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Reviewed: 12/02/05

New Madden, But The Same Content?

Madden NFL 06 is the newest in a long list of Madden Football titles. Madden 06 brings back Franchise mode but also brings in Superstar Mode, where you get drafted by an actual team and earn your stripes in the NFL. Madden has only gotten better and this game is proof. But it’s not without it’s share of problems. Here is my review of Madden NFL 06.

Gameplay – 8/10
The gameplay is key in any sports game and Madden 06 defiantly takes this to practice. If you didn’t know, Madden 06s focus is on the passing game. There is a Vision Cone that allows you to see your receivers. Throw to a receiver not in your Cone and it could easily get intercepted. This is a good addition because it makes the game even more of a simulation. Also, the Truck Stick is a great addition. You can use this as a running back to plow over defenders, but at the risk of fumbling. Other than these two features, the gameplay is pretty much as solid as ever.

Graphics – 7/10
The graphics have been updated but only slightly. There are better animations for the characters and some good reflections off the helmets. There are also better skins in the game. The players look a bit like themselves. (but nothing like next-gen) They actually look the same other than these little tweaks.

Sound – 6/10
This is the saddest part of the Madden Series. The EA Tracks are great this year. A very good mixture of everything, and the hits and stadiums sound alright. But Madden and Al are very repetitive. I get to the point where I just turn OFF the commentating. Yes, it gets that bad. But for the first 50-60 games you play, you won’t really mind it, but unfortunately, Madden brings down his own game with his commentating.

Extras – 9/10
Madden has many game modes and fun things to do that it will be in your Xbox until next year. Franchise, Superstar, Mini-Camp, and many other modes will keep you busy while playing this game. Madden Cards are also very fun to collect. Superstar is a new mode were you make your own rookie and take him through the life of the NFL.

Replay Value – 10/10
Multiplayer, of course, is the reason to get Madden 06. Playing with friends in the same room or in another city, multiplayer is where it’s at. With online, this games replay value just skyrockets. You can play anytime of the day and have a competitive game with someone. This is defiantly the best part of this game.

Final Verdict – 8/10
You should pick this game up. If you want an official football game, you don’t have another option.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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