When you arrived, flashes of light, howls, and chanting could be
heard from the interior. Corpses were scattered everywhere. Obviously the 
Gatekeeper was doing something inside -- something that would soon reach some
kind of awful climax.

You know that within an hour or two, an entire division of marines will arrive
to assault the base with full artillery and air support. You also know that 
they will be too late. Far too late. The airplanes will be plucked from the 
sky by floating terrors, the cannons melted by diabolic rockets and fireballs,
the soldiers blasted to shreds as they charge into the armored shell of the 
UAC buildings. In an hour or two, the monstrosities inside will have finished
their awful task, and will be prepared, once more, to take on the world.

It's up to you. You have to enter the complex and stop the Gatekeeper. Alone.

Doom 3                                                            [D3XP.03.05]

You are a Marine, one of Earth’s toughest, hardened in combat and trained for 
action. Shortly after reporting for duty at the Union Aerospace Corporation’s
Mars research facility, a massive demonic invasion overwhelms the base, 
leaving chaos, horror and uncertainty in its wake. As one of only a few 
survivors, you must use overwhelming firepower and all of your combat skill to
battle through the demon hordes, find out what went wrong and prevent the evil
from spreading. Only you stand between Hell and Earth.

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil                                      [D3XP.03.06]

It has been almost two years since the mysterious incident shut down the UAC 
base on Mars. Several months ago, one of the UAC satellites still monitoring 
the red planet detected a beacon originating from Site 1. This early research
facility was long forgotten, even before the invasion. Now, you're a Marine 
combat engineer, part of a massive research and security team lead by Dr. 
Elizabeth McNeil. Your team is being sent back to Mars in an attempt to find 
and investigate the source of this strange signal. What you'll find, nobody 
knows, but hopefully it will offer new insight into the ancient civilization 
that once inhabited Mars.

As your transport nears the surface, you cannot help but wonder what type 
of "accident" could have killed so many two years ago... and could it happen 

4. Weapons                                                        [D3XP.04.01]

Here is a list of all the various weapons in the game. It's not as detailed
as my Weapon/Monster FAQ, but it will give you enough information. If you
want a very detailed guide on how to use each weapon effectively on monsters,
go check out my Weapon/Monster FAQ.

Flashlight                                                        [D3XP.04.02]

First Found In: N/A.

You will always have the Flashlight with you from the beginning of the game.
The Flashlight is mainly used to illuminate the darkness throughout the
complex, but if you're desperate and have no ammo, the Flashlight can be
used to club monsters with. However, if you plan to hit monsters with the
Flashlight, never use it on anything greater than an Imp.

Ionized Plasma Levitator (The Grabber)                            [D3XP.04.03]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation).

After a very cool cutscene regarding a Marine and an Imp (Check the
Walkthrough for it), the Marine will give you the Grabber. There are many
fun things you can do with it. First, you can throw some of the smaller
monsters (Example: Cherub), you can grab distant items that are normally
impossible to obtain without the Grabber, and one of the best things of all,
throw monster projectiles back at them. The Grabber doesn't have many uses
in the game overall, but when you need it, it's very useful.

Fist                                                              [D3XP.04.04]

First Found In: N/A.

You will always have the Fist, mainly because it's attached to your arm. The
Fist is one of the most useless weapons in the game. It doesn't do very much
damage, and is very slow to hit people with. The Fist should only be used
as a last resort, or when you have Berserk, but sadly, Berserk power-ups
aren't found in Resurrection of Evil.

Pistol                                                            [D3XP.04.05]

First Found In: N/A.

Much like the Fist and Flashlight, you will always have the Pistol with you,
from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. The Pistol doesn't do
very much damage, but it does kill Trites, Ticks, and The Forgotten Ones in
only two shots. You'll end up forgetting the Pistol once you get the Shotgun
and Machine Gun.

Shotgun                                                           [D3XP.04.06]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation).

The Shotgun will be one of the first weapons you ever find, and even one of
the first items you find. The Shotgun is very useful in close range combat,
but really lacks in power from far away. The Shotgun has the capability to
kill Imps, Vulgars, Cherubs, and more in one hit if you're aim is really
good. Shotgun ammo is fairly common throughout the game, so you'll be relying
on this weapon a lot.

Double Barreled Shotgun                                           [D3XP.04.07]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 3 (Erebus Labs).

Once you find the Double Barreled Shotgun, the single-shot Shotgun will become
almost non-existant, meaning you'll never use it. The Double Barreled Shotgun,
like the ones in the previous Doom games, is very powerful. You can kill
a Renevant and Cacodemon in one hit, something the Rocket Launcher cannot
do. Since this weapon fires two shots at once, it takes longer to reload.
The damage of the Double Barreled Shotgun more than makes up for it.

Machine Gun                                                       [D3XP.04.08]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation).

The Machine Gun is considered one of the most versaitle weapons in the game.
Ammo for it is very common, as most Z-Sec Zombies carry them. Because the
bullets are slightly weaker than a Pistol round, it is not meant to take on
the bigger monsters. The accuracy and the rate of fire more than make up
for the loss of damage the Machine Gun has. The Machine Gun is one of those
weapons where you have a lot of ammo reserves, so don't be afraid to use it.
Watch your clip though. The Machine Gun eats through it like crazy.

Chaingun                                                          [D3XP.04.09]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 5 (Erebus Research).

In terms of damage and speed, the Chaingun is one of the best weapons in the
game. Although the Chaingun takes a while before it starts shooting, once
you get it going, nothing will stand in your way for long. The Chaingun
can rip through a Hell Knight like a hot knife cuts through butter. Save
the Chaingun for when you encounter something big, or when there are hordes
of Zombies or Vulgars in the area.

Hand Grenades                                                     [D3XP.04.10]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 2 (Erebus Dig Site).

Hand Grenades are perhaps the most underused item in the game. Even though
there's that tendency that a Hand Grenade might land at your feet and blow
you up, there are very useful for chucking at Z-Sec Zombies who hide behind
crates and you don't want to risk that damage. Hand Grenades are also useful
for throwing into dark shadows on where a Zombie may be hiding, or any
monster for that fact. Watch where you aim your Hand Grenade before throwing

Plasma Rifle                                                      [D3XP.04.11]

First Found In: Phobos Labs - Sector 1 (Teleportation).

Once you find the Plasma Rifle in the Phobos Labs, this will be your main
weapon for the rest of the game. Ammo is pretty common, especially later in
the game, and the Plasma Rifle rips through anything with ease. It's no 
suprise why the Plasma Rifle is everyone's favorite weapon. The only drawback
to the Plasma Rifle how slow the plasma bolts go. Because of their slowness,
any fast moving enemy can dodge them. To balance this out, the Plasma Rifle
has a very high rate of fire.

Rocket Launcher                                                   [D3XP.04.12]

First Found In: Phobos Labs - Sector 1 (Teleportation).

The best explosive weapon in the game. Ammo for the Rocket Launcher is rare,
so save it for something big, such as a Hell Knight, Mancubus, or a Bruiser.
Rockets don't fire very fast from the Rocket Launcher, and if you're standing
too close to the monster or a wall, you can receive some very heavy splash
damage in return. Use caution when using the Rocket Launcher.

BFG 9000                                                          [D3XP.04.13]

First Found In: Delta Labs - Unknown (Union Aerospace Research Division)

You find the BFG very late in the game unlike Doom 3, but it will very useful
when in Hell against large groups of monsters. It will take down any monster
in one hit when fully charged up, so save it for those monsters who just
won't die. Ammo is very rare for the BFG 9000, so be sure to use it sparingly.
The more you charge up the BFG 9000, the more ammo it uses and the more
damage it does. Be sure not to charge it up too much. If it blows up, you
die and you lose the gun.

The Artifact                                                      [D3XP.04.14]

First Found In: N/A.

You will always have The Artifact, but the usefull doesn't come in until the
second level, when you face your first Hell Hunter. You get three powers
associated with The Artifact: Hell Time, Quad-Damage, and Invincibility.
You get one power every time you defeat a Hell Hunter. Once you activate it,
all powers activate, you don't get to choose which ones to activate. The
Artifact gets its charges from human corpses, or souls. Take out your
Artifact and point it at a corpse. It will retrieve its soul and use it for
the charge.

5. Items                                                          [D3XP.05.01]

Here is a list of all the various items and such you will find or use during
the game. Items you cannot pick up but can use (ex. Health Station) will be
listed here as well. If I forgot an item of some sort, please inform me
through E-Mail or IM (See 'Contacts' section for details).

Air Canister                                                      [D3XP.05.02]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 6 (Erebus Station).

Air Canisters can be found on the Martian surface whenever you venture to go
to the next area. You can carry a maximum limit of 100 Oxygen points. Your
oxygen will slowly decrease as you move outside on the planet. Each additional
Air Canister you find will supply you with 50 Oxygen points. You will lose
ten health every three seconds when you run out of air, so be sure to pick
these up when you can.

Environmental Suit                                                [D3XP.05.03]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 5 (Erebus Research).

Environmental Suits provide you with oxygen to be able to breathe in the toxic
waste part in Erebus - Level 5 (Erebus Research). The Environmetal Suit is
basically a helmet with a flashlight on top of it to negate the use of using
your default Flashlight. When wearing the helmet, your weapon sounds become
muffled - a very nice detail to the game. You can have up to a maximum of
150 Oxygen points when using the Environmental Suit, and each additional
canister of oxygen you find will add 50 Oxygen points total.

Backpack                                                          [D3XP.05.04]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 3 (Erebus Labs).

Backpacks are the best ammo pick-ups you can find in the game, but they are
very, very rare. Although they do not increase the amount of ammo you can
carry for each weapon as the previous Doom games, they provide a plethora of
ammo, Medikits, and other items. Try to pick these up whenever you can.

Armor Shard                                                       [D3XP.05.05]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation).

Armor Shards provide will add 5 Armor points to your overall total. You can
have a maximum of 125 Armor points, and no more. These are quite common and
can be found almost anywhere. Armor Shards will usually be found in groups
of two to five.

Security Armor                                                    [D3XP.05.06]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation).

Security Armors provide that protection to protect you from riot damage.
Security Armors are the less common on the two armors, and they add 50 Armor
points to your total. If you are already at 100 Armor points, you will be
unable to pick up anymore Security Armors.

Small Medikit                                                     [D3XP.05.07]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation).

Small Medikits are fairly common, and when picked up, they restore 15 Health
points to your overall total. Once you are at 100 Health points, you cannot
go beyond the limit.

Large Medikit                                                     [D3XP.05.08]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation).

These are even better than the Small Medikits, and when picked up, they
restore 25 Health points to your overall total. Once you are at 100 Health
points, you cannot go beyond the limit. Try to save these for when you really
need them.

Health Station                                                    [D3XP.05.09]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 2 (Erebus Dig Site).

Health Stations are one of the best healing items you can obtain, but they
are far and between from each other. Most of the time, Health Stations will
start with 100 injection charges. Every time you use an injection charge,
you will recover ten points of Health and ten points will be deducted from
the Health Station. Once there are zero injection charges, you cannot use
the Health Station any longer. You cannot go over your Health point limit
with these.

Keycards                                                          [D3XP.05.10]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 3 (Erebus Labs).

Heycards are scattered aroun the Mars base. Some doors may require a Keycard
to be opened, and once opened, they will reveal an ammo cache or the enterance
to the next room to complete the mission. Be sure you find these and pick
these up.

PDA (Personal Data Assistant)                                     [D3XP.05.11]

First Found In: N/A.

Your PDA can do all sorts of things. You can use it to look at other peoples'
E-Mails you find from their PDA, you can use it to view the various Video
Disc CD's you find, you can listen to the various audio logs you get from
other PDA's, and your PDA also informs you of your security clearance
around the base. Quite a handly little tool.

