Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File11/09/05elemenohpe196K
NHL 06 Roster Update with changes made to reflect 11/7/05, all the fake FA moved
Save Game File01/22/06elemenohpe196K
NHL Rosters updated as of Jan 22nd
Save Game File10/12/05JohnnytheSkin196K
Opening Day Near 100% Accurate Xbox Rosters...the original and the best!
Save Game File09/09/05Hack2292194K
Roster Update
Save Game File12/03/05elemenohpe196K
Up-to-date as of 12/3. all Fakes moved.
Save Game File09/14/05elemenohpe193K
Updated rosters using EA's update, lots of CAPs (made by leatherface61), all fake people moved, all UFA's released

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