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Reviewed: 08/15/05

Another Madden, Another Great Game

August 12, 2005
Madden does it again! The best football game ever, can keep it's title. I will start with the new additions. First thing is the incredible Superstar mode, in which you have the option to import an existing player from NCAA Football 06 or NFL Street 2, and for those of you who haven't put your time into either of those games, don't fret! You still have the option to create your superstar from scratch. You'll then lead him throughout his NFL career. You can sign different agents, receive endorsement offers , play in movies and enjoy the benefits of an NFL superstar until the day you retire.

There are also two great new game play features. The most important is the all-new vision cone, which gives you a very realistic feel when passing the ball. All Quarterbacks have the cone, but all vary in size by the talent of the QB. And of course if this option isn't one you enjoy, you always have the option to disable it, and enjoy Madden passing as it's always been. The other addition to this years game is the Truck Stick. This is modeled after the Hit Stick, which was introduced in the 05 Madden. This feature allows you as the ball carrier to deliver some punishment as well. A good power back really benefits using this, while a scrambling QB shouldn't try it. Always remember that using the Truck Stick raises your risk of fumbling the football.

Next we will visit the features that return to this years game. Starting with the controls, which are a bit more advanced than previous games, so take a couple practices and exhibition games to get used to them and you'll be fine. The graphics are next, and I will say the graphics didn't receive a huge upgrade, but they are slightly better than the previous versions. The game play is still at the top of the hill, whether your playing Superstar mode, or playing a Franchise with your favorite team, you won't be let down with Madden's exceptional game play. Another great feature coming over from last years game is Madden 06 on Xbox Live. This is the true test of skills. You may play someone from anywhere in the world, and try and build a reputation as an elite Madden player. You also get the chance to download the latest roster update, which is really great.

All in all, Madden this season is at it's best ever. Anybody from the hardcore football fan to the casual gamer will enjoy Madden and find themselves playing it for hours at a time.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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