Video Disc CD                                                     [D3XP.05.12]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation).

Video Disc CDs are found around the Mars complex, and when picked up and used
through your PDA, they can give you some useful information regarding the
complex, weapons, and all other sorts of stuff. Be sure to pick them up
and view them to see what they have in store.

Power Cell                                                        [D3XP.05.13]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation).

These can be picked up from various Generators used throughout the base, and
when used, they can light up the room in which it's used in, and even make
some elevators and lifts work. These are imperative for completing some
mission objectives in the game.

Power Cell Generator                                              [D3XP.05.14]

First Found In: Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation).

These light up the room and power up the various elevators and lifts in the
room you are in. They require Power Cells to use, and you can insert or
remove Power Cells from these. These are imperative for completing some
mission objective in the game.

Soulsphere (Multiplayer Only)                                     [D3XP.05.15]

First Found In: N/A.

Soulspheres are Multiplayer only, but when picked up, they instantly give
you 100 Health points, even going beyond the maximum you can have, up to
a total of 200 Health points. These are hidden pretty well so you may
have to go out of your way to pick these up. Try to keep your opponents
from getting them.

Invunerability Sphere (Multiplayer Only)                          [D3XP.05.16]

First Found In: N/A.

Invunerability Spheres are Multiplayer only, but when picked up, the instantly
grant you the power of Invincibility. This doesn't mean you can't be hurt
from being tossed over a cliff and falling to your death, but you are 
invincible from ALL explosions, firepower, fire, toxins, etc.

Invisibility (Multiplayer Only)                                   [D3XP.05.17]

First Found In: N/A.

Invisiblity is a Multiplayer only item, but when picked up, the grant you
the power of Invisibility. During this fourty second time, you will be
nearly invisible, but you will still be very faint. It will be very hard
for other players to target you unless you are up close and in their face.
Make good use of the time while under Invisibility.

6. Monsters                                                       [D3XP.06.01]

Here is a list of monsters you can find through the game. It's not as detailed
as my other Weapon/Monster FAQ, but it will give you enough information. If
you want a very detailed guide on how to defeat every monster that comes
along, I'd advise you to check my Weapon/Monster FAQ.

Zombie (Generic)                                                  [D3XP.06.02]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 3 (Erebus Labs).

Your basic human that was changed or mutated as a result of a Lost Soul. These
guys don't run very fast, but occasionally you do get one that moves at a
somewhat decent pace, around the same as a Flaming Zombie. Since they move
so slow, I stronly recommend you use a Pistol to take these guys down if
there's only one around. If you're up to a big horde, use a Machine Gun.

Zombie (Fat)                                                      [D3XP.06.03]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 3 (Erebus Labs).

Obesity seems to still be a problem in the year 2145. These guys move just as
slow as their counterpart Generic Zombies, but they do take more bullets
to put down because they're so fat. Headshots with the Pistol will do wonders,
but if you're up against a group, use a Machine Gun or Shotgun.

Zombie (Flaming)                                                  [D3XP.06.04]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 4 (Erebus Control).

This is what happens when a Zombie gets mutated or changed and goes around
playing in fire. He catches himself on fire and goes on a rampage. Flaming
Zombies are about 3x faster than the Generic Zombie, and because of this,
you need to backpedal in some spots. Flaming Zombies also have more hitpoints
than a Fat Zombie, so you may need a little heavier firepower to take these
Zombies down.

Zombie (Bio Suit)                                                 [D3XP.06.05]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 5 (Erebus Research).

One of the new monsters in the game. You only encounter these guys in one
part in the whole game, and that is in Erebus - Level 5 when you are in the
toxic waste zone. They are about as tough as a Generic Zombie in terms of
damage and speed, so there's no worries here. Upon death, Bio Suit Zombies
drop an Air Canister for your Environmental Suit so you will be able to
breathe in the toxic wastes.

Zombie (Z-Sec)                                                    [D3XP.06.06]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 2 (Erebus Dig Site).

Z-Sec Zombies normally carry one of three weapons: A Pistol, a Machine Gun,
or a Shotgun. Z-Sec Zombies have better AI because of the fact they can hide
behind crates, unlike the other Zombies. On Nightmare difficulty, Z-Sec
Zombies carrying Shotguns must be taken down quickly, as their Shotgun can
do at least 25 points of damage to you. If you ever see a Z-Sec Zombie behind
a crate, throw a Hand Grenade to him for him to play with. Upon death, Z-Sec
Zombies will drop ammo for whichever weapon they had.

Zombie (Commando, Chaingun Commando)                              [D3XP.06.07]

First Appearance: Phobos Labs - Sector 1 (Teleportation).

These guys have been mutated to an extreme degree. Instead of arms, they
now have tentacles, and some even carry Chainguns. When you see a Commando 
Zombie running towards you, take out your Double Barreled Shotgun and take 
aim. One blast will put him down for good. Sometimes they will jump and 
attempt to whip you. Regardless, never let them near you. For the one using
a Chaingun, toss a Hand Grenade or two their way.

Trite                                                             [D3XP.06.08]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 2 (Erebus Dig Site).

Trites are one of the easiest monsters in the game to take down. They do 
little to no damage, and can be taken down from a distance before they manage
to get in your face and attack. The best weapon for this job is the Pistol.
They take only two Pistol bullets to kill. If you're up against a group,
use a Machine Gun. Watch out for a Trite's leap attack, if possible. You
can pick them up with the Grabber and throw them to kill them instantly, but
they do fight back.

Tick                                                              [D3XP.06.09]

First Appearance: Phobos Labs - Revisited (Teleportation).

Ticks are 3x more dangerous than Trites. They still do very little to no
damage, but if you kill one when one is around you, they explode, doing 50(!)
points of damage. Thankfully, these aren't very common in the game. You
can use a Pistol to kill them in two bullets or a Machine Gun to kill them
in three bullets. They, too, can also do a leap attack. When they do, back
away and then kill them. You can pick them up with the Grabber and throw
them to kill them instantly, but they do fight back.

Lost Soul                                                         [D3XP.06.10]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation).

Lost Souls are from the original Doom 3, but they are now called The Forgotten
Ones. Lost Souls are the more damaging of the two, and they also move at a
faster speed when they're charging at you. You can kill these in two Pistol
bullets or three Machine Gun rounds. Watch out, though. When you kill one,
more may be respawning, so keep your eyes open. You can pick them up with the
Grabber and throw them to kill them instantly, but they do fight back.

The Forgotten One                                                 [D3XP.06.11]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation).

The Forgotten Ones are the weaker of the two flying skulls. They do less
damage a hit and charge at you in the air at a slower speed. Due to this, you
can usually kill them before they have a chance to kill you. The Forgotten
Ones usually can be seen one at a time, but it isn't very uncommon that you
see three, four, or even five at a time. Use a Machine Gun for groups of
two or more. You can pick them up with the Grabber and throw them to kill them
instantly, but they do fight back.

Imp                                                               [D3XP.06.12]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation).

Another one of the most basic monsters in the game. Imps pass away to one
Shotgun blast from up close. If you don't want to waste a Shotgun Shell on
these monsters, you can use your Grabber to catch their fireball in mid
flight and throw it back at them for a one-hit kill. Whenever you see
an Imp in a prone position, it will be ready to leap at you. If you have
quick reactions and pretty good aiming, you can put a shell through their

Vulgar                                                            [D3XP.06.13]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 2 (Erebus Dig Site).

Vulgars are another new monster in the game. Vulgars operate in the same
manner as an Imp does. They take a slight more beating than Imps, but not
much to notice. You can catch their green fireballs and throw them back at
them for a one-hit kill also. Vulgars, unlike Imps, are also able to climb on
walls and ceilings, so watch out.

Maggot                                                            [D3XP.06.14]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 5 (Erebus Research).

Maggots don't move very fast, but if you let one get in your face, they will
attack you relentlessly. However, if you have good aim with the Shotgun,
they do die in one hit to the face, so use this to your advantage.

Wraith                                                            [D3XP.06.15]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 3 (Erebus Labs).

Wraiths also die on one hit to the face with the Shotgun, but Wraiths love
to get in your face and claw you to death with their claws. Sometimes Wraiths
will appear one after another, so if you think you killed them all, wait and
see if more come. Wraiths may seem to spawn in one spot, but sometimes they
change positions to spawn.

Cherub                                                            [D3XP.06.16]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 5 (Erebus Research).

Cherubs are annoying little bastards, and twice as ugly. Cherubs love to fly
low to the ground, get close to you, and use their sharp claws to eat at your
health. You can kill a Cherub with one shot with a Shotgun, but for groups
of two or more, use a Machine Gun. You can pick them up with the Grabber and
throw them to kill them instantly, but they do fight back.

Pinky                                                             [D3XP.06.17]

First Appearance: Phobos Labs - Sector 1 (Teleportation).

Whenever you hear the robotic sounds of feet hitting the ground, assume that
there is a Pinky around the corner. Pinkys run fast and attack hard, and fast.
The one disadvantage of a Pinky is its short legs. If you can get on a high
place, a Pinky will not be able to reach you, a very cruel tactic. Two Shotgun
shots to the face will down a Pinky, but if you're going to use Hand Grenades,
watch out so you don't blow yourself up. The Machine Gun is another good

Cacodemon                                                         [D3XP.06.18]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 6 (Erebus Station).

Most of the time, you will see Cacodemons spawning on the Martian surface
when you're walking on Mars, but this isn't always the case. Cacodemons
die easily to one Double Barreled Shotgun blast. If that doesn't kill it,
then, like all the other Doom games, you will send the Cacodemon being
pushed away as all Cacodemons are gaseous. Use this to get distance from

Renevant                                                          [D3XP.06.19]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 6 (Erebus Station).

Once you see a Renevant the first time, the Renevant will be a pretty common
monster for the rest of the game. A Renevant's main method of attack is
launching rockets from the launchers on its shoulders, but if you get close,
it will not hesitate to scratch you. A perfectly aimed Double Barreled
Shotgun blast will kill a Renevant in one hit. If you perfer not to do this,
Renevants take two rockets from the Rocket Launcher to die.

Archvile                                                          [D3XP.06.20]

First Appearance: Phobos Labs - Revisited (Teleportation).

The most hated monster by most players of any Doom game. Although Archviles
no longer resurrect dead monsters (Thank God), the do something more 
irritating: They summon Imps and Maggots. When you hear the shriek of an
Archvile, get something powerful out, such as the Plasma Rifle. Your top
priority is to kill the Archvile first before it summons any more monsters.
After the Archvile is dead, go after the summons it created.

Mancubus                                                          [D3XP.06.21]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 5 (Erebus Research).

Mancubi have the highest life than any other monster in the game. It's
a good thing that Mancubi are a nice, wide target, because they take a lot
of punishment for them to die. The best weapon to take these monsters out
if the Rocket Launcher, if you have it. If not, use the Chaingun. Always
try to go for headshots when dealing with a Mancubus, and avoid their
fireballs they pump out like no tomorrow.

Hell Knight                                                       [D3XP.06.22]

First Appearance: Phobos Labs - Sector 1 (Teleportation).

Hell Knights are the strongest non-boss monster in the game. Hell Knights 
can easily toss you across the room if they wanted to, and launch green
fireballs which account for a big loss of life. Always keep your distance from
a Hell Knight at all times. Use a Rocket Launcher on Hell Knights for the
best results. If the Rocket Launcher isn't an option, use the Chaingun.

The Bruiser                                                       [D3XP.06.23]

First Appearance: Phobos Labs - Sector 2 (Molecular Research).

A Bruiser is what you get when you cross a Mancubus and a Hell Knight
together. The Bruiser shoots fireballs at a very fast pace. The best tactic
is to use Hell Time from The Artifact and using the Rocket Launcher. They
don't move very fast, but they hit hard.

