What is the strongest melee and ranged weapon in the game-?

  1. - And how do you get it/them.

    User Info: CRAZYNINJA22

    CRAZYNINJA22 - 10 years ago

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  1. The great sword and bow with 3 sharpening augmentations are better than anything

    User Info: RevStoningpot

    RevStoningpot - 10 years ago 3   1


  1. First, start with this:


    Next, this:

    * If your Physique is at or below level two, using the strongest lightweight weapons is best.
    . . . . . (Sword of Aeons : : : Avo's Tear - one or the other is found simply by playing the game)

    * If your Physique is at or above level three, using the strongest heavyweight weapons is best.
    . . . . . (Bereaver : : : Solus Greatsword)

    In truth, there is no one simple answer to your question because it all depends upon your particular playing style. If you are merely looking for raw stats and care about nothing else then the Solus Greatsword (purchased in Bowerstone North) and Bereaver (give all your silver keys to the Demon Door in the Necropolis) are equally the strongest (heavy) melee weapons.

    The strongest ranged weapons are:
    . . . Arken's Bow - crossbow - 15 sliver key chest in Darkwood Lake
    . . . Master Crossbow - purchase - place sharpening augmentations in all its three slots
    . . . Skorm's Bow - longbow - Chapel of Skorm - earn 500 evil points or more in one sacrifice

    User Info: DRAKULIAN

    DRAKULIAN (Expert) - 10 years ago 6   6
  2. the solus greatsword is really good when fighting monsters and Skorm's bow is REALLY powerful i took down a troll in bout 5 hits in the arena it was the earth troll but if ledgend weapons are not so great for you try master weapons the master crossbow really helped alot with me fighting Jack the first time and the longsword well its if you want your hero look like a normal hero if he is not big and try different styles with different swords like one sword all silver for balveriens and one bow all sharp for niphs one hit kill if the string has been pulled back long enough and one last one the fryin' pan with 4 different augumations try and see what happens

    User Info: jamieson09

    jamieson09 - 10 years ago 0   0
  3. bearaver IS best

    User Info: Im_Awsome

    Im_Awsome - 10 years ago 2   4
  4. Skorms bow is the strongest ranged and the solus greatsword is the strongest melee but you can also put a shapening augment on it and make it stronger

    User Info: deford77

    deford77 - 10 years ago 1   4

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