1. Jay Brushwood Animator
  2. Ronn Harbin Animator
  3. James Houska Animator
  4. Fredrik Nilsson Animator
  5. John Root Animator
  6. Eric Webb Animator
  7. Ted Anderson Artist
  8. Brian Cavett Artist
  9. Amy Chang Artist
  10. Kevin Cloud Artist
  11. Pat Jones Artist
  12. Steve Maines Artist
  13. Seneca Menard Artist
  14. Jason Kim Associate Producer
  15. Adam Bellefeuil Designer
  16. Mal Blackwell Designer
  17. Patrick Hook Designer
  18. Matt Hooper Designer
  19. Brandon James Designer
  20. Jerry Keehan Designer
  21. David Kelvin Designer
  22. Steve Rescoe Designer
  23. Steve Rescoe Designer
  24. Gregory Stone Designer
  25. Matt Hooper Executive Producer
  26. Kenneth Scott Lead Artist
  27. Tim Willits Lead Designer
  28. Robert A. Duffy Lead Programmer
  29. Pat Duffy Media Artist
  30. Timothee Besset Programmer
  31. Jim Dose Programmer
  32. Brian Matt Programmer
  33. Darin McNeil Programmer
  34. Sean Mitchell Programmer
  35. Jonathon Wright Programmer
  36. Christian Antkow Sound Designer
  37. John Carmack Technical Director
  38. Philip Clarke Voice of Betruger
  39. Wally Wingert Voice of Dr. Cloud
  40. Jennifer Hale Voice of Dr. Elizabeth McNeil


Data and credits for this game contributed by A Man in Flames, Blk_Mage_Ctype, iceman505, oliist, and RemixTheRom.

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