7. Bosses                                                         [D3XP.07.01]

Nerve and ID Software did a good job on creating the bosses. They're very
unique in terms of powers, damage, and looks (Although the Hell Hunters
look a lot like Hell Knights). Here is a rundown of each boss and the
required weapons and general strategy used to kill them.

The Hell Hunters                                                  [D3XP.07.02]

First Appearance: Erebus - Level 2 (Erebus Dig Site).
                  Erebus - Level 6 (Erebus Station).
                  Phobos - Sector 2 (Molecular Research).

There are three Hell Hunters in the game all together, each of them more
powerful than the last. Here's the different strategies for each of these

Hell Hunter 1                                                     [D3XP.07.03]

Weapons You Need: The Grabber.

You will fight this guy suprisingly early, at the mid-point of level two. 
When you first enter the arena to fight this guy, you should notice right off
the bat that there's two cannons on the right and left of the arena that fire
off green plasma blasts randomly. What you want to do is avoid the attacks
the Hell Hunter throws out, and with the Grabber, grab one of the green plasma
blasts. When you have one, throw it back at the Hell Hunter. If you hit him,
he will emit a scream confirming you hit him. You need to repeat this about
5 times before he finally is defeated. You will receive the ability of Hell
Time once he's dead.

Hell Hunter 2                                                     [D3XP.07.04]
Weapons You Need: The Artifact, Machine Gun, Chaingun, any damaging weapon.

When the battle first starts, get out your Artifact. When he powers up (It's
very obvious that he does as electricity surges through him), his chest will
open up and reveal an orange object. Activate The Artifact and get out any
rapid-fire weapon you have. While under Hell Time, keep pumping rounds into
the orange object in his chest. After some damage, it will close back up.
Wait for the Hell Hunter to power up, and repeat the same process. If you need
corpses for The Artifact, they will be littered around the arena. Once you
defeat the Hell Hunter, the power of Berserk will be available to you.

Hell Hunter 3                                                     [D3XP.07.05]

Weapons You Need: Everything you have.

This will be the hardest battle of them all, but the reward is well worth it.
As soon as you enter the arena, a surge of electricity will enshroud him.
He will then proceed to beat your ass down in any way possible. Great...
This guy's surrounded by electricity and nothing kills him, so what are you
supposed to do?

Well, look around the room. You should see four poles that power up the Hell
Hunter. Each pole has a screen. Three of the four poles will have a red 
screen, while one of the four will have a green screen. Press the green
screen. An electricity core will be revealed. Take out a damaging weapon
and blow the core up. This will dispower the Hell Hunter for you to damage
him. Enable your Artifact and keep pounding on him.  After taking some heavy
damage, he will power up from the next pole. Do the same thing. Touch the 
green screen, and blow up the electricity core. Deal out some heavy damage, 
and do it for the rest of the cores. Once all the poles are destroyed, he will 
have no source of being invincible from you. Keep unloading on him until he 
finally dies. Your reward? The power of Invincibility for The Artifact.

If you run out of charges for the Artifact, go to the right of the arena of
where you first entered it, and you will drop down to an underground area.
There is a Health Station if you need it, some items, and most importantly,
corpses. Go back up by going to the right while underground and return to the

The Maledict                                                      [D3XP.07.06]

First Encounter: Hell - Unknown.

The Maledict is the final boss of the game. Dr. Betruger's head can he seen
on the Maledict's tongue.

Before the battle starts, Dr. Betruger will mutter a few words saying about
how he seeks what you have and will stop at nothing to get it. The battle

First of all, the Maledict will release fireballs almost constantly through
the fight. Get out your Artifact, and activate it. Now with everything in
Hell Time and you invincible, the fun begins. Get out your best weapon,
preferably the BFG 9000. Charge it up, and aim it at the Maledict. Keep
hitting the Maledict with everything you got until finally the Maledict will
go into the volcano. When we comes out, he will throw an inferno all over
the place, trying to burn you to death. Activate The Artifact again and keep
unloading on him. Once you hit him enough times, the ending will be revealed
and you will have beaten the game. The ending is VERY interesting too =)

If you run out of charges for The Artifact, there are corpses scattered around
the arena.

8. Walkthrough                                                    [D3XP.08.01]

This is what you been waiting for, the actual walkthrough. 

The walkthrough will give away secret ammo caches, locker combinations, and
the like. If you rather figure this stuff out for yourself, I'm not here to
stop you. If you see anything that I might have missed, please notify me as
soon as possible.

A. Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation)                             [D3XP.08.02]


In-Game Level Description:

After the gruesome death of the Cyberdemon two years ago, mining projects on
Mars are monitored by heavy security forces. Scientists uncover mysteries of
Mars' past every passing hour.


The first level of the game, how exciting!

When the level starts off, you will be in the level where Doom 3 left off of
after you killed the Cyberdemon. If you have The Artifact equipped, select 
your Pistol instead, as The Artifact is useless to us for now. Now you're 
ready for action!

Walk forward and a cutscene will occur. Dr, Betruger laughs at you while you
see a body sink into what looks like lava. After the cutscene, proceed.

You will see three ways to go. Left leads to a dead end, while on the right
side, there is a hole. Crawl into this hole to receive a Shotgun. Go back out
of the hole and take the enterance that went straight.

As soon as you reach the corner with a Medikit on a platform, a Forgotten
One will appear. Take him out with your Pistol and keep going down the
corridor. A little ways before you reach the next corner, another Forgotten
One will appear. Take him out with your Pistol as well and proceed. Kill
the Forgotten one that appears as you walk and pick up the Shotgun for ammo
by the Power Cell Generator.


Helpful reader Kevin has to say this about the items on the ledge that seem

I was wondering when someone was gonna come up with a walkthrough for the 
Doom 3 expansion pack.  You did an excellent, excellent job. I actually 
haven't read it all, yet. I did notice that I think you missed one little 
thing at the very beginning of the walk through in Erebus - Level 1 
(Main Excavation).  Right after you get the Shotgun and you continue to walk,
when you enter the area where the first Forgotten One comes out of the deep 
pit in the floor, there is the raised platform across the pit and on your 
right.  The platform has some goodies on it (Health and Shotgun Shells, 
I think).  However, you can't get up on the platform to get the stuff. Ignore 
the platform and go on. After you pull the power cell out of the first power 
generator, the loss of power causes that platform to lower. When the power is
off, you can then go back to that platform and get the stuff off it.  
I'm sure you probably knew this already, or maybe you did put it in there 
and I just didn't see it (duh).  
Anyway, once again, great job on the walkthrough.  


DV Morpheus' Thoughts:

Appreciate that greatly as I couldn't figure out how to get up there without
cheating. Thanks for the input. On with the walkthrough once more.


Look at the screen of the Power Cell Generator and it will say, 'Insert' and 
'Remove'. Remove it and continue. The screen will go red and a Forgotten
One will appear. You know the drill.

Keep following the path, and look at the platform. You can climb up it. On
top of it, there will be a Small Medikit and some Shotgun Shells. Take these
and jump down, collecting all of the ammo as you go along. There is also
a Video Disc CD by the fallen Marine, on a large stone.

Go by Power Cell Generator and insert the Power Cell you currently have in 
your inventory. This will start an elevator up into the next area. Hop on the
elevator and go up. Halfway up, McNeil will inform you over your PDA that it
is imperative that you get that Artifact out of the excavation area. When you
get to the top, a Forgotten One will appear. Shoot it down.

As soon as you get off the elevator, climb up to the path and go to the metal
grating on the left side of the chasm. There is a Large Medikit and 2 Clips
of ammo for your Machine Gun, which you don't have yet. Follow the path back
to the opening, down the hall. A Machine Gun and a few clips of ammo will be 
laying on the floor. How nice.

Go through the door (It has an orange circle of symbols on it). On the
platform ahead, there is a dead Marine with Shotgun Shells on the ledge.
Pick those up and this will trigger two Forgotten Ones to show themselves.
Gun them down, get off the ledge, go by the door, and proceed down the
stairs to your left or right.

Walk forward and an Imp will appear. Gun him down with whatever you choose.
On the platform you can climb up to the right of the room, there will be two
clips of Machine Gun ammo and a Large Medikit. Pick those up, drop down,
and go to the end of the room inside the hole to the door. A badass cutscene
will occur with a Marine holding the Grabber. He catches an Imp's fireball
in mid flight, throws it back at him, and kills him. He won't live long
enough as he's been badly damaged, but he gives you the Grabber. Sweet...

Proceed down the stairs. Using the Grabber, throw the crates aside and enter
the hole. A Forgotten One will be waiting for you, so grab him with the
Grabber and fling him aside.

Proceed down the dark hallway. In the hallway, there will be a few Forgotten
Ones waiting for you. Shoot them or throw them away, and walk until you get
to the big room with the metal gratings and such.

Get the Security Armor down the left path. A Forgotten One will appear when
you attempt to get it, so kill him. Go back and take the right path.

Before going up the stairs, curve around and pick up the Large Medikit and
Shotgun Shells. Don't forget about the Forgotten One either. Shoot him
or avoid him, and run up the steps to the door. 

Open the door and be ready to kill the Forgotten One who will attack you.
Continue down the path, killing all the Forgotten Ones and the Imp, and climb
the stairs. There will be an elevator. Climb in, and push the button. Level

B. Erebus - Level 2 (Erebus Dig Site)                             [D3XP.08.03]


In-Game Level Description:

This excavation site is the focal point of the archeological dig at Site 1.
Here, deep inside the surface of Mars, numerous alien caves and artifacts
have been discovered.


As soon as you start this level off, you will be in an elevator. About halfway
up, the complex will lose power, and the elevator will stop, with everything
growing dark. A green tint will enshroud the area with a monster scream.
Wonder what that could be?

Get the Shotgun Shells and Machine Gun clip to your right when you get off
the elevator. Go around the back of the elevator and climb the stairs. Pick
up the Hand Grenades off the crate, and proceed into the construction

There's a Health Station on the wall if you need it, and pick up the Shotgun
Shells, Video Disc CD, and the PDA. Talk to the man who's hiding in the locker
and he will tell you that it's too dangerous to go back out. Get out of
the construction trailer.

Kill the Imp that spawns and go back down the stairs. There will be two Imps
before the stairs, in which one will climb on the railing onto the ledge.
Kill both and go down the stairs. An Imp will appear in the darkness, so
go make short work of him. Crawl under the UAC marked door, which will 
fail to close when you approach it, and a cutscene will occur, introducing
you to the Vulgar. Kill him and go into the alcove to the left where some
Large Medikits and some Armor Shards can be found. Go back out of the alcove
and go to the door. Scan your PDA here for access.

Go through the hallway and through the other door. A Vulgar will spawn shortly
after. The screen will get red and dark when you go on ahead, and one Trite
will appear. Make him dead and climb up the big, stone stairs into the lair
of your first boss, the Hell Hunter. 

Betruger will say, "Welcome to your death, Marine" and the battle will ensue.
Look in the appropriate section for defeating the Hell Hunter.

Once he's dead, you will receive the first power of your Artifact, the power
of Hell Time. This will enable you to slow down time around you. This uses
human corpses to charge itself up.

Go through the door on the right side of the room. There will be two Large 
Medikits and come corpses for you to charge up your Artifact with. Do so and
get all 3 charges.

In the next room, there will be 3 crushing doors depending on the way you
pick. Using the power of your Artifact, use Hell Time and run through the
sets of crushers. Regardless of which way you went, you will end up by a door
with a Z-Sec Zombie coming out. Blast him and pick up his Shotgun.

In the next room pick up the Machine Gun ammo and Shotgun Shells littering
the floor, and get the Armor Shards on the climbable grates. Take that
Power Cell out of the generator, and run through the sets of doors.

