Review by brennerd1993

Reviewed: 03/27/06

If you have spare money, buy it

Madden NFL 06 is one of my favourite games. Long have I saved up money to buy a Madden franchise game, and I'm not disappointed. This beats any other NFL game.

Sound: Not the best, as they don't feature high name songs unlike other EA Sports Games. But I enjoy some of them, especially the Foo Fighter's song and others that are not known in Australia.

Graphics: Magnificent graphics fill out this game. This game has released the graphical components of the Xbox. Donovan McNabb in the game looks like Donovan McNabb in real life. Same with other high profile players e.g. Ray Lewis.

In game features: Madden's franchise feature has been better than ever! Never have I been disappointed with this. And NFL Superstar just jackpots this. Imagine if you take control of yourself, and become one of the NFL's legend. If you use NTSC and own NCAA Football 2006, you can import your player into Madden. But I, being a PAL player, can only import from NFL Street. I enjoyed this idea.

How long you can play this before you get bored: Ive owned this game for many months now, and still am playing it. I'm still finding out new features of the game, and am just finished by 1st QB player in NFL Superstar. This is also a great game for a rainy day and your mates drop over. Never have I ever doubted this game on how long it can last, and I sometimes play Madden NFL 2003, so maybe Madden NFL 06 will last me years to come!

New Features: Many have said that the Madden series never has new features, but now looking back to Madden NFL 2003, my first ever Madden, it has changed heaps. This game has many new features for QB lovers. QB Vision control lets you look off defenders, find open receivers and make huge plays within your quarterback's unique field of vision. There is also a QB Precision Placement, where you can pass high or low, inside or outside your receiver's shoulder. You can fly the ball away from defenders! Running back fans can now break off your defender by using the truck stick control. I must say this is a great improvement from 05.
Rating: 10/10

This game has developed the video game industry. If you have the money, buy it!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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