Review by Msterchief

Reviewed: 01/25/06

Taking advantage of a movie title and rappers name, all for naught...

50 Cent: Bulletproof, the GTA knock off with bad gameplay. No really. From the very start, this game has a confusing story, terrible controls, mind-boggling camera movement methods, not to mention the attention-grabbing use of a rappers name to lure the player into the game. Here goes:

The real problem with this game was not the way the game worked or any of the other flawed technicalities, but the un-originality of every little feature. If it weren't for this, Bulletproof would have achieved my, (rather difficult to reach), 7 and higher level. To start with examples are the controls. It is a typical setup, much like GTA in ways, with little new about it at all, apart from being able to hide behind dumpsters and the like.

The AI was exceptional, compared to my expectations, but these days almost all AI is pretty good, or smart. The MOST intelligent thing I ever saw an enemy do is grab a garbage can and use it for cover. If thats the most innovative thing Genuine Games could come up with, well I guess it will just have to do. The graphics were relatively decent, but nothing exceptional. The story is understandable, the characters were recognizable, but it was long, boring, and stretched. I'm not one for short stories, but even I could have written a much more intricate, detailed, and interesting plot.

A number of things in the game are just plain annoying. Almost every game I have ever played has a slightly different method for controlling camera movement, and Bulletproof was by FAR the worst I have seen. I thought Everything or Nothing had poor movement, but that was life-like compared to this. I'm all for killing one of the many infinite-spawn-like enemies that seem to come from nowhere, hide in truly obscure places, and use one of my six guns in my arsenal. But when the camera doesn't seem to let you look anywhere but up 50 Cent's nose, thats when you know there isn't a chance in the world you will ever get a decent shot off.

Ultimately, this game seemed to me to take advantage of the movie name, the rappers name, and not to mention all the characters in the game, all for the purpose of creating hype. It even had a fair bit of potential. If you're looking for a game to mess around with, and you happen to have a free-bee at your local video game store, you still should hesitate before checking this game out. But don't buy it without first playing it. You will regret it.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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