You will hear a human scream as he gets murdered very brutally up in the
skybox up there. Walk on the grates until you come to a door that's covered
in boxes. Use the Grabber and clear the door of the boxes. Go through the
door and a little ways through the hall, an Imp will appear. Blast him dead
and use The Artifact on the corpse hanging over the chair if you need more
charges. Proceed into the door you see by the corpse.

Some Hand Grenades and a Machine Gun clip are present in the case, so pick
them up. You will hear some radio chatter coming from a Z-Sec Zombie. Kill
him and take the ammo he drops. After he's dead, a Vulgar will appear. You
know what to do. Go through the door at the end of the room.

Climb up the stairs, picking up the Armor Shards and Shotgun Shells in the
corner. Enter the room.

A Vulgar and Imp will spawn to greet you, so kill them, Storage Locker #029
is nearby. The code for the locker is 516. Grab all the ammo and Hand
Grenades out of there, and go through the open door. Pick up the Large Medikit
if you need it, and go through the next door.

There will be two Z-Sec Zombies with Machine Guns here, so floor them. There
are Shotgun Shells on top of the stacks of boxes. Use the Grabber to get them.
There is also Machine Gun ammo present if you walk on the catwalk. When you're
done, go through the door.

There are two Z-Sec Zombies in this room, and an Imp down the stairs. Send 
them back to hell. By the door you just entered, there's a box of Shotgun 
Shells to the left, and a Small Medikit to the right. Pick them both up and go
down the stairs where the Imp was hiding. There is a Small Medikit and some
Armor Shards here if you need them. Go out through the other door on the 
catwalk when you're finished.

Blast the Imp that's to the right of you when you go through the door.
Continue down the stairs and pick up Gregory Martin's PDA and a Large Medikit.
Go to the screen that says 'Excavation Ladder' and scan your PDA. The ladder
will drop down and a Forgotten One and a Vulgar will spawn. Destory them
both and climb up the ladder. Take note of the elevator that is here too.
You can't access it yet, but you will very shortly.

Pick up the Armor Shards and enter the door. A Z-Sec Zombie with a Shotgun
will be hiding behind the crates. Launch a Hand Grenade by him and watch him
soar 20 feet into the air. There is some health in this room also if you need
it. Proceed through the door and a Vulgar will appear. Kill him and
enter the next room.

Take your Power Cell (You ... do have that, don't you?) and plug it into the
Generator. Now, go to the screen and call the lift. Remmeber the elevator
I told you to keep a mental note of? Go back down there, killing Z-Sec Zombies
and Forgotten Ones and you go, and step into the elevator and push the button.
Level ended.

Erebus - Level 3 (Erebus Labs)                                    [D3XP.08.04]


In-Game Level Description:

Located just past the ancient caverns, the Artifact Storage facility is a
depository for the wide variety of objects discovered within Site 1. Seismic
activity is prevalent in the area, so the storage facility is protected using
patented UAC shock reduction technology.


The level starts off, once again, in an elevator. Wait for it to get to the
top and step off. Down the stairs and to the right will be a Backpack
containing Shotgun Shells, Bullets, and Clips. Now, turn around and go on the
catwalk where you can find some ammo and a Large Medikit and and Small Medikit
if you need them. There are also various ladders that lead to platforms in
which you can get ammo, health, and most importantly, a Security Armor. Watch
out for the randomly respawning Forgotten Ones when you pick up the various
items also. Once you're set, go up the stairs and through the orange  door at
the opposite side of the room.

Once you go through the door, three Wraiths will be ready to greet you with 
open arms. All three Wraiths will spawn about a second after the next, so 
take them down. There may be an occasional Trite or two, so watch it. Go back 
up the stairs and hug the left wall, walking on the small ledge. Jump on the
green crate you encounter and then jump on the platforms and climb the 
railings. You will find some Hand Grenades. Proceed down below after you 
obtain them.

Walk around and climb up the stairs to where you see some rotating light
fixtures. A few Wraiths will spawn again, so floor them. There are some health
items and Shotgun Shells in the box right by the door. Go through the orange

As soon as you open it, a Trite will be around 5 feet away from you, so blast
him. As you continue walking, another Trite will pop out from behind the
crate. As soon as you kill him, two Wraiths will spawn, one in front of you,
and one behind you. Lay waste to them. There is also two Small Medikits and
three Armor Shards up on the platform. Once you're done here, go through the
next door.

Pick up the PDA by the corpse. As soon as you do, a cutscene will play with
the green spiked balls moving back and forth, and a path will reveal itself.
Take out your Artifact, use Hell Time, and move quickly across the path to
the other end of the room. Climb up the stairs and another cutscene will
be there, revealing a Vulgar. Kill him and climb up the platform to find some
Machine Gun ammo and a Small Medikit. Jump onto the brown pillars, onto the
catwalk to reveal some Shotgun Shells. Jump down and get the Armor Shards
laying under the catwalk. Go by the door, get corpses for your Artifact if
you need them, and go through the door.

Some Shotgun Shells and Machine Gun ammo will be to the right, and the 
'Objective Completed' will ring up. You will hear some radio chatter coming
from some local Z-Sec Zombies hiding behind crates. Grenade them and kill
the two Vulgars that spawn. Get the Security Armor from the broken elevator
directly ahead, and find the nearby working elevator. Take note that of the
'Site 1 Research' door is closed. We'll come back here later once we have
the PDA. Take the ammo and go into the elevator and push the button to
Level 2 - The Medical Labs.

Go through the door and kill the Z-Sec Zombie. Storage Locker #105 is
to the left at the T shaped junction, but we don't have access to it yet.
Instead, take the other way. Kill the Z-Sec Zombie that will be there to
greet you. If you need health, feel free to use the Health Station nearby.
Once you're ready, go through the door.

Two Zombies will emerge from the X-Ray Machine, while one will come from a 
small alcove. Blast them to hell and move through the door by the X-Ray 

A nearby human inside the lab will tell you to back off before he transforms
into a Zombie. End his misery and most importantly, pick up the PDA of
Preston Glenn nearby. Before you leave, take the Power Cell from the
Generator. Since you now have the PDA and the Power Cell, go back to Storage
Locker #105. Along the way, kill the Vulgars that appear in the X-Ray Machine,
the hallway, and by Storage Locker #105.

Preston Glenn's PDA gave you the access code for Storage Locker #105. The
code is 769. Take the Hand Grenades, Bullets, and Shotgun Shells, and
make your way back to locked 'Site 1 Research' door. A Vulgar will be right in
your face once you step off the elevator, so prepare yourself. Scan the PDA
on the keypad to gain access.

Pick up the PDA of Steven Crane and go through the door to the left. Kill the
3 Zombies and enter the door marked 'Offices'. Climb the ladder. A Health
Station is nearby if you need it. Go through the door at the top of the
ladder. Kill the 4 Zombies that are by the machines and go through the door
straight ahead.

You will hear Pistol shots coming form the glass room, the sound of a Zombie
dying, and the sound of a human dying. Kill the Z-Sec Zombie that's behind
the crates to the right when you entered the door, and go into the glass area
in which the human died. Look at Steven Crane's PDA and go to User E-Mail.
Read the E-Mail from Stewart Jackson titled "Ready for this.. ?" It gives
you the code to Sarge's locker to get access to...

Are you ready?

The Double Barreled Shotgun!

The code for the glass case is 428. Pick up the Double Barreled Shotgun and
all its glory, and pick up the Keycard by the Double Barreled Shotgun as
well. Exit the room and go to the opposite end of the room. Scan the Keycard
and pick up the Power Cell from the Generator. Two Zombies will pop up from
the alcoves that open up, so use whatever to take them down. Kill more Zombies
and continue out of the room.

The screen will turn all red and 6 Zombies will appear at once. Kill them
all with the Machine Gun or Double Barreled Shotgun, and go out of the room.
Go back down the ladder and go into the room directly across from the Offices
named 'Artifact Storage'.

A Vulgar will respawn, so take him down. Round the corner, and two more 
Vulgars will be present. Blow them away as well. There is also Machine Gun 
ammo and Shotgun Shells nearby in a suitcase. Enter the door at the opposite 
end of the hall.

Pick up the Security Armor, and plug the two Power Cells into the Generator.
Now, go to the terminals and push the button that says 'Vent Gas'. Once
the filtration is over with, go back out of the room, killing Z-Sec Zombies
and a Vulgar, and to the door labeled 'Artifact Storage'. For reference, it's
by the door where we had to scan the PDA to gain access to the 'Site 1
Research' door.

Go into the room and pick up Victor Kharkov's PDA. Now, go down the small
"hallway" and pick up The Primitive item. 'Objective Completed' will flash
on the screen. Two Vulgars will now spawn in corners of the room, so floor 
them. Enter the door by the main enterance.

Kill the Zombies and enter the next door.

Pick up any Armor Shards and health items you see, and open the bay door.
Push the button inside to end the level.

Erebus - Level 4 (Erebus Control)                                 [D3XP.08.05]


In-Game Level Description:

The Erebus Complex has the capability to process ore retrieved from the deep
Martian caverns. Experimental UAC machinery has been developed in order to
process and handle the highly radioactive natural resources.


Wait for the bay door to open and walk out, collecting the Large Medikit and
Small Medikit on the racks. A man will talk to you from the ventilation 
shafts. He says you and him can escape this place if you find two Power Cells
for the Generator. Sounds good. Walk up the stairs and an Imp will spawn. Kill
him and go through the door.

Kill the Zombie with the wrench and pick up the Armor Shards and Bullets on
the shelf. Your gunfire will alert two Z-Sec Zombies. Kill them and go into 
the room with the flickering lights to reveal some Shotgun Shells. Walk out 
of the room and go through the next door.

In the next room kill the Vulgar and go around the pillar to reveal a box
of Shotgun Shells and a Security Armor. Proceed down the path and pick up
the Medikits from the suitcase if you need them. Take note of the locked
door that needs PDA access.

Go through the doors and kill the Imps that appear. Note the Storage Locker
#408 tucked away in the corner. There are Hand Grenades in the opposite corner
from the Storage Locker. Now, go down the stairs to the hole. Some Armor
Shards can be found among the crates, so pick those up. Enter the hole and go
up into the next area.

Kill the Z-Sec Zombie, Imps, and the Vulgar who spawn. Pick up any ammo or
health items you find and enter the next door. There is also another
locked door that needs PDA access also. Keep in mind of this and the other

Pick up the PDA of Ron Gibbons and pick up the Machine Gun ammo and Shotgun
Shells off the shelf. Kill the Zombie here also. Scan your PDA by the nearby
door. Go down to Security Locker #408. Rob Gibbon's PDA gave you the combo
to it, which is 937. Pick up the Shotgun Shells it holds. Retrace your steps
to the second locked door that required the PDA. Scan your PDA and enter.

There are Zombies and Imps in the nearby office, not to mention Shotgun Shells
and a Security Armor, along with health. Kill everything and take the items.
Step out of the room and go down the hallway to the next door. Before going
in, kill the Vulgar that appears.

There is some Machine Gun ammo and Shotgun Shells in the suitcase near the
door, and some Zombies in the room. Shoot everything down and exit the room.

There are some Medikits in the dark shadows of the alcove and a Flaming 
Zombie in the nearby fire. Kill him and enter the next door you see.

Z-Sec Zombies will hear you open the door and immediately go try to find
cover, while attempting to take potshots off of you. Flip a few Hand Grenades
their way and also pick up the Hand Grenades on the floor. There is yet
another door locked that needs PDA access. Keep this in mind. Go into the
next two doors.

Kill the Vulgar that spawns right by the Power Cell Generator. An objective
will say that you need a Power Cell for the Generator to start the lift. Pick
up Mac Smith's PDA and go back to the locked door that needed PDA access
that you saw 2 minutes ago. Open the door up and go in.

