Review by TEABAGJOE53

Reviewed: 11/30/05


I expected better.

But, you know, this is a game based on G-Unit stuff, and G-Unit stuff is usually overstuffed. And thus you have an overstuffed game. Good, and bad.

I expected better because all of this talent was supposed to helm the game. Terry Winter writes, the whole G-Unit/Aftermath/Shady click (practically) signs on to lend thier likeness and videos to it, the whole nine. Vivendi Universal dropped a lot of money to make this work. But unfortunately, it just didn't come up to par.

Let's start with the bad...the controls: GARBAGE. Camera controls are too slow. The game moves crazy fast, and the camera can't keep up. Not to mention that aiming is a real pain sometimes.

Glitches. Too many. Nuff said.

Respawning enemies? Good and bad. Need some extra money, shoot somebody up. Simple. BUT it gets tedious from time to time.
And seriously, buying new counter moves for every mission blows. Hard.

But there is some good in this.

The action is fast paced and pretty realistic: a few shots too many'll do you in. You'll find yourself ducking for cover and rolling a lot. The same goes for your enemies, so shoot away. The story drives the game very well, and playing through it the first time will motivate you to press on onto the next mission. The counter kills are great fun; violent and tasty. :) You can also take human shields and "bodyjack" dead bodies, or check, for money, armor and such.

As you progress, you can unlock music vids & tons of music for listening while you play. For 50 Cent fans, this is a goldmine of content: 4 CDs worth of music with new music made just for the game. You can also check out the trailers for the game and certain music videos that where only available on other DVDs (ie Heat.) One gripe here though, WHERE IS THE MANY MEN VIDEO!!? That vid would have perfectly complimented the story elements of the game!!

Buy or rent: Rent. If you're a fan, you might just buy it for the music and the fact that you can kill people as 50, but anybody else should rent it.

7/10: Fun...but if a little more time was put into it, this game would have been phenomenal.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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