Where can I find all the Blue Mushrooms???

  1. Um....ya

    User Info: whodouthink

    whodouthink - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It is right in the FAQs section for this game right here on GameFAQs... >_>

    1. Go to the Heroes Guild and fish by the Demon Door.
    2. Meet the woman in the Picnic Area. Make her laugh by doing the Cossack Dance three times for her.
    3. Buy a Blue Mushroom from the Trader in Barrow Fields for 1500 gold, or just steal it.
    4. Talk to Cyril, in the Guild Woods, he has a letter for a girl you may
    have met in Oakvale already, Myra. She has a green dot on her, pretty much at
    the easternmost part of town. He then gives you the last blue mushroom you
    need after you talk to her for him and then go back and tell him what she said... OR you can just kill Cyril and take the mushroom.

    Once you have all four 'shrooms, go back to the Quay in Bowerstone and speak with the Witch.

    User Info: DRAKULIAN

    DRAKULIAN (Expert) - 10 years ago 11   8

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