Kill the two Zombies that are in the room and kill the Z-Sec Zombie also. 
Another Storage Locker #407 is nearby, and you have access to it because
of the previous one. The code is 937 if you forgot. Pick up the Bullets,
Shotgun Shells, and Small Medikit from the locker. In the back of the room
is the Power Cell you've been looking for. Two Vulgars will spawn once you
receive it. Go back to the lift that needed the Power Cell and plug it in.
'Objective Complete' will flash on the screen. Watch out for the Vulgar
on your trip back here. Ride the elevator to the top and jump off just 
before you get crushed. Go through the next door here.

Go through the twisted hallway and enter through the door.

Upon entering the room, kill the Z-Sec Zombie and take his ammo. Pick up 
Nathan Reynold's PDA that's laying on the floor, and kill the two Vulgars that
spawn and kill the Zombie. A Health Station is nearby if you need it. Enter
through the next door when you're ready.

Kill the Z-Sec Zombie and enter through the next door.

Kill this Z-Sec Zombie, and pick up any corpses you might need for your
Artifact. Go through the next door.

Kill the Imp that spawns and walk down the stairs. Scan your PDA for access
through this door. Go to the screen and press 'Release' to release the bridge.
Kill the Vulgar that will respawn once you get to the other side of the
bridge, and climb down the ladder that's to your right. Obtain the Power Cell
from the Generator below, walk up the stairs, and go through the next door.

Remember this area? This is the room with the very first door that was locked
because you didn't have the necessary PDA to get through it. Regardless, kill
the two Zombies that appear, then kill the Vulgar that spawns where you first
got the Security Armor.

What you want to do is retrace your steps back to the beginning where that
guy wanted you to get the two Power Cells for the Generator. You will have to
kill some Imps and Vulgars along the way, so be ready.

When you get to the first room, plug the Power Cells into the Generator.
Ride the lift up to the top and climb the ladder. Where'd our friend go?
Navigate through the air ducts to find a ladder. Go past this and you'll
find our friend, covered in his own blood =(

Grab the Machine Gun ammo and go down the ladder you saw.

Keep following the path and you'll come to a room with an elevator and some
Armor Shards. Pick up the Armor Shards, enter the elevator, and end the level.

Erebus - Level 5 (Erebus Research)                                [D3XP.08.06]


In-Game Level Description:

Within the Erebus Complex, various ancient fragments found within Site 1 are
carefully studied by Dr. Cloud and his team of researchers. Here, within the
Artifact Research, they strive to decipher the ancient remains.


Step off the elevator and walk forward. Three Imps and one Vulgar will 
immediately spawn, so don't waste time toying around with these guys. Once
they're all dead, walk to the dead end on the right and you can find some
Armor Shards among the crates. Take note of the locked door named 'Cargo
Tunnel A'. Go to the other end of the catwalk, pick up the Large Medikits
if you need them, and go through the door.

Two Zombies must immediately run from their hiding spaces and begin to attack
you. Lay waste to them and proceed. There is a locked door that requires
a Keycard to get in. Take note of this also as we'll return here later.
Kill the two Imps that spawn and look to your right. There should be a
greenish wall and a big pipe. Duck under the big pipe to reveal some Hand
Grenades. Exit through the door on the other side of the room.

Walk up the stairs into the next room.

A cutscene will play in which a scientist will be talking to Dr. McNeil.
They talk about how the Primitive, the stole tablet you got a few levels
back, and how the forces of hell link to The Primitive. Before leaving, the
scientist gives you the Armory Keycard. We need to backtrack back to the 
door that needed a Keycard to be opened. Climp up the stairs. get the Machine
Gun ammo by the corpse, and enter the room.

An Imp, Zombie, and Vulgar will be present in this room, so slay all of them.
Pick up the Shotgun Shells and Machine Gun ammo from the suitcase and make
your way down the stairs to the computer screens. A Health Station is here
and some Armor Shards are under the stairs. Pick them up, go back up the
stairs, and enter the next room.

Kill the Zombie and the Vulgar that respawns, and get the ammo from the
suitcase nearby. Proceed into the next room.

Kill the Imp and a Vulgar will respawn immediately after the Imp dies. Kill
him, pick up the Machine Gun ammo by the door, and go through the next door.

Climb down the stairs, and kill the Imp that spawns. Pick up Sean Gibbons'
PDA, and take the Large Medikits by the corpse if you need them. There is also
some Hand Grenades and a Small Medikit under the catwalk in the reddish area.
Go through the next door once you're set to go.

Kill the Imps that appear and go by the fenced area. Take out your Grabber
and pick up a nearby box and put it next to the large box. This creates
"stairs" used to get over the fence in which you can obtain health, Shotgun
Shells, and Machine Gun ammo. Go by the next door that requires PDA access.
There are some Armor Shards and a Small Medikit by the door. Pick those up,
scan your PDA to gain access into the room, and go through.

Kill the Imps in this room. You are now back in the starting room. Make your
way back through the door on the opposite end of the room and enter it.

A barrel will fly across the room when you walk a little ways into the room
and an Imp will reveal itself. Blast him to hellWalk a little father and
scan your newly obtained Keycard to gain access to the Armory. Kill the Vulgar
that respawns here and pick up the assload of ammo here, and more importantly,
the Chaingun! You will be using this in a moment, so get it out. Scan your
PDA on the door and walk through.

Walk down the stairs and through the door.

This is possible the best and most fun area of the game. A very cool cutscene
will show you putting on a helmet with a flashlight, eliminating the need
of using your own Flashlight. This helmet is your Environment Suit. Basically
this gives you oxygen to be able to breathe in the toxic wastes.

Get your Chaingun out if you didnt have it out already. Being as this is a
very linear area, I have no walkthrough for this point. You will encounter
Bio Suit Zombies, Cherubs, Maggots, and Mancubi. To get oxygen tanks to
breathe, you have to Kill Bio Suit Zombies or find tanks littered around
the area. Just keep running and gunning everything down until you find some
stairs with a catwalk. Open the door here and another cutscene will play.
You don't get your cool helmet anymore, but oh well. Proceed through the
next door.

Proceed up the next flights of stairs and open the airlock. Press the button
to exit the level.

Erebus - Level 6 (Erebus Station)                                 [D3XP.08.07]


In-Game Level Description:

Site 1 is comprised of two major facilities, the Erebus Complex and Phobos
Labs. Monorails leave from Erebus Station to Phobos - Sector 1 at regularly
scheduled intervals.


You will start off the level in the airlock from the previous level. Run to
the other end of the Martian base, killing Vulgars and Cacodemons as you
go along. When you reach the other end, you will find a ladder. Pick up the
Air Canister by the ladder, and climb up. Run and gun the Vulgars that spawn,
picking up the various Air Canisters. Go to the next airlock and press the
button to get in. Open the door to the next area.

A guy working on a Sentry Bot will call you over. He says that he released
Sentry Bots through the complex, and he says to follow them through the
next areas. Pick up the Small Medikits and Armor Shards you find littered
around and go through the door.

A Vulgar will knock a tall object over and begin to attack you. Kill him
and pick up the Shotgun Shells by the next door. Go through the next door.

A Vulgar will drop from the ceiling in the back of the room and attack.
Kill him and the Zombie that appears. Pick up the Armor Shards out of the
alcove and go through the next door.

Immediately turn to the left and put a Shotgun Shell through the Zombie's
head. A Vulgar will spawn and begin to climb the stairs to attack you.
Kill him and go into the door at the very bottom of the stairs.

Kill the Zombie and pick up the PDA of Fred Grossman. Immediately destroy the
Zombie that's to the left of you after you pick up the PDA. Pick up the
Machine Gun ammo and the Large Medikit, and scan your PDA by the PDA locked
door nearby.

Storage Lockers #034 and #035 are in this room, along with a Health Station.
You get these codes from Fred Grossman's PDA, and the code for both lockers
is 134. Pick up the Chaingun Rounds, Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Machine Gun
ammo, and the Armor Shards found in these lockers. Heal up if you need to
and backtrack to the other door by the room with the two flights of stairs.
A PDA access door is here, but before you get to it, a Renevant will spawn.
Do whatever it takes to take him down, and enter the door.

Pick up the Armor Shards and Large Medikits if you need them, and get corpses
for The Artifact if you need them. 'Objective Complete' will be shown on the
screen. Follow the Sentry Bot.

Kill all the Vulgars, Trites, and Renevants you encounter, and also pick
up the ammo and health you find along the way. Once you get to the end,
pick up the Chaingun Rounds, heal at the Health Station if you need it, and
climb the ladder.

Navigate through the air ducts and enter the room. A cutscene will play
showing the Marine activating a screen and the second Hell Hunter being
revealed. Time to get your second Artifact Power! Check the appropriate 
section on this boss fight.

Once the Hell Hunter is dead, you will receive your second power: The power
of Quad Damage! This will multiply your weapons' damages by four.

Once you are through, get any corpses that remain and walk into the monorail.
Push the button to end the level and into Phobos.

Phobos Labs - Sector 1 (Teleportation)                            [D3XP.08.08]


In-Game Level Description:

While the Phobos Labs play host to a wide array of research, Sector 1 is
primarily concerned with the advancement of teleportation technology. A sister
teleportation facility has been constructed in the Delta Labs, located at
Site 3.


You will continue your journey on the monorail, as you left off from the last
level. The monorail comes to a complete stop afterwards. Welcome to Phobos
Labs Marine!

Step off of the monorail, turn right, and head down the ladder. Rockets for
the Rocket Launcher (Which you don't have yet) can be found by the corpse
here. Pick them up and head back up the ladder. Pick up any ammo, health,
and Armor Shards you find around the area. Once you're done, head up the
stairs and enter through the door.

Go up the stairs again and through the other door.

A Zombie Commando will rush to your coordinates. Blow him away with your
Double Barreled Shotgun. Proceed into the room. Curve around the terminals
and up the stairs, killing the two Z-Sec Zombies you find. Get the ammo by
the Health Station and patch yourself up if you need it. Go through the next
door right by the stairs.

Kill the Zombie once you enter through the door. If you listen closely, you
will hear the scratching of a Vulgar climbing the wall. He will appear behind
you. Blast him away and kill the Zombies that will drag towards you. Go
down the hallway through the next door.

Head down the stairs and kill the Vulgar who drops down from the ceiling.
Enter the next room.

Kill the Zombie that's around the corner. When you try to use the elevator
here, the system will fail because of low power. Pick up the Large Medikits
and proceed down the ramp through the next door.

Walk forward towards the barrels. The door ahead will open up and a Chaingun
Commando will open fire on you. Retaliate by sticking a few Shotgun Shells
through his head. A Vulgar will spawn once you kill him. Go kill the Vulgar
and go dwon the stairs that was to the right of the enterance to this room.
Head left into a room with the UAC logo on the metal door that says 'Phobos
Labs'. You can't enter through this door but there is a Large Medikit and
some Rockets. Two Vulgars will spawn after you pick these up. Kill the Vulgars
and note the door that requires a Keycard in this area. After noting the door,
go through the door in which the Chaingun Commando popped out from.

A Commando will run towards you and attempt to whip you. Let him rest in peace
by firing a well aimed Double Barreled Shotgun blast to his chest. Run up
the stairs through the door here.

Some Machine Gun ammo and a Small Medikit can be found to the leftof the
door, and Hand Grenades and Armor Shards can be found to the far right. Pick
these up and blast the three Z-Sec Zombies and the Fat Zombie that are on the
upper part of the catwalk. Proceed up to the upper part of the catwalk and
go into the small alcove here with tons of blood. A Zombie is here, but
there is also a Security Armor here. Two Vulgars will also spawn here, so
floor them. Proceed through the door that's by the alcove when you're
completed here.

A Pinky will pop out when you try to run the corner. Since you have very
little space to maneuver here, take him down with one well placed Double
Barreled Shotgun blast. Kill the Zombie that's also here and enter through
the next door.

