Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File07/20/05Jay FNG Philbrook10K
01 Max Pennant Points (Profile): Begin with 999999+ points!
Save Game File07/20/05Jay FNG Philbrook11K
02 All Pennants & Max Pennant Points (Profile)
Save Game File07/28/05blingupup273K
2005 Draft Class
Save Game File07/28/05blingupup273K
2006 draft class
Save Game File07/29/05blingupup273K
2007 draft class
Save Game File08/02/05blingupup266K
2008 Draft Class
Save Game File08/05/05blingupup266K
2009 Draft Class
Save Game File08/06/05blingupup271K
2010 draft class
Save Game File08/06/05blingupup271K
2011 draft class
Save Game File07/16/05xtchuh329K
Fairdale Kings 1-A Rosters
Save Game File07/16/05xtchuh172K
Fairdale Kings 1-AA Rosters
Save Game File07/16/05xtchuh218K
Fairdale Kings Historic Rosters.

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