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Reviewed: 10/10/05

Excellent Game, More fun that Last!!

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

I purchased this game 2 days after it reached the shelves and I wish I would have gotten it sooner. You must realize how much this means. I am usually that guy that waits for a game's price to drop to half of what it cost at release date. That means it has been out for months by the time I got it. NOT THIS TIME.

I really liked the first game (X-Men Legends 1) there were flaws that everybody could see but it was still fun. Immediately after getting home and playing this game I realized that they corrected the major flaws that took away from the fun. You must also realize I take games at face value, I am not going to pick on the tiny details as much.

Great, just as good as the first and better. More detail, new uniforms, and it feels like you are playing in the middle-ground between the comic books and the animated series.

Much better than X-Men Legends 1 right off the bat. You start playing with more than just Wolverine, you have a full team. After a short level for training you get to pick from a wide variety of characters to develop into YOUR team. I feel as though the creators of the game put a lot of thought into the powers as well. Just like the first game there are good and bad builds for each character but the nice thing (unlike X-men Legends 1) is there is more than one good way to build the character. Unlike the first game you can play with less than a full team if you choose to do so.

The characters are well balanced and after beating the game a few times I feel as though there really is not a "Bad" character. They kept the good characters from the first game and replaced the not so good characters. The makers also avoided repeat powers as much as possible.

Character interaction has been modified. In the first game it was quite easy to combo often. If you want to combo in this game you will have to try a little harder. I see this as a good thing, they made it a bonus rather than a given. In the first game if you pull the left trigger you can count on a combo 3 out of 4 times once you get to a decent level. Some may think this makes the characters less dependent on each other but other things have been done to do the opposite. There are more boost/buffs in Legends 2. This means you can choose your team so that their boost compliment each other. After your first taste of this game you will sit at work or school thinking of new combinations of players to use to enhance your team.

Again, I hate to sound like a broken record but.. improved. Legends 1 levels sometimes felt tedious. My friends agree that the levels of Legends 2 flow much much better. Everything is still breakable, in fact it feels like you can break even more. There are still objects to keep your eyes open for and hidden rooms here and there. Like all good hidden rooms you may not find them all the first time through the game. You may even question why something is hidden so completely once in a while. That reminds me, I really like that bonus stat points are set up much better than in Legends 1. You won't (shouldn't) accidently pick up extra stat points with one character when you meant to use another. I made that mistake to many times in the first game, which makes me appreciate that fact even more.

The view while playing is about the same. Controls are almost exactly the same. Movement of characters is nearly identical sometimes the AI characters will get in your way but it feels like this doesn't happen as often. I feel like the screens that you distribute stats, skills, equipment and other options are laid out better and easier to navigate. Though I think the equipment is more complicated than it was in Legends 1. Not a bad thing necessarily, basically there are just more possibilities so you will have to pay more attention if you want to pick what is really best for your team. If you don't want to deal with distributing stats, skills, or equipment you can choose to have the computer do it for you. However, it's not all or nothing, you can have the computer distribute just skills, just stats, just equipment, or any combination you choose. I hope that is clear enough.

I put this last because it's the last thing I care about. In fact I could live with just subtitles. Effects are a bigger deal than voices and they are just fine. If you want to find out more about the sound you may want to read someone else's review. I will mention a few characters can wear your patients thin.

I hope this helps those of you that are considering this game. Bottom line boils down to this: This game is a lot of fun if you can avoid getting hung up in details. True of many games out there. If you are a hardcore X-men fan and want the story to follow the comics you will find it's faults but don't let it ruin what it really is "a game". Hope you enjoy it and continue to enjoy it like I do.

It has a good enough story to make things work and can be (is made to be) replayed again and again. Online play just enhances it's replay-ability.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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