Take out your Hand Grenades, and toss one down the nearby stairs, killing
a Commando who will run up to attack you. Flip a few Hand Grenades to the
Z-Sec Zombies who try to run behind crates. Pick up the Large Medikits and
the Machine Gun ammo near the door, and make your way down the stairs.
Run past the teleporter and enter through the room. You will find a new
weapon here, the Rocket Launcher! Nice...

Go up to the computer screens and press the buttons to search for nearby
teleporter destinations and select Pad 1. 'Objective Complete' will display
on the screen, and a Hell Knight will spawn right by the teleporter. He walks
away because of the fear of us killing him. The teleporter screens report
that there is insufficient power, and two Renevants will start spawning, 
zeroing in on your location. Great...

Kill the Renevants, run up the stairs, and head into the other door.

Knock the Zombie dead that's in the alcove, and move into the room with the
big pipes. Kill the two Vulgars here. Before moving down the stairs, two
Z-Sec Zombies will attempt to gun you down from way down below. Funny thing
is, they have no protection. Kill them with a single Rocket and move down the
stairs. Walk back to the door you used to enter this place, and turn right.
Walk across the catwalk and kill the Renevant thst spawns in front of you
and the Vulgar that spawns to the left of you, on the other side. Proceed
down the dark hallway, killing the Zombies, and enter through the door here.

Three Zombies will be in this room and two Vulgars will spawn. Kill everything
in the room and note Storage Locker #042. We don't have the combo for it yet
but we will soon enough. Go through the next door on the right.

A Pinky will be right in your face as you open the door, so ready your Double
Barreled Shotgun and take aim, killing him in one hit. Since there's no way
to get through the stack of obstacles here, go into the small hole and
crawl through the ducts. Come out at the other end where a corpse falls
through the hole. Pick up Bernard Fresko's PDA, which reveals the combo
to Storage Locker #042. Before backtracking to the locker, pick up the
SkyTram Keycard here also.

The code for Storage Locker #042 is 714. Pick up the box of Shotgun Shells
and the Ammo Belt for the Chaingun out of the locker, and go through the
door where you found Bernard Fresko's PDA and the SkyTram Keycard. Don't
forget to pick up all the ammo off the shelves before going through the door!

Take the elevator nearby to Level 1 - The Lobby.

Go through the door by the ramp.

We're back to the room where that door needed the Keycard. After you enter
the room, our friend, the Hell Knight, that we saw before will spawn and
attempt to beat your ass over. Knock him dead with the Rocket Launcher and
also the Renevant that spawns close to him. Find the door in this area to
where the door needed the Keycard. Scan the Keycard by the door and go through

Before going into the monorail, drop down onto the pipes and then onto the
floor. Crawl under the pipes to discover a Plasma Rifle and some Cells for
the taking! Climb the ladder back out, enter the monorail, and push the

Your monorail will stop about halfway, and there will be a distant scientist
working on something. Just then, Dr. Betruger laughs and a Hell Knight is
spawned right next to the scientist. The Hell Knight rips the scientist's
head off, and the Hell Knight flings the body at a Mach-2 speed directly at
your monorail car =(

Your monorail car keeps moving and you'll come to the end. Open the bay door
nearby here, and press the button to transfer to Phobos Labs 2.

Phobos Labs - Sector 2 (Molecular Research)                       [D3XP.08.09]


In-Game Level Description:

In addition to providing state of the art lab facilities for renowned
scientist Dr. Elizabeth McNeil and her team, this sector also contains many
of te Site 1's important sub-systems.


Your first objective is to rendezvous up with Dr. Elizabeth McNeil.

Walk out of the bay door. Don't worry, no monsters will spawn in this room,
so relax. Look for the sign on the ceiling that reads, 'Research Facility'.
Enter through the door in the direction of the arrow.

Go into the room marked, 'Gallery'. Pick up the Security Armor behind the
display case and exit the room. Go through the next door just down the hall.

When you enter the door, move into the small alcove to the right of the door.
Use the Grabber to move the barrel to reveal some Machine Gun ammo and some
Large Medikits. Move out of the alcove, pick up the Armor Shards by the dead
Marine, and move through the door marked, 'Research Sector A'.

Pick up the Chaingun ammo ahead and turn left down the hall. Salvage anything
you can from the offices, but most importantly, pick up James Owens' PDA from
the meeting room. This will cause four Vulgars and two Renevants to spawn,
but not all at the same time. Head back out the room.

A Brusier will spawn in the back of the room, so use The Artifact's Hell Time
and beat his ass over with anything you got. Scan your PDA next to the door
marked 'Research Sector B' to gain access, and enter through the door into
the next room. Run down the ramp and enter the room next to the Sentry Bot
so rendezvous with Dr. McNeil. 'Objective Complete' rings up on the screen
when the cutscene finishes. She gives you the Pumping Station Keycard, which
is our next destination. Pick up any health items you can find, and follow
the hallway to the next door. Go through it.

Pick up the Rockets and Large Medikits from the suitcase, and enter the next

Pick up the Large Medikit and the box of Shotgun Shells, and open the airlock.

Run to the left, and get your Double Barreled Shotgun out. Run up the various
ramps, killing The Forgotten One, and picking up Air Canisters. Dodge the
Renevants rockets, killing him in one shot with the Double Barreled Shotgun,
and run up some more stairs. At the very top, scan the new Keycard you
received and enter the door.

Run across the catwalk, and up the stairs first. Shut down the Pump Station.
'Objective Complete' will display on the screen. Run down the stairs, and
down the next set of stairs, turn left, and pick up Seth Killian's PDA.
Two Vulgars and two Renevants will spawn. Kill them all and run to the end.
Heal up at the Health Station if you need it, and enter the next door.

Run across the catwalks to the other end of the Martian planet, killing
Forgotten Ones and Cacodemons as you go along. Close the airlock and enter
though the door. Kill the Vulgar, pick up the box of Shotgun Shells by the
broken door, and run to the other end of the hall through the next door.

Kill the Vulgars in this room, and enter through the door on the right.

Heal at the Health Station if you need it, pick up the Bullets and Machine
Gun ammo in the corner, and go through the next door.

Kill all the Z-Sec Zombies by your weapon of choice, and enter through the
door at the back of the room. There is some Chaingun ammo and some Armor
Shards here. When you are done collecting all the goodies, exit this
room and proceed down the long hallway. Kill all the Z-Sec Zombies while
picking up any ammo and health you can find, and go through the other door.

Pick up Keith Noordzy's PDA in the corner. His PDA contains the bridge code,
which we'll be needing in a moment. Pick up the box of Shotgun Shells and the
Bullets also. Move through the door on the wall.

Before proceeding through the next door, pick up the Rockets, Medikits, Armor
Shards, and anything else off the shelf. Move through the door.

Use the bridge combo found in Keith Noordzy's PDA (If you don't want to look,
the code is 281). Punch in the numbers and move into the glass house. Kill
the three Z-Sec Zombies and move to the computer screen. Activate the lift.

Turn around and retrace your steps back to the room where the Vulgar popped
out from the ceiling and the grate tell. It's the room after where you first
got off the airlock. Go through this door, pick up the Security Armor and
the Large Medikits if you need them, and call the lift if you need to. Get on
the lift, and ride to where it takes you. Pick up the Plasma Rifle and the
abundant amount of Cells, and move through the door. Your battle with the
final and hardest Hell Hunter will begin. Check the 'Boss' section for details
on how to beat him.

Your reward for killing this hard beast? The power of Invincibility! Yay!

'Objective Completed' will flash on the screen. McNeil tells you now to use
the monorail and go back and enter the Delta Complex. Exit through the back
door and ride the lift back to the other side. Pick up the Large Medikit and
Machine Gun ammo and enter through the door.

A Renevant will spawn, so drop him dead. Pick up the Shotgun, box of Shotgun
Shells, and the Armor Shards by the restricted door, and move down the hallway
and enter the next door. Pick up the excess amount of Cells, and press
the screen on the terminal. A Bruiser will spawn and the restricted door will
be opened. Go through the restricted door, use Hell Time, and kill the Bruiser
here. Go through the metal detector-like object and through the door.

Kill the Renevant that spawns in the 'Gallery' and go through the door that's
near the 'Gallery' door.

Kill the two Renevants here and open the bay door. Press the button inside
to transfer to Phobos Labs 3.

Phobos Labs - Sector 3 (Main Reactor)                             [D3XP.08.10]


In-Game Level Description:

Power requirements for Site 1 are enormous and are generated in Sector 3 by
an extremely efficient Plasma Reactor. This revolutionary technology was
developed by UAC scientists within the Phobos Labs.


With the Hell Hunters all dead, there's only one thing left to do: Enter hell
and kill Dr. Betruger. Go into the monorail and press the button inside to
activate the skytram and move to the next area.

Move into either door marked 'Reactor Operations' and kill the three Zombies
inside. Go into the door that reads 'Plasma Storage'. Pick up all the Cells
you see on the shelves. The Plasma Rifle should be your main weapon this whole
level because of all the ammo you should have stockpiled. Heal at the Health
Station if you need to. Exit the room.

Kill the two Vulgars and one Renevant that spawn and move up the stairs to the
catwalk. Enter the door here.

Armor Shards are to the right. Pick those up and move to the door at the
other end of the room.

You will be in the Main Reactor room. The monster spawn from the blue beam
of plasma and they they respawn infinitely. USe the lifts to reach the lowest
part of the room and enter the only door that has green lights by it.

Get the Chaingun and Machine Gun ammo by the Health Station, and heal up. Take
the ladder down to the next area. The ladder is by the enterance of this room.
Keep moving down the ladders until you get to the terminals. Pick up Nicolas
Haag's PDA, Cells, and Security Armor by the terminal. Ride the lift upwards
to the top and exit the room.

Ride the lifts back up to the top. killing Cacodemons and Forgotten Ones as
you go to the door that's locked by PDA access. Scan your PDA here to gain 
admittance. Move in.

Go down to the terminals and press the button that says 'Initiate Shutdown'.
This will shut down the Phobos Reactor. Before leaving, check out Storage
Locker #009. The code is obtained from Nicolas Haag's PDA, and the code is
492. Pick up the Security Armor, Chaingun ammo, and Machine Gun ammo. Leave
the room.

Go to the computer screen and activate the bridge. Walk across the bridge to
your right and go through the door.

Pick up the box of Shotgun Shells by the dead Marine, and kill the three
Z-Sec Zombies that are around the corner. Pick up the Chaingun ammo, Cells,
and Armor Shards next to the lift. Climb onto the lift and ride it downwards.

Kill the four Renevants and the Pinky here. This can be difficult, so make
good use of The Artifact here. There are Rockets and Machine Gun ammo in the
right corners of the room as you get off the lift. Enter through the door to
the left of the lift.

Follow the Sentry Bot that will activate through the darkness, killing Vulgars
and Wraiths as you go along. Once you are at the end of the darkness, you will
see an elevator. Ride it up to the airlock. Pick up the Plasma Rifle and the
Cells, and open the airlock. There will be no monster encounters through
the Martian terrain, so just follow the path. There is a guard rail you can
jump over to pick up a Security Armor. Enter the airlock.

Once inside, kill the two Z-Sec Zombies and heal at the Health Station if you
need to. Walk down the two flights of stairs. Under the second flight of
stairs, you can climb underneath to get some Chaingun ammo and some Armor
Shards. Enter the elevator when you're ready and ride it down to the Cargo

Get out your Rocket Launcher once your off the elevator. Walk down the tunnel
and open the door. If it's too dark, open the shutters by pressing the button
on the nearby terminal. Fire a few rockets towards the Hell Knight and run
to the end of the tunnel. Open the door here and enter it. Keep your Rocket
Launcher out.

