Additional DevelopmentScott Bodenbender
Additional DevelopmentSteve Herndon
Additional DevelopmentTrevor Howell
Additional DevelopmentJason Ilano
Additional DevelopmentBrett Johnson
Additional DevelopmentMichael Jones
Additional DevelopmentJason Kim
Additional DevelopmentSean O'Connor
Additional DevelopmentEddie Park
Additional DevelopmentTim Schroeder
Additional DevelopmentBen Taggart
AnimationMichael Loeck
AnimationDoug Magruder
AnimationJay Prochaska
Art DirectorJeff Haynie
Art ManagerDrew Robertson
Audio DesignerAdam Smith-Kipnis
Audio ManagerKristoffer Larson
Character ArtistsKevin Dart
Character ArtistsDoug Magruder
Environment ArtistsDan Cole
Environment ArtistsEric Klokstad
Environment ArtistsBryan Koszoru
Environment ArtistsMatt Lucas
Environment ArtistsChris Turnham
Executive ProducerDavid Bollesen
Game DesignersJason Gimba
Game DesignersGreg Heath
Game DesignersBrian Dean Jennings
Game DesignersJon Knoles
Game DesignersDan Miller
Lead AnimatorScott Mayhew
Lead Environment ArtistsGary Biro
Lead Environment ArtistsJens Hauch
Lead Game DesignerAndy Beaudoin
NarrativeAndy Beaudoin
NarrativeChad Damiani
NarrativeDaniel Hickey
NarrativeBryan Koszoru
ProgrammingPatrick Corwin
ProgrammingSam Deasy
ProgrammingDavid Edwards
ProgrammingJonathan Foster
ProgrammingJason Hail
ProgrammingShawn Neal
ProgrammingMark Pottorf
ProgrammingMicah Rollins
ProgrammingGautam Vasudevan
ProgrammingKanon Wood
Project ManagerMarcus Lindblom
Sr. Technology ManagerRyan Woodland
Voice of: AshBruce Campbell
Voice of: Deadite 1 & 7, Bloated Corpse, Rail BossFred Tatasciore
Voice of: Deadite 2, 3, & 4Nolan North
Voice of: Female Deadite 2 & 3Susanne Blakeslee
Voice of: Necromancer Queen, Femal Deadite 1Debi Mae West
Voice of: Pro. Knowby, Dr. Vladimir ReinhardJim Ward
Voice of: SallyNika Futterman
Voice of: SamTed Raimi
Voice of: Winged Deadite, Sparky, Necromancer, Deadite 5 & 6Chris Edgerly


Data and credits for this game contributed by Ubersuntzu, odino, LordAndrew, KFHEWUI, oliist, and Blk_Mage_Ctype.

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