Review by shAdo_1253

Reviewed: 11/28/05

50 Cent gone 3-D

Introduction: From Music to his book “from pieces to weight” to his movie “Get rich or Die tryin” and now the game “bulletproof”. Seems like 50 cent is doing it all.

Graphics: 9.5/10

The graphics are best in the cut-scenes but in the game it’s not that great. The graphics I think are the so real that they might just be one of the best graphics this year.

Sound: 8/10

The music you can find all from G-unit, 50 cent’s get rich or die tryin cd and the massacre, some of Lloyd bank’s songs, some of young buck’s songs, some of tony yayo’s songs and g-unit cd songs. But I wonder why they didn’t put in any of the game, eminem or dr. dre’s songs? They got some music video but they are all censored so all you people that don’t like censored songs are going to hate this. And now the sounds are all good but I think that they should of put in a moaning sound when they get stabbed make it more realistic.

Controls: /10

The controls are good but it’s a little hard to aim because of the no auto-aim. If you use a sniper rifle there is no zoom on it.

Game play: /10

There are a lot of good special counter kills and you can hold up to six guns. 50 cent is slow so its going to take a long time to run around but it makes up for it with the enemies all over the place. You could use anything with wheels like a shopping cart, rolling dumpster or some thing like that and use it as cover while you move through the location. The enemies are intelligent they will take cover with the rolling dumpsters and hide when they get shot.

Story: /10

The story is you get a call from your friend k-dog so you grab banks,yayo, and buck then take them to k-dogs meeting place then you find out that is kidnapped. you will see eminem as a cop and dr. dre as a ex-military and now a moving gun shop owner.

Weapons: /10

They don’t have that many weapons. And all the weapons are hood named like the glock is named gat and the 9mm is just called nine.

Replay value: /10

They only reason to replay the game is too watch and listen to the music but that’s about it.

Vs. True Crimes:New york city

A lot of people vs this with new york city. New york city is just like GTA but Bulletproof is just like max payne or narc. So I would pick True Crime: New York City

Rent it or buy it?

This game is diffidently a rental only hardcore shooter and 50 cent fans would buy this.

Pros: the graphics look real
Lots of weapons and double wield two different kinds
Using human shields and interrogating them
Exploding heads for all your hardcore gore people
Controllable objects
Disarms are tight
Intelligent AI
Being 50 cent

Cons: Camera angle
Regenerating enemies

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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