Run halfway down the tunnel and a Hell Knight will knock over some crates and
come toward you. Blast him away and a second will come shortly after. Send
him flying 20 feet into the air. Walk down the tunnel, past the elevator
that's on fire, equip your Machine Gun and open the door. 

A Pinky will charge at you right away. Fire Machine Gun rounds to his head
and make him history. Enter the room now.

Pick up the Cells by the crates and begin walking through the steel jungle.
A Renevant will be walking down the stairs, along with two Z-Sec Zombies.
Kill them all and pick up the Large Medikits and Shotgun Shells by the stairs.
Climb up the stairs now and go through the tunnel. You will encounter a ladder
but a Vulgar will pop out. Shoot him up and climb the ladder and go through
the door at the top.

Walk all the way to the wall and take the door on the left. Press the button
on the computer screen to initiate the shutdown of the life support systems.
'Objective Complete' will show up on the screen. Exit the room and walk down
the hallway. You will encounter no monsters, so don't worry too much about it.
Open the bay doors to end the level and transfer back to Phobos Labs 1.

Phobos Labs - Revisited (Teleportation)                           [D3XP.08.11]


In-Game Level Description:

While teleportation is the primary field of research in Sector 1, UAC 
scientists made important discoveries here in the area of gravity
manipulation. As a result, the Gravity Accelerator is one of the UAC's most
successful products.


Step out of the transfer bay and pick up the two boxes of Shotgun Shells.
Go through the door nearby into the next area.

Kill the two Z-Sec Zombies who will come charging down the stairs. Two Vulgars
will also spawn so watch out. Pick up the Cell Packs and move through the
next door.

Pick up the Armor Shards, Chaingun ammo, and Ronn Jolson's PDA. Climb up the
stairs and pick up the Machine Gun ammo and the Rockets. Go back down the
stairs and use the door by which you found Ronn Jolson's PDA.

Walk to the left and ignore the monorail. Between three to five Bruisers will
spawn in this room. There is a Security Armor in the back of the room and
a Cell Pack lying on the ground. Regardless, walk up the stairs to the catwalk
and enter the door.

Walk down the stairs and kill the massive amounts of Z-Sec Zombies. When you
get farther down the tunnel, an Archvile will spawn. Kill him off quickly
and keep walking forward. Two Renevants will spawn, so floor them too.
Then, when you get up the stairs to the big door, kill the two Vulgars that
spawn. Pick up anything you can find and walk through the big door.

A Bruiser will spawn when you step one foot through that door. You know the
drill. Kill him, pick up the Small Medikit and the box of Shotgun Shells by
the door, and walk up the stairs. Pick up the Large Medikits and walk up
the other set of stairs. Kill the Z-Sec Zombies and the Wraiths that will
spawn here. When you face the two possible tunnels you can go, take the tunnel
straight first. An Archvile will spawn, so take him down. Pick up the Rockets
and Security Armor, and go through the other tunnel this time, killing the
three Wraiths that spawn. Pick up theArmor Shards and Medikits, and go 
through the door.

Four Renevants and one Bruiser will spawn, one right after another. Floor
every single one, leaving no survivors, and go into the room nearby. Activate
the teleporter, and scan for active pads. Choose 'Pad 1 - Delta' and move
through the teleporter. Press the button to move to Delta.

Delta Labs - Unknown (Union Aerospace Research Division)          [D3XP.08.12]


In-Game Level Description:

The Delta Complex is the most advanced research facility on Mars. Sector 1
contains the power systems, energy core distribution center, and services the
administrative functions of the entire Delta Complex.


You are back in the Delta Labs from Doom 3, but they certainly don't look like
it. The Delta Labs are the last area before entering Hell.

When you start off, kill the Flaming Zombie that's walking around. Go behind
the terminals to the right of the teleporter and pick up the Cells and Cell
Packs. Kill the Forgotten Ones and the Hell Knight that spawns, and walk to
the end. Pick up the best weapon of the game - The BFG 9000, and the BFG Cell.
Walk around and go through the door you encounter. Go through the next door

Kill the Renevant at the top of the stairs, and kill the Zombies also.
Continue up the stairs. Kill the Flaming Zombie that comes out of the door
to the right when you get to the end, and enter the door on the left.

Kill the two Zombies and proceed. There will be a Hell Knight on the catwalk
so eliminate him. Some Forgotten Ones will start spawning to take them out
too. A door will open on the wall and a Renevant will launch an attack. Kill
him and walk into the beams of light to be teleported to the next area.

Kill the Flaming Zombie when he comes along and walk through the door. Take
the left way and and kill the two Vulgars and one Renevant that spawn. Walk
into the room that's to the right and pick up a Cell Pack and Chaingun ammo.
Walk into the door finally that reads 'Unlocked' on the screen. Pick up
the BFG 9000 from the corpse and continue through the next door.

Kill the Zombies to the left that are down the hall, and kill the Flaming
Zombie that's straight down the stairs running up towards you. A Renevant
will spawn here to kill him too. Walk down the stairs and pick up some Shotgun
Shells. Then, take the other way, turn left at the intersection to pick up a
Cell Pack and a BFG Cell. Go through the door here.

You will hear the squeak of Ticks walking up the walls, so prepare yourself.
After you kill all the Ticks, a Renevant will spawn right by the enterance
you came from, so lay him down to rest. Walk forward, picking up the Cells
and Medikits, and walk into the beams of light to be teleported to the next

Walk down the steps and a Hell Knight will spawn in the room you just
teleported to. Pump him full of lead and continue walking. A Zombie will
pop out of alcove, so drop him. Pick up the box of Shotgun Shells that was in
the alcove of the Zombie, and continue walking. There will be a small room
with a PDA in it, but before you go get it, kill the Hell Knight that spawns
behind you. Pick up Patrick Hook's PDA, some Medikits, Machine Gun ammo,
and some Chaingun ammo. Walk down the path and by the broken door, pick
up some Rockets and Armor Shards. More Rockets are just down the hall,
so pick them up and enter the door near the Rockets.

Kill the Flaming Zombie here and kill the two Vulgars that spawn. To the left
of the operating table, there is a room with Storage Lockers #116 and #117.
You get the combo from Patrick Hook's PDA. The combo for both lockers is 634.
Take the Cells, Shotgun Shells, and Chaingun ammo from both of the lockers. 
If you need health, there are some Large Medikits on the shelves. Proceed down
the hallway across from the locker rooms.

Walk down the hallway and into the room, killing Ticks, Vulgars, and a Hell
Knight. Once all are dead, enter the door here.

Walk around the specimen holding areas, killing Ticks as you go along. Enter
the door on the left side of the room.

Pick up the Cells in the corner and blow up the Zombies. Activate the lift and
go to the top. Go down the hallway and enter the door. Inside, kill the five
Zombies. Walk around to the terminals and pick up the Security Armor here.
Once you are through here, walk down the stairs and enter the hallway there.

Kill the Vulgar that's walking around and enter the door here.

Kill the two Renevants that spawn here and open the nearby door. Walk into
the beams of light and be teleported to to the Delta Teleporter. Walk into 
the teleporter here.

Welcome to Hell soldier!

Hell - Unknown                                                    [D3XP.08.13]


In-Game Level Description:

The last stronghold connecting Mars and Hell, hideous monsters are spawn from
the hellfires within. Hell contains some of the biggest and baddest monsters
ever experienced by the Mars invasion two years ago.


Welcome back to Hell Marine! Your second time through Hell (Counting the one
from Doom 3 as being your first) isn't going to be very easy. For one thing,
there won't be any spare ammo lying around until the very end of the level.
You have to be real conservative about ammo, especially if you're on the
Nightmare difficulty. Remember, you have unlimited stamina while in Hell, 
so don't forget to constantly sprint.

You start off the level in a big pentagram surrounded on a small island,
surrounded by a sea of lava. Walk forward and groups of monsters will spawn
one group at a time. Two Cacodemons will spawn first, then one Hell Knight
will spawn, then two Wraiths will spawn, followed by three Cherubs. Pretty
intense, is it not? Walk forward and enter the hole into Hell's domain.

Walk down the path and kill the Ticks that come down from the ceiling.
When you get to the fire hole with souls coming out of it, prepare for a 
confrontation. Around seven Forgotten Ones will spawn, along with two
Cacodemons, and one Vulgar. Take them all out and continue down the path.

Kill the two Imps that spawn, and take the right path. Note the other
way straight ahead, we'll come back here later.

By the orange teleporter, two Cherubs will spawn. Pick up the BFG Cell
and the Large Medikits, and move into the teleporter. Get ready for the
hardest battle in the game.

You will be teleported to a small island arena with tons of pillars. If you
fall off the island, you die instantly. You will face ten Hell Knights, ten
Mancubi, and ten Imps. Remember to constnaly use The Artifact, and one shot
to the head with the Double Barreled Shotgun while The Artifact is active
will result in instant death for all creatures. There are two corpses on
the field if you need more souls for The Artifact.

Once this area has been purged of evil, take the green teleporter out of 

Go back to the fork in the paths and take the other path this time because
the door is open. Jump across the floating stones over lava, killing the
Forgotten Ones and picking up Large Medikits and the Security Armor along
the way. When you get to the other side, Wraiths will spawn a little ways
into the tunnel. After they die, a Mancubus will spawn. Kill him off
and follow the path. Open the door at the end and be prepared to take out
the Hell Knight. One you do, continue through the door.

Down the path you will find yet another Hell Knight. Take him down and
follow the path again. You will come to a small room where two Wraiths
will spawn. Eliminate them and go into the tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel, you will come across an expansive room and three
Cacodemons will spawn. Erradicate them and follow the path over the lava.
If you follow the path where it slopes downward, you can pick up a Small
Medikit on the ledges. Continue the main path. Five Vulgars will emerge
from the fiery pits of Hell, so put a slug through their heads and
continue on your merry way.

Soon your long walk will come to an end. You will find a massive green
teleporter with corpses all over and tons of ammo everywhere. Pick up
all the ammo, you'll need it. Heal up and grab the Security Armor.

Move into the green teleporter...

This is it, the final boss. Dr. Betruger, in all his majesty, will taunt
you from the Maledict's tongue. The battle begins. Are you good enough
to stand in awe of the Maledict? Read the 'Boss' section for the strategy
on how to defeat the Maledict.

Once the Maledict is dead, a cutscene will play showing the Maledict crawling
around the ground. As a last attempt of revenge, the Maledict grabs the
Marine, and tosses him around. The Marine passes out. When he wakes up,
he is staring at Dr. Betrugers head on the Maledict's tongue. Dr. Betruger
says, "Give me back what's mine". The Marine takes The Artifact and shoves
it into the Maledict's mouth. This causes a massive explosion and Dr. 
Betruger and the Maledict are defeated ... or are they? The screen whites
out and you hear Dr. McNeil say to you, "Welcome back Marine...". The credits

Congratulations, you beat Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil! Think you're good
enough for Nightmare? There's no Soul Cube to save you this time around,
so you're in for one hell of a challenge!

9. Cheats, Secets, and Easter Eggs                                [D3XP.09.01]

This section will contain everything that's considered a code, secret, or
an Easter egg. Like Doom 3, Resurrection of Evil offers so many different
secrets and Easter eggs that are just waiting to be discovered. If there's
anything I missed (Which I know I did), please E-Mail me. Cheats are courtesy
of GameFAQS, and some from me.

Console Commands                                                  [D3XP.09.02]

During gameplay, press CTRL + ALT + ~ to bring up the console. Enter in any 
of the follow codes to activate their effects. Some cheats, like 'god', will
have to be activated every level.

General Cheats:

give keys   - Gives all Keycards for the current level.
give all    - Gives you all weapons, ammo, and armor.
give ammo   - Fills all your ammo for all weapons to the maximum.
give armor  - Gives you the maximum armor points you can have.
give health - Fills your health to the maximum.
god         - Grants you invincibility.
kill        - The player commits suicide.
noclip      - Allows you to walk through walls.
notarget #  - Where # is 1 or 0. Monsters will not see you if it is on.

Summoning Monsters:

spawn monster_zombie_bernie        - Spawns a Flaming Zombie.
spawn monster_zombie_commando      - Spawns a Commando with the tentacle arms.
spawn monster_zombie_commando_cgun - Spawns a Chaingun Commando.
spawn monster_demon_trite          - Spawns a Trite.
spawn monster_demon_tick           - Spawns a Tick.
spawn monster_flying_lostsoul      - Spawns a Lost Soul.
spawn monster_flying_forgotten     - Spawns a Forgotten One.
spawn monster_demon_imp            - Spawns a Imp.
spawn monster_demon_vulgar         - Spawns a Vulgar.
spawn monster_demon_maggot         - Spawns a Maggot.
spawn monster_demon_wraith         - Spawns a Wraith.
spawn monster_demon_cherub         - Spawns a Cherub.
spawn monster_demon_pinky          - Spawns a Pinky.
spawn monster_demon_revenant       - Spawns a Revenant. 
spawn monster_demon_archvile       - Spawns a Archvile.
spawn monster_demon_mancubus       - Spawns a Mancubus.
spawn monster_demon_hellknight     - Spawns a HellKnight.
spawn monster_demon_d3xp_bruiser   - Spawns a Bruiser.
spawn monster_hunter_helltime      - Spawns the first Hell Hunter.
spawn monster_hunter_berzerk       - Spawns the second Hell Hunter.
spawn monster_hunter_invul         - Spawns the third Hell Hunter.
spawn monster_boss_vagary          - Spawns a Vagary.
spawn monster_boss_guardian        - Spawns the Guardian.
spawn monster_boss_sabaoth         - Spawns a Sabaoth.
spawn monster_boss_cyberdemon      - Spawns the Cyberdemon.

Summoning Weapons:

give weapon_grabber        - Gives you the Grabber.
give weapon_shotgun        - Gives you the Shotgun.
give weapon_shotgun_double - Gives you the Double Barreled Shotgun.
give weapon_machinegun     - Gives you the Machine Gun.
give weapon_chaingun       - Gives you the Chaingun.
give ammo_grenade_small    - Gives you Grenades.
give weapon_plasmagun      - Gives you the Plasma Rifle.
give weapon_rocketlauncher - Gives you the Rocket Launcher.
give weapon_bfg            - Gives you the BFG 9000.
Summoning Ammo:

spawn ammo_bullets_small  - Bullet Clip for Pistol.
spawn ammo_shells_small   - Shells for Shotgun/Double Barreled Shotgun. 
spawn ammo_clip_small     - Machine Gun Rounds for Machine Gun.
spawn ammo_belt_small     - Ammo Belt for Chaingun.
spawn ammo_grenade_small  - Pack of Hand Grenades.
spawn ammo_cells_small    - Small Cell for Plasma Rifle.
spawn ammo_rockets_small  - Pack of 5 Rockets for Rocket Launcher.
spawn ammo_bfg_small      - BFG Cell for BFG 9000. 
spawn ammo_bullets_large  - Box of Bullets for Pistol.
spawn ammo_shells_large   - Box of Shells for Shotgun/Double Barreled Shotgun.
spawn ammo_clip_large     - Machine Gun Rounds for Machine Gun.
spawn ammo_cells_large    - Cell Pack for Plasma Rifle. 
spawn ammo_rockets_large  - Pack of 10 Rockets for Rocket Launcher. 

Storage Locker Combinations                                       [D3XP.09.03]

There will be quite a few times in Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil where you will
find various Storage Lockers in the facility. You can find the codes from 
various peoples' PDA's, but here's a quick reference. Thsea are also found in
the walkthrough, but in case you somehow missed them, here they are.

Code | Combo | Contents                                                      |
#042 |  714  | Box of Shotgun Shells, Chaingun rounds.                       |
#035 |  134  | Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Armor Shards.                        |
#105 |  769  | Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Hand Grenades.                       |
#407 |  937  | Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Small Medikit.                       |
#034 |  134  | Chaingun rounds, Machine Gun ammo.                            |
#029 |  516  | Machine Gun ammo, Security Armor.                             |
#408 |  937  | Shotgun Shells.                                               |
#116 |  634  | Shotgun Shells, Cells.                                        |
#117 |  634  | Shotgun Shells, Chaingun ammo.                                |

Sarge's Big Game Hunt                                             [D3XP.09.04]

You will find this minigame in Erebus - Level 3 (Erebus Labs). As it looks,
this is kind of a hard minigame, but once you master the controls, it's all
a matter of timing your shots and aiming. Your character is Sarge, who is
holding a Shotgun. On the far left of the screen, there will be Sarge with
his Shotgun. In the upper left corner, there will be a bear floating in the
air with balloons (How odd...). Your job in this game is to use the controls
and increase/decrease the power of the shot and increase/decrease the height
of how high the shot you go. AFAIK, you get nothing besides wasting a few
minutes for playing this game.

Hellanoid                                                         [D3XP.09.05]

In Erebus - Level 4 (Erebus Control), with the one room with the Z-Sec Zombie,
there will be an arcade game by the wall. This game is called 'Hellanoid'.
Basically this game is similar to that ... (Oh God, I can't remember the
actual name for it IRL) ... game we play in real life. For every 10,000 points
you achieve, you receive an extra ball. If you lose all your balls (Lol...),
you can continue without a deduction from your score. I don't know what
happens when you get a real high score. It's a real addictive game, go try

Martian Buddy Blaster                                             [D3XP.09.06]

In Phobos Labs - Sector 2 (Molecular Research), you will encounter this
minigame. This is perhaps one of the easiest minigames to play. If you ever
played 'Asterioids' (I believe that's what it was) on the Atari, you will
recognize this game. Your object is to shoot down all the rocks that you see
in sight, using the BFG 9000 (The classic one, too =D). There are five levels

After beating all 5 levels on the "Martian Buddy Blaster" arcade game in the 
Phobos Labs - Sector 2 (Molecular Research), you receive an E-Mail with the 
following URL:


It says you will receive a gift in the Phobos Labs when you first visit back
to Phobos Labs - Sector 1 (Teleportation). Once you go through the bay doors,
you will find a very useful weapon when you come upon a sealed room. You will
find the BFG 9000 much earlier instead of finding it on the Delta Labs - 
Unknown (Union Aerospace Research Division).

Nightmare Difficulty                                              [D3XP.09.07]

Simply beat the game on any difficulty to unlock Nightmare difficulty. This
difficulty is for the gods of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. Since you have
no Soul Cube to help you out, you have to be really fast, but ever so careful.
You lose five life every five seconds I believe.

Think you have the skill? Try Nightmare!

Sarge's Picture                                                   [D3XP.09.08]

When you come across the Double Barreled Shotgun when you are in the 'Offices'
of Erebus - Level 3 (Erebus Labs), you will find a small picture frame hanging
on the wall. There will be a picture of Sarge, holding his Double Barreled
Shotgun, with a slain bear by him. One of the coolest pictures in the game.

10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)                              [D3XP.10.01]

I get a lot of questions via E-Mail and Instant Messenger. Some of them get
repetitive, and sometimes they're new. If you see something not noted in the
FAQ/Walkthrough and you write me, chances are great that question and the
answer will appear here. I will, however, write you back to the answer of
your problem, so don't worry.

Q: I cant get why you write a solution for a game where it is strict defined 
   path and there is no doube about the way you must "take".
A: I can't get why you took two minutes of your time to write a subject on
   how I wrote a Walkthrough for Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. Honestly, I'm
   not the only one who did it. peach freak did one for Doom II: Hell on Earth
   and Grawl did one for Doom 3. Go bitch at them too instead of singleing
   me out.

Q: How do I defeat [Insert Boss Name]?
A: You can either check my Weapon/Monster Guide in the FAQ sections of Doom 3:
   Resurrection of Evil, or you can look for it in the Table of Contents.

Q: I noticed you missed a secret in [Insert Level Name].
A: Entirely possible. Since I have such limited time writing a Walkthrough,
   I rushed through the game mostly, discovering the different secrets as I go
   along. Contribute to my guide if you didn't see something that shouldv'e 
   been there.

Q: Why isnt the cacodemon summonable?
A: I have no answer to this question as I don't know why either.

Anything you would like to submit? Send it right in!

11. Legal Information                                             [D3XP.11.01]

Webmasters! Do NOT:

Post this FAQ on your site directly. The only sites that this rule DOES 
NOT apply to is:


No if's, and's, or but's about it. Ask me first if you would like to make
this FAQ available on your site. If I find it on your site and you never
asked me for permission, I will take legal action against you.

Webmasters! Please DO:

If you are a webmaster of a site that wants to post this FAQ, what do 
you do? As you read above, you can not post it directly. Instead, link 
to the page at www.gamefaqs.com that lists all the FAQs for this game. 
Why GameFAQs? Because I said so. To clear up some confusion, you can not 
link to the URL if it ends in ".txt" or ".doc", you just can't use that. 
If it ends in anything else, such as the page where it lists all the 
FAQs for a game, you can link to THAT, but not to the actual FAQ. I'm 
only repeating myself, but I had to because some people have to be told 
something twice. If you have any questions on linking, notify me. To 
answer the most common question I'll get, you can not link to any 
GameFAQs URL that ends in ".txt" or ".doc" because it's in GameFAQs' 
legal section. So there. 

This FAQ cannot be used in magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any 
other form of printed or electronic media involved in a commercial 
business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape, or form, PERIOD. It 
may not be given away freely, as a "bonus" or "prize", or given away 
with the game itself, etc. This FAQ cannot be used for either profitable 
or promotional purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of 
these rules is in direction violation of U.S. law.

12. Credits                                                       [D3XP.12.01]

I wrote 100% of the FAQ myself, mainly because I've been playing the Doom
series for pratically 10 years and running. Here are a few people I'd like
to thank:

Grawl here at GameFAQS. I used his Table of Contents outline.

CJayC here at GameFAQS. You made a really nice site, I love it. Always keep
up the hard work.

Marshmallow here at GameFAQS. He's known for making FAQs from Goldeneye 007
and Perfect Dark for the N64, among other names. Thank you very much for the
legal information section.

Everyone on the Doom boards that's been really helpful to me over the years.
I appreciate it you guys.

Helpful reader Kevin's contribution to the seeming inaccessible area at the
start of Erebus - Level 1 (Main Excavation).

The readers who read this.

That's really about it. If I haven't mentioned anyone let me know and you'll 
be added ASAP. People who send in user tips will surely be added here as well.

13. Contacts                                                      [D3XP.13.01]

1. AIM me @ MorpheusDV. This is probably the best way, even though I do have
   my away message on most of the time, but I will get your message.

2. E-Mail me. The second way, but I usually only check my E-Mail once a day, 
   so don't pray for a quick response. My E-Mail address is as follows, except
   replace -AT- with @ and -DOT- with . :
   nick -DOT- novak -AT- comcast -DOT- net

   This is to prevent the numerous god damn spam bots that are E-Mailing me

			= Rules About IM or E-Mail: =

* No spam. Heaven help you if I find spam...

* Don't come E-Mailing me saying "Hey, I noticed a typo in section...". It's
  fine if you send me an E-Mail or IM saying I got a couple errors, but don't
  go rampant finding errors. I don't have Microsoft Word so spellcheck is out
  of the question.

* If you have a question that is not already answered in this FAQ, please, go
  ahead and ask.

* If you want to set up a server in which you want to learn how to play, I'll
  be glad to help you. See Contacts above for more information.


This document is © 2005 DV Morpheus 
All rights